Friday, June 17, 2011

How to Beat: ??? Agents

Hello again readers. In regards to what I'm going to cover today, I don't think it has been discussed by any other blogs I read, so if it has already been talked about by a blogger whose work I have yet to discover, my apologies in advance.

With YCS Providence taking place tomorrow (saturday) and the day after (sunday), right on the heels of the release of the Lost Sanctuary structure deck this past Tuesday, it wouldn't surprise me if there were several different builds of the Agent deck floating around, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, with no clear-cut defined "best" build for the TCG yet. The results of YCS Providence should provide a benchmark and a guideline for future Agent decks.
It is because of this fact, that no "best" TCG build has popped up yet, that I cannot say for sure how effective the tips I am about to outline below are.

I have not picked the deck up myself, as I don't want to spend a wad of cash on a pair of Archlord Kristyas. I feel it's unwise to invest so heavily in a deck that I'm not sure about playing, but, at my Thursday locals, I was priveleged enough to talk with a couple of my friends who WERE playing the deck.
One of them, Hikarusaii, was playing a build which maxed out on the draw cards available, as per the OCG style, and the other, run by tyfyu, incorporated Herald of Perfection, which was something different. 

Just from watching the Agent deck piloted by Hikarusaii (standard, without Herald) in games against my friend CQiao playing plants, it became apparent that while heralded (seewutididthar) as a deck similar in style to Tele-Dad, the deck was nowhere near as fast and explosive. Hence, some weaknesses can be exploited.

  1. The deck is graveyard-reliant. Both builds (standard and Herald) require fairies to be sent to the grave, either for Hyperion fodder, the fairy count for free Kristya drops, Honest, and for Herald. The deck could be devastated if this requirement was unable to be met.
  2. The deck is obstructed by Thunder King Rai-Oh. Rai-Oh prevents the deck from accessing its triple Pot of Dualities, and for it's Stratos-like agent monster from searching other monsters. Furthermore, it can tribute itself to negate the special summon of Hyperion and Archlord Kristya. In the latter's case, because it never hit the field in the 1st place, it will not return to the top of the deck.
  3. The deck is "slow". While the deck is able to access a good portion of its cards quickly, thanks to triple Pot of Duality, triple The Agent of Mystery - Earth, and triple Cards from the Sky, there are some setbacks. Duality prevents the player from special summoning, Cards from the Sky prevents special summoning AND entering the battle phase, and The Agent of Mystery - Earth eats up the one normal summon permitted per turn. This means that while the Agent player can accumulate resources and see more cards, in exchange, they are unable to kill their opponent that turn. Seeing as the Agent player has blown through a chunk of their deck in a few turns, the opposing player can probably already tell which cards the opponent is likely to have left in hand, on the field, and in his/her deck. 
  4. The deck is tight on space. The standard build appears to devote a lot of space to its draw engine and the Agent of Creation - Venus + 3x Mystical Shine Balls setup, meaning there is less room for defensive cards and tech cards. Based on what I saw, my friend Hikarusaii would draw into his defensive traps, ie Solemn Warning and Dimensional Prison at times, but at other times he would draw or Duality into an assortment of dead cards (ie Mystical Shine Balls without Cards from the Sky in hand, more copies of Valhalla, etc) CQiao was able to exploit that weakness and push through Hikarusaii's set bluffs. Not having the space for a lot of tech cards also means that, again, an opposing player is able to extrapolate the identities of the remainder of the Agent player's cards in play and cards to be played.
Cards you can side against (generic) Agent decks
  • Banisher of the Radiance / Dimensional Fissure / Macro Cosmos : Remove fairies from play to limit the opponent's plays! Wait, I meant "Banish" fairies. Yea, "Banish" them. All of them. I guess you could also play Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (lol). Obstructing Hyperion plays is good ygos, and you can "banish" fairies when you deal damage. Also, Banisher of the Radiance is a true Banisher now. /lamejoke
  • Thunder King Rai-Oh: Restrict plays! Negate Hyperion! Negate Kristya! Win games!
  • Light Imprisoning Mirror. Loloooool. This hits most of their monsters, and it doesn't seem like the deck packs a lot of spell/trap hate. I guess you could play Skill Drain as an alternative... but it doesn't stop as much as LIM does.
  • Mind Crush: Agent of Mystery - Earth! Search! Miiiiinnnd Crush!! I play Dawn of the Herald or Advanced Ritual Art! Miiiiind Crush!!
  • Royal Oppression: The deck's non-special summonable monsters are pretty weak, with the exception of the 1800 beatstick Mars. Flipping up the Oppression with a strong monster on your side of the field could prove troublesome for the fairy player. I'm sure it doesn't help that they could draw into a Mystical Shine Ball at any time...
  • Dust Tornado: Should your opponent be playing the build using Valhallas, you could chain Dust Tornado to its activation to prevent your opponent from easily special summoning Hyperion or Kristya, slowing him/her down. If you feel Mystical Space Typhoon isn't enough, do try siding in Dust Tornado. It is, after all, also helpful against Gravekeepers and Six Samurai.
It remains to be seen (for now) how well this deck will perform at YCS Providence and at Nationals, but it seems to be solid enough to top, in the right hands.

That's all I have for today, thanks for reading ~

UPDATE: it seems I have forgotten about Ally of Justice Core Destroyer. Light monster killaaa


  1. I actually played a duel against my friend who was using Agent Fairies with Kristya. I won... with Gem-Knights...

    Yeah, the deck has so many dead draws and just seems so inconsistent. Normally, I would change my Side Deck to accommodate for the new deck, but it's just not that much of a threat.

  2. The deck is fairly inconsistent. There is a new build in OCG now using United We Stand and Daigusto Phoenix for a 2 cards otk.

  3. What do you guys think about my deck? Can you help me make it better? There's a small tourny coming up. ^^ thanks