Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My plans for next format

With the recent regionals event behind me, I have been looking at decks to play for the upcoming format.
I unfortunately don't feel inclined to drop close to $600 on a playset of Tour Guides, so my options are somewhat restricted. Tour Guide is pretty much a staple in every deck that has enough targets for Sangan, and while it won't necessarily guarantee victory, it does make the road to winning a lot easier.
$600 is a lot to spend considering the Xyz material ruling hasn't been firmly cemented into the rulebook yet, making it a very volatile investment.

I personally will be playing Absolute Zero, albeit an inferior / subpar build due to the lack of Tour Guides. I'll post up a decklist later on after I get some solid testing done. In place of the Tour Guides, I've thrown in a few tech monsters.
I'm also looking to try to find a deck that can effectively and consistently use Tiras and Adreus lol. It'll probably end up being bad, but I'm rather fond of these 2 Rank 5 Xyz monsters.

If I DID have access to Tour Guides, assuming Kevin Tewart's ruling for Sangan as an Xyz material hasn't been revoked, or Sangan being emergency-banned, the deck I would like to play would be Sacred Crane Chaos.
The general idea is to bring out Sacred Crane with
A) Summoner Monk: bring out Crane, draw 1 card. Xyz into Utopia
B) Gold Sarcophagus: Banish Crane, summon Tour Guide. Make Leviair, detach Xyz material to retrieve Crane. Draw 1 card.

Then you can cycle Crane by detaching it as Xyz material, or tributing it off for Icarus Attack, and from there reviving it through several ways
A) Call of the Haunted: Revive Crane, Draw 1 card. You can then bounce Call for Zephyrus, Xyz into Utopia, and revive Crane again later.
B) Banish a dead Crane for Black Luster Soldier or Chaos Sorcerer. Revive Crane with Leviair. Draw 1 card.
C) Monster Reborn I guess. Draw 1 card.

On a side note, I managed to record a couple duels at the regional, apparently I was recording on Fine Detail mode so the battery died really fast and I was unable to record Game 3 lol.

Wilboy (Tour Guide Tengu Plants) vs Oscar (X-Sabers)

Game 1

Game 2 Part 1

Game 2 Part 2

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Regionals Report 08/27/2011

Copied and Pasted from DGZ so excuse some profanity

It's kind of awkward how this Regionals takes place a few days before the new banlist is to take effect. I want Heavy Storm lol

This was really unexpected, but shortly after I arrive, I see Austin Kulman, Jonathan Weigle, and some other Washington players walk in. Apparently they were staying with ATJdragon. Surprisingly, few people actually knew who they were lol (though to them I'm just a random obviously). It turns out they brought a ton of desirable holos and DT stuff, and quickly start raking in money. I acquire a 1st ed ulti Effect Veiler off the Chinese guy in the group (he later makes Top 4).

I crack my entry packs and pull Adreus and ultra Space Time Police. I'm happy about Adreus so it's whatever.

Round 1: LFN (TG Plants) vs Wesley Ng (Fabled)
G1: He does Fabled stuff and I lose
G2: I start beating him down with Tengu and Brionac, and ask him if he has the Dark Hole. He draws and reveals Dark Hole. I'm like lol, but I win anyway.
G3: I have a clutch D.D. Crow, his Snipe Hunter fails, and I win.

Round 2: LFN (TG Plants) vs Ryan Dale (Agents)
I got paired down.
G1: I open with Tengu and 3 backrows, he sets some backrows and passes. I go Lonefire, he Warnings, I Seven Tools, and he uses Herald of Orange Light to negate it. Well damn. He starts outplussing me and I lose.
G2: I open double Pot of Avarice, and my only monster is TG striker, which he nails with DD Crow after it dies, preventing me from searching. I draw into a Tengu later, but by then it's too little too late.

Round 3: LFN (TG Plants) vs Tyler H (???) RE-PAIR
I sit down, see that he's using a Spellground, and casually comment lol pro. Kos.3vil, who is sitting beside me, looks across the table at his opponent and goes like "hey, he's using that kind of mat too, does that make him a pro too?" I tell him he's playing against Jonathan Weigle, and briefly tell him that Weigle has topped Nats and several YCS events. He goes  :O  and the re-pair gets announced.

Round 3: LFN (TG Plants) vs Jason D (Sanctuary Agents)
G1: I win because his deck is bad and can't stop Gorz
G2: He has more beatsticks than I have outs
G3: Tengu + Plants is good, and his deck is bad.

Round 4: LFN (TG Plants) vs Michael Tetrault (Six Samurai)
G1: He has Gateway and wins
G2: He has Gateway but I have Trishulaaa
G3: He opens with Shien, Kizan, Grandmaster, and a set backrow. My starting hand is: Rush Rhino, Breaker, Glow Up Bulb, Spore, Kinetic Soldier, and MST. I fear the face-down is Warning so I drop Space and hope he doesn't negate, which he doesn't. It turns out to be Oppression. I summon Kinetic and kill Grandmaster. He draws for turn and drops Red + Blue on me, popping Kinetic, retrieving Grandmaster, and swinging for 8300 damage. Well fuck.
I'm now 2-2 so I drop and enter the Win A Mat side event.
I pack an ultra Terror Byte and a Masked Hero Vapor out of my 3 entry packs.

As it turns out, due to the single elimination structure of the Win A Mat tourney, apparently only 10 of the 32 participants have to play 1st round, with everyone else getting a bye.
I sit down across from my opponent, and he takes out a thick Extra Deck. I remind him that the extra deck limit is 15 cards. He says OK, and I then ask how many monsters he has in there. He confirms it's more than 15 cards so I make him pick out 15 cards to use. He then tells me he doesn't have a sidedeck. I'm like ok wtf your choice.

Round 1: LFN (TG Plants) vs Stanley (Zombies)
G1: My deck does what it does best and I win
G2: He creature swaps his floater for my TG Hyper Librarian, and I lose
G3: I summon Tengu and pass. He summons Pyramid Turtle, and Creature Swaps for it. I was not pleased. He later proceeds to Creature Swap his Goblin Zombie for my Catastor, and I end up being beat down by my own fucking monster.
This scrublet is later warned by a supervising Judge for attempting to incorporate various cards from his tin full of random cards he had on him into his sidedeck. That obviously is not legit side-decking. Disgusting. I'm pretty pissed I lost to such a player.
I chat with Kulman for a bit and he tells me he's already made over $600 lol. Weigle asks me if I want to buy anything, I tell him all I want is a super Malicious to go with the super Malicious and 2x super DDraw I already own, but he doesn't have them. He offers me a set of super Miracle Fusions but I already have a playset and I'm running low on cash. Thanks anyway though.

After the conclusion of the swiss rounds, ATJdragon and Windshukkuggalo (Sp?) were 2nd and 1st respectively.
Final Standings after the Swiss Rounds

Kos.3vil managed to squeeze in at 8th, and won his Top 8 match against Windshukkuggalo. He later tells me that he's planning on qutting, so I guess it's appropriate that he snagged one last Top, and ended up retiring in style. Then again, nobody quits Yugioh forever, so he'll probably change his mind sometime lol

One of my friends, a judge, let a bunch of us open his packs, and I reward him by grabbing 1 pack and cracking a Steelswarm Roach. Nice.

Good packluck
A bunch of my friends making Top 8
Kos.3vil getting the Top before he quits
The Americans were nice

Losing to that Win A Mat opponent with the faggot Zombie deck, no sidedeck, and a >15 extra deck.
Scrubbing out of the main event
Gateway of the Six
The Regional being a few days before the new banlist

Friday, August 26, 2011

2x Locals Report: 08/24 & 08/25 2011

Wednesday locals! It's time to d-d-d-duel!
I was unaware that the store got in Turbo Pack 6 for prize support, so I was like whatever and put together a random 40 card deck out of the playable cards I had in my extra deckbox. There were some Gadgets, Tengus, some Frogs, and some Monarchs, with a sidedeck of stun-based cards. Bad deck is bad, but I decided to see how well I would do. My friend TYu, after looking over this garbage deck, stated that I would win half my matches, so I would have to go 2-1-2 to meet his expectations. Of course, it was only after the tournament that I found out that Turbo Pack 6 WAS to be given out as prizes, and I felt bad.

R1: LFN ( Bad deck ) vs Joseph (Dragunities)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He pitches Phalanx for Ravine to dump Phalanx, then summons Dux. I Veiler the Dux. It goes downhill for him from there. Caius der Schattenmonarch ends up winning me the game.
G2: He fails to get a 1st turn Stardust, and I smack his Librarian and something else with my Treacherous Trap Hole. The Tengu Train and Gadget Express do work and I win.
Result: OO

R2: LFN ( Bad deck ) vs CQiao (Offering Gadgets)
I win the dice roll
G1: A back and forth game, eventually I Dark Hole him and summon Genex Controller for exact damage for game
G2: I open bad, he opens decently with double DD Crow to stop my plays, and I lose.
G3: I open double Tengu with dead spells/traps, he opens 4 Gadgets lol. He pays himself down to 400 LP, I stall with my monsters hoping to top a Caius or Mobius, in order to either burn him to death with Caius' effect, or beat over his Steelswarm Roach with Mobius. Sadly I did not draw any one of those, and I lost
Result: OXX

R3: LFN (Bad deck ) vs Jack ( Zombies )
He felt tired and didn't really want to play so he gave me the win.

R4: LFN (Bad deck ) vs Kos.3vil (Agents)
I win the dice roll
G1: Despite his Trishula, I get the Gadget express going and beat him to death
G2: My Warning gets negated by Seven Tools and I get OTK'd
G3: My only monster to start with was Genex Controller, which really really sucked. Eventually he goes for the rush with Hyperion and stuff and has the Solemn Warning for my Gorz so I lose.
Result: OXX

R5: LFN (Bad deck ) vs ??? (GK)
I don't remember his name lol and for whatever reason it's not on my notes. I lose the dice roll
G1: What the fuck. I get hit with Royal Tribute twice this game lol... nukes my monster hands. Eventually I'm down to 1900 LP after clearing his field. I tell him, ok, if you top a strong enough monster, you win, since you have Necrovalley out. He topdecks a Commandant and wins.
G2: I get hit by Royal Tribute again but this time I'm able to pull the win out of my ass with only 600 LP remaining to his 3500.
G3: He barely drew any monsters and the Gadget Express gets going.
Result: XOO
This guy was ridiculously lucky. I forgot in which game, but he topped a Malefic Cyber End, brought it out, and crushed my monster for huge damage. I killed the Malefic with Smashing Ground, but he drew another one next turn for morrrreeee damage. Combined with how he topped a monster for game in game 1, and how he hit me with 3 Royal Tributes in total, needless to say I was not pleased.

Final Result: 3-2 with Bad.dek and surpass TYu's expectations. I quickly dismantle the deck lol. Such garbage.

Thursday! Different day, different locals, more Yugimanz... this time with my usual deck lol.

I pay for my entry just after the T.O. cracked open a new box of Turbo Pack 6, and I pack an ultra Sangan. Nice!
I chat with TYu prior to the tournament, and he tells me he's going to enter the tournament with Malefic Geartown.dek. I laugh and tell him he's going to ruin everyone's day with it. He laughs too and agrees. Little did we know...

R1: LFN (TG Plants) vs Michael (Beasts with Horn of the Phantom Beast)
I win the dice roll
G1: Plant shenanigans go!
G2: He Solemn's my Trunade, but fails to draw monsters. When he did though, they died to my backrow, so I end up beating him down with T.G. Striker to win, 800 LP at a time.
Result: OO

R2: LFN (TG Plants) vs Plato (Macro Miracle Heroes)
I win the dice roll
G1: I set the MST and pull off the pro Gorz, and win with Scrap Dragon.
G2: I set the MST and hit him with another pro Gorz, but it died to his Gemini Spark, and he swiftly beats me down to 100 LP. I mount a comeback, but it wasn't enough, as he killed me when I got him down to 2300 LP
G3: He has a DD Survivor out against my Tengu, I summon Warwolf, TG1EM1 to trade monsters, kill Warwolf, xyz into Utopia, and search in the end phase. Feels good. He kills it though :(, so I resume TG Striker beatdown, and make a final push with Striker and Warwolf + Dandylion into Leviathan Dragon, while backed by a Seven Tools.
Result: OXO

R3: LFN (TG Plants) vs TYu (Malefic Geartown)
Dammit, I hate it when I'm right lol. Hopefully he won't destroy me too. I win the dice roll.
G1: The dice roll was irrelevant, for I cannot Solemn Warning a Gadjiltron Dragon brought out by Geartown. He also had Necrovalley, and beats me to death.
G2: He goes through some good topdecks to take it, while I could only draw useless TG monsters and plants while he had Dimensional Fissure up. I can't play out of the situation.
Result: XX
Nooooooo..!! Lol

R4: LFN (TG Plants) vs Kos.3vil (X-Sabers)
I keep having to play against him =/. I lose the dice roll
G1: He Warning's my Tengu and swings into my Gorz, and I win with Scrap Dragon
G2: I get hit by Trishula, he has the Solemn for my Scrap Dragon, and I get OTK'd.
G3: I open with a god hand: Lonefire, Tengu, MST, Seven Tools, Pot of Avarice, and Solemn Warning. He T-sets, I MST his face down Royal Oppression in his end phase, and I go off with Lonefire next turn. My backrows aren't able to stop a Brionac, or they weren't worth using at the time, and I didn't have Effect veiler, so he pitches his last 3 cards to bounce my Librarian, Stardust, and Catastor, leaving me with a Rush Rhino and some traps. I make a Leviathan Dragon to kill Brionac, and Rhino drops him to 700 LP. He can't topdeck an out.
Result: OXO

R5: LFN (TG Plants) vs Mateo (Burn)
I lose the dice roll
G1: I successfully resolve a Black Rose nuke, and it's over.
G2: I get lucky and open with a bunch of backrow hate: TG Striker + TG Warwolf into TG Wonder Magician, MST, Breaker the Magical Warrior, and Fairy Wind. I willingly swing into his face down Morphing Jar to replenish my resources, which notably nets me Mind Control and Giant Trunade, and I win shortly after.
Result: OO

Final Result: 4-1. My tiebreaks are bad apparently, so I miss the Top 4 Cut so I don't get any more Turbo Packs lol. Oh well. I have a Regionals on Saturday so I'll have to see how that will turn out. Hopefully I can grab some deck profiles for my youtube.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Looking To Next Format Part 3: Trap Cards

Now that the TCG banlist is officially out as well, with the only difference from the OCG banlist being the limiting of Trishula (to conform with its status in the OCG), it's probably time to start testing deck concepts and ideas, and the accumulation of cards for those decks while they are still relatively cheap.

This is a 3 part segment, I will cover Monsters, Spells, and Traps.

With the unrestriction of Mystical Space Typhoon and the unbanning of Heavy Storm, trap cards will have to be chosen more selectively, as decks streamline themselves towards being more monster and spell based. Unchainable traps like Dimensional Prison are probably going to have to take a backseat to chainable ones, with exceptions being power cards like Torrential Tribute and Solemn Judgment (this one I'm on the fence about... it's no doubt the best trap card in the game, but half your LP can really matter. I would hold onto this card for as long as possible, it makes little sense to expend this in the early game unless you have a nut hand or something). Decks that absolutely require protection from traps will still have to play them, but unless the monsters being protected are exceptional, I doubt it's worth playing that deck to begin with, with all the backrow removal that's going to be going around (Gravekeepers I'm looking at you).

Solemn Warning could see a decrease in play, if Lightsworn spam occurs. It's obviously an inconsistent deck, but seeing as it doesn't necessarily require a playset of Tour Guides, it would be one of the cheaper decks available, not to mention the skill required isn't extensive. I'd rather not pay 2000 LP to negate 1 Judgment Dragon (though I'll have to) when they have up to 2 more in hand or Beckoning Light set.
Warning is still a great card obviously, but the hefty LP payment in a format filled with strong boss monsters isn't very appealing imo, especially in the mid to late game. I'm undecided between either cutting this altogether in favor of more aggressive cards, or including it but being much more careful with when I'm setting it, like setting random stuff to first bait out all the spell/trap removal. It would still be a great asset to have should I fear Faultroll or BLS drops.

These traps should see an increase in play:
  • Trap Dustshoot - No reason not to play this. It would be dumb for anyone to set 3-5 backrows and run into Heavy Storm, so most players will have a bunch of cards in hand. Excellent card, and having information on your opponent's hand is always valuable.
  • Mind Crush - Partners in crime with Trap Dustshoot, if you play Dustshoot you play Mind Crush (space-dependent of course). It also helps that there's so much searching (or adding cards to hand at least) going on with SanganPot of DualityAgent of Mystery Earth, Archlord KristyaStratosBeckoning Light, Reinforcement of the Army, Charge of the Light Brigade, etc. While a bit of an under-used, but nonetheless effective, use for the card, you can also intentionally declare the name of a card nobody plays (Niwatori! Shapesnatch! Saggi the Dark Clown!) or a banned card in order to discard a card in your own hand that you want in the graveyard, such as Destiny Hero Malicious, Glow Up Bulb, Spore, Dandylion, Necro Gardna, etc
  • Call of the Haunted - Now at 2, it didn't see all that much play in this current March 2011 format. It was in Plant variants for obvious interactions with Lonefire Blossom and Dandylion, in some X-Saber builds, and in certain niche decks. Upping it to 2 while leaving Monster Reborn alone is a mistake imo, but we play with what we're given (or allowed to play with), so Dandylion and Sangan abuse is a go.
  • Compulsory Evacuation Device - A quick out, it can be a -1, an even trade-off, or even a +1 in some circumstances. It's effectiveness varies: it does nothing against Judgment Dragon beyond forcing out a 1000 LP payment, but is highly effective against synchro monsters like Stardust Dragon and Scrap Dragon, both of which required 2+ monsters to make.
  • Phoenix Wing Wind Blast - See Compulsory, but the discard can also be helpful, seeing as you could dump stuff like Necro GardnaTreeborn FrogDandylion, Glow Up BulbDestiny Hero Malicious, etc. Also prevents Reborn Tengu's effect from going off. This is not a fit in every deck for obvious reasons.
  • The Transmigration Prophecy - With Pot of Avarice going to one, you could use this as a slower, pseudo-Avarice that can also hit the opponent's grave. While normally a -1, you can even it out by chaining it to an opponent's Mystical Space Typhoon or Heavy Storm, their Monster Reborn / Call of the Haunted when targeting a card in their graveyard, or simply use it to recycle your in-grave Reborn Tengus. I like this card.
  • Threatening Roar: I can see people playing this to counter the sacky Lightsworn spam, but quite frankly I was never really a big fan of this card. Sure, it can force Lightsworn players to mill themselves out, but in other applications it's kind of useless. It's inherently a -1, doesn't get rid of the attacking monsters (also doesn't permit your Gladiator Beasts to tag out as battle has not occurred), and unlike Battle Fader, doesn't provide a body to synchro with or tribute off. The one positive it has over Fader is that by being a trap card,  it cannot be negated by Herald of Orange Light, for what that's worth. All in all it doesn't seem to have much utility in other matchups.
  • Light Imprisoning Mirror: If Agents and Lightsworn / Twilight do turn out to be the decks to beat in the early stages of the format, Agents because they're good, and Lightsworn due to its relatively low price and hence strength in numbers, then LIM could be worth side-decking again.

That's all for today, thanks for reading~

Monday, August 22, 2011

Looking To Next Format Part 2: Spells

Now that the TCG banlist is officially out as well, with the only difference from the OCG banlist being the limiting of Trishula (to conform with its status in the OCG), it's probably time to start testing deck concepts and ideas, and the accumulation of cards for those decks while they are still relatively cheap.

This is a 3 part segment, I will cover Monsters, Spells, and Traps.

Spells will be of greater importance in the upcoming format. With fewer backrows to obstruct you, you will be able to be very aggressive in making your plays. I'll take a look at some spell cards that you could tech into your deck, to fill in the gaps left by whatever the staple spells couldn't fill in, and the void left by the absence of a trap-heavy lineup: say goodbye to Seven Tools, Dimensional Prison, Trap Stun, Royal Oppresion (lolbanned), Skill Drain, etc.

Here's some spells that got better with the decrease in traps, or that can be used to replace trap cards:
  • Enemy Controller: Tribute your token / Treeborn / Reborn Tengu (!), and take their big guy to punch for massive damage! It's super-effective! The other effect can also be helpful in a pinch. So you're facing a Judgment Dragon / Black Luster Soldier /  etc, and you know they have Honest in hand. As they declare an attack (or in JD's case, uses it's effect to nuke the field), switch it to defense and live to fight another turn! (unless they have another boss monster in hand of course)
  • The Warrior Returning Alive: I don't care if my Black Luster Soldier dies, I'll just get it back for another go! Also retrieves Junk Synchron, Elemental Hero Stratos, etc
  • Book of Life: Heavy Storm and triple MST makes you ask: Necrovalley? Banishing Lights/Darks/Lightsworn names/ other important monsters while reviving stuff like Goblin Zombie, Mezuki, Spirit Reaper, etc is amazing. This could be somewhat redundant with Leviair running around, but I think it could still be good as a one-of.
  • Rekindling: What's going to stop you? Bring out as many guys as you can (for free!) and go nuts!
  • Creature Swap: Hmm.. I think I will trade my floater or weak monster for your Archlord KristyaJudgment Dragon or Black Luster Soldier... permanently. Is this a good deal? It's a good deal right? Lol.
  • Scapegoat: No Royal Oppression? No Problem! These 4 handy tokens can block attacks or become synchro material. It's also a quick-play spell. Good stuff.
  • A Hero Lives: Kidding! Pay half your LP! Die twice as fast!

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Looking To Next Format Part 1: Monsters

Now that the TCG banlist is officially out as well, with the only difference from the OCG banlist being the limiting of Trishula (to conform with its status in the OCG), it's probably time to start testing deck concepts and ideas, and the accumulation of cards for those decks while they are still relatively cheap.

This is a 3 part segment, I will cover Monsters, Spells, and Traps.

Some monsters will become better, more important, or more deadly, with the decrease in traps played. These include monsters that pretty much act as traps, and monsters that are a pain to deal with without traps. 

Those that function as 'trap cards'
  • Effect Veiler: Negate effects! Also a tuner, and a Light for Black Luster Soldier fodder.
  • Herald of Orange Light: Both better and worse than Effect Veiler. Better in the sense that you not only negate the monster effect, but also destroy the monster itself, and it can feed your fairy count for Archlord Kristya or create fodder for Master Hyperion. Worse because it's only compatible in fairy decks, where it excels, meaning it's extremely difficult and inconsistent to splash in any other deck, unlike the generic Effect Veiler. Also a tuner, and a Light for Black Luster Soldier fodder.
  • D.D. Crow: Problem cards in the grave? Banish them! Also a Dark for Black Luster Soldier or Dark Armed Dragon fodder.
  • Maxx C: Is your opponent attempting to mass special summon? Drop Maxx C! They'll either just stop, or bravely charge onwards and try to kill you! Assuming you survive, you should have an abundance of cards in hand to prepare a counterattack.
  • Tragoedia: Freshly semi-limited, this bad boy does it all! You probably won't be setting much, so expect your hand size to be considerable, providing ample stats for Tragoedia. He also can steal guys and his level copying effect allows you to... CONSTRUCT AN OVERLAY NETWORK!!! Xyz all day every day
  • Gorz: Solemn Warning probably won't be seeing much play, so odds are your summon will be a successful one, barring Fossil Dyna or Archlord Kristya
  • Battle Fader: This seems like a waste of space considering you'll have access to Gorz and 2 Tragoedia's, but it's at least worth a mention I suppose. Threatening Roar in monster form.
Those that are hard to deal with without trap cards
  • Elemental Hero Absolute Zero: I'm doubtful that Solemn Warning will see much play, so it's likely you'll be able to bring him out unobstructed, after which he becomes a pain for your opponent to deal with due to his Raigeki-like effect. It also helps that Destiny Draw went up to 2 permitted copies, though straight Elemental Heroes most certainly also remain a viable option.
  • Spirit Reaper: Unrestricted! If people barely run defensive traps anymore, if at all, what's to stop Reaper from attacking directly? I have up to 3 Reapers, you have 1 Gorz (and 2 Tragoedia's if you play them. I might.) Plussses...!
  • Archlord Kristya: Banishing this gender-ambiguous angelic being is the best solution once it hits the field. This becomes a lot harder to do due to its prevention of special summons, so no Black Luster Soldier or Trishula for you! Dimensional Prison and Macros Cosmos shouldn't be seeing any play either, so fairy players really have little to worry about. There's the obvious Dark Hole or Book of Moon, but those are hardly permanent solutions, seeing as Kristya will just return to the top of the deck when it dies. I haven't tested how it'll fare in the upcoming format, but Bottomless Trap Hole may or may not be a semi-decent solution: while it isn't chainable to MST / Heavy Storm, unlike Dimensional prison, I at least don't have to wait until the battle phase, where's it's probably too late and I'll get wrecked lol.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All aboard the Hype Express !

A post containing my random thoughts: This is strictly my opinion, and should not be taken as fact.

Man, I don't mean to be a hater and all that, but wow, the Hype Express is really chugging along.

                                                                                                    ( ..)

Some of the hype is justified of course, others, not so much.

1) Steelswarm Roach
This card is good, but not $90 good. Seeing as backrows won't be prevalent anymore come September 1st, it'll be a lot easier to get over its 1900 atk. You could simply Xyz into Utopia / Grenosaurus / Leviathan Dragon and beat over it, or ram into it with something like a pumped up Card Trooper. Overrated IMO.
Makes me go =S when I heard that one person dropped a $100 bill straight up at the sneak peek for a Roach, and that yesterday, on release day, a lot of people kept spamming a particular store owner's phone, practically begging her to open earlier. They then proceeded to clean out all the GENF boxes she had in the store. Seriously? Come on.

2) Orient Dragon
Another over-hyped card imo. Seeing as the game is trending towards Xyz's, Orient Dragon certainly isn't all that amazing. Good, but not amazing. Even now, I'm not sure if it's worth dropping Gaia Knight (or Iron Chain Dragon in plants) for Orient, seeing as it can be extremely problematic for me should I be facing a Chaos Sorcerer or Caius, which are statistically equal or superior. Sometimes I just need a beatstick, and that's where Gaia Knight / Iron Chain come in. It should be used in complement with the existing level 6 synchros, not replace them, unless Brionac gets banned in the future of course.

3) Tour Guide from the Underworld
Already proven to be part of a game-winning strategy, should Sangan not be banned for the TCG, and should the Xyz rulings concerning Sangan and its ilk remain as-is, that is, that it will get its search effect when sent from the field to the graveyard as an Xyz material, I can only see Tour Guide's price going up more from here. Making a 2500 beatstick in Leviathan Dragon, and being able to search for a variety of monsters (most probably Effect Veiler), all from the summon of 1 card, is ridiculous. The Tour Guide engine, that is, 3x Tour Guide + Sangan, should be staple status by September, if not sooner, barring any TCG banlist alterations of course.

4) Twilight / Lightsworn
It's unknown how this deck will pan out, but with a 3rd Judgment Dragon to deal with, alongside Black Luster Soldier and 2x Necro Gardna, on paper this deck sounds scary. The upcoming limitation of Heavy Storm and the unlimit of Mystical Space Typhoon means that backrows won't be as prevalent anymore, making JD all the more devastating.

5) Chaos Agents / Tour Guide Agents
I'm not sure what the most appropriate name should be, but this is another scary deck. Splash the Tour Guide engine into the Agent deck, throw in BLS, and you're good to go. Master Hyperion is still unlimited, and Kristya is still at 2, so the deck would now have 6 boss monsters lol, and none of them are all that difficult to bring out either. Personally I think this will be one of the better, if not the best, decks of the format in the early going, since the TCG won't have the Dark World and Rescue Rabbit Ragia decks to deal with until later in the year. Tour Guide makes everything better, and being able to abuse her and Sangan in here alongside BLS is crazy.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

September 2011 Banlist

Ok I realize that everyone and their dog will, or has, posted about this, but it's too important not to.
My love-hate relationship with Konami continues:

Newly Banned:

Fishborg Blaster
Mind Master

Giant Trunade
Royal Oppression

Newly Limited:

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
Lonefire Blossom
Debris Dragon
Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En
T.G. Hyper Librarian
Formula Synchron
Heavy Storm
Primal Seed
Shien's Smoke Signal
Pot of Avarice

Newly Semi-Limited:

Summoner Monk
Necro Gardna

Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier
Destiny Draw
Swords of Revealing Light

Mind Crush
Call Of The Haunted

Newly Unlimited:

Judgment Dragon
Spirit Reaper

Overload Fusion
Mystical Space Typhoon

Gravity Bind
Icarus Attack

My analysis:

This is both a mixture of good and bad.

Fishborg: Alright, so it wasn't Sangan that got the "reprint in turbo pack, lol-banhammer" treatment that Rescue Cat and Crush Card Virus got, it was this little bugger instead. Formula Monarchs and Water Synchro decks took a big big hit.
Mind Master: Fuck yes. Substitoad 2.0 needed to get hit.
Giant Trunade: Excellent! Trunade was always harder to stop than Heavy, and while Heavy results in permanent destruction, Trunade allowed you to go off, then assuming you haven't won already, re-set your backrows for protection.
Oppression: Why lol, it's certainly a busted card, but it's needed at 1 to curb special summon spam imo

Black Luster Soldier: What the fuck. Over in the OCG, it may not be as bad, seeing as they no longer have priority for ignition effects, but it hasn't been ruled otherwise for the TCG. As such, seeing as we retain priority, this is quite the monster. Furthermore, BLS + Honest is just retarded.
Lonefire Blossom: Well, it was going to be this or Dandylion. Sure, why not.
Debris Dragon: Mildly acceptable. I don't like or dislike this choice, though personally I find it's ok at 2.
LSS ShiEn: Excellent. Samurai players now have to think about when they want to drop this guy.
TG Hyper Librarian: It was to be expected
Formula Synchron: It was to be expected, it was being abused way too much.
Heavy Storm: No more summon big monster, set 5 backrows, your move.
Primal Seed: Just because of BLS. Lol.
Shien's Smoke Signal: Perhaps this should have been Six Samurai United, but I'm ok with this too.
Pot of Avarice: This is good for the TCG, Tour Guide into Sangan into Xyz is already 3 monsters waiting to hit the grave, and Tengu into Tengu into Tengu is another 3. It's condition of having 5 monsters in grave is too easily met.

Summoner Monk: Rescue Cat is gone, and this helps promote Xyz. I can still Veiler or Warning his effect so it's not like it's unstoppable. Furthermore odds are I'm rarely going to want to discard my power spells, so Monk is actually somewhat mediocre.
Tragoedia: More Xyz promotion.
Necro Gardna: Ugh, I hated dealing with this card in the LS era when it was at 3. Twilight should be pretty good now, with this at 2 and BLS at 1. Time to break out my Kycoo the Ghost Destroyers!
Dewloren: Excellent, stop those loops.
Destiny Draw: YESSSS <3333
Swords of Revealing Light: Falcon Control and burn/stall decks get some love
Mind Crush: This doesn't really see much play nowadays, but sure.
Call of the Haunted: Bad idea, Monster Reborn is still legal. Who needs Limit Reverse lol.... more Dandylion abuse? Yea I thought so too.

Judgment Dragon: More power to Lightsworn/Twilight. This deck should be pretty nutty with BLS
Spirit Reaper: It didn't do anything at 2 so this should be fine for the time being.
Overload Fusion: Y no ban Future Fusion?
Mystical Space Typhoon: Well this is a first, Heavy Storm at 1 and yet MST isn't at 1. Interesting.
Megamorph: Ok lol
Gravity Bind: More XYZ promotion. This card is just plain annoying, but MST at 3 will help.
Icarus Attack: That's fine.

Well, Plants are done, Samurai may or may not be done, Frognarchs are done, Dark World escaped unscathed, and Twilight/Lightsworn got a major boost.
So I heard the OCG has Dark World. Hmmmmm? Konami y u no hit? Last I checked, that deck is insanely good. Grapha is so easily summoned, and pops a card when discarded. Oh man.

Ultimate Offering didn't get hit at all, but with Heavy Storm and triple MST, I'm not sure how well Offering Gadgets will fare.

As far as the TCG list goes, in theory it should be this list + Trishula to 1 to match the OCG. It would be a pleasant surprise should they hit Gravekeeper's Recruiter or Reborn Tengu, but I'm not optimistic about that at all.

While I approve of some things, like Trunade and Mind Master being banned, Shien and Pot of Avarice being limited, and Destiny Draw to 2, a lot of other things I have problems with, notably Judgment Dragon, Oppression, BLS, and Necro Gardna.

It's hard to say whether I like this list or not. Probably dislike. Either way, time to experiment on decks for next format. =/

Monday, August 15, 2011

Worlds 2011: Results & My thoughts

Well, this was a bit of a surprise.
Ogawa Takashi, using Agents, was able to best Murakoshi Kei, who was using Junk Doppel, to become the 2011 world champion. Honestly I had expected Junk Doppel to win due to overall sheer numbers and the flexibility the deck allows, but I was wrong. Hyperion, Kristya, and Herald of Orange Light win games.

However, there is apparently some controversy surrounding Ogawa. Galileo De Obaldia, who played and lost against Ogawa in the Top 4 cut, has put forth a claim on DGZ that over multiple instances, he had observed that his deck was being stacked by Ogawa, and said that even the judges watching acknowledged it too. They then told Ogawa to stop doing so, but De Obaldia stated that Ogawa even then continued to stack him. I haven't heard of De Obaldia being a spiteful player nor a whiner, so I really have no reason to take what he said to be anything but the truth.
In the official interview that followed Ogawa's victory, this snippet was found:
Congratulations on your victory, how does it feel to know that you are now the World Champion?

It feels great, I just did my usual things, and then I won!
O I SEE. So by this I can infer that 'his usual things' includes cheating?

On another note, it was made apparent by DSummon of Dueling Days that Michel Gruner received a game loss in his Top 8 match for taking 4 minutes to side-deck while the permitted limit was 3 minutes. He went on to lose the match.
Ok so a player has been acknowledged by both his opponent and the judges watching to be stacking, and receives merely a verbal warning, which was subsequently ignored. A player takes 1 minute extra to side-deck, and receives a game loss. Considering the nature and magnitude of the transgressions, it really makes no sense whatsoever. Lolkonami.
Furthermore, considering Worlds is the most high-profile and prestigious event of the year, it doesn't make sense that players should be restricted to a mere 3 minutes for side-decking. Obviously no player should be allowed an indefinite amount of time, but taking into the account the significance that good side-decking has towards influencing the outcome of a game or match, and that this is WORLDS, I would think that things would have been done a little better. I have heard of rumors that Gruner likes to take his time when playing, but I cannot say whether it's to be careful in making the best possible play, or if it's to intimidate or frustrate the opponent. Either way, giving a game loss for going over the time limit whilst taking no significant action towards stacking is bullcrap. Either lighten the punishment for Gruner or actually dole out some punishment for Ogawa. Consistency please.

The Final standings:
1st Place: Ogawa Takashi with Agents
2nd Place: Murakoshi Kei with Junk Doppel
3rd Place: Galileo De Obaldia with Junk Doppel
4th Place: Phanupak Kongjaroen with Machina Gadgets

I was somewhat surprised to see Machina Gadgets finishing in 4th place. Though this may be taken to be ignorance on my part, I was never all too impressed with the Machina gadget deck. I'm fully aware that it won a YCS last year, but I'm a bit skeptical about how significant that is, seeing as it was piloted by Peter Cheng / Cheater Cheng, who was banned shortly after (from what I heard, he would activate a Gadget's effect, stealthily search for Heavy Storm, and then flash the correct search target afterwards, which he already had in-hand to begin with). It's not like the deck is necessarily bad or anything, but I think that it's a bit too straight forward and linear. Also I don't like how the deck loses to Cyber Dragon --> Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, though it's not their fault that they're all machine type monsters. Still, Phanupak Kongjaroen was able to pilot this deck to a 4th place finish, so credit must be awarded where it's due.

As a reiteration of a statement from last post, I feel that the North American representatives could have finished a lot better if we had sent better players (they shouldn't be bad by any means, but likely not Gruner / De Obaldia caliber either), or if the players we did send had prepared more adequately. It really is somewhat shameful that North America as a whole dispatched 6 representatives, yet all of whom failed to make the Top 8. Japan, which sent out 4 (the 2nd largest amount of representatives from a region), had 2 make it into the Top 4. Most other regions/ countries sent only 1 rep. Though 0 is still 0, 0/1 is a lot better than 0/6. Things would probably be a lot better if the format come WCQ time wasn't so sacky, which would hopefully permit the year's best duelists to attend Worlds. Of course, there is also the likelihood that it's BECAUSE we sent so many reps that they all ended up playing each other.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

- I'm now done with summer school so I'll start grabbing GENF stuff and resume a more frequent blogging schedule -

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Worlds 2011: Day 1 Analysis

Being a TCG player, this will primarily be conducted from the perspective of the TCG meta. Apologies!

Worlds is always an interesting event, with representatives from a variety of countries, each with different metas, and subsequently leading to different playstyles; odds are those who can adapt will emerge victorious.

Unfortunately, none of the North American representatives had very memorable finishes, all failing to secure a spot within the Top 8 cut. There's a variety of reasons as to why this could have happened, considering Canadian / American representatives have certainly risen to the occasion before, such as America's Vincent Paglia who took 2nd place last year.
Also, I found this to be surprising, but I recall that Justin Womack's name was not in the original list of players who would be representing North America, yet he was clearly listed as a participant in the standings for Worlds, so I guess one of the original representatives must have given up his spot? [ it appears to be Jeff Walker ]

The only TCG players who were able to secure a spot in the Top 8 were Michel Gruner of Germany and Galileo De Obaldia of Panama, both of whom are proven winners. Gruner has won or topped multiple premiere-level events (notably the winner of YCS Bochum and the European WCQ), and De Obaldia is probably best known for being last year's World Champion. I don't know if this is a coincidence, but the two of them are also teammates, being members of the elite team United Gosus.

Going over the deck breakdown, most of the decks used were to be expected. Junk Doppel, being such a flexible deck,  led the pack with 8 participants piloting it, followed by Six Samurais with (coincidentally lol) Six players. I'm quite wtf'ed though, with the Empty Jar deck. I mean seriously. It's probably the most important (yet least relevant, due to the rules and limitations imposed) event of the year, and somebody chooses to play such a deck. I really don't know what to say about all this, except whoever the player was, he certainly has guts, but he is no Paul "Empty Jar" Cooper (thus probably not a supposed cheater), so he failed to make the top cut. In my opinion, scrubbing out is a more realistic finish (and was the actual finish) for this kind of deck.

Now as for the North American representatives... where did things go wrong? I don't know any of the 6 players personally, hence it's extremely difficult for me to ascertain where their individual or collective faults were. As such, all my suppositions and hypotheses are based on observations, facts, or just me talking out of my ass lol.

Were they simply outplayed? Was their preparation inadequate? Were they lucksacked? Did they all end up eliminating each other? William Pedigo and Thomas Mak placed the best out of the NA representatives, finishing 3-2 and missing out due to tie-breakers ( only 3 of the 8 players with a 3-2 record made it into the Top 8 Cut). In Pedigo's case, I'm disappointed he didn't place higher, I have read from multiple sources that he was one of the players who went to great efforts to prepare for the North American WCQ, so assuming he took the same approach towards preparing for this tournament, he should have been reasonably ready.
With a whopping 6 players representing North America, compared to only 1 for other less populous regions, I would have guessed that at least 1 of the 6 would have topped, but this was evidently not the case.

Personally I theorize that the bulk of the North American players failed to conduct sufficient research. The cardpool, of course, was restricted in order to ensure equality among all participants. However, the TCG and OCG metas differ greatly, and my opinion is that the OCG playerbase had the edge here, seeing as the cardpool limitations obstructed their current meta decks less. They really only lost the freedom to play the Dark World deck, the abundance of Xyz monsters available, and the usage of select cards that were excellent in, but not an absolute necessity for, their current meta decks, such as Shooting Quasar Dragon in Junk Doppel.

Conversely, upon it's release, Reborn Tengu has been an absolute monster for the TCG metagame, burrowing its way into a variety of decks because of its status as the ultimate floater. Baiting out traps, blocking attacks, replaceable synchro material, it does it all. A great number of the decks that topped the TCG WCQ events played a full playset of Tengu. It can be inferred that a lot of  the TCG meta decks were able to hold the power they do due to the inclusion of TCG exclusive cards, a la Tour Guide from the Underworld, Gravekeeper's Recruiter, XX-Saber Darksoul, Maxx C, and the aforementioned Reborn Tengu. As such, reverting to a meta sans TCG exclusives was perhaps a strange experience for the TCG representatives, as Gravekeepers, X-Sabers, and pretty much any deck which relied on Tengu as one of the lynchpins of their respective strategies (Tour Guide Tengu Plants, Tengu Plants, Scraps etc) were thus unable to be played as effectively or consistently, if at all. The disparity between European and North American cardpools, which concerns the legalization issues surrounding manga and magazine promos, may have also played a factor.

Next, the rules for Worlds was laid out so that the current OCG rulings on the (non-existent) priority for monsters with ignition effects would be applied. Having already played with this ruling for months, I can imagine that the OCG participants were quite comfortable with it already. Having perhaps only a month and a bit, if that, between their respective WCQ events and Worlds to prepare, it is possible that a good number of the TCG representatives were still in the midst of an adjusting process. Playstyles and thought processes that they were so easily used to applying due to the existence of priority for ignition effects probably had to be re-examined. For example, short of Solemn Warning, TCG players could normally go Lonefire into Lonefire into Dandylion / Spore / Glow Up Bulb unobstructed and with confidence, but with priority gone, suddenly, Lonefire Blossom's effect could easily be stopped by cards like Torrential Tribute, Book of Moon, Effect Veiler etc.
Based on the participant's choices of decks, I suppose the differences in Xyz material ruling between the OCG and the TCG though relevant, wasn't of significant importance, since the majority of Xyz monsters weren't available for use anyway, nor were the chief abusers or instigators (Tengu & Tour Guide respectively).

I also don't know how much research the North American players conducted on the individual OCG metas and playstyles. Certainly, it's kind of difficult to get a good indication of anything based on popular OCG sources such as Shriek, which only feature decklists. I believe that it was quite necessary to keep in touch with good or knowledgable (or both) OCG players at least on a semi-frequent basis, in order to keep up to date with the latest developments and tech choices. Of course, it's unlikely that any Worlds participant from the OCG would be willing to completely divulge their own respective playstyles/habits/tech choices with their competitors from across the ocean, so obviously communication with outsiders would have been ideal.

To sum up the above theories, TCG representatives were being inserted into a metagame that more closely resembled the OCG metagame, due to the rulings used and restricted cardpool. As such, they would have to either be phenomenal players like Gruner and De Obaldia, or work much much harder, to compensate. Oddly enough though, the only player to finish 0-5 (hence placing last) at the end of the swiss rounds was in fact an OCG player =/
All in all, the OCG players were able to take advantage of their 'home court' advantage, being their rules, their (mostly) cardpool, securing 6 of the 8 spots in the Top 8 Cut. Congratulations to them (Wei-Hao, Ogawa, Young-Duck, Phanupak, Sue, Murakoshi), and congratulations to De Obaldia and Gruner for being the only TCG players to make the Top 8 Cut.

If it were up to me though, I would have disregarded the selection process through the WCQ (seeing as the format's reasonably sacky and kind of bad) , and obviously would have instead stacked the NA representative lineup with 6 proven players, drawing from a pool of Canadian or American players that would obviously include the likes of Lazaro Bellido, Dale Bellido, Matt Peddle, Jeff Jones, Billy Brake, Ryan Spicer, Anthony Alvarado, Paul Levitin, Adam Corn, Evan Vargas, etc. Certainly, I'm nowhere near that 'pro' level, nor do I have excellent credentials under my belt either, so it may not be prudent for me to say so, but going over the list of aforementioned names and comparing them to who went to Worlds this year, it's not like North America as a whole sent its absolute best players, no offense intended. I'm not saying that this years NA representatives are necessarily bad or anything, but I don't feel that any of them are comparable with say, Gruner nor De Obaldia, both of whom have already achieved a great degree of success.

Monday, August 8, 2011

YCS Indy: Aftermath & Analysis

Hey readers. The last YCS event before the September Banlist, YCS Indy, took place over the past weekend. Because attendees must also be an entrant in Gencon, participation is typically lower than most other YCS events during the year.


Now that the Darklords have been confirmed to be reprinted in the upcoming Legendary Collection 2, the time has come for a new YCS prize card to be given away. It was announced to be none other than Blood Mefist. Based on how card artwork (guns and  bewbs for example) and card names ("Holy", "Devil" etc) have been tamed to accommodate overprotective American soccer moms, I'm somewhat surprised that such a high profile card has managed to retain the word "blood" in its name. Then again, "Blood Sucker" did too, but oh well.

Due to the lower participant count (roughly 480 players), the event cut to the Top 16, and all swiss rounds concluded on Saturday. Complete standings after the 9th and final round can be found here, minus the players who dropped of course. The Top 16 cut were playing the following decks:

8x "Synchros" (I assume Tengu Plants / Tour Guide Tengu Plants ?)
2x Tech Genus
2x Tengu Gadgets
2x Malefics (Justin Womack.dek?)
1x Gravekeepers
1x Agents

Some things to take note of:

1) Tengu Plant variants have been renamed "SYNCHROS" by the fantabulously (not a real word) creative people at Konami. I can then infer that should I be playing a deck revolving around fusion monsters, my deck would be listed as "Fusions", and should I be playing a deck revolving around ritual monsters, my deck would be listed as "Rituals", etc. Disgusting!
This vague generic naming scheme kind of makes me wish we could go back to last year, when decks received ridiculously flamboyant names like "Quickdraw-Dandywarrior". It'd be equally, if not more horrific, but I would at least get a very good idea of what cards a particular deck revolved around based on its naming scheme. Sighhhh -_________- ""

2) NO SIX SAMURAI: Nizar Sarhan, famous (or infamous) for playing and topping exclusively with the Six Samurai deck, failed to make the top cut. I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad about this. While I am glad that this derpy deck failed to make the Top cut, on the flip side, it worries me that there's the possibility, however minuscule, that Konami, being Konami, will erroneously interpret it as the deck being 'good' but not 'overpowered' and thus pass on hitting this deck on the upcoming banlist.

3) NO PAUL EMPTY JAR COOPER: After miraculously making the Top 64 cut at the North American WCQ (or "skillfully" doing so as his select few rabid followers on DGZ would say, assuming they haven't all been banned yet lol), he again entered a premiere event with the "Empty Jar" mill deck. I'm really glad he didn't make the top cut, as it would lead to further heated debates on whether or not he's truly a cheater, or the justification of the phrase "not everyone can be a master". Asides from that, I don't think that such a bullshit deck deserves to be deemed 'Tier 0' or whatever Paul Cooper was cockily calling it in one of his previous tournament reports. It's better that it doesn't top.

4) Approximately half of the decks in the Top 16 cut are speed based decks, using combos and/or special summons to overwhelm the opponent. The other approximate half are decks of the complete opposite nature, whose best possible play is to open with a floater (Gadget / Tengu / T.G.) or beatstick (Barbaros / Malefic thing), set anywhere from 3-5 backrows, and hope that the opponent doesn't have the means to slowly grind through all those backrows, or alternatively doesn't see Giant Trunade all game.


Thankfully, out of the Top 16 players, there were quite a few recognizable names (Robert Boyajian, Hector Heras, Adam Corn, Elijah Gersten, Justin Delhon, Jesse Samek, Christopher Krause, Conrad Selig maybe... he's Robbie Kohl's friend i think. Maybe.). Despite the format being so retarded right now, what with Formula / Librarian spam and derp set 5 backrows, I would think that YCS Indy was actually one of the more skill-infused events. One has to consider that it costs more to participate in this particular YCS event, since it takes place in the midst of GenCon, a 4-day event that requires the purchase of an entry pass for admission. This may have deterred some casual players from entering just to have fun, and subsequently going on a streaky sack-o-lantern rampage. As such, the turnout for this YCS event was a mere approximate 480 duelists, compared to roughly 700-900 players for recently elapsed YCS events, and close to 2000 players for the 2011 North American WCQ last month. It's most probable that only the more competitive and dedicated players, a group which contains the reputable Yugioh 'pros', entered the event.

The Top 8
Complete information on who made it is not available. What IS known is that CJ Krause and Adam Corn were both DQ'ed.
Krause was disqualified for having marked card(s), which was a Reinforce Truth apparently. Allen Pennington decided to publicly share on DGZ the 2 part conversation between Krause and himself lol. 1 and 2. He was being a little inconsiderate considering Krause was probably really upset about the disqualification, but I found it hilarious nonetheless.
Corn was DQ'ed for what sounds to me like bullcrap. Apparently he received a game loss, asked judges if he could proceed with the match, and was told yes. They later came back and said something like "No Adam, you shouldn't be playing". DQ time. This is very very very similar to what happened to Omar Beldon last year.

Based on what made the Top 4, we can see that the 2 Malefic decks, 1 of the Tengu Gadget decks, the 2 Tech Genus decks, the Agent deck, and a bunch of the "Synchros" decks were eliminated by the time the Top 8 round ended.

The Top 4
At this point, 2 "Synchros" decks, 1 Gravekeeper deck, and 1 Gadget deck remained, piloted by Joe Franzo, Robert Boyajian, Dalton Bousman, and Justin Delhon respectively. No Malefics? Sounds good to me. Call me stubborn or ignorant, but I still refuse to acknowledge it as a top-tier deck. Results are indeed showing that it can compete, but I just don't believe in the deck.

The Finals:
Robert Boyajian was able to defeat Joe Franzo in a Synchros (Hint: Plants) mirror match to win the 1st ever Blood Mefist prize card. Throughout the YCS events in the past year or 2, I'm sure I've seen Robert's name in the top cut here and there so I'm pretty glad that a decent player won the whole thing. What makes it better is that he was using the best deck of the format, and not some random garbage. I view this as an appropriate way to finish off the March 2011 format. Congratulations to Boyajian and the rest of the Top 16 cut.

Well, this format is pretty much done with, and we can now focus our attention on Generation Force and the upcoming September format.

I've been hearing about how Steelswarm Roach is going for $70 - $100 right now, but I honestly don't see it being as good as people say it is, at least not to the point where it's worth what it's going for. I mean, considering Roach only negates special summons of monsters of level 5 or higher,  I can just use my $2 Utopia (or $1 Grenosaurus!) to kill your $100 Roach right? Yea that's what I thought.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heavy Storm

Touchy subject time!

For all those who say that Heavy Storm takes no skill, ruins the game, and should stay banned, I don't see how summoning a strong or self-replacing monster and being able to safely set a shit-ton of protection takes skill either. While I do lean towards unbanning Heavy Storm, I also respect the viewpoints of those who want it to stay banned, and am mindful of the havoc that could potentially be wreaked by upcoming derpy decks like Dark World (already out for OCG, soon for the TCG) should Heavy Storm be legal. For the time being, let's take a look at how some of the duels started off during YCS Indy...

From the Round 4 Feature Match
"Vansant started the third Duel with Mystical Space Typhoon, Spirit Reaper, SolemnWarning, Fiendish Chain, Karakuri Watchdog mdl 313 “Saizan”, and Royal OppressionHe Set Reaper, then Set everything but Watchdog."

From the Round 6 Feature Match
"Siddiqui opened the Match with Pot of Duality, revealing Reborn TenguDark Hole, and SkillDrainHe added Tengu to his hand and Summoned it. He Set all five of his remaining cards to his back row.
Kohl had a hand of Red GadgetYellow GadgetGreen GadgetSolemn WarningBook ofMoon, and Solemn JudgmentHe Summoned Green Gadget and got Red Gadget from his Deck, then Set Book, Warning, and Judgment."

From the Round 7 Feature Match
"Zambrana opened the Match with a hand of 2 Beast King BarbarosSafe ZoneSkill Drain,Seven Tools of the Bandit, and Solemn JudgmentHe Summoned Barbaros, then Set everything but the other Barbaros.
“That’s alotta back rows,” quipped Krause. He activated Pot of Duality, revealing DimensionalPrisonSolemn Judgment, and Horn of the Phantom Beast from the top of his Deck. He took Judgment, and Summoned T.G. Rush Rhino. He Set 4 cards to his back row. “You ain’t got no pancake mix!” shouted Krause."

From the Round 8 Feature Match (the starting player failed to win the match, but just based on the cards revealed, he didn't seem to be playing an optimal build. For example, he didn't appear to play Pot of Duality to smooth out his draws. The Plant player was able to grind through his backrows and secure victory)
"Sandler started the Match with a hand of Worm Yagan, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, GozenMatch, Dimensional Prison, Forbidden Lance, and Royal OppressionHe Set Yagan, and Set everything else but Fossil Dyna."
For those who argue "But, Malevolent Catastrophe!", those T.G. Beast Stun decks now play Pitch-Black Warwolf lol. Read its effect. Bricks will be shat.

So yea at the very least, I would hope that the "takes no skill" argument for those against Heavy Storm can be nullified, as the same can be applied towards the current situation without Storm. As far as whether to unban it or not.... Damned if I do and Damned if I don't.

YCS Indy: Aftermath & Analysis post coming up tomorrow.

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~