Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vacation Recap! [Picture Heavy]

Hello again readers,

This past week I was on vacation for a week in Los Angeles. It's kinda hard to summarize everything I did in words/text, so I'll show some of the pictures I took instead :)

 Little Tokyo!

Heading to Little Tokyo!

Ramen @ Mr. Ramen

 Wax Museum!

Kill Bill
Iron Man / Tony Stark
I don't remember her name.

 <---- Look it's me! Yes I'm Asian lol

I don't remember her name either.

Tony Hawk lol

Shopping, Food, & Night Life

Grub @ Hard Rock Cafe

Johnny Rockets! Only in America!

Amazing burger @ a random burger joint

The lounge @ the Standard Hotel

@ The Grove

3rd Street Promenade

Universal Studios!

The globe thing outside

LOL! That is all.

Itchy and Scratchy!

 The Zoo!


I don't know what these things are...


The one on the right looks out of place for some reason...


Apparently only one location in all of LA (Savy Store) has Duel Terminals...
I asked the owner if he had any Spanish packs (Spanish Duelist Revolution?) but all he had were some leftover singles from the Spanish version of LOB (all other cards were in English), so I sifted through them, found some spanish Skull Servants, and he gave them to me for free lol. Sick!

Duel Terminal!! Not available in Canada :(

My mediocre pulls after spamming $40 in DT 2,3,4

Free Spanish LOB 1st ed Skull Servants!


I'll be heading over to locals (The Connection Games) later today, gotta catch up w/ ygo and all that.

Later gators ~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hiatus for a Week

Hello readers,

Now that I'm done with final exams, I will be in the USA on vacation, and will be back on the 27th or 28th.

I'm just out to enjoy myself, not to yugioh or anything, so obviously I'm not bringing a deck, and it's very unlikely i'll be seeking out card shops and stuff lol. Actually not "unlikely", I just won't lol.
Though if I see a Duel Terminal randomly at a mall, I'll play a few rounds for sure, we don't have DT's up in Vancouver.

No blog posts until I get back:

=) yayyy no more of LFN's crappy blog posts! Quit forever please!


=( nooo no more of LFN's dericious blog posts! Whatever will I do?


On a side note:
Bought a box of Hidden Arsenal 4 today (they finally got it in! =D )

Notable pulls:
1x Trishula <3
1x Landoise
1x Cerberrel
1x Exterio
2x Unicore
2x Fabled goat thing

3x Genex Ally Birdman <3


That's all for today, see you all in a week.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Theory-Oh 101: Going Second Sucks

<< Currently drained from studying so much so... it's blog post time! >>

Hello readers, today I'm going to share a couple observations I've made. It's certainly nothing new, but some interesting reads from the most recent YCS feature matches at Paris certainly cement this theory, that is, that losing the dice roll and going second is a major disadvantage.

*Note: The coverage for YCS paris was so well done, that I'm declining to analyze it. Kudos to the European coverage team for a job well done. If only the North American coverage was as impressive. The inclusion of lots of pictures were a plus as well.

Here are some examples (taken from the feature matches). Food for thought:

From the Top 32:
"Ralambomiadana rolled a 6, which was already impressive on its own, but even more so, considering Schumacher only rolled a 1. Naturally, he opted to go first
"Wow! Vincent Ralambomiadana committed 6000 of his Life Points on Schumacher’s very first turn, but it all paid out in the end. He had no more cards left, but Solemn Judgment, Solemn Warning and Double-Edged Sword Technique, combined with Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En and Grandmaster of the Six Samurai were all he needed to push through with his monsters and seal the deal!"


From the Top 16
"Mitchell won the die roll and opted to go first."
"Tudor Mitchell performs a devastating ACCEL SYNCHRO to win the Match!"
Ah, is this a coincidence?

From the Top 8
"Both players rolled a 6 first, but then Descamps’ 4 was enough to beat Gross’ 3 (Gross predicted he would roll the 3)"
"That left Gross in a horrible position. With only 700 Life Points left and a Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En on the other side of the field, able to negate every card that might turn the Duel around, all he could do was extend his hand and wish Descamps well for his remaining Matches"

From the Semi-Finals
"Sluis won the die roll and opted to go first."
"Sluis played Mystical Space Typhoon on it next turn and Ralambomiadana Chained it, destroying Sluis’ Set Malevolent Catastrophe. An attack with X-Saber Urbellum was declared and Ralambomiadana extended his hand!"
Something fishy is going on here!

From the Finals.
"Sluis won the die roll and opted to go first."
"Stephan Sluis is your YCS Paris Winner!"
... Even the Final match... =(

As you all can see, none of the players who went second were able to secure the match win. It is apparent that winning the dice roll is as important, and rewarding, as it's ever been, due to a few key reasons. There are a few benefits to going second, such as Cyber Dragon, and being able to declare an attack, but they don't mitigate the huge advantage the T1 player can amass. As such, here are some of the biggest reasons towards why going second is disadvantageous in the current meta.

1. Solemn Warning:
Each player is limited to one normal summon per turn. Your opponent likely already has a monster on the board. Now, going 2nd, you attempt to set up, but are follied by Solemn Warning.
For example....
  • Hero Beat: Stratos cannot search for Neos Alius OR Neos Alius' summon is negated, leaving dead Gemini Sparks and Hero Blast
  • Frog Monarchs: Swap Frog or Genex Undine cannot dump Treeborn Frog, setting the whole deck back a turn (unless it was dumped for Swap Frog's special summon)
  • Gladiator Beasts: Your GB monster's summon is negated, leaving dead chariot(s)
Of course, some decks like Gravekeepers and X-Sabers can play around this, as they don't necessarily have to summon on their 1st turn, indeed, they can just set Gravekeeper's Spy / Gravekeeper's Recruiter / XX-Saber Darksoul / XX-Saber Emmersblade.

2. No Heavy Storm
The opening turn player can just set as many backrows as he so desires, without fearing Heavy Storm. This can lead to an overwhelming stream of backrows for the player going 2nd to overcome, indeed, a daunting task.
Example 1st turn sets:  Solemn Warning, Bottomless Trap Hole, Dimensional Prison, Solemn Judgment, GG? 
This is a primary reason as to why anti-meta and other backrow-heavy decks like GK's are doing so well. Furthermore, on the 2nd turn, the turn player (his or her 1st turn) would be hard-pressed to come up with some sort of follow-up after playing the one permitted copy of Giant Trunade on their 1st turn, and blind-MSTing (unless the opponent made REALLY OBVIOUS sets) is just dumb.

3. Good-to-Ridiculous Turn 1 plays. 
What more needs to be said lol...? Varying levels of derp by the turn 1 player makes the turn 2 player cry. For example...
  • Royal Tribute: Hi, I can see your whole hand! No monsters for you! Mind Crush is a go!
  • LSS Shi En: Hi, I'll be negating your spells/traps ... FOR FREE!
  • Trishula: Mike Bonacini's (of Death Aspect) Fish/Frog FTK build has apparently an 80% FTK hit rate lol. Lose your whole hand! Thanks for playing!
  • Stardust Dragon: Dragunities can at times set up a 1st turn Stardust Dragon, which can be difficult to overcome. Furthermore, Stardust protects the Dragunity player on their following turn. If Dragunities go second however.... xD
What does this teach us? In this format: WIN the dice roll! Likely win the match!
    On a side note, the card store closest to where I live has yet to receive Hidden Arsenal 4... even though they've normally been very punctual with release dates. Hmm.. =/

    That's all for today, thanks for reading everyone ~

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    OFFICIAL: Gold Series 04 spoilers are up! HA-SE has Emmersblade?!

    Hello readers! Product Update Time!

    OHHHH snap !!


    • We FINALLY get a foil Oppression.
    • Doomcal I can care less about I already have my set of ultras lol
    • Gravekeeper's Spy! Now people have an alternative to the elusive CP super.
    • Obelisk is good reprint, as it would be legal for Europe
    • Old-school support like Toon World is present. Worth noting is that it'll be Alternate Art. Nice!
    • Pendulum is a new card, used by Bandit Keith. In America!
    • Nobody cares about Tytannial lol.
    The mats have been confirmed to be made of sneak peek/regional/YCS mat material, not paper, hence the higher price tag compared to the previous gold series.


    On a side note, XX Saber Emmersblade and Naturia Pineapple have been confirmed to be the promos for the Hidden Arsenal Special Edition coming out in July. Ignoring Dualities and Warnings, Budget Sabers, get!

    Proof here.

    Assuming that they aren't in GS04, it's time to start accumulating Darksouls! Find them!

    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    YCS Anaheim aftermath and analysis

    Hello readers, as 99% of you probably now, YCS Anaheim has concluded, and my initial impression is this:
    Pushing your shit in. All day, every day.


    In both his T4 and Finals matches, the newly crowned YCS Anaheim winner Angel Flores flipped this old-school critter and went for game.

    Playing a teched out version of Light Beat (decklist leaked onto DGZ... somewhere...), Mistah Flores ousted fan-favorite Yugioh pros Billy Brake and Jonathan Weigle en-route to his 2nd YCS Championship within the past year, with the previous one occurring last format at San Jose.


    The Top 16 spread, which was pretty diverse imo, is as follows.

    4x Gravekeepers
    3x Light Beat / Miracle Gemini / Hero Beat
    2x Sabers
    2x Six Samurai
    1x Absolute Zero
    1x Chaos Salvo
    1x Chaos Plant
    1x GB

    1x Dragunity

    The T16 further narrowed down to the Top 8. Fan favorite player Fili Luna was ousted at this time.
    2x Gravekeepers
    2x Light Beat/ Miracle Gemini / Hero Beat

    1x Sabers
    1x Absolute Zero

    1x Sabers
    1x Chaos Salvo
    1x Chaos Plant

    From there, the Top 4 players were:
    1x Light Beat / Miracle Gemini / Hero Beat
    1x Sabers
    1x Gravekeepers
    1x Chaos Salvo

    And as stated, Light Beat / Miracle Gemini / Hero Beat eventually came out on top, defeating the Gravekeepers deck in the finals. Both decks max out on Pot of Duality and Solemn Warning; will this result trigger yet another price increase?

    Much like at YCS Charlotte, Gravekeepers were again the most dominant deck in the Top 16. One Dragunity deck was able to sneak in. Notably, no Fish OTK decks made it in, after a strong showing at YCS Charlotte. Also, I'm pretty glad nothing troll-tastic like that Empty Jar deck from YCS Charlotte made it into the T16 (or beyond).

    The Glad Beast deck that topped is pretty strange as well; apparently it ran 2 Murmillos lol. I'm really not a fan of Respite Glads, but whatever wins I guess.


    As far as the feature matches go, some of them were rife with misplays. What made things worse was that some of them occurred during the late states of the YCS event. That being said, there were a few pro plays as well. Without further ado I present a few of the more amazing plays and blatant misplays: 

    Pro plays =D :

    Penguin Soldier! Clinching victory because of this card is both troll-tastic and amazing at the same time.

    Anything by Mistah Brake (except when he forgot his Darksoul search)... No dickriding intended, not just anybody can top like what, 4 YCS events in a row.

    From Round 10:
    "Acepcion skipped his Draw Phase due to the effect of Offerings to the Doom, and then activated the effect of his Randomizer. He revealed Infernity Avenger! Since it’s a Level 1 monster, Nguyen lost 200 Life Points and dropped down to 900! Infernity Randomizer’s 900 ATK wiped out Nguyen’s remaining Life Points, and Nguyen revealed his face-down Solemn Warning, conceding the Duel!"

    Misplays /)_- :

    From the Top 16:
    "Oropeza activated Gateway of the Six and tried to Normal Summon Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki. Kulman flipped Solemn Warning, negating the Summon. Oropeza activated Monster Reborn, forgetting about Kulman’s Necrovalley! He lost his Reborn. He tried to Normal Summon Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan, clearly a bit flustered by his Reborn mistake, and was reminded that he’d already attempted his Normal Summon for the turn. Oropeza Set a Spell or Trap to end."

    From the Top 32:
    "Ochoa used the effect of Card Trooper next turn to send Dark Armed Dragon, Trap Dustshoot, and Foolish Burial from the top of his Deck to his Graveyard, and Garcia flipped Gladiator Beast War Chariot to destroy the Card Trooper. When Ochoa tried to draw a card with the effect of Card Trooper, Garcia flipped another Chariot to prevent it!"

    From Round 9:
    "Mera drew another Mystical Space Typhoon. “Reaper is really annoying,” remarked a vexed Wade. Mera flipped his Set Smashing Ground, destroying Grandmaster: Wade returned it to his hand with its effect."


    A good player from my locals, my friend ATJDragon, finished 8-3 with Gravekeepers. An unfortunate result, since he didn't top, but apparently he had no prior experience with the deck, so good job on a solid finish.

    I apologize for the lack of posts this month; a lack of motivation to play and an upcoming rough stretch of final exams (April 13th, 15th, 18th 19th 20th wtf) are keeping me at bay. I'll start blogging again on a regular basis roughly at the end of the month. Hopefully.

    That's all for today, thanks for reading :) 

    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    YCS Anaheim Day 1: TURBO PACK 5 Revealed!

    Hello readers.

    If my short break from the game were to be analogous to a night's sleep, then I'm currently tossing and turning, perhaps in anticipation of Great Things to Come the following morning, as I awaken from my slumber.... (in reality, later this month or in May, but I digress)


    Now then, Day 1 of YCS Anaheim is currently underway, and the contents of Turbo Pack 5 have now been announced, with participants at several public events winning and cracking open packs. They are as follows (taken from the Konami Event Blog):

    Hi. Surprise!
    Colossal Fighter.
    ULTRA RARE (1):
    Dark Hole

    SUPER RARES (4):
    Gladiator Beast Laquari
    Snowman Eater
    Samurai United
    Spell-Shattering Arrow
    RARES (6):
    Puppet Plant
    Wulf, Lightsworn Beast
    Cyber Eltanin
    Torrential Tribute
    Escape from the Dark Dimension
    Zoma the Spirit

    COMMONS (9):
    Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
    Abyssal Kingshark
    Spirit of the Six Samurai
    Black Salvo
    Darkness Neosphere
    Miracle Fusion
    Shield Crush
    Seven Tools of the Bandit
    Royal Command

    And how, my breakdown & review:

    Colossal Fighter: Kind of a waste of an ultimate slot, but it could have been worse I suppose.

    Dark Hole: Good reprint imo, bling whores (myself included) will be looking out for this one.

    Laquari: A good rare to give the holo treatment IMO. Excellent choice.
    Snowman Eater: Another good rare, same as Laquari, this is a good move.
    Six Samurai United: Six Sams are hot right now, so why not reprint one of their older support cards? I approve.
    Spell-Shattering Arrow: No.

    Puppet Plant: An older card, which is one of 2 cards being sided against Six Sams. Good choice. Also works against Gravekeepers.
    Wulf: Lightsworn Beast: Lightsworn gets cheaper I guess. That leaves Celestia and Ehren as the LS monsters that 'need' a reprint. I say 'need' hesitantly, as Lightsworn isn't even an expensive deck anymore.
    Cyber Eltanin: Legal Eltanin! Hurray for Europe!
    Torrential Tribute: Reprinting staples is always good.
    Escape from the Different Dimension/Zoma the Spirit: Uh ok. Not much to see here.
    Manju: meh. We got enough Herald support last turbo pack imo
    Abyssal/Spirit/Salvo/Neosphere: Not good or bad. No further opinion.
    Miracle Fusion: Excellent Choice. Nevermind the ultimate and super versions, even the rares are fairly difficult to get ahold of. This reprint may de-value my playset of super rare Miracle Fusions, but this reprint of course is for the greater good of the game. 2 big thumbs up, Konami.
    Shield Crush/Royal Command: Neither see any play, so its whatever.
    Seven Tools of the Bandit: This is a fairly popular trap card right now, so it gets my stamp of approval.

    That's all for today, thanks for reading =)
    I'll have a recap and analysis of YCS Anaheim after the event's over.