Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick Update: Demoralized! and possible short Hiatus

Ugh lol. What a shitty regional result... been going x-0 split or x-1 at locals for the past while with this deck, and I 2-0'd gravekeepers in testing the night before, but ended up either opening terribly, or losing against wtf matchups/cards. This game... this game...

I may decide to step away from this game for a week/2 weeks/month, feeling pretty demoralized, and final exams are coming up too.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Upcoming Product: TCG Gold Series 4 Packaging?

Hello readers, this is what appears to be a leaked image of the upcoming TCG Gold Series 4 packaging (taken from here)

What can I say? Disgusting! the presence of Yugi and Kaiba on the packaging/display somewhat detracts from the aura of class and prestige the packaging of previous Gold Series installments emanated (as much as a box of 25 cards in shiny golden wrappings can emanate anyway)

From the looks of it, the rumored playmat included with each of these should indeed be made from paper... it really doesn't look like a mat of regular material (a la sneak peek, regional, and YCS mats) can be compressed to fit in one of these. Oh welll....

Also, if the Blue Eyes White Dragon, Yugi, and Kaiba featured on the back of the box and/or on the display are of any indication, this installment of Gold Series should, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view, there ARE card collectors out there after all), include the 9000th+ reprint of Blue Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, and other main character cards. I hope this isn't the case, but it certainly looks to be that way. After all, why feature Yugi or Kaiba on the display packaging if none of their cards are included? Hopefully any character cards included are at least playable; perhaps the Gadgets for Yugi, and well, uh. Um. Er. Polymerization for Kaiba? Hm yea, I can't think of any other relatively competitive Kaiba card off the top of my head... even though Polymerization itself isn't particularly competitive lol.


That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

YCS Charlotte T32 Decklists are up!

Hello reader, as you may have already seen, the T32 decklists have been released. For those that have yet to view them, do so here: Decklists!

Lots of interesting stuff all around:

  • The "Miracle Gemini" / Light Beat / Hero Beat decks all varied to some degree but generally they all played 2 Miracle Fusions. One build even mained Skill Drains, Beast Kings, and Forbidden Chalices <3
  • A couple of the Gravekeeper decks mained either Malefic Cyber End Dragon and/or Malefic Stardust Dragon. I can understand Stardust because it protects your Necrovalley, but Malefic Cyber End Dragon looks to be a beatstick and nothing else, though maybe that's a valuable asset that I'm missing out on.
  • 1 Blackwing deck made T32. I guess the deck isn't as dead as it seemed. Not a Vayu Turbo build either.
  • 1 Formula Monarch deck made T32. Hurrah! Mentioned because of personal bias!
  • Konami still hates player-created deck names. Just call the stun deck "Stun", what's this "Anti-Monster" nonsense? At least call it Anti-META...
  • Konami still hates player-created deck names #2. It's been nicknamed Empty Jar for quite some time, what's this Deck Destruction?
  • Konami still hates player-created deck names #3: It's KMP (Karakuri Machina Plant) not Karakuri w/ Machina lol
  • Trap Dustshoot is good, it's nice to see a number of people playing it mained or sided.
  • One deck sided Closed Forest. Legit tech right there.
On a side note, STOR special eds were released today. Snap up those super rare LADDs and Hand of the SS's!

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Monday, March 21, 2011

YCS Charlotte Aftermath and Analysis

Hello again readers, today I'm going to be doing a recap and analysis of the past weekend's YCS Charlotte, and any impact it may have on the meta from this point onwards. Being the first YCS of the fledgling March 2011 format, a lot of people were unsure of what the top decks were going to be, basing their conclusions on individual analyses of each competitive deck, taking note of what each gained and lost based on the banlist ,and their matchups with other competitive decks, as well as the results of early regionals.

Pre-YCS questions
A big question mark heading into the weekend was whether or not the newest mass-released archetype, Dragunities, could be viable enough to secure spots in the Top 32. Certainly, it is a flexible deck, capable of a variety of plays, most notably an OTK, and consistently being able to spit out a synchro monster every turn. Could Dragunities, like their structure deck archetype predecessors, the Machinas, also achieve success at one of the highest levels of competitive Yugioh?
** Personally, I don't think the deck is very good; seems like you have to risk minus-ing yourself every turn when pitching for Ravine, and you have to minus yourself guaranteed in order to carry out the Trident Dragion OTK... Dragion pops 2 of your own cards intending to OTK, opponent chains Effect Veiler or drops Battle Fader derp..?

YCS Results
The top 16 decks have been revealed to be thus (no Top 32 pairings were posted; we shall have to wait until the decklists have been released for complete information):

4x Gravekeepers @ 4/16 = 25%
2x Six Samurai @ 2/16 = 12.5%
2x Fish OTK @ 2/16 = 12.5%
2x X-Sabers @ 2/16 = 12.5%
1x Hero Beat @ 1/16 = 6.25%
1x Karakuri Machina Plant @ 1/16 = 6.25%
1x Flamvellsworn @ 1/16 = 6.25%
1x Chaos Plant @ 1/16 = 6.25%
1x Dragunities @ 1/16 = 6.25%
1x Empty Jar (Deck Destruction) @ 1/16 = 6.25%

It is clear that Gravekeepers, having occupied the most spots, are in theory the "best" deck, though statistics showing the overall percentile of participants playing the deck are unknown. This result is not surprising, indeed, Gravekeepers are a solid deck capable of grinding out advantage with Descendant/Recruiter/Spy/Stele, while also packing two copies of a pseudo-Crush Card Virus.

On the other hand, the presence of Empty Jar in the Top 16 is quite the surprise. Granted, the build is unknown, but Empty Jar has never been known to be terribly consistent, and has been deemed by some (myself included) as a suicide bomb deck. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad that such a sacky rogue strategy was able to penetrate the Top 16 of a premier event...

Also noteworthy is that that Karakuri Machina Plant deck was able to clutch onto a single spot in the Top 16. I guess all that hype surrounding it ever since Jeff Jones posted up a TCG build on his Youtube channel (yes that's right, it originally came from the OCG) was justified, though personally this is another deck I'm not really fond of lol

From there, the T16 further narrowed down to the T4:

1x X-Sabers
1x Fish OTK
1x Six Samurai
1x Empty jar (still here?)
@ 25% of the playing field apiece.

Gravekeeper decks were nowhere to be seen, all having been eliminated in either the T16 or T8 matchups. Definitely surprising; my bet was that they would make it all the way and win, but evidently that was not the case. Somewhat of a disappointment, really, I truly do think that it's got the edge amongst all current Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks.
Annndddd Empty Jar has done it again, making it to the Top 4 (before subsequently losing to Six Samurai). Despite the impressive result, I can't help but remain skeptical of the deck's viability. Seems like a well-timed Effect Veiler could really screw the deck up, plus the reliance on Morphing Jar, which is limited to one copy per deck, isn't particularly reassuring either. Still, because it made it to the Top 4 of a YCS, I must give credit where credit is due.
Eventually the finals came down to Six Samurai VS Fish OTK, with Samurai prevailing. Two herp-a-derp decks duking it out? Ok. Not much else to say I guess. Gateway may have gone to one, but LSS Shi-En is still a retardedly broken card. The Fish OTK deck, having lost only Cold Wave, but gained a Gold Sarcophagus in return, has proved itself to still be viable.

Notable Absences
Going by Top 16 results alone, it can be seen that several competitive decks failed to make the cut. Notably, Gladiator Beasts and Frog Monarchs were nowhere to be seen.
Of course, with the increased popularity of Hero Beat, and the steadfast presence of Gravekeepers and Six Samurai, the glut of 1900, 2000, and 2100 ATK beatsticks make the disappearing act of GB's understandable. Gladiator Beasts have always had difficulty with dealing with faster decks and beefy monsters, which are characteristics that current Tier 1 decks exhibit. Furthermore, with their ability to spit out a turn 1 Stardust Dragon and nuke cards with Icarus Attack, Dragunities also pose some problems for Gladiators.
The absence of Frog Monarchs, which actually are decent against Six Samurais, but struggle against Gravekeepers (especially post-siding, when Fossil Dynas, Mask of Restrict, and other troublesome cards come into play) is also understandable. Furthermore Frog Monarchs are really easy to side against, as the deck is hindered by a whole assortment of cards, both RFG based (Dimensional Fissure, Banisher from the Radiance, Crevice from the Different Dimension, DD Crow etc) or Stun based ( King Tiger Wanghu, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, etc) or neither (Zombie World, Intercept, Mask of Restrict, etc), making games 2, and 3 if necessary, fairly difficult for the Monarch player.

On a closing note, it appears that though they failed to progress to the Top 4 of the tournament, Gravekeepers are most probably the best deck of the format thus far, though not by a very large margin. Aside from perhaps the Flamvellsworn and Empty Jar decks, I anticipate that the other decks that made it into the Top 16 will also represent themselves in the Top 16 of the upcoming YCS Anaheim. The wild card is Dragunities: because they are a really new deck, the ideal build has not necessarily been formulated yet. Whether or not they will increase their number of occupied seats in the T16 or T32 competitors is unknown. The regionals taking place between YCS Charlotte and YCS Anaheim should provide some indication towards how the meta evolves from what we have now.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Confirmed: Tokens are a NO for Exceed Summoning

It's been noted on Dueling Days through translations and interpretations of Japanese rulings that tokens are NOT able to be used for exceed summons. PJ Tierney has reposted the content off Dueling Days, so that's as legit as it can get until the TCG rulings come out.

If you've snapped up Phantom Skyblasters for a few $ each, hoping for quick and easy Exceed summons through it's self-generated tokens, it's a small investment, so no harm done. However if you've paid a lot of money for them, I offer my sympathy. Get rid of them while you still can.

That being said, there are still cards that CAN make exceed monsters of various levels easily
  • Rekindling: Bring out 5 Flamvells and do whatever you want with them! Exceed summon, synchro summon, oh the possibilities!
  • Ultimate Offering + Gadgets: Aside from an OTK, this also produces Rank 4 Exceeds easily
  • Scrap Chimera + Scrap Beast: Easy rank 4 Exceed is easy. Scrap Chimera's restriction applies to synchro summoning only, so barring an errata, Exceed summons are a go.
  • Marauding Captain: Special Junk Synchron, and now you can make a level 6 synchro or a Rank 3 Exceed. Not bad I guess.
  • Summoner Monk: While you will be incurring a -1, this can be remedied if you search out a floater like Elemental Hero Stratos, or a Gadget. You can then make a rank 4 exceed monster.
  • Gravekeeper's Spy + ?: Flip spy, fetch a level 4 GK, instant Rank 4. Even better flip Spy, grab Descendant, summon Recruiter, tribute Recruiter for Descendant's effect, then go into an Exceed summon. You can have your cake and eat it too!
  • Deep Sea Diva: Bring out another Diva or a Reese the Ice Mistress, and bam! Rank 2 Exceed! Too bad the only one confirmed so far sucks.
Honorable Mention: Gladiator Beast Darius and Gladiator Beast Secutor. The new spell card Gladiator Taming really hurts GB's. They experience a rebirth at the beginning of every format, but this card may number the days of service for these battle-happy zoo critters.

Also worthy of note is that Exceed material monsters are not considered to be "on the field" so Sangan, which needs to hit the graveyard from the field, will not get its effect, but Dandylion, which just needs to hit the graveyard from anywhere, WILL get its effect. Furthermore, since those monsters are not "on the field", racking up massive damage with Ceasefire and Just Desserts will not be possible =(

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Friday, March 18, 2011

Locals Report 03/17/2011

Hurrah, Thursday locals again!
After going 4-1 on Sunday, I feel pretty good about Genex Zero so I elect to play it again.
There was a lower turnout today, so it was swiss rounds, with prizes going to the Top 2 players.
Surprisingly, the entry pack for today was Duelist Revolution. The guy who entered right before I did pulled an ultra Solemn Warning... lol... I cracked my pack open and got a Scrap Archfiend. Yay? xD

R1: LFN (Genex Zero) vs Ian (BW)
I win the dice roll!
G1: Stardust + Dark End win games.
G2: Locomotion R Genex + Dark Armed Dragon wins games

He's a kid so understandably he didn't have Solemn Warnings or anything. He misplayed a lot as well, but he was thrown off by this variation to Frog Monarchs so that's to be expected I guess.

Result: OO

R2: LFN (Genex Zero) vs Raymond (Lightsworn)
I win the dice roll! Again! 2 for 2!
He forgot to de-side after last round but I let it go; it's only locals after all.
G1: I made a small misplay but it didn't matter, as it was a lopsided win. He managed to finally drop a Judgment Dragon, but he was at 500 LP, soooo...
G2: This was a grindfest, and eventually I was sitting at exactly 3000 LP, to his 3600. I had a T-set down, and he had 2 backrows and dropped a Judgment Dragon. Because he only had 2 cards left in his deck, he HAD to win that turn. He declared priority and activated JD's effect, dropping him down to 2600, and I chained Effect Veiler lol, and that was game, for he had to attack into the f/d monster, meaning he couldn't deal 3k damage and had to mill himself out.

Result: OO

R3: LFN (Genex Zero) vs Champ (Six Samurai)
I win the dice roll!!!! 3 for 3!
G1: I opened Stratos and Destiny Draw. Sick! I ate some damage early on to drop me to 4700 but made Stardust and Absolute Zero for the win
G2: He makes his Samurai swarm and beats over my set Treeborn, then the following turn drops a Wanghu. I drop a Gorz on his attacks, and he plays Burden of the Mighty (wtf?) in main phase 2. The following turn my 2000 atk Gorz kills his Wanghu lol, and I set a MST hoping to bait him into attacking Gorz with his Grandmaster before I flip the MST, but when I carry out that play, he had the Magatama of Musanani to stop it. I make a huge misplay and play Dark Hole (which got hit by another Magatama) while forgetting I had Giant Trunade in hand (I'm very very ashamed of myself), but it turned out it didn't matter, since he had Solemn Judgment set.
G3: I open the nuts, with Destiny Draw, Destiny Hero Malicious, Allure of Darkness, Genex Controller, Giant Trunade, and a Battle Fader. Such a sack hand. He spams the field with monsters, kills my f/d Treeborn (I drew it off either DDraw or Allure) and runs into Battle Fader. On my next turn I get off the Colossal Fighter + Armory Arm OTK

Result: OXO

R4: .... or not...

There were only 3 X-0's remaining, with 1 round to go. Because the pair-down amongst the 3 of us would HAVE to win to get something, and only one of the other 2 X-0's would be leaving empty handed despite a solid effort, we agreed to split the $45 credit $15 each, assuming the paired-down X-0 won. I was NOT the one paired-down thankfully, so I didn't have to deal with the situation. The unfortunate guy who got paired down agreed to give half his credit to his opponent, so it worked out fine.

However my opponent and I decided to play it out for fun, and I ended up losing games 1 and 3. Skill Drain wrecks me =( . Badly. But! I won the dice roll!! 4 for 4 WHUT UPPP!!!

Result: XOX

Also made some trades/sales before I left, sold 2 ultra Karakuri Burei's to my friend @ a discount: $20 and a throw in super Heavy Storm (lol), and in a separate deal swapped a Maxx C for a 1st edition Fossil Dyna. Excellent trade right there, value-wise I made a mad plus (+)

Going 4 for 4 on my dice rolls feels realll good, hopefully I don't receive negative karma and lose all my rolls at my upcoming regionals (March 26th) =X

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spoilers: Extreme Victory & Generation Force

Hello readers, as you may have already seen, the 1st preview for the upcoming set Extreme Victory is out, and it's a remarkable card.

That's right, it's "Gladiator Taming", a quickplay spell card that depicts Andal being flogged. That's just great =(. Not only can Andal NOT TAG OUT, he has to suffer further humiliation as well, in card artwork. OR maybe it's because he was tamed that he was converted into a vanilla monster.... xD
Also, it looks like the monster applying the whipfest is GB Tegale... another GB that can't tag out apparently, but only has 1800 attack. Andal has 1900 attack. Jealous much? umad?

The death of GBs?

The 1st effect is ok I guess. Now the 2nd effect is just bonkers. Obviously you'd be siding this in against Gladiator Beasts to stop their shenanigans.

  • Stop their attack by changing their monster to defense or outright stealing it for the turn
  • Stop Tiger plays by taking the monster that Test Tiger targets
  • Stop Gyzarus plays by taking a monster
  • Take their monster and tribute it or use it as synchro material
  • Take their monster and synchro with it on your opponent's turn with Formula Synchron
  • Take their monster to prevent them from activating War Chariot

Unlike cards like Mirror of Oaths, this card truly badly hurts Gladiator Beasts. This will probably be a side deck staple for decks that experience problems with GB.


Many of the cards from Generation Force have also been revealed on shriek (found here)

Based on what's known so far, I'm quite intrigued by a few cards:


  • Mainspring Soldier: This guy is able to pump himself up to 2200 for increased beefiness, and increase his level by 1 for synchro summon flexibility. An interesting card. The beatstick nature of the card will be useful at the sneak peek, at least :P
  • Goblindbergh: Marauding Captain 2.0 that also exhibits cowardly traits by turtling into defense.
  • No. 17, Revise Dragon: Ok from reading it's effect, it seems that it's a 2000 atk direct attacker (conditional).That could come in handy at times.
  • Spring Armor Mainspring Master: This guy allows you to reuse your Mainspring monster's effects, which are only allowed to be used once while the monster is face up. However, you could also target monsters like Morphing Jar, Ryko, Super Nimble Mega Hamster, and such, for mad plusses.
  • Mainspring Manufacture: A continuous spell card providing a conditional search effect. Cute.
  • Double Up Chance: I lol'd. Sup Battle Fader?
  • Wonder Wand: Broken with Gravekeepers. Sending this equipped to a GK recruiter... draw 2 AND search..! Netting card advantage like that is mindblowing.
  • Over Wrench: Limiter Removal for ONE mainspring monster. Also the monster returns to your hand, so I guess you can reuse the monster's effect next turn when you summon it again.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to Beat: Dragunities & 10,000 views!

Hello again readers, today I'm going to be discussing how to counter the new Dragunity deck that's been rising in popularity in the TCG.
Before that though, I'd like to thank everyone for reading, regardless of whether or not you read updates regularly or infrequently, as this blog has just reached 10000 views today! It's not like I'm a well-known big-name player either, so this is a result that's quite surprising.

Thanks for your continued support!   ^__^ V


And now, the Dragunity discussion. The Gravekeeper matchup is particularly amusing because there can only be one field spell card active on the field at any given time. So, the Dragunity player can just replace Necrovalley with Dragon Ravine instead of needing to destroy Necrovalley with something like Mystical Space Typhoon like other decks would.

What Dragunities seek to do:

  • Spam level 6 and level 8 synchros, using Dragunity Dux & Dragunity Phalanx to make the level 6, and Dragunity Knight Vajrayana & Dragunity Phalanx to make the level 8. The deck can easily make a Stardust Dragon 1st turn, which can be a difficult obstacle to overcome for some.
  • Destroy your cards with the Dragunity Legionnaire + Dragunity Aklys combo
  • Depending on the build, OTK you with Trident Dragion (or even Dragunity Knight Vajrayana, which can be a double attacker)
  • Search and dump cards via Dragon Ravine, an all-in-one Reinforcement of the Army and Foolish Burial field spell card. It's limited to once per turn though.
  • Once the Dragons are in the grave, Dux and Legionnaire are able to repeatedly revive them.
  • Some builds also try to swarm the opponent with the power of Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
What the deck looks like:
  • The deck's monsters are purely winged beasts and dragons. The tuners are comprised of multiple copies of both Dragunity Phalanx and Dragunity Aklys, which are valid targets for the draw card Cards of Consonance.
  • The deck will max out on Dragon Ravine and play 2-3 copies of Terraforming. Dragon Ravine is the key card to the deck, so for the Dragunity player, searching it out is absolutely essential.
  • Because the deck plays 3 Dux and 3 Legionnaire, both of which are winged beasts, the Dragunity deck can also play 1-2 copies of Icarus Attack for 2-for-2 exchanges or +1's.
What are the decks weaknesses:
  • The dependency on Dragon Ravine to set things up and search out cards is a double-edged sword. Yes, it's multiple uses permits the Dragunity player to dedicate less cards towards searching/dumping (face it, needing 3 cards to both dump AND search sure beats needing 6), but it also means that should all 3 copies of Ravine be destroyed, the Dragunity player may face difficulties in emerging victorious.
  • Because discarding for Ravine's effect is a cost, the opponent can chain something like Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Ravine. You lost your MST and your opponent lost both their discard and the Ravine, so they've incurred a -1.
  • Because Dragon Ravine and Terraforming both search from deck to hand, cards that obstruct or take advantage of that, such as an opponent's Thunder King Raioh and Mind Crush, prove to be troublesome for the Dragunity player.
  • Dragunities are a graveyard-focused deck, so cards that remove other cards from play can be devastating.
  • The deck can run only 3 Dux and 3 Legionnaire, so once the Dragunity player uses up all 6, the deck runs out of steam.  A copy of Pot of Avarice is usually played to recycle them and remedy this problem.
  • Speaking of Dux and Legionnaire, Dragunities are dependent on their normal summon being successful, since that allows them to revive either Phalanx or Aklys.
What you can side in against Dragunities: (depending on your own deck as well.)
  •  Thunder King Raioh: the dependency on Dragon Ravine means that the player must access it as soon as possible. Raioh stops Terraforming from searching out Ravine, and Ravine from searching out monsters.
  • Mind Crush: Declare whatever card they just searched out.
  • Banisher of the Radiance/DD Crow/Dimensional Fissure/Macro Cosmos/Crevice from the Different Dimension: RFG their monsters.
  • Royal Oppression: stopping special summons means that the opponent is stuck with mostly weak monsters.
  • Effect Veiler/Skill Drain: Negate the effects of Dux and Legionnaire to prevent their effects from resolving.
  • Dust Tornado: I'm going to assume that both copies of Mystical Space Typhoon are already mained, but more Ravine and backrow hate can't hurt.
Hopefully this was helpful and/or informative, especially since YCS Charlotte is coming up. I fully expect my upcoming Regionals meta to be predominantly comprised of Gravekeepers, Dragunities, and Frog Monarchs, with some Six Samurai remnants, I wouldn't be surprised if YCS Charlotte's meta was similar. I'm also expecting Charlotte to have people playing that Karakuri Machina Plant deck (a deck that I've barely seen in my local meta), so attending players should be siding multiple copies of Cyber Dragon and/or System Down.

That's all for today, and thanks for reading ~

Monday, March 14, 2011

Locals Report 03/13/2011 & a Short Rant on Gold Series 4 Predictions

Revival! I'm alive, I'm still breathing! Yea I know I haven't updated for a while (almost a week lol), it's just that there hasn't really been anything I've wanted to post about, that wasn't already discussed by other bloggers, like Vairon DiSigma, or that wasn't already confirmed, like the contents of the TCG Gold Series 4.

Yes, GOLD SERIES 4 is confirmed for release this summer, but its contents are yet unknown. A bunch of wildly unrealistic content predictions are on Pojo, containing gold rares of Pot of Duality, Solemn Warning, Doomcaliber Knight, XX-Saber Emmersblade, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, Absolute Zero, etc etc.

I'm pretty dumbfounded, perhaps one or two of the big money cards will be chosen, sure, but ALL of them? Really? People really shouldn't expect EVERY single money card in the game to be reprinted in GS4; there has always been a mixture of great, decent, and janky gold rares per GS set, so I don't see why this one would be the exception.



Went to the out-of-my-way sunday locals again, for I was free that day, mainly to lend some gravekeeper stuff and my Pot of Duality to my friend. I had gadget stun and Genex Zero on me, and sat down to play for fun with a new friend, who was playing Dragunities. Come tournament time, because I didn't have any Dualities on me anymore, I stuck with Genex Zero.

R1: LFN (Genex Zero) vs Ken (Chaos Plants)
While he's a really good player, able to consistently top regionals, rumors continue to circulate that he cheats as well.
I lose the dice roll!
G1: I open with double Malicious OMFG. I manage to play out of it and establish dominating field presence with a Dark Armed, Stardust, and a monarch on my side of the field, bringing him down to 1400 LP, while I sit at 5300. On his next turn, he takes 10 minutes to ponder his next move. If he didn't do anything significant, I'd obviously get pissed and call him out for slow play, but he managed to get off the Colossal-Armory Arm OTK (equipping Armory Arm to the monarch) so I'm cool with that. Legit pro play right there.
G2: I win really fast, nothing really significant happened.
G3: I open mediocre, and start getting beat down by a mere Card Trooper, which helps in beating me down to 3700 LP. Intending to use Dark End Dragon to send his Card Trooper to the graveyard, I misplay and forget to remove Malicious for Malicious BEFORE synching for Formula Synchron, and as improbable (but not impossible) as it was, I end up drawing into that second Malicious OMFG. After the game though, he told me it didn't matter, as he had a Solemn Judgment and Torrential Tribute face-down.

Result: XOX
NOT a good start :(. I don't know if it's true or not, but my friend told me afterwards that my deck got stacked. I didn't notice anything out of place with the way my deck was handled though, but w/e. Can't really know for sure.

R2: LFN (Genex Zero) vs Anthony (Six Samurai)

I win the dice roll! Hurrah!
G1: I drop a Caius on his LSS Shi-En, and he quickly turtled up after that. I drop Dark Armed for the win.
G2: I opened Trunade in hand, with no follow up cards. I make a Formula Synchron hoping to draw into something good, but he flips the Oppression. With no Caius or Mobius in sight; we both draw-pass for many many turns in a row. Eventually I acquire enough combo pieces, Trunade all 5 of his backrows to clear his field save for a Kageki, make a Stardust (Genex Undine + Fishborg for Armory Arm, Puppet Plant takes his defense position Kageki, and revive Glow Up to make 8), drop a Dark Armed (with nothing to pop) and the two monsters attacked for game.

Result:  OO
Dropping Dark Armed 2 games in a row is kinda sacky, but oh well.

R3: LFN (Genex Zero) vs Jazz (Amazoness)

I lose the dice roll!
G1: Monarchs do their thing, and Zero puts in work.
G2: He throws down a Burden of the Mighty and beats me down early with a Brionac, chipping in 700 damage, but next turn I play Dark Hole, Monster Reborn his Brionac, and the tables turned. I nuke his backrows with Malevolent Catastrophe when he attempts to attack over Brionac with some Amazoness monster, notably wiping out his Burden and Village, so his monster died lol.

Result: OO
A quick match. Amazonesses are most productive in battle so I guess this wasn't a very good matchup for him. "Jazz" is his actual real name, which is really cool.

R4: LFN (Genex Zero) vs Gary (Frog Monarchs)

I lose the dice roll!
G1: He doesn't open Swap Frog, and doesn't play the Genex Engine. He fails to set up so I win this one easily.
G2: Again, he doesn't open Swap Frog. He removes my live Malicious and Treeborns from my graveyard, but I play Burial from the Different Dimension and return them. Absolute Zero also gives him a bit of trouble, though the final straw was when he ditched a Treeborn with Swap Frog, only for me to DD Crow it.

Result: OO
He would have fared much better if he could get set up, but he failed to draw ANY set up cards. Afterwards I recommended he try the Genex engine.

R5: LFN (Genex Zero) vs Bio (Six Samurai)

So I hear that he's already X-2, while I'm X-1. Since I got paired down, this doesn't look good for me.
I win the dice roll! Yay!
G1: I open mediocre, and set a Treeborn. He opens Gateway, and swarms my ass.
G2: A quick win for me, beating him down with Stratos and Stardust. I drop Caius and remove itself for game.
G3: He summons Mizuho and Shinai, and sets a backrow. I'm not too sure what he's trying to accomplish with that, but I MST his backrow (nothing relevant) just to be safe. Stratos dies at some point, and after being swarmed I'm forced to drop a Gorz. He plays that Six Strike Triple Impact thing and nukes my Gorz and its token. I was very wtf'ed. However the turn after I make a Stardust and Absolute Zero, and he was reduced to topdecking soon thereafter.

Result: XOO

Another kid with a cool name. He's Korean so I guess that's why.

Final Result: 4-1
No! I finish 5th! Apparently Ken and Anthony both dropped at some point and screwed my tiebreakers over. It was Top4 cut for prizes, so no packs for me.

Umad? I-M-A-D.

During the course of the day I also sell some cards, including that Dragunity Vajrayana thing (which I got for $5 wayyy back) for $15, and walk out with +$35 so I'm happy with that at least.

After lolcals, my friends and I head over to the nearby Asian mall which I haven't been to in a couple years, and at the food court I randomly ordered some Chinese lamb noodle soup because it looked cool (it came in a little personal clay pot..!! Sick!). It turned out to be the most amazing food court grub I've ever tasted in quite some time, and it cost less than $8 lol. Dericious!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sidedecking for early March 2011

Hello again readers, today I'm going to be going over some side-deck choices for the first couple weeks of the new banlist.

One should keep in mind that the meta is subject to change once YCS Charlotte hits later this month, but for now, it looks like Gravekeepers, Frog Monarchs, Fish OTK, X-Sabers, Karakuri Machina Plant, and Gladiator Beasts are the most viable decks. I'm undecided on Chaos variants, it really depends on the build.
Also worthy of note is the resurgence of Light Beat decks, now that they have access to The Shining. Furthermore, the Dragunity Legion structure deck is set to be released today. If the past couple structure decks are of any indication, Dragunities will also shape up to be a viable contender in the TCG meta.

How should one prepare his or her side deck then? With such an open playing field, it's nearly impossible to allocate space for all your potential matchups, not to mention quirky situations such as off-the-wall rogue decks and for going into time. Of course, if you're playing Gravekeepers, your main decked cards screw with the rest of the meta anyway.

*I hope this doesn't offend anybody but I'll lump in that Junk/Doppel/Frog synchro deck with Fish OTK for convenience sake, as both are capable of massive derp-age.

Of course, there are always sidedeck staple cards, carryovers from last format and beyond:

  • Nobleman of Crossout
  • DD Crow
  • Mind Crush
  • Thunder King Raioh (except for Light Beat, where Raioh is mained)
  • Seven Tools of the Bandit
  • Emergency Provisions (lol)
  • Cyber Dragon
  • Chain Disappearance
  • Effect Veiler
  • Puppet Plant

Now that there are new contenders in the metagame, what cards would be decent picks? (depending on your deck of course; don't be stupid and side in something like Banisher of the Radiance if you run Fish OTK, for example)

  • Dust Tornado - play this against backrow heavy decks like Light Beat, Gladiator Beasts, and Gravekeepers
  • Crevice from the Different Dimension - play this against Frog Monarchs and Fish OTK
  • Forbidden Chalice - play this against decks that whore Trap Stuns
  • Trap Dustshoot - VERY good against Fish OTK/Frog Monarchs
  • Banisher of the Radiance - play this against X-Sabers, Fish OTK, and Frog Monarchs
  • Malevolent Catastrophe - play this against backrow heavy decks for epic lolz
  • Breaker the Magical Warrior - play this against backrow heavy decks. Forcefully draws out Solemn Warnings.
  • System Down - if you feel Cyber Dragons aren't enough, then these bad boys contribute more machine hate. Wrecks Karakuris.
  • Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer - If your local meta is filled with Chaos variants, then Kycoo is your new best friend! Actually he's been out for a while so I guess he's your new old best friend.
  • Compulsory Evacuation Device - If you don't have mained outs to Dragunities, such as Caius the Shadow Monarch, this might be a decent pick as a generic out to synchros.

That's all for today, thanks for reading, and have fun picking up and cracking open the Dragunity structure deck =D
Don't get trolled by Dragon Capture Jar! ಠ_ಠ

Friday, March 4, 2011

Elemental Hero Neos Alius: truly Another Neos

Awww yeaaa ~


Not entirely pleased with how Batman turned out; I'll probably snap up some more Elemental Hero Neos Alius in the near future.

Oh and the "discoloration" on Neos Batman's leg is from the glare.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Decklist: Genex Zero updated for March 2011

Hello again readers, just posting up an updated decklist for my Genex Zero deck, to reflect the new banlist (and the acquisition of a 1st edition ultimate Glow Up Bulb since the original posting)

Monsters: (25)
3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
1x Mobius the Frost Monarch
1x Dark Armed Dragon
3x Genex Undine
2x Genex Controller
2x Treeborn Frog
2x Swap Frog
1x Fishborg Blaster
1x Glow Up Bulb
1x Elemental Hero Stratos
1x Destiny Hero Dasher
2x Destiny Hero Malicious
1x Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1x Sangan
1x Tragoedia
1x Effect Veiler

Spells: (14)
2x Miracle Fusion
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Giant Trunade
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Foolish Burial
1x One for One
2x Enemy Controller
1x Pot of Avarice
1x Allure of Darkness
1x Destiny Draw
1x Pot of Duality

Traps: (1)
1x Treacherous Trap Hole

The Pot of Duality can be interchangeable with a second Mystical Space Typhoon. The deck still plays the same way, with Miracle Fusion, Dark Armed Dragon, and Tragoedia allowing for explosive plays.

The deck is also able to easily synchro for Dark End Dragon (Malicious, Tragoedia, or Caius + Formula Synchron) and carry out the Colossal+Armory Arm OTK (Genex Undine + Fishborg makes Armory Arm; Formula Synchron + Malicious makes Colossal Fighter)

The inclusion of Effect Veiler allows me to potentially stop the monster-based threats that I predict to pop up with the new banlist. It's also searchable with Sangan, which is nice to have.

Furthermore, because Veiler and Formula Synchron are light-attribute monsters, if you have the extra deck space, you could play a single copy of The Shining, though the only monster it'd be able to retrieve when it dies would be Stratos lol... yea I'd likely go for Zero the grand majority of the time but the flexibility is nice.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~