Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dueling Network

Hello readers,

As you may or may not have known, there's a new web-based yvd-like yugioh site, dueling network ( It's entirely free, and contains ALL cards in existence, whether it be TCG or OCG exclusive.

I've been playing on this for a couple days now (currently @ 16 wins & 4 losses hmmph =/  ) and I must say that it's way better than YVD in most aspects. Superior graphics, the ability to press buttons for dice/flip coin/tokens, and the fully available pool of cards really makes this program shine. Furthermore, you're also able to observe duels between other individuals. I guess the downsides are that it's kinda easy to misclick something, and that there isn't a draw + reveal function yet (for Duality).

A bunch of the yugioh 'pro' players (again, there really aren't any professional players in this game, but they're that good so I'll label them as such) are on there too. Notably, I've played against Billy Brake (havok41) and malcolmx02x (malcolmx02x) so far, beat malcolm and lost to Brake.

Try it out, it's a pretty good program

Thanks for reading, that's all for today

EDIT: o wtf i c that other bloggers have posted about this too. awkward.


  1. Another downside to it is that te server limit is 1000, the server crashes sometimes in between duels, and when it reaches the 100 limit, no ne can log on and only player who have been inactive for 20 are auto logged of;, it should be 10 min.

  2. I love watching that anime in the title section of the page. Nothing like a slice of life show with some interesting plot twists. : P

  3. @ Andrew
    It's web based so I guess it's understandable that there's a participant cap to prevent those server crashes. I haven't experienced any crashes in between duels though.
    10 min vs 20 min isn't a really big deal, I'm glad that the time limit exists at the very least.

    @ Michael
    Yea, AnoHana is probably tied for my favourite of the season along with Hanasaku Iroha

  4. it does not ork for me it just says conncetioniong

  5. hey the begining startout with al of the cards that roll by arnt how do i actually start to get that to do that