Monday, February 28, 2011

Why hello there, March 1st!

Guess what tomorrow is? =DD

Hello March 1st! Hello mediocre banlist!

Goodbye Cold Wave! Goodbye Goyo Guardian! Goodbye Mass Driver!

Yes, the new banlist will be in effect! Grieve! Rejoice!

As with the beginning of each and every format, look for Gladiator Beasts to emerge as a solid pick. Of course, this is with good reason, as Fish OTK/Frog Monarchs, having lost only Cold Wave, are likely to be legitimate contenders for top tier status. The X-Saber matchup is do-able as well.

Speaking of X-Sabers, truly, this should be a deck to watch out for now. While the deck's popularity has dipped recently, Book to 1 brings good tidings for these caped critters. I don't really have the money for this deck though... =(

With the release tomorrow of The Shining in the TCG, look for many people (myself included) to pick up Hero Beat again. However this may only be temporary, as it's predicted that Six Samurai will still be a contender in the meta. This is of course, due to the one Gateway they still have, and their broken synchro, LSS ShiEn. As such, Puppet Plant and Kinetic Soldier may still see themselves as sideboard material, both of which are unkind to Elemental Heroes (like the Six Sams, also warriors).

Though it's a given, hopefully there won't be a Frog FTK of 2011.

That's all for today, thanks for reading~

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tech Genus Hyper Librarian confirmed as subscription promo!?!

Apparently TG Hyper Librarian will be an upcoming Shonen Jump subscription promo, available for renewing subscribers and new subscribers later this year. OMGWOW. The 2nd card is one "Meklord Astro Mekanikle". 


Based on the shipping date of May/June, Librarian will be available just in time for Nationals (taking place in July). Will it impact the meta? Most probably! Both Trishula and Librarian @ unlimited status will be nuts. That Junk/Doppel/Frog synchro deck should be able to abuse both Trishula and Librarian with ease.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Friday, February 25, 2011

Locals Report 02/24/2011

Hey readers, sorry for the lack of posts, there wasn't anything I wanted to write about that hadn't already been done to death ( like the OCG's upcoming rule change on Priority, and the potential top decks of the March 2011 format), or that was interesting (asides from how according to the official TCG banlist, we'll be getting Trishula at 3. However that one piece of info by itself doesn't warrant a post).

Anyhoo, another Thursday night, another locals tourney.
I decide to stick with Formula Frog Monarchs, and swapped out the mained Puppet Plant from last week (there weren't as many Samurai/GK as anticipated) for an Effect Veiler. The store was out of Turbo Packs so Storm of Ragnarok boosters were given as entry packs instead. I pull an ultra Thor lol.

Again, due to the large amount of participants and time constraints, the structure was single elimination. Sighh =(

Round 1: LFN (Frog Monarchs) vs Lance (X-Sabers)

I didn't know what he was playing. I win the dice roll!
G1: I think he only started playing recently... his deck was missing 3 Emmersblades, and he forgot his Darksoul search once. He swarms me early with Boggart, Fulhelm, and double Faultroll, but Dark Hole & a steady stream of monarchs wins the game for me.
G2: I don't take any LP damage this game. A DDS nuke wipes out his monsters, and Stardust + Raiza lock means game.

Result: OO

Round 2: LFN (Frog Monarchs) vs Mike (Frog Monarchs)

Mirror match time! I lose the dice roll.

G1: He starts by setting 1 monster. I summon Genex Undine, use its effect, and end, not yet knowing what he was playing. He brings out Goyo and steals Undine. Eventually I draw more monarchs than he does and I narrowly take it.
G2: In come the DD Crows and Crevices! I fail to draw any set-up cards like Undine or Swap Frog, and I lose this one easily.
G3: We went into time a couple turns in. I must admit I opened better than he did. Once I crevice'd his 2 Treeborns, that pretty much was game.

Result: OXO

Round 3: LFN (Frog Monarchs) vs "Champ" (Six Samurai)

Nooo! Samurai! Honestly I have no idea how he got his nickname lol. He rolls a 2. I laugh and proceed to roll a 1. URGH FEELS BAD.

G1: He has Gateway and stuff, and conducts the typical Samurai shenanigans. I drop a Battle Fader on his next turn, and follow up with that by nuking his monsters with Dark Dust Spirit, but I can't destroy his Gateway. He summons more monsters, and re-populates his field. I lose.
G2: He fails to open with Gateway or United, but makes a 1st turn Shien. Caius removes Shien, and it's downhill for him from there. I win.
G3: He again fails to open with Gateway or United. He has the Warning for my Caius though =/. He manages to whack me down to 3000 LP before I get thing going and turn the game around with Puppet Plant. I take his LSS Shien, and attempt to crash into his Great Shogun Shien. He uses GS Shien's effect and nukes his Kizan instead. Main Phase 2 I tribute either a Treeborn or a Battle Fader for a Raiza and spin his Great Shogun Shien. He failed to draw any playable monsters over the next couple turns except for a Mizuho, which he set in desperation. He quickly loses.

Result: XOO

Because I was still undefeated, I made it into the Top 4. We decided not to play it out and just split the Store Credit $15 apiece lol. 3 out of the 4 T4, myself included, gamble on Storm of Ragnarok packs. I pulled a shitty super lol (out of 4 packs).

Overall it was pretty satisfying, sold some cards including an ultimate Solemn Warning and an ultra Bureido. Getting money feels good.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Saturday, February 19, 2011

March 2011: An anti-Trap Stun tech

Hey readers, by now, you all should have seen the upcoming banlist, and discussed with your friends and acquaintances as to what decks will become good, stay good, become bad, or stay bad.

First of all, with Book of Moon limited, Trap Stun will start to see more play for obvious reasons. Book was the chief reason that Trap Stun, after a huge surge in popularity, gradually cooled off, as after all, flipping the Trap Stun only to have your play hampered by a well-timed Book of Moon would probably lead you to suffer a -1. This was the case with Gladiator Beasts and X-sabers. Flipping your Trap Stun, summoning a Gladiator Beast, special summoning Test Tiger and tributing it to activate its effect, only for your GB to get Book-ed, is quite the unpleasant experience.

This upcoming format, the deck that best take advantage of Trap Stun likely is X-sabers, with Trap Stun into an XX-Saber Hyunlei nuke a common and devastating play. Now what could you play in order to save your cards from mass destruction? Most people would say, "Hey, drop an Effect Veiler!", and they would be right. However, there is an alternative.

- Forbidden Chalice -

"One face-up monster on the field gains 400 ATK, but its effect is negated until the End Phase."

This card can be played offensive and defensively, much like its newer counterpart Forbidden Lance (also a great card!). You can use it offensively to give your monster a minor boost, or you can use it defensively to save yourself from getting wrecked by a game-changing monster effect, such as the backrow destruction dealt by the aforementioned XX-Saber Hyunlei, or the generic 2-card nuke by Gladiator Beast Gyzarus (which also shouldn't be able to bring anything out when it tags out after attacking).

Unlike Effect Veiler, you can use this during either player's turn!


That's it for today, thanks for reading ~

Friday, February 18, 2011

Locals Report 02/17/2011

Hey readers, another night, another tourney. I play some Marvel vs Capcom 3 @ my friends place (fun fun fun game btw), and he builds me an 8 monster Gladiator Beast deck. After I get to the store and check out the competition though, I chicken out and play decide to play Formula Monarchs instead, seeing as there were a bunch of Blackwing decks.

This time around, the tourney structure was single elimination =(. I pull a super Deep Sea Diva out of my entry pack, and seeing as its my 4th one lol, I sell it off to a friend.

Round 1: LFN (Formula Monarchs) vs Jeff (Gladiator Beasts)

Bad matchup time! I win the dice roll!
G1: I summon Genex Undine, ditch Treeborn, and end. I groan as he summons Bestiari, swings, and tags for Retiari, removing my Treeborn. A couple turns later, however, I play out of his GB shenanigans by playing Soul Exchanging, and tributing his monster for Enemy Controller, which took his other GB. I then tributed his 2nd GB for Mobius for the plus, and took control of the game from there. At the end, with 3200 LP, he Duality'd into a Solemn Warning, and set it along w/ his last card in hand (also a backrow). My turn I drop Cold Wave lol.
G2: I manage to get a Stardust out, and Raiza lock for the win.

Honestly, I was expecting him to have stuck to Gravekeepers like the last couple weeks. I had decided to main a copy of Puppet Plant to counter GK's and Six Samurai in game1, and since he was playing GB's instead, it sucked so bad having that in hand Game 1.
Result: OO

Round 2: LFN (Formula Monarchs) vs Cody (Blackwings)

Favorable matchup time! I win the dice roll!
G1: Apparently he opened with 3 Pot of Duality lol, hence he was joking how he drew a "money hand". His Shura kills my Treeborn, Vayu pokes for 800. I drop a Mobius and nuke his 2 backrows, and a couple Caius later, he scoops it up. I don't open with, or draw into Puppet Plant. Thank goodness!
G2: His Rivalry of Warlords gives me problems at 1st, and his Chain Disappearance hit my Treeborn, though the one in grave wasn't removed thankfully. Eventually I draw into a Mystical Space Typhoon, nuke the Rivalry, and start making pushes. A few turns later, I read a face down Vayu, so I drop a Light and Darkness Dragon and passed (he had Sirocco in grave so obviously I'm going to avoid Vayu loops). I normal summoned Swap Frog next turn to kill his Vayu, and LADD wiped out his remaining 900 LP.

Result: OO

Round 3: LFN (Formula Monarchs) vs Charlie (Six Samurai)

Decent matchup time! I LOSE THE DICE ROLL NOO
G1: He has Gateway, Six Samurai United, Smoke Signal, and opens strongly. I hold on for a turn or 2 with Battle Faders, also forcing him to Solemn Judgment my Caius along the way, but alas, I get wrecked. I opened with Puppet Plant though, which was amusing.
G2: A closer game. Again, I opened with Puppet Plant! After several turns, where I'm at 4000 LP to his 2150 LP, he ends his turn with a Great Shogun Shien (Yes, Great Shogun Shien. Restricts you to 1 Spell/Trap per turn while LSS Shien negates it) and a Scrap Archfiend on the field (he had played Double Edged Sword Technique for Kagemusha and Grandmaster in order to drop the Shogun). I standby phase retrieve Treeborn, play Enemy Controller targeting Scrap Archfiend, then retrieve Treeborn again. I normal summon Genex Controller and synch for Armory Arm, equip it onto Scrap Archfiend, and attack Great Shogun Shien for 200 damage and Armory Arm burn of 2500. Win!
G3: He opens the same as G1, unfortunately I fail to open with Puppet Plant. After a couple turns of Battle Fader stall, I manage to Dark Dust Spirit nuke his monsters, but he has more monsters in-hand and re-spams the field and his Gateway and I lose. Horribly.

Charlie's definitely a solid player, losing to him doesn't leave a bitter taste or anything, so all good I guess.
Result: XOX

But! As mentioned it IS single elimination, so I can't get prize packs/store credit now :( Sadface.


So I finish off the night making some trades/sales/purchases. Amongst other things, I finished acquiring 3 Beast King Barbaros and 3 Cyber End Dragons for that Malefic Cyber End deck I posted a while back, and finally completed my playset of super rare Miracle Fusions. Nice!

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

March 2011 Banlist & Analysis

As posted by LightGrunty, apparently the March 2011 banlist has been leaked by a generous VJump subscriber.

-note-: If I say "ok", it simply means I have no problems with the decision.

Goyo Guardian - A good card, but not banworthy imo.
Cold Wave        - YES, finally.
Mass Driver     - Banned before it gets exploited. Good!

Honest                      - Neuters Light Beat and Lightsworn
Dandylion                 - I like this one, Dandy abuse is nuts.
Blackwing - Kalut    - I think at 2 would be fine =/
Book of Moon         - I guess Konami doesn't like versatile cards.
Gateway of the Six  - Yes. Absolutely needed.

Card Trooper        - You can't TroopDupeScoop w/ this @ 2. Ok.
Archlord Kristya   - Agents are really good in the OCG. Ok.
Spirit Reaper        - Not as powerful as it once was. Ok.
Debris Dragon      - Dandylion was the problem card.
Royal Tribute       - I'd rather this go to 1, but Ok.
Overload Fusion   - Nobody plays Cyber Dragon decks. Ok.
Megamorph          - Nobody plays Equip spells. This could be at 3 even.
Solemn Warning   - Ok. I have 3 ulti's but that's fine lol.
Icarus Attack        - A bit of a Blackwing nerf I guess. BW will likely still be good.

Chaos Sorcerer                          - I think it's fine at 2, but who knows, could be fun.
Demise, King of Armageddon   - Not as game-breaking as it once was. Ok.
Snipe Hunter                              - LOL Yes that's fine, even at 2 it saw no play.
Dewloren, Tiger King OTIB     - Ok.
Gold Sarcophagus                      - Six Sams can kill you before your 2 turns are up lol
Skill Drain                                  - This shouldn't have been hit in the 1st place. Good.
Ultimate Offering                       - Ok.


Now, the TCG list should look 90%-99% similar to this one, the questions left are:

Will any of our current TCG exclusives get hit? (Darksoul more than anything)
Will Trishula be preemptively hit before it's release?

Also, why are DARK HOLE and MONSTER REBORN still legal?


That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Upcoming Product: TCG Extreme Victory official page is up!

Konami has recently updated their products page to include Extreme Victory. <clicky>

The notable OCG import cards listed so far include:

  • Machine Emperor Skiel (presumably Grannel and Wisel will be included as well!!): "Meklord" :(
  • Scrap Orthros : YES! This is awesome in Scraps.
  • Blue Rose Dragon : Ok.
  • Elemental Hero Neos Knight : Ok.
The site also stated that there will be 5 TG synchros included, which unfortunately means that Hyper Librarian will not be imported in this set. Shonen Jump magazine promo, perhaps?

The notable TCG exclusive cards listed so far include:
  • Gladiator Beast Ess???? : This appears to be an ultra rare 5 star GB fusion. It's effect, if there's one at all, has yet to be revealed. Based on what I can make out from the tiny picture, it appears to require an unknown number of Gladiator Beast monsters as fusion material (probably 2). This certainly compensates for GB Tegale from the main set.
  • Reborn Tengu, Psi-Beast, Tour Guide from the Underworld: These preliminarily described to be support for Exceed monsters.
This is certainly shaping up to be a promising set, with cards that would appeal to a wide variety of players. Based on the imports and exclusives shown so far, I'm quite pleased. Not to mention that I'd looooveee to get my hands on copies of Jar Turtle.

That's all for today, thanks for reading~

Monday, February 14, 2011

YCS Dallas aftermath & analysis

Hey readers, I'm going to be giving a brief analysis and rundown of the latest YCS, which was held this past weekend in Arlington, Texas. My overall impression is mixed.

The Top 16 spread was more or less what I expected, with Six Samurai taking a hefty chunk of the seats.

YCS Top 16 Breakdown
8 x Six Samurai        - 8/16 ~ 50%
5 x Blackwings         - 5/16 ~ 32%
1 x Lightsworn          - 1/16  ~ 6%
1 x Frog Monarchs   - 1/16  ~ 6%
1 x Gravekeepers     - 1/16  ~ 6%

The final 4 were 3 Six Samurai decks and 1 Gravekeepers, which led to a final showdown between Six Samurai and Gravekeepers, the winning deck of the previous YCS. The difference, of course, is that Six Samurai were hyped and heralded upon release in the OCG, giving TCG players ample time to conjure countermeasures, yet still managed to take up 8 of the 16 top seats. Gravekeepers on the other hand had the element of surprise in Atlanta, whereby nobody was prepared for them. The Six Samurai deck ended up victorious. Interestingly, it teched a copy of Enishi (the old one, not the LSS one).

I was reading over some of the feature matches featuring Six Samurai, and often I see how incredibly derp the deck can be, as evidenced in matches here, here, and here. Often, the opponent couldn't play out of a strong Six Samurai opening.

It's too bad that the official March 2011 banlist has likely already been finalized and shipped out to VJump subscribers, as this event is an indication that Six Samurai are a devastating Tier 1 deck in the TCG as well as the OCG. Hopefully, based on OCG results alone, Konami will smarten up and hit Six Sams to prevent the next six months from being a sackfest. Then again, it's Konami. IIRC they didn't touch Lightsworn for quite some time. Here's hoping to a good banlist (Destiny Draw to 2 please =D)


On another note, aside from the results, I've been reading posts by people that question the integrity of the judging staff. Several incidents transpired that make me wonder if YCS events are a joke.

  • Ryan Spicer got Disqualified for having marked Solemn Warnings. As far as I know, Spicer is one of the cleanest players, alongside Jeff Jones, Billy Brake, the Bellido brothers, etc. I don't see why he'd have done such a thing, especially when his record was allegedly 3-2 at the time, meaning that his chances at topping were slim. My opinion is that Spicer's innocent.
  • Supposedly Roy St Clair also got DQ'd. Given his history, it wouldn't be a surprise, BUT, in light of Spicer's DQ, as well as Jae Kim's DQ last year, it makes me question if it's become a crime to be good at Yugioh. The well-known and mostly well-respected players are getting hit one by one.
  • Rumor has it that one of the judges has been pocketing cards when doing deckchecks. Apparently some guy checked his deck after the deckcheck, found that his 3 Pot of Dualities and 3 Solemn Warnings were missing, and went ballistic. The end result of that incident, such as whether or not he recovered his cards, is unknown.
Obviously, only the players side of the story has been released to the intarnetz, so it remains to be seen what the truth is, but I doubt that these stories would be conjured up without at least some element of truth to it. Depending on what is and isn't true, Konami may need to screen their judging staff for each event. 
After all, there's no correlation between having extensive rulings knowledge and having morals/integrity/ethics.
(You can quote me on that ;P )


Because this was the last YCS of the format, it's obvious that it won't have much impact on how the meta takes shape. Another couple weeks of Samurai dominance as a Tier 1 deck (that's right, Tier 1, not Tier 0), and a new format will be upon us. Six Samurai.. Blackwings.. Gravekeepers.. Plant Synchro.. who will survive?? <cue ominous music>

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

EDIT: On a side note, I just remembered it's Valentines today lol. Happy Valentines?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

OCG Extreme Victory: Traps of Interest

Hey readers, as I write this, YCS Dallas has just reached it's conclusion, with Six Sams triumphing...(-sigh-) I'll save my ramblings about that for another post. Today, I'm going to go over some of the interesting traps in the Extreme Victory booster set. There's a couple gems here and there.

Borrowed Karakuri Storage
Wow. A costless Dark Bribe/Solemn Judgment, with the only requirement being that you need to have a face up defense position Karakuri. EASILY done. This is pretty broken support in my opinion, Konami's making themes super imbal one by one. (What's next? Watt Armed Dragon?) This may boost Karakuri's up to Tier 1 or 1.5 status.
I don't know about you guys but I'm going to start stocking up on Karakuri stuff =P

Ok I'm not sure what the official English name will be, but it's currently "Revelation" on Wikia. The artwork reflects that pretty accurately lol. This will likely be a hot card, as it's damn good. Uhhh I can stop Gorz, Tragoedia, Battle Fader, Kalut, Honest, Effect Veiler, DD Crow, Treeborn Frog, Destiny Hero Malicious, Glow up Bulb, Spore, Dandylion, Wulf, Sangan, XX-Saber Darksoul, etc etc etc? Yes Please! I guess it can stop Stardust Dragon from coming back too lol.

W Nebula Meteor
Worm support, and a good one at that. It kind of reminds me of Book of Eclipse, except that instead of your opponent, YOU get to draw cards. I can see players netting huge plusses off this card. Being able to special summon a level 7+ worm from your deck is a bonus. Note that the card lore says reptile, but honestly what other light attributed reptiles are you going to play? Aliens....? LOL

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

OCG Extreme Victory: Spells of Interest & 02/10/2011 Locals Report

Hello readers, today I'm going to be going over some interesting spells from the OCG set Extreme Victory, as well as a locals report from this past Thursday. Again, I won't be going over any of the Tech Genus or Machine Emperor support cards, and will focus on other spells instead.

Overall, there weren't that many that impressed or amused me. Certainly nothing as fail as GB Tegale or as hilarious as Jar Turtle.

Crimson Hell Secure
HerpDerp Harpies Feather Duster for Red Daemons Dragon? This reminds me of how Blue Eyes White Dragon got Burst Stream of Destruction a while back. I can't see this being played though, unless somebody builds a deck that revolves around Red Dragon Archfiend. It could be played alongside the next card...

Pot of the Crimson Devil Dragon
LOL Pot of Greed. As for the drawback, you can still set monsters though... and have them die to RDA's effect. OR, you can be good at yugioh and normal summon/special summon your monsters before you play this card, and thankfully you can conduct your battle phase as normal. All in all, it's definitely not a bad card. I dig it.

Silent Wall
Cold Wave for synchro monsters. Sounds delicious, and you could Book of Moon your synchro monster in the Standby Phase, THEN activate this card and flip the synchro face up again. A cute card.

Shien's Dojo
Gateway's nerfed replacement? That is all.

Psychic Feel Zone
This has potential, but being a normal spell kinda sucks. It would be cool if it was a quick-play, then you could chuck out a Thought Ruler Archfiend or something on your opponent's turn.

Instant God Curse
Ok so I can prevent Bottomless Trap Hole, Dimensional Prison, and Caius from removing from play my monster by dumping it to the grave myself. Book of Moon can stop the 1st two from doing anything, but not Caius. This card seems situational to me, especially since it's nowhere near as versatile as Book.


And now for the locals report lol. I again decided to play Gladiator Beasts, but made some minor changes. I took out a Hoplomus for a 3rd Thunder King, and took out something else for a 2nd Dust Tornado and a Forbidden Lance.

Round 1: LFN (GB) vs Yannic (???)
He won the die roll... and chose to go 2nd. He's a new player so it's understandable.
G1: He summoned Elemental Hero Wildheart, and I saw that my hand was full of traps along with a Murmillo iirc. I take a couple hits before I top an Equeste, and GB's do what GB's do best from there on.
G2: Pretty much the same as G1. Boosted Laquari killed his Luster Dragon and gave him problems.

Result: OO

Round 2: LFN (GB) vs Raymond (Six Samurai)

Ahmygawddddd Six Sams...! I won the die roll, thankfully.

G1: I open with Laquari and multiple backrow. My backrow prevented him from going off on me. Eventually Bestiari popped his Gateway, Dprison removed a Grandmaster a couple turns later, and at the end I compulsed his monster to swing for game.
G2: He opens bad I guess, sets multiple backrow and a monster. I attack into it and find that it was Kagemusha. I tag for Murmillo targeting Kagemusha, and he plays Torrential Tribute. He sets more cards on his turn. Eventually, I have a GB on field, he summons Kageki, declines to use its effect, and plays Double Edged Sword Technique, targeting the two Kagemushas in grave. I allow it, and Book the Kageki. He facepalms, and is forced to Solemn Judgment the Book. I lolz and chain Seven Tools of the Bandit; he takes 800 burn in the end phase lol. The game's all mine from that point onwards.

Result: OO

Round 3: LFN (GB) vs Sebastian (Six Samurai)

Ahmygawddddd Six Sams....! I LOSE the die roll, unfortunately.

G1: So I've lost the die roll, and I see that I'm opening with 2 Thunder King Raioh's in hand. He plays Smoke Signal AND Gateway. I lose fast. I mad.
G2: He manages to get a Shien out on me, which I misplay against and fail to kill, and it beats me down to 300 LP. I eventually kill the Shien, but he plays Reinforcement of the Army and had Double Edged Sword Technique set.....

Result: XX

No! I can't top now! Damn, Demoralized!!

Round 4: LFN (GB) vs Russell (GK)
G1: This game takes a while, I take him down to 1500 to my 2600 but he kept retrieving monsters with Stele so I lose.
G2: I open mediocre and kept getting beat in by boosted GKs until I'm at 2200 to his 5200. Eventually I Giant Trunade, Dark Hole his monsters, and set 2 (MST and Mind Crush) with Gorz in hand, so that he wouldn't expect a Gorz play. He blind MST's my MST, then plays the Necrovalley, and Royal Tributes my Gorz so I lose

Result: XX

Final Result: 2-2. Funny how I 2-0'd my first 2 opponents then proceeded to get 2-0'd myself lol. Very shameful.

I'll have the EXVC trap lineup posted up tomorrow, some VERY interesting cards in there  =PP
I might actually buy a box for once... or maybe the OCG imports & TCG exclusives will be terribad and deter me.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Friday, February 11, 2011

OCG Extreme Victory: Monsters of Interest

Hey readers, today I'm going to be discussing some of the more interesting monster cards from the just released (in the OCG) Extreme Victory booster set, aside from the obvious Tech Genus (!!) and Machine Imperial Soldier archetypes. I haven't read up on any of these cards beyond their card effects on wikia, so excuse me if I miss something combolicious. Also, when I say interesting, I mean either in a good way or in a bad way lol

Unknown Synchron
A mash between Cyber Dragon and Glow Up Bulb/Spore. It's also a dark attribute machine type, so you can remove it for Allure of Darkness, and it's a valid target for Machine Duplication.

Psychic Wizard of Silence / Mental Over Archfiend / Psychic Witch of Stillness
All the new psychic monsters revolve around removing cards from play. Perhaps there's something crazy going on involving Different Dimension Reincarnation and Return from the Different Dimension.... hopefully we can have Emergency Teleport to 2? =DDD

Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 "Ninishi"
This card REEKS of OTK potential. Start by playing this and normal summoning a karakuri tuner.... >< will Karakuri's become the next Legendary Six Samurai? ( Unload your crap in one turn and win )

Replacement Toad
Frog support! Funny thing is it looks just like a chubbier Substitoad lol. The "once per turn" restriction makes it wayyyy more balanced than Substitoad, but I have the feeling somebody somewhere's going to create crazy combos.

Gladiator Beast Tegale
A heap of fail. CANNOT be used as fusion material and CANNOT tag out. It isn't a tuner either, though it's not like GB's need a tuner. I'd rather play Andal over this, and I don't even want to play Andal, ever.

Jar Turtle
What a joke of a card LOL!! Its effect is hilarious!

That's all for today, I'll cover some spells and traps tomorrow or the day after. Thanks for reading ~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Light Beat + MAXX "C"

 = Hello again readers, today I'm going to be going over some ideas I've got for the TCG version of Light Beat, in anticipation of the imminent release of The Shining.

The Storm of Ragnarok booster set brought to us a certain TCG exclusive, Maxx C, which, when discarded, permits you to draw a card each time your opponent special summons, for the rest of the turn. I was thinking that since Light Beat plays so many beefy monsters, its likely the opponent will have to conduct some special summons in order to overcome them. As such, Maxx C can be a good side deck option against these special summon savvy decks. At the very least it provides some draw power for an otherwise slow deck.

Furthermore, it's an EARTH monster. Miracle Fusion will be played to bring out The Shining anyway, and with Maxx C, ELEMENTAL HERO GAIA becomes an option as well  !!

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The long awaited Six Sams are here! Get ready, Get set, Go!

Today's sneak peek had a pretty good turnout, I arrived with about 5 min to spare before the event started, and just made it in, as there were only enough packs left for 3 people. Given my sneak peek pack luck, as expected, bad packs were bad. I pulled Karakuri Haipa and Watthydra (lol).

Obviously, Six Sam cards were in high demand. I witnessed someone trading a Goyo Guardian, super Ryko, and something else (A black rose dragon...?) for a single Kizan. Only one Maxx C was pulled if I recall correctly, and it was promptly purchased by my friend for $40. As for the tournament itself, the highlight/lowlight of the day was getting OTK'd by three of those trap monster things lol.

Fortunately the set comes out in two days, so the sneak peek overpricing syndrome should dissipate rapidly.


Now, what does this mean for the meta? Obviously, Six Sams will strive to be a top competitor at the regionals from this point onwards, as well as at YCS Dallas, something that should be easy to do. How much YCS Charlotte will be affected by Six Sams is banlist-dependent. Even if Gateway of the Six gets hit, LSS Shi En remains a godly enough monster that some sort of control variant may develop, aiming to get out Shi En ASAP and from there backing it with multiple Solemn Warnings and Musakani Magatamas.

My conjecture for some Six Samurai matchups is as follows:  (Keep in mind this is of my own opinion)

  • If you play X-Sabers: This should be an average matchup perhaps, though I would think that it'd be tough for a Saber player to respond if going second.
  • If you play Frog Monarchs: This should be a decent matchup. Siding in 3 Puppet Plants means you've got another source of tribute fodder for your monarchs, and Battle Faders are lifesavers. However, Frognarchs do require a rather passive set up, which would work in the Samurai players favor. On a side note, it would pretty lawlzy to bring out Obelisk the Tormentor against Six Sams and watch them struggle to get rid of it....
  • If you play Gravekeepers: I'm kinda iffy on this matchup. Six Samurai decks play a low monster count, so they won't get absolutely wrecked by Royal Tribute in comparison with other decks. Shi En's ability to negate a spell or trap could be pretty crucial as well.
  • If you play Plant Synchro: Puppet Plant puts in work. However, with BOTH six samurai AND Gravekeepers likely to make a large showing at YCS Dallas (and potentially beyond), it might not be a wise idea to play Plant Synchro at such an event. It's still a good deck, but it doesn't look to be very favorable if you're to encounter a deck that can take advantage of your slow setup, and a deck that can nuke your hand and restrict your graveyard plays.
  • If you play Infernities: I see this as being dice-roll dependent. Both decks are similar in that they make a flurry of moves in a single turn to establish dominating field presence.
  • If you play Light Beat: Thunder King Raioh will be a crucial card, as it stops searches with Smoke Signals and Gateway, and it can tribute itself to negate the synchro summon of a Shi En. Skill Drains can also hamper the Six Sams.
  • If you play Gladiator Beasts: Another dice roll dependent matchup. If you go first, you'll have the opportunity to establish the tempo of the game with your heavy backrow.
  • If you play Blackwings: As can be seen from OCG tournament results, Blackwings, perhaps through versatility, are able to hold their own against Six Sams. Furthermore Six Sams have nothing to stop monster effects, so Kalut gets things done lol.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Oh and if you can't beat them, join them ;) ;)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

You're doing it wrong ! & Aren't you forgetting something ?

Hello again readers. I've been noticing that a lot of banlist predictions and wishlists have been popping up everywhere on blogs and pojo, and a couple card inclusions or exclusions here and there really confuse me. Obviously I'm not generalizing and saying that because one person posted this comment, everybody else posted it as well. This is not true. However, these two have come up often enough that I'm inclined to point them out.

Limit Pot of Duality

One word: WHY?. It's a good but balanced card. For those who are experiencing sour grapes due to not owning a Pot of Expensiveness, it WILL get reprinted eventually, so stop it with the whole "I don't have it so it should be banned" mentality. I don't think it's worthy of a limit. Semi Limit at most.

You're doing it wrong!

Leaving Limiter Removal at one.

I'm aware that Machine decks in general aren't doing anything to impact the meta, but this card exists solely to OTK people, and should be deemed unhealthy for the game. I'm not sure if Karakuri's are going to take off in the TCG once they get their new support (including their own Reinforcements of the Army....!! Konami stop spamming theme specific rota's!! E-Emergency Call, Charge of the Light Brigade, Medallion of the Ice Barrier, Shien's Smoke Signal, and now this!), but regardless Limiter is too broken of a card. I think Limiter Removal should be banned.

You're forgetting about this!


Thanks for reading lol