Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Theory-oh 101: Teams

Hello again readers. This may be very obvious to players who already are on a team, but for those new to the game, here's some reasons as to why you should join or create a team (or a similar alternative).
I may come off as being somewhat of a hypocrite, as I myself am not on a team, but I'm friends with, or on good terms with, a decent amount of players in my local area, so I can give and take some of the benefits that a team would normally have.

A team, of course, consists of several players, each with their own contributions towards: Cardpool, Decks, and Ideas.

More is better, especially when we're talking about good cards. Having connections with more people means that as a friend or teammate, you'll be able to access a greater spread of cards that you may not necessarily be able to acquire on your own. This applies, obviously, to cards for both main decks and sidedecks.
For example, you don't own a single copy of Pot of Duality. However, you join a Team, and as it turns out, one of the other members owns 4 copies (such a Yugioh Baller), but only needs 2 in his deck, and he thus is able to let you borrow his 2 spare copies, letting you play decks that you normally wouldn't consider playing.

With a greater number of players, obviously the amount of different decks present will increase as well, which is a great asset for playtesting. Being able to play against a variety of Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks allows you all to learn from experience, and better adjust your deck and/or sidedeck for an upcoming regional or YCS event to compensate for bad matchups.
This may not necessarily be as important now that Dueling Network (<3) is out, but the thing with Dueling Network is that you are most probably going to be playing against strangers, meaning their choice of deck and skill level is unknown to you. You could very well get trolled by something random like Exodia or Giant Kozaky Burn. Furthermore, a 'match' system has yet to be implemented, making it difficult to test matchups post-siding. As such, DN is skewed towards rewarding decks that have a great game 1 matchup.
Even then, you could very well play against your Team members online as well, but keep in mind that it isn't a face-to-face match, so you won't be able to make reads or anything, like you would have to in real life.

More brains means more ideas. Combine that with more people, and there will be a great number of deck ideas and concepts that you'll be able to pool together and subsequently put to the test through experimentation. Because you are a team member and not some random stranger, other members are unlikely to  hesitate to inform you of the latest trends, or observations that they've come up with. As a team, you are working in conjunction to achieve a common goal (most likely success), so it would make the most sense to make sure everyone's well-informed and all on the same page.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A New Era

As new cards, new rulings, and new card text approach, a new era of YuGiOh is nigh upon us. Within the next few months, the game is to evolve (for better or for worse).

Let's recap the changes that will soon forever alter this card game that has long been labeled by many to be for children. My inner man-child protests.

  1. New Text. As mentioned on the Konami blog here and here, and reiterated on the product page for the next booster set, Yugioh card lore as we know it will be revamped, in order to reduce confusion. Perhaps this will finally eliminate quirks such as: whether or not a monster misses the timing, nomi vs semi-nomi monsters, inherent special summons vs special summon by effect, Skill Drain rulings, etc etc. This will help ease beginners into understanding and correctly dealing with the intricacies of the game, perhaps finally leading it on its path towards being a true Children's Card Game. On a side note, Elemental Hero / Destiny Hero / Evil Hero monsters will now become "____ HERO " monsters, perhaps to reduce confusion in regards to cards such as Hero Kid (can i haz search Hero Kid? Derpderpderp) or whatnot.
  2. New Cards. The reign of synchro monsters could come to an end soon, as the new "XYZ" (fan translated as 'exceed') monsters will be released (Much like how Synchros outclassed Fusions). Already within the next booster set, we will have access to decent XYZ monsters, such as Steelswarm Roach (a monster similar to Thunder King Raioh), and Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon. Roach should find a home in Anti-Meta decks, due to its effect and the abundance of level 4 monsters traditionally played in Anti-Meta. 
  3. New Ruling(s): Priority will be leaving the TCG later this year, as it has done so already in the OCG, reducing the sheer power that some boss monsters, such as Judgment Dragon, wield. To be precise, your opponent will no longer be able to assert their priority and nuke your field with said Judgment Dragon, rather, you will be able to activate a card in response to its summon first, potentially saving yourself from taking a huge minus in card advantage, should it's effect successfully go off. Monsters with trigger effects, that activate upon its successful summon for example, will be unaffected, as their effects must go off during that window. (i.e Monarchs etc)
These changes could very well transition YuGiOh into a game that may feel somewhat new or alien to more experienced players. While there have always been new types of monsters introduced every now and then (Fusion -> Ritual -> Contact Fusion -> Synchro -> XYZ), as well as slight alterations to the appearance of a card (i.e. borders, censorship, text box, etc), never before has an existing game mechanic been voided before, nevermind one that has existed since pretty much since the beginning of competitive YuGiOh (I think... ?). Taking away priority, in theory should slow the game down, and reduce power creep, as some monsters that were formerly considered 'broken', and unhealthy for the game, due to priority, will be reduced to being labeled as 'good' monsters. As such, it wouldn't be out of the question for a couple banned cards to become unbanned, and restricted cards to become semi-restricted or unrestricted. Bottomless Trap Hole, swept aside in favor of Solemn Warning, will most probably see play again.

I feel that these changes are a mixture of good and bad. While I agree with the dissolution of the application of priority, I can't say that I like how the cards themselves are being altered yet again. A while back, with the release of the Machina Mayhem structure deck, one began to notice that the card material had changed, indeed, the card face was more smooth and glossy, similar to OCG cards, while older card faces had more of a 'worn' look and feel. Last year, Konami began to alter the text box of each card, making it larger and whiter, in order to "make things easier to read". I suppose that the intention of the impending wording change is to make "card effects easier to understand". 
However, one must remember that there are no such problems with the OCG in regards to the changing of card text. As such, it can be implied that Konami of America (or Keven Tewart) either a) feels that the TCG playerbase is dumb, hence the need for the dumbing-down of card text, or b) refuses to acknowledge that they made some shitty translations, hence issuing a nuke to soft-reset things. 

Yet to be revealed is when and how Shooting Quasar Dragon will be released for the TCG. I was playing against my friend on Dueling Network, and he got it out on me on his 1st turn lol. Truly, it's the ultimate synchro monster.

That's all for today, thanks for reading, & apologies for the wall of text ~

Friday, May 27, 2011

Locals Report 05/27/2011

Another Thursday, another locals tournament. Since everyone seems to already know that I've been playing Zombie Plants for the past little while, I decide to change things up and run Gladiator Beasts... but with only 1 copy of Forbidden Lance, for I own only one. In came Shrink.
When paying for my entry fee, I had the option of getting an opened Turbo Pack 5 (only the TO knew what was inside), a sealed Turbo Pack 5, or one of several sneak peek promo Reborn Tengus (leftover from the sneak peek event apparently). I played it safe and went for a Tengu for the guaranteed $10 value. As it turns out, the opened pack contained a super Laquari lolol.
With around 32 players, format was to be single elimination, with prizes going to the Top 4.

R1: LFN (GB) vs Yao (Zombiesworn)
I roll a 1, he rolls a 1. I roll a 1 again, he rolls a 5. Kewl dice.
G1: I control with Gladiator Beasts for an easy win.
G2: More of the same, but throw in Grand Mole shenanigans. He drops a Judgment Dragon on me during main phase 2, and pays 1000 to nuke my field of 2 GB and irrelevant backrows, dropping him down to 900 LP. I drop Dark Hole and summon a GB to go for game.
Result: OO

R2: LFN (GB) vs Raymond (Frognarchs)
Seriously why do I keep having to play against him lol. It's a favorable matchup though, so I had better not botch it...
I roll a 1, he rolls a 1. He rolls a 5. I roll a 1 again. Dice y u so troll.
G1: I open an 'orange' hand, and some backrow destruction. Problem is, he doesn't run any backrow lol. I get beatdown by his Dark Dust Spirit.
G2: After siding out my Seven Tools and stuff, Glads do what Glads do best against Frogs.
G3: More of the same. Retiari & Chariot do work.
Result: XOO

R3: LFN (GB) vs Champ (Six Samurai)
I roll a 1, he rolls a 1. I roll a 2, he rolls a 5. I see that I have lost all my dice rolls today lol
G1: He opens with ShiEn, Kizan, and 2 backrows. He warning's my GB, and I eat some damage. Next turn I summon another GB, attempt to bounce ShiEn with compulsory evacuation device, and chariot his negation. I Gyzarus him on my following turn and leave him topdecking.
G2: He brings out ShiEn again, and I can't kill it.
G3: He attacks into, and kills, a Fossil Dyna, thereby nuking his monsters, and a couple turns later, with a couple Glads on the field, I Monster Reborn his ShiEn, and push for game.
Result: OXO

Cut to Top 4! We agree to split the prizes evenly (4x Turbo pack 5 per person), and all that was left was to determine who gets the wins, so that it could be input into the system. My opponent didn't care and as a friend, gave me the win, so I went to the Top 2.
One of my other friends was the other member of the Top 2. He opened an ultra Dark Hole out of his packs, and exclaimed "I pulled Dark Hole! I win!" The T.O. said "Wait! What if LFN pulls an ultimate Colossal Fighter? He would win!" So I open my 1st of 4 packs... and it was Colossal Fighter lol. Win!
There was much lolz to be had.

Monday, May 23, 2011

YCS Orlando: Aftermath and Analysis

Hello again readers, as you most probably already know, YCS Orlando, Florida took place over the course of the past weekend. According to the konami coverage, there were a total of 852 participants. Obviously, the biggest question heading into the event was How severe of an impact on the meta would the newly released cards from products released since the last YCS event (notably Hidden Arsenal 4 and Extreme Victory) have on the meta, and which cards specifically would lead the way. Would Six Samurai and Gravekeepers continue their dominance as probably the best 2 decks of the format thus far?

The Top 32 results came down to this:
7x Six Samurai (7/32 = 22%)
5x Gravekeepers (5/32 = 16%)
4x Debris Plants & variants (4/32 = 13%)
3x XX-Sabers (3/32 = 9%)
2x Gladiator Beasts (2/32 = 6%)
2x Zombie variants (2/32 = 6%)
2x Flamvell variants (2/32 = 6%)
1x Blackwings (1/32 = 3%)
1x Granel Scraps (1/32 = 3%)
1x Worms (1/32 = 3%)
1x Doppel Synchron (1/32 = 3%)
1x Junk Chaos (1/32 = 3%)
1x Ultimate Tengu Synchro (1/32 = 3%)
1x Birdman Tengu (1/32 = 3%)

Again, Six Samurai and Gravekeepers occupy a sizeable chunk of the Top 32 seats, but decks using Reborn Tengu also made a noticeable showing, likely being played in perhaps about a quarter of the Top 32 decks (this is a guesstimate until decklists are out).

The Top 16 results became:
3x Six Samurai (3/16 = 19%)
2x X-Sabers (2/16 = 13%)
2x Debris Plants (2/16 = 13%)
1x Gravekeepers (1/16 = 6%)
1x Flamvell (1/16 = 6%)
1x Birdman Tengu (1/16 = 6%)
1x Blackwings (1/16 = 6%)
1x Worms (1/16 = 6%)
1x Gladiator Beasts (1/16 = 6%)
1x Granel Scraps (1/16 = 6%)
1x Junk Chaos (1/16 = 6%)
1x Zombies (1/16 = 6%)

At this point, 4 of the Gravekeepers were weeded out, with previous YCS 2nd place finalist Jonathan Weigle being the lone survivor.  Half of the Samurai decks were also eliminated, while most of the one-of rogue decks remained.

The Top 4 resulted in:
1x Zombies (1/25 = 25%)
1x Six Samurai (1/25 = 25%)
1x X-Sabers (1/25 = 25%)
1x Birdman Tengu (1/25 = 25%)

Tray Massengale with his Debris Zombie deck (list here) eventually bested Juan Morales with his Birdman Tengu deck in the Finals to win YCS Orlando. My prediction from a post or 2 down was hit & miss, I thought that a Worm deck would top, which was correct, but I also thought that a deck running Tengu would win the whole thing, which was incorrect.
It's interesting that Zombies were able to win. They are able to go head to head with Six Samurai (Coming from my own experience, given that I play the same decktype, albeit a build very different from Massengale's), but in theory have an unfavorable matchup towards Gravekeepers, given how dependent on the graveyard the deck is.

Most of the decks in the Top 32 / Top 16 cut appeared to be fairly straightforward, with a couple exceptions, being that one of the Flamvell decks was labeled "TG Flamvells" (contents unknown, but it doesn't seem like the 2 archetypes have very much synergy) and the other being "Ultimate Tengu Synchro", a creative deck running Gadgets, Reborn Tengu, and Ultimate Offering, piloted by Alex Vansant.

It can be noted that decks relying on the Frog engine, such as Frog Monarchs, Fish OTK, and Water Synchro, were nowhere to be found in the Top 32 cut, nor were any Hero variants. Both decks were able to make the top cut in previous YCS events, Heroes moreso than Frog variants, but they were absent this time around.

I don't believe that this YCS result will have a massive impact on the decks being played at the next YCS, seeing as there were a great number of interesting rogue strategies that managed to top, with no deck suddenly appearing out of the blue to snatch victory, like Gravekeepers did late last year, which created a huge meta shift. (Zombie variants did manage to make it to the top 32 cut @ the recent YCS Paris).
Six Samurai and Gravekeepers still remain very viable deck choices, seeing as they still were able to command a solid percentage of the Top Cut, yet it clearly can be seen that they are not absolutely dominant, Gravekeepers less so than Samurai (perhaps due to the evolution of the deck after gaining Shien's Dojo, while Gravekeeper builds remained stagnant).

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Elemental Hero Escuridao & Meklord Wisel confirmed ^^

This makes me very happy

Meh Meh effect, but now I can FINALLY super poly with LSS ShiEn :D yayyy

Also, a legit source on Pojo (his predictions/leaks were never wrong before) has put forth the claim that Meklord Emperor Wisel will be in the September issue of Shonen Jump magazine.

YCS Orlando is also taking place over the course of this weekend. I predict that the winning deck is either a plant variant, or a random theme that is also able to abuse Reborn Tengu and/or Trishula. The Top 32 will, as per usual, include Six Samurai and Gravekeeper decks, but I also think that Worms will make it into the Top 32 cut as well, their new support card (W Nebula Meteor) is pretty damn good lol.

I'll have a recap and analysis once the event is over and the dust has settled.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gold Series 4: Next 6 Revealed!

Hello readers,

The next 6 gold rares from Gold Series 4 have been revealed to be:

  • Black Luster Soldier: Envoy of the Beginning
  • Celestia, Lightsworn Angel
  • Chaos Sorcerer
  • Toon Table of Contents
  • Morphing Jar
  • Trap Stun
Rejoice! These are all very welcome reprints, with the obvious exception of BLS, a banned card.
Players have been wanting a foil Trap Stun for quite some time, so it's a welcome addition. Holo Morphing Jars were an expensive commodity as well.

I look forward to the last 6 gold rares. If BLS and Chaos Sorcerer are in here, then most likely, CHAOS EMPEROR DRAGON is as well. Ohhhhhh snap. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OCG Photon Shockwave spoilers...?

Hello readers, apparently, a few spoilers for this set are already up on Shriek (reliability is debatable) There are a couple cards revealed so far that don't suck. Or they do, but they're still interesting or have cute effects.

No. 83 Galaxy Queen
Requires 3x level 1 monster
Effect: Once per turn, you can activate this card's effect by removing one of it's Exceed Material monsters. Until your opponent's next end phase, face-up monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle, and ... [blahblahblah Piercing effect]

WELL, you can easily bring this out in Tuningware synchro based decks I guess, using Machine Duplication. I'm not sure why you would want to, as Junk Destroyer or whatever you make can probably just destroy your opponent's monsters, but it's nice to have the option I guess. Perhaps some obscure situation may arise where you would need to do damage, like when Time is called or something. Highly likely that it's not worth the spot in the extra deck, but oh well.

Thunder End Dragon
Requires 2x level 8 Normal monster (BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON??)
Effect: Once per turn, you can activate this card's effect by removing one of it's Exceed Material monsters. Destroy all other monsters on the field.

Lol the new Judgment Dragon... kinda... not really... Hurray for dragon support!

Regretful Complaint
Trap Card
Basically The Golden Apples + backwards Locomotion R-Genex
You take damage from a direct attack and steal the opponent's monster with the highest defense. The golden apples doesn't see much play, if at all, so I'm not quite sure if this will become a legit tech card or not.

The cover card is apparently named "Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon"
Shooting Quasar Dragon's sibling? Blue Eyes White Dragon's otherworldly counterpart?


In other news, I'm quite fascinated by the EXVC card Safe Zone. It's quite the interesting tech, I don't know where it shines best, but I think I'll try it in an anti-meta / stun based deck and see how it goes from there.

Thanks for reading, that's all for today ~

Monday, May 16, 2011

Random: Kinetic Soldier?

Apparently, if you're playing a Stun-based deck and have nothing else to side against burn, you can play this guy. This card is good against burn LOL
For whatever reason, I didn't play any Mystical Space Typhoons in my Light Beat main or side yesterday at locals, and had to face Burn round 4. With no other spell/trap destruction other than Stratos and 3 Gemini Sparks, I took a look in my side deck...

Kinetic Soldier dodges Messenger of Peace ( <1500 ATK ), and Gravity Bind and Level Limit Area B ( level 3 ) !!
I was really happy about this revelation and sided in all 3 copies and won the pivotal game 3 lol.

Too lazy to type up the tourney report but I ended up placing 3rd with a 4-1 record so it's w/e.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Locals Report 05/14/2011

No shifts @ work this weekend so hurray for Saturday locals!
Bought a Debunk for $8, gambled $20 on 5 packs of Extreme Victory, and pulled an ultra Essedarii and a 2nd Debunk lol. I have 3 coming in the mail too. Oh well.

I notice that a couple friends are also playing zombie variants (Pure Zombies & Crusher Zombies respectively) and I joke around about how we're likely to face each other opening round. Mr. Crusher Zombies then decides to play Fabled instead.

A couple of my friends decide to experiment with different techs for Six Samurai, one decided to try out Irou and Temple of the Six, and the other chose to play Backs To The Wall lolololol. Play it, make synchros, and set Solemn Judgment is legit.

Round 1: LFN (Plants VS Zombies) vs Tyler (Pure Zombies)
So I was right lol. Mirror matchhhh!
I win the dice roll
G1: I Solemn Warning his Spirit Reaper and Monster Reborn it for some plussing action. It dies somehow, and I end up neutering his zombies with my Revived King Ha Des. He tops a Gale though, and cuts and kills Ha Des, dropping me to an awkward 1475 LP. I Trishula him for the win.
G2: Gorz is a good card lol. Gorz beatdown for the win.

Result: OO

Round 2: LFN (Plants VS Zombies) vs Masaki (Frog Monarchs)
I see that I'm playing against the Head Judge of our regionals
I win the dice roll again!
G1: I warning his Caius, and make a Stardust next turn. He drops a Raiza but I chain my Torrential to save my Stardust. He has Tengu though, and I have to blow through all 3 to finally win.
G2: I lock him down with Fossil Dyna and win.

Result: OO

Round 3: LFN (Plants VS Zombies) vs Zack (Six Samurai)
I lose the dice roll
G1: I get nutted and I scoop it up without playing anything. This is the 1st time I've seen this guy, nevermind playing against him, so he doesn't have any clue as to what I'm running.
G2: I chain disappearance his Kagemushas, and it seems he doesn't play Shien's Squire so I apply Kinetic Soldier beatdown to win.
G3: He opens Kizan and Grandmaster, and ENDS. I say Uh really?? and he goes "wait, wait!", and attempts to scoop up his Kizan and Grandmaster to make a different play. I say NO WAY and he gets mad. If he were to just set a backrow before ending I would let it go, but retrieving and replaying his monsters .. no friggin way. We kinda swing back and forth and I win out with Brionac beatdown. He's still mad and refused the handshake.

Result: XOO

Round 4: LFN (Plants VS Zombies) vs JC (Six Samurai)
This is the friend who chose to main Backs to the Wall lol
I lose the dice roll
G1: He opens decently, and outplays me. He drops a Trishula and Monster Reborn's my Spirit Reaper. I lose lol
G2: I Caius beat for the win
G3: He has the Gateway......! But only Kizan as his single monster =/ Again we swing back and forth, he eventually gets out a ShiEn and Barkion. I go aggro and Black Rose nuke, and luckily he didn't have the Magatama. He summons Hand and attacks, dropping me to 1900, while he was at 800. I had some Zombies in hand, but instead topped a Kinetic Soldier, and beatface for game.

Result: XOO

Final Result: 4-0 / Top 2 split
I split with the other highest-ranked player and we got $19 store credit apiece. I added $1 and gambled on a Gold Series 3 hoping to rip a Thunder King but alas it was not to be. A pack of Gold series 3 for $3 (entry is $2) still seems prettttty good.

I go home after dinner, and lose 3 straight on Dueling Network LOLOLOL

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dueling Network

Hello readers,

As you may or may not have known, there's a new web-based yvd-like yugioh site, dueling network (http://www.duelingnetwork.com/). It's entirely free, and contains ALL cards in existence, whether it be TCG or OCG exclusive.

I've been playing on this for a couple days now (currently @ 16 wins & 4 losses hmmph =/  ) and I must say that it's way better than YVD in most aspects. Superior graphics, the ability to press buttons for dice/flip coin/tokens, and the fully available pool of cards really makes this program shine. Furthermore, you're also able to observe duels between other individuals. I guess the downsides are that it's kinda easy to misclick something, and that there isn't a draw + reveal function yet (for Duality).

A bunch of the yugioh 'pro' players (again, there really aren't any professional players in this game, but they're that good so I'll label them as such) are on there too. Notably, I've played against Billy Brake (havok41) and malcolmx02x (malcolmx02x) so far, beat malcolm and lost to Brake.

Try it out, it's a pretty good program

Thanks for reading, that's all for today

EDIT: o wtf i c that other bloggers have posted about this too. awkward.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Locals Report 05/08 2011

Hello again readers. Another Sunday, another locals. The T.O. was on time this week thankfully, unlike last weeks fiasco, so the tourney format was Swiss format again (yay!)

Round 1: LFN (Plants vs Zombies) vs Will (Blackwings)

I lose the dice roll.
G1: I barely draw any monsters all game, and it doesn't help that he Delta Crow's me for massive plusses. He seals the deal by attacking and dropping Kalut for exact game.
G2: I open much better and take this one.
G3: I get hit by Delta Crow again, and can't survive without spells and traps.

Result: XOX
Not a good start. Sigh Delta Crow. I run only 8 traps so it kinda sucks lol. Time to win out!!

Round 2: LFN (Plants vs Zombies) vs Arron (Infernities)

I win the dice roll.
G1: We both play pretty conservatively to start. I see an opening and hit him with a Trishula. He counters next turn with a Mist Wurm, as apparently he didn't own a Trishula =/. My Trishula was returned to the extra deck... and I brought it out again a few turns later.
G2: He set a ton of backrow to start, like all Infernities do. I set a Malevolent Catastrophe and hoped he didn't have Barrier. He did. At one point, I went for Trishula again, but he negated its summon with Solemn Judgment. Eventually we went into time, I started killing his dudes with Thought Ruler Archfiend, and he scooped it up.

Result: OO

Round 3: LFN (Plants vs Zombies) vs Wai (Tech Genus)

I win the dice roll.
G1: I open a "limited card" hand lol (Dark Hole, Mirror Force, Giant Trunade). I drop a Trishula on him, and Warning his Gorz, so he loses.
G2: I open all spells and traps; a SUPER "limited card" hand (Allure, Dark Hole, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, Giant Trunade, draw into Monster Reborn). These power cards stall for a bit until I can get some monsters, and it goes down hill for him from there. I top a DAD with exactly 3 darks in grave milled by Card Trooper the previous turn (super sacky I must admit) and that clinches it.

Result: OO
I notice how a bunch of the Tech Genus monsters are all essentially XX-Saber Darksouls. A very interesting theme.

Round 4: LFN (Plants vs Zombies) vs Jack (Trishula FTK)
I really didn't want to play against this matchup, and he didn't feel like playing, so we agreed to split the winnings if either one of us topped. We agreed that based on the concurrent match between the 2 people who beat us respectively, whoever ended up with the better tiebreaks would claim the win. We still played for fun though.
I lose the dice roll I think.... or maybe I win it. I don't remember, and I didn't make note of it.
G1: He opens shitty, and I easily win.
G2: He messes around (in the process, I dump Dandylion and Goblin Zombie off his Hand Destruction), and he ends with Stardust, a token, and Dewloren equipped with Armory Arm. I play Foolish Burial to dump Glow up Bulb, Book of Life my Goblin Zombie back whilst removing his Treeborn Frog, synch Glow Up Bulb and a Dandy token for Formula, go for Brionac, and he scoops it up.

Result: OO
I guess I lucked out and yugioh'd him... kinda... or at least I avoided the decks approximate 80% FTK hit rate, but better safe than sorry, as I would have no chance of getting any sort of prize had I lost and ended up X-2.

Round 5: LFN (Plants vs Zombies) vs Ken (Six Samurai)

I win the dice roll.
G1: He opens a ton of S/T, and no monsters. I poke him down with floaters and recruiters, and he can't get anything going.
G2: It's my turn to open with a bunch of S/T. I get beat down by a Grandmaster, and eventually kill it with Gaia Knight, but he makes a Brionac, I have no outs for it, and I lose.
G3: I open with an orange hand. My monsters are repeatedly removed by Nobleman of Crossout, but he can't really come with any follow up push. Both of us set heavy backrow, but he plays his Trunade first (my backrow had double Chain Disappearance FFFFFF....) He gets a Trishula out on me, and plays around my Fossil Dyna, but can't get over Gorz, so he nukes the field with Dark Hole. He warning's some irrelevant stuff I think... gets down to 600 LP, and I take it.

Result: OXO

I finish in 3rd place with a record of 4-1 (prizes go to Top 4), and split my $12 store credit winnings evenly with Jack. The entry fee was $3 so it's solid I guess. I finish off my day/night with a couple games against nigleong's Crusher Control, dinner, and lots of playtesting against Bidier Jing's CrusherWings. Kewl. Genex Ally Crusher is actually a decent card lol

Again, the dice roll format rears its ugly head, as I win all the matches where I won the dice roll, and lost the one match where I lost the dice roll. I can't blame the dice roll result for my loss though, as its because of Delta Crow more than anything.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Decklist: Plants VS Zombies

Hello again readers, here's the build of Plants VS Zombies I've been playing with for the past couple weeks.

** Disclaimer: I'm aware that this is by no means a new concept, but I would like to note that I pieced this together from scratch, with some inputs from my friend Kaelz (this is NOT a netdeck) **

LFN's Plants VS Zombies

Monsters: (21)
1x Dark Armed Dragon
2x Caius the Shadow Monarch
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
2x Zombie Master
2x Goblin Zombie
1x Mezuki
1x Spirit Reaper
1x Pyramid Turtle
1x Plaguespreader Zombie
1x Sangan
1x Mystic Tomato
2x Card Trooper
1x Debris Dragon
1x Glow up Bulb
1x Dandylion
1x Spore
1x Effect Veiler

Spells: (11)
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Giant Trunade
1x Book of Moon
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Book of Life
1x Burial from the Different Dimension
2x Pot of Duality
1x Foolish Burial

Traps: (8)
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Solemn Warning
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force
1x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Dimensional Prison

Deck Explanation:
After multiple matches, I can safely conclude that despite being a rogue strategy, this deck is capable of going head-to-head with Six Samurai (both Dojo and Dojo-less builds). Through playtesting, results are more or less even. This is due to the fact that the deck relies on monster effects rather than spells and traps, hence it can play around LSS Shi-En adequately. My losses were quick, most of them, if I recall correctly, were when my opponent made a 1st turn LSS Shi-En with Gateway in play and multiple traps set, or if he got out a Trishula on me. Conversely, my wins occurred when I was able to either aggressively power through a weak opening, make game-breaking plays with Trishula / Black Rose Dragon, or protect my LP with a stream of floaters until I could safely make a counterattack.

There are a plethora of plays one could make with this deck, like:

  • Zombie Master pitch Glow Up Bulb to revive Goblin Zombie, Glow up Bulb revives itself, synch for Trishula and search for GZombie.
  • Mezuki or Pyramid Turtle + Glow up Bulb = Naturia Beast lol
  • Remove Dandy for Spore (both of which can hit the graveyard through Foolish Burial or Zombie Master), synch with Goblin Zombie for a level 8 and then search (Or remove Glow up Bulb to make Spore a level 2 tuner)

Unfortunately, though my sidedeck is thoroughly prepared for them, Gravekeepers have kind of disappeared from the local meta, so I cannot provide testing results for that matchup. X-Saber players were few in number to begin with, with some of them moving on to other decks like Dragunity / Hero Beat / Other, so again I have no results, though my guess would be that the matchup would again be fairly do-able, as both decks thrive on monster effects.

It's pretty fun, and by no means a skill-less derpderp deck, so give it a try if you'd like :)
I understand that it's a ridiculously expensive card, but Pot of Duality is of great help to this deck, as it smooths out draws, and because Zombies don't necessarily special summon every turn, it helps accumulate the resources needed without any drawbacks.

Thanks for reading, that's all for today ~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reborn Tengu is amazing

Hello again readers,

The more I think about it, the more broken of a card Reborn Tengu seems to be.

The ultimate floater, it doesn't need to hit the graveyard like Sangan, nor does it have to specifically be destroyed in battle like Mystic Tomato, or even generically destroyed like Card Trooper, in order to trigger its effect; it immediately replaces itself when leaving the field in ANY way, allowing you to remain on par in terms of card advantage.
Your opponent would have to attack through 3 of these bad boys before being able to score a hit on your Life Points, making it an excellent meatshield. This also provides fodder for Pot of Avarice, so that you can cycle through them again.
It's effect also allows you to safely summon it and attack without fear, for your opponent would not dare waste a Dimensional Prison, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, or Bottomless Trap Hole on it.

The fact that it isn't searchable by any recruiters and their ilk is but a negligible flaw, for you need only 1 copy to get your combos going, such as Tengu + Genex Ally Birdman, or something nutty in plant decks.

Though this card should never have been created, what's done is done, so hopefully Konami gets their act together and hits this card on the banlist. It's useless at one, so semi-limit it I guess. Banning it would be acceptable imo, but it is a TCG exclusive after all, so I really can't see that happening for a little while.

Terrible card design, but since it's widely available and relatively easily accessible (it's only a super in the pack), everyone should take advantage of that and abuse the heck out of it. It's kind of a love-hate relationship personally: deliciously abusable new toy, but bad for the game.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Locals Report x2: 04/28/2011 & 05/01/2011

This past Thursday was the 1st locals I attended since my 1 month break. Pulled jank from my Turbo Pack 5 entry pack, and the tourney was underway, again, it was single elimination format (sadface)

I decided to play my build of Plants vs Zombies; props to Kaelz for making a couple changes, which worked out beautifully.

Round 1: LFN (Plants vs Zombies) vs Francis (Macro)
I win the Dice Roll.
omg macro. Bad matchup is bad.

G1: I narrowly take it, with him at 1500 LP and myself at 1100 LP. It took a while to accumulate enough stuff to make a push.
G2: I open alright, but get hit by Dustshoot. With full knowledge of my hand, he plays around it adequately I guess. I get hit TWICE by Necroface shenanigans, which milled the grand majority of my backrow hate. Eventually, when I'm down to 3000 LP, he flips some macro burn card and burns me for game LOL
G3: My floaters act as meatshields for a bit. He eventually gets his macro backrow set up, and attacks into a Malevolent Catastrophe, which gave me massive advantage. I manage to capitalize. Burial from the Different Dimension is so clutch.

Result: OXO

Round 2: LFN (Plants vs Zombies) vs Russell (Six Samurai)
I win the Dice Roll.

G1: I win this one fairly easily.
G2: This was a long and drawn out game, since my recruiters consistently fetched me monsters. MVP was Sangan, which got me a Kinetic Soldier lol. At one point he flips an Oppression, which was a btch to get rid of. Eventually, when I'm at 200 LP, while he's at 1350 LP, he has a f/d Kageki and a f/d backrow. I make a Brionac, with irrelevant cards on the field, (2 f/d Solemn Warning i think) and only 1 card in hand. I suppose I should have made the aggressive play and bounced his backrow card by pitching mine, but I played too conservatively, and just killed the Kageki. It turns out his f/d was a Double Edged Sword Technique, and he flipped it next turn, made a ShiEn, and killed Brionac for exact damage for game.
G3: I open terrible. Burial from the Different Dimension, Trunade, Debris Dragon, Caius, Mind Crush, and something irrelevant. I set the Debris, Mind Crush, and a couple s/t as bluffs, hoping he can't get over the 2k defense, or otherwise be intimidated by the # of backrow. Such was not the case, as he Smoke Signal'ed or Rota'd for the Kagemusha, which I promptly Mind Crushed. Sadly, he also had Grandmaster to go with his Kageki, and Debris Dragon died. I couldn't rip any more monsters with which to tribute for Caius and make a comeback, and I lost real fast.

Result: OXX
Final Result: 1-1

Eliminated!! =(


On Sunday, I head on over to the other locals I attend (albeit sporadically), and was disappointed to hear that there was a sneak preview occurring at that time in the neighbouring city, and as such, the turnout was much lower (I could not attend the sneak on Saturday due to work).
The T.O. relayed a message to the store that he would be arriving about 2 hours late due to some commitments he had, so those present just did some trades and dicked around. Props to Kaelz for selling me 3 of his 7 Reborn Tengus for cheap (I got the playset for $15; apparently they're like $10 each).
Once the T.O. arrived, he announced that due to time constraints, as the store closes earlier than usual on Sundays, the rounds would be only 20 minutes long, and the format would be single elimination =(. Stall and Burn players rejoiced.
I make a last minute change and drop something random for a 2nd Zombie Master.

Round 1: LFN (Plants vs Zombies) vs Andy (Machina Gadgets)
I win the Dice Roll.
G1: This was a super duper longgggg drawn out game. Both of us were hesitant to attack into massive backrow, or waste destruction cards on floaters. As time was called, I was ahead at 4400 LP to his 2400 LP. I took a hit from Machina Fortress, sunk to 1900 LP, and dropped Gorz with a 2500 token, both in def. He summoned a gadget, set backrow and ended. Gorz killed the gadget, dropping him to 1100. We both drew, set backrow, and passed for multiple turns. Eventually he had 2 Machina Fortresses, one equipped with a Gearframe, and heavy backrow. He attempted to attack my Gorz with a Fortress, hinting at a Limiter Removal, so I flipped a Dimensional Prison, removing the Fortress. I also removed his 2nd Fortress with another Dprison lol. He summoned yet another Gadget, and creature swapped for Gorz. I attempted to use my Mezuki's effect, removing itself as cost, but it turns out one of his backrow was Oppression, and he dropped to 300 LP. Seeing as he could no longer pay for Oppression, I summoned Debris Dragon, retrieved my in-grave Dandylion, and made a Black Rose Dragon, which blew up the whole field. I chained Burial from the Different Dimension, returning Mezuki to the grave, and it was over.
Result: O

Round 2: Bye! The T.O. decided to make this tourney Single Elimination with 18 players lmao

Round 3: LFN (Plants vs Zombies) vs Kaelz (Six Samurai)
No I have to play against Kaelz
I win the Dice Roll
G1: This was a fairly quick game, I opened with all the answers, chiefly Reaper, Trunade, and Caius. Sack hand.
G2: I get smacked around by his beatsticks early on. He hits me with Trishula, which nets massive advantage. I top a Card Trooper, which I set, as I can't kill Trishula and was at low LP, and he tops a Nobleman.
G3: He took early damage by attacking into a f/d Kinetic Soldier, we go into time, and he can't make up the LP difference.

Result: OXO
Final Result: 3-0

I make it into the Top 3, and we split the store credit. After seeing the other 2 players open mediocre with HA4 packs, I try my luck and grab 2 as well. 1st pack was Fabled Dia-whatever. Bad card. 2nd pack was..... Fabled Dia-whatever again.

Wings with Kaelz and Nigleong and then gaming at arcade / C.Qiao's house was solid.


Lol it seems I still have a lot to catch up on, the local meta's shifted away from gravekeepers now. Star Blast Fish/Frog Trishula spam has started to pop up, as have Junk Doppel decks. Overall I think my Plants vs Zombies deck is decent enough, it'll probably be the deck I'll play moving forward, as it too can make Trishula and TG Hyper Librarian.

That's all for today, thanks for reading, and apologies for the wall of text lol