Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Product News: TCG Order of Chaos official page is up!

The official TCG Konami page for the upcoming set Order of Chaos is now up, focusing mostly on the Inzector and Armor Ninja archetypes.

The most interesting featured cards, of course, are the TCG exclusives. Unlike the product page for PHSW, Konami was smart enough this time around to censor out the card effects, and name all the images on the site in such a fashion that their rarity would not be prematurely disclosed. As such, it is difficult to ascertain if a particular card is a rare or a secret rare, or if it's a common or a super. One can make an educated guess based on the card's playability of course, but an educated guess is still a guess nonetheless.

The 1st TCG Exclusive is revealed to be "White Dragon Ninja"
It's a "Ninja" card, and a Dragon type, so it is compatible with the Ninjitsu / Ninja line of support cards. Whether it sees any play will depend on its effect.
As a light attributed monster, perhaps a chaos variant could be developed, as Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo is a dark monster.

The next TCG Exclusive card is "Ninjitsu Art of Duplication"

In theory, this card would either create a token that mirror's a targeted ninja monsters stats, or alternatively special summon another copy of the same ninja from your hand/deck. It's purely speculation on my part, but I can see it being as such due to the name.

"Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon" 's effect has been summarized to state that it can be special summoned when one of your monsters is destroyed (whether by battle or by effect is unclear). Backing generic stats of 2200 atk and level 5, is it's name, which is far from generic. Interplanetarypurplythorny. Seriously? Despite it's evil looking artwork, I really don't know if I should be taking this card seriously.

Surprise! I guess Konami finally read through the Top Cut decklists from previous YCS events and realized that Tour Guide is an overpowered card that spearheads competitive yugioh as we currently know it.
So what did they do? Emergency semi-limit it? No, nothing of the sort. Suddenly announce that it will be reprinted in a months time in some new product? No, not that either.
This is purely conjecture on my part, but I could see a bunch of high-up Konami staff sitting down in the meeting room one day, twirling their thumbs and sipping green tea, while thinking about what they could come up with for the next set of TCG exclusives.
"So uh hey, that Tour Guide card, it seems kind of good"
"Oh kewl is that a bus in the background?"
"Hey, you're right!"
"Let's make it into a card"
"Should it be overpowered?"
"Probably. Also preferably a secret rare."
"Meeting adjourned?"
"Yes I think so too"
:) :) $$$

It's too bad the card art is too small, but I would lol if Sangan was one of the passengers on the bus.
Also, look for the next card in this series, to be created some time in the future, to be "Tour Bus Driver from the Underworld". Yea I said it.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decklist: Blackwings

Monsters: (20)
3x BW - Shura
2x BW - Bora
2x BW - Blizzard
1x BW - Sirocco
1x BW - Vayu
1x BW - Kalut
1x BW - Gale
1x BW - Zephyrus
2x Thunder King Rai-Oh
2x Maxx "C"
1x Effect Veiler
1x Black Luster Soldier - EotB
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Spells (11)
3x Pot of Duality
1x Heavy Storm
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Book of Moon
1x Allure of Darkness
1x Black Whirlwind
2x Forbidden Lance

Traps (9)
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Solemn Warning
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Trap Dustshoot
2x Dimensional Prison
2x Icarus Attack

This is the list I've been using recently, though I initially had 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device in place of the 2nd Dimensional Prison. I also feel that Icarus clogged too much at 3, so I play only 2 copies.
Forbidden Lance acts as a semi-Kalut applicable to all my monsters, while also being able to protect my monsters from spells and traps.
I'm actually kind of iffy on Effect Veiler. At times it's really good, as asides from the negation effect, I can summon it to use as a tuner, tuning with Gorz, the Gorz Token, or Dark Armed to make a level 8, or my blackwings / Raiohs to make a level 5. At other times, there are instances where I greatly wished that it was Maxx "C" instead, seeing as my opponent needed to conduct special summons to bring out monsters strong enough to kill my monsters and/or break through my setup.
I'm also not maxing out on Blizzard, because of Maxx C's popularity. By activating its effect, bringing back a monster, and synchroing, my opponent will have drawn 2 cards for a +1. It was fine at 2 for me, since it's searchable through Black Whirlwind anyway.

That being said, I've actually never played the deck until recently, even though the theme has been out for a couple years now, so if I'm 'doing it wrong', well, that's why lol.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Locals Report 11/24/2011

<_< >_>

Things have been pretty hectic lately, and it certainly didn't help that I had decided to pick up the Pokemon TCG again lol...
The format locally is kind of random right now, since barely anyone has the resources needed to play The Best Deck (and if they do, they'd rather play something else), so there's a shit ton of rogue decks circulating through my locals, including stuff like Hopeless Dragon, Chain Burn, Six Samurai, and Light Beat.
As per usual, I had no idea what to play the night before, but while daydreaming in class, I had a sudden urge to pick up a deck that I had NEVER EVER played in real life before, despite how the theme was released several years back...

Pre-tournament, I managed to scrape together the remaining cards needed for the Reshiphlosion deck, built my YGO deck from scratch, and continued the process of selling off Ultra rare German "Formelsynchron"s to my friends.
I pack my 2nd Ultra Sangan out of my entry pack, which is kewl I guess.

Round 1: LFN (Blackwings) vs "Shark Hat" (Zombie Plants)
I lose the dice roll
G1: I drop a Maxx "C" on him, but he keeps going, netting me a +1. I nuke his stuff with Black Rose Dragon for more plusses, and eventually finish him off with Brionac, which he no longer had any outs to.
G2: I had 5-6 cards in hand, 1 of which was Gorz, while sitting at 6000 LP to his 4500 LP. He plays One for One, to which I chain Maxx "C", and he gambles, summoning Tengu, believing I don't have Gorz. He continues his flurry of special summons, and by the end of it all, I have around 13 cards in hand LOL. Though I already had more than enough resources to kill him, I joked to my friend that as I had a light and dark in grave, it would be pretty kewl to draw into BLS. I draw for turn and it's BLS! Win moar.
Result: OO

Round 2: LFN (Blackwings) vs Edward (Tour Guide Tengu Diva Zombie "Good Stuff")
I lose the dice roll
G1: I open a really passive hand, with Blizzard and Kalut as my only monsters, and hold off on summoning them, allowing him to rush me with floaters. I eventually start pushing back, but end up dying to Dark Armed Dragon
G2: I apply beatdown with my beefier monsters, and take this game
G3: I'm unable to fight through 2 Solemn Warnings AND a BLS, so I lose. My friend who observed both players hands said that there was nothing I could have done better to change the outcome of the game, so it's Yugioh I guess.
Result: XOX

Round 3: LFN (Blackwings) vs Sebastian (Dark World)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He unfortunately had the Solemn for my Dimensional Prison, so Grapha kept beating face. Eventually he had the Starlight Road for my Icarus Attack, and though I had Solemn Warning face down to negate it, my life points were only at 1700...
G2: Blackwing beatdown mode, activate!
G3: This game should have been over really quickly, as BOTH his Card Destruction and Morphing Jar resolved successfully, but I was still in it for whatever reason. I meet my demise though, when with my Sirocco (with Schwarzflugel - Kalut der Mondschatten in hand!) staring down his Utopia, he normal summons Doomcaliber Knight. I'm forced to Icarus Attack, but he has Starlight Road again so I lose.
Result: XOX
Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is disappointing.

Round 4: LFN (Blackwings) vs Tim (TG Offering Gadget)
I win the dice roll
I have never seen this guy before lol. Must be new to my locals.
G1: I don't open any monsters lol. Apparently he didn't either, so we both set a ton of backrow. As I top a Shura and attempt to attack, he flips Scapegoats (in Gadgets?!). A few turns later, when he was brought down to 1 token, I normal summon Bora. He attempts to kill it with something, but I chain Icarus Attack. He gives the OK, so I was about to successfully resolve it, he checks his backrow again at the last second and discovers he had Starlight Road set. I let it slide, and he immediately goes nuts with Offering Gadget shenanigans on his turn, to the point where he had 6 monsters on the field including the token, and I'm like whoah there you haz a token. He realizes his mistake, stops summoning, and attempts to attack me with a Green Gadget, the Stardust from the SLR, and 2 Utopias. I Book the Stardust, and Dark Hole his field the following turn.
G2: At one point, I kill a T.G. Warwolf, and he IMMEDIATELY searches his deck for T.G. Striker. I tell him that he can't do that, as unlike Sangan, the T.G. cards CLEARLY state that they activate in the end phase. Also, what if I had D.D. Crow to banish it? What if I had brought out a Thunder King Rai-Oh in main phase 2? ( I didn't have either to neuter his seach, but what if lol) He takes offense to this and gets mad. For the next several turns, he would continually ask me "IS THIS OK???" after every move. There's a difference between rule sharking and telling an opponent to play his cards properly, asshole.
I rush him with Blackwings, but he summons Brionac and attempts to fight back, but bounces my Gale and Shura for some unknown reason, and chooses to attack Vayu instead, leaving Bora on the field. I'm like lol ok, special Gale, halve Brionac, and initially hesitate to attack, fearing Mirror Force. I attack anyway, and it was indeed Mirror Force. In Main Phase 2, I summon Blizzard targeting Shura, and he's all like "You summoned already!!" so I was like "Read Gale, I can SS it", so I make Orient and banish his Brio. He drops a Cyber Dragon in attack mode the following turn, perhaps attempting to bluff an Honest?. I attack it and drop Forbidden Lance in the damage step to wipe out his remaining 600 LP.
Result: OO

Round 5: LFN (Blackwings) vs Julian S. (Hopeless Dragons)
I win the dice roll
G1: I'm forced to Solemn his Future Fusion on his 1st turn, but fall to his big beatsticks.
G2: He walks into an obvious Gorz, and I take it from there.
G3: I open with a really awkward hand, with D.D. Crow, BLS, Dark Armed Dragon, and some spells/traps. I pray he doesn't go all aggro on me, and thankfully he doesn't, and T-sets. I top a Thunder King, which made things a lot better, and kill his face down Totem Dragon. He attempts to use its effect on his following turn but I crow it, providing the dark for my BLS. I negate an inherent REDMD summmon with Tking, but he has the Monster Reborn. He brings out some 3000 atk Dragon thing and I get taken down to 2200 LP. I play my Dark Hole and Monster Reborn, bringing back his 3000 atk Dragon to drop him to 5000 LP. He Dark Holes and summons Wyvern, with no other cards in hand, dropping me to 400 LP. I summon my topdecked Shura and finally drop BLS, and go for game.
Result: XOO
Final Result : 3-2 :(

Despite the mediocre finish, I was quite satisfied with the deck as a whole. The build was pretty standard, with a couple tech choices. I intend to post it up soon, probably tomorrow.

I managed to get in some Pokemon games at Cqiao's place afterwards, against both Yanmega/Magnezone and ZPS, and I discovered that I'm rustier than I thought (I haven't played since HGSS came out), savagely misplaying from time to time.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

YCS Kansas City: Aftermath & Analysis

YCS Kansas City, Missouri, took place this past weekend (Nov 19th/20th), with a total of 630 participants, which was certainly a drop from the higher turnouts at the previous 2 YCS events at Columbus and Toronto.

This was the 1st event whereby Photon Shockwave was deemed legal for play, and the most anticipated deck to emerge from this set, Rabbit Laggia (or Dino Rabbits, as Konami likes to call it) was going to face its 1st real test.
Dark World, after failing to make the Top Cut at YCS Columbus, also had something to prove; Topping would no doubt get rid of the 'underwhelming and severely over-hyped' stigma, while failing to do so would only reinforce it.

The Top Cut:
The full list of the 32 players who topped is here.
The list of players and the decks they used is here, as provided by Konami.

From this, we can see that the Top 32 deck spread was as follows:

16x "Synchro Heavy" / "Synchro Summon" / Tour Guide Tengu Plants / Good Stuff deck
5x "Master Hyperion" / Agents
4x "Dino Rabbits" / Rabbit Laggia
3x Dark World
2x Karakuri
1x Chaos
1x X-Sabers

Again, TGU Plants was the dominant deck, which was pretty much expected, given that it was still the deck of choice for many reputable players. Agents and Karakuri retained more or less their current share of the Top seats. 4 Rabbit Laggia decks managed to make it in, doubling the # that I predicted, while 3 Dark Worlds managed to top this time around. This could have been a result of the release of Dark Smog, and/or the fact that people would have wanted to dedicate some sideboard space towards countering the Rabbit deck, which took away space that could have been used to dedicate towards Dark World hate.

I'm surprised that an X-Saber deck managed to make it in, given the number of Thunder King Raiohs and Maxx "C"s running around. However, the deck does benefit from the format, that is, a format where there aren't a terribly high number of trap cards running around (mainly only in Rabbit Laggia, Tech Genus, and HEROes).

Apparently the the lone Chaos deck is in fact a legit Chaos deck, not just some random Plant deck teching in Chaos Sorcerers that Konami decided to label as "Chaos". Seeing a Chaos deck with stuff like Dimensional Alchemist thrown in making it this far is pretty kewl, I must say.

Like all the recent YCS events, there was a solid number of established/reputable/well known players in the Top Cut, such as Maurice Brantley, Samuel Pedigo, Patrick Hoban, Camden Keener, Michael Boyd, Steffon Bizzell, Chris Biswell, Frazier Smith, Stephen Silverman, Robert Boyajian, Jonny Nagel, Courtney Waller, and Barrett Keys. Noticeably absent were names like Jeff Jones and Billy Brake, the latter of which unfortunately was unable to win his 3rd YCS in a row, though his twin brother, Bobby Brake, managed to top with "Dino Rabbits".

The Top 16
After this round, the last several Agent decks and the last remaining Dark World deck were eliminated.
The Top 8
At this point, the remaining 3 Rabbit Laggia decks were all knocked out of contention as well, as play headed to the Top 4 Cut.

The Top 4 consisted of:
2x "Synchro Heavy" / Tour Guide Tengu Plants
1x Karakuri
1x Chaos

Eventually, in a Chaos vs "Synchro Heavy" matchup, Courtney Waller was able to best Chris Biswell to win YCS Kansas City. I've seen Waller's name pop up sporadically in Top Cut listings, so for him to finally break through and win it all, and with a rogue deck no less, is kewl. I approve.

Looking Ahead
The results of this YCS has several implications:
1. Rabbit Laggia, having earned several seats in the Top Cut, has managed to prove to some degree that its hype was well warranted. Despite this, and the fact that the deck boasts several ridiculously overpowered monsters in Rabbit, Laggia, and Dolkka, the deck is not without flaws, seeing as it needs to play 6 normal monsters, and isn't consistently capable of dealing with stronger monsters.
Due to the price of the deck, I still can't see it being played in large numbers, though its success at this event will no doubt spur some people to become sheep and follow suit in playing it. Rich bastards (loljk ;) )

2. Dark Worlds, with their new toy in Dark Smog, has broken through into the Top Cut this time. I presume that a lot of players drifted away from the deck after seeing its dismal results at the previous YCS. As such, with an even lower number of players repping DW, the odds of encountering a mirror match were also reduced. Those running the deck were able to get away with playing cards like Card Destruction and Morphing Jar, which can devastate other matchups, but are liabilities in the mirror.
It's difficult to say if Dark World will be able to repeat their performance at YCS Kansas City at the next event, but it's certainly within the realm of possibility.

3. Tour Guide Tengu Plants is still the best deck of the format, seeing as no upset occurred. However, their stranglehold on the meta has loosened a little, as their number of seats in the Top 32 was reduced to 16, from 20+ at YCS Columbus.

Misplay Gallery

Konami's coverage team managed to catch a lot of misplays this time around, so listed here are the really dumb ones (Read the Card, etc), and one that they missed completely, which will be highlighted in yellow.

I'm pretty sure there's a bunch more that I missed ( I read each feature match once and only once)

From the Round 5 Review
"In Duel 1, Bequette’s miscalculated math (!!!!!) cost him the Duel. He didn’t realize that SummoningT.G. Striker and adding it to his group of monsters already on the field would give him enough ATK to finish Keener off. So Bequette gave Keener an extra turn to retaliate. Keener took advantage of this miscalculation, and defeated Bequette on that additional turn. It’s always important to know your opponent’s Life Points, and carefully calculate if you can defeat him. A miscalculation can be the different between victory and defeat, just as it was for Bequette’s in Duel 1."

From the Round 8 Review
"In Duel 3, both Duelists used Trap Dustshoot against one another to see each other’s hands. Chon attacked with Thunder King Rai-Oh and Kramer Special Summoned Tragoedia. Chon thought his Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror would reduce its ATK to 0, so he didn’t activate his face-down Debunk to negate Tragoedia’s Summon. But Tragoedia’s effect is Continuous, and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror is powerless against it. Tragoedia proved to be instrumental in Kramer’s victory, and Chon thinks that he most likely would’ve won if he had used Debunk against the Tragoedia." 

From the Top 16 Feature Match
"Jones drew Torrential Tribute and Set it. He attacked Komachi and it switched to Defense Position. Jones lost 200 Life Points in the battle.
[Jones didn’t realize that Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 “Ninishi” would switch into Defense Position when it was attacked.]" [Read the card!!!!!]

From the Top 8 Feature Match
"Rouse drew Genex Neutron next turn! He activated Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Gonzales’s face-down Mirror Force and then Normal Summoned Genex Neutron. Rouse Tuned his Komachi with Genex Neutron to Summon Naturia Landoise, and then attacked directly to deal 2350 points of damage to Gonzalez." [Landoise needs an Earth Tuner AND an Earth non-Tuner; Neutron is a LIGHT]

"Rouse Normal Summoned Karakuri Merchant mdl 177 “Inashichi” next turn, and used its effect to add Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 “Ninishi” from his Deck to his hand. Then he was forced to attack Gonzalez’s Token with the Merchant, and lost 1400 Life Points as a result." [Main Phase 2. It exists. =/]

From the Top 4 Feature Match
"Rouse activated Dark Hole to clear the field, costing him his own Stardust Dragon and Bureido, and Waller grabbed Battle Fader with Sangan. Rouse Summoned Karakuri Soldier mdl 236 “Nisamu” and attacked, but Waller blocked with Battle Fader. Rouse Set Solemn Warning, but lost it to Waller’s Mystical Space Typhoon in the End Phase.
[After the Match, I asked Rouse why he used Dark Hole while he had Stardust Dragon and Bureido on the field. “I needed to get rid of his Reaper,” he replied.]" [Stardust could have protected that Solemn Warning; why heavily minus yourself to get rid of a Reaper? Rouse could have just waited until he drew into an answer]

That's all for today, thanks for reading~

Friday, November 18, 2011

ORCS spoilers & TCG Structure Deck 22: Dragons Collide

A bunch of spoilers for the upcoming set Order of Chaos were recently revealed, and there are quite a few interesting cards among them. I've picked the 3 that currently appeal to me the most, and provided my thoughts on them below.

1) It's kind of hard for me to tell if it's supposed to be called Trans Archfiend / Trance Archfiend, but regardless, this is a pretty good card, with decent artwork.

"Once per turn: you can discard 1 fiend type monster and have this card gain 500 ATK until the end phase. When this card you control is destroyed and sent to your graveyard: you can target 1 of your banished dark monsters; add that target to your hand."

The immediate thing that one would think of would be to use this in the Dark World deck, since the discard is part of the effect and not a cost. Furthermore, it can add monsters banished for Gate back to your hand, with the only requirement being that the monster must be of the dark attribute.
Being able to pump itself up to 2000 ATK also allows it to run over pretty much any other level 4 or lower monster, which can come in handy.
I suppose you could play this in Infernities too, as it permits a discard, and seeing as how the deck also plays Dark Fiend type monsters.
It could be work to a lesser extent in Fableds, where there aren't necessarily enough Dark monsters for you to add to your hand. Time to play Tour Guide in Fableds? Perhaps so, seeing as aside from Sangan, Tour Guide can also grab Fabled Kushano, for what that's worth.

2) Creeping Darkness:

"Banish 2 dark monsters from your graveyard; add 1 level 4 dark monster from your deck to your hand"

This is pretty interesting, as you're allowed to grab stuff like Dark Grepher, Armageddon Knight, Infernity Archfiend, Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo, and Gravekeeper's Spy, though this would obviously conflict with Necrovalley in Spy's case.

I'm glad that they restricted this to level 4 only though; it would be really broken if it was level 4 or lower, which would allow people to grab Tour Guide (!) and Sangan (!)

3) Royal Prison

"While this card is face up on the field, neither player can special summon monster(s) from the graveyard."

Obviously, as it's a trap, it's chainable, which is certainly nice. Being able to chain to the effects of Spore, Monster Reborn, Call of the Haunted, Glow Up Bulb, Treeborn, Ronintoadin, Plaguespreader, Mezuki, Fabled Cerberrel, and Stardust Dragon's revival effect (lol) is kewl. It also outright prevents players from summoning Grapha from the graveyard, and Machina Fortress if it discards itself.
Definitely side-deck worthy IMO.

Also, the equivalent name for the OCG structure deck 22: Dragonic Legion, has apparently been announced to be "Dragons Collide", with a release date of February 7th 2012.
Name change aside, I wonder what changes the TCG will implement to the contents, if any...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

YCS Kansas City predictions & 1 Year Anniversary

As YCS Kansas City approaches, taking place this upcoming weekend (November 19/20, 2011) , I would like to share my thoughts about the expected meta there, and my predictions towards how things will pan out. This will be the 1st event where Photon Shockwave will be legal, as such, with an expanded cardpool, new or upgraded decks will be looking to upset the meta and prove their worth against the established powerhouse deck of the format, that is, Plant Synchro aka Tour Guide Tengu Plants aka Plants aka Synchro Summon.

The Best:
After winning both YCS Toronto and YCS Columbus, not to mention absolutely dominating the latter, it's pretty clear that Tour Guide Tengu Plants / Synchro Summon is currently the best deck of the format. Consistent and versatile, the deck is able to adapt to a variety of situations, thanks to its "Good Stuff" contents.
The deck of choice for many of the game's top players, I fully expect Plants to again make a strong showing at this event, though whether the deck (or Billy Brake) wins it all again remains to be seen.

I don't expect the 'standard' build to have changed all that much, though there will perhaps be a stronger emphasis on Maxx "C" rather than Effect Veiler, following the example set by Billy Brake. Bottomless Trap Hole is another solid pick against the Rabbit Laggia deck, as it's able to banish the vanilla monsters brought out by Rescue Rabbit, so I would expect it to see more side deck play as well.

Seeking to avenge past failures: 
They came close, but alas, it was not to be. Dark Worlds, after being massively hyped for quite some time, failed to make the Top Cut in the previous event, and after receiving more support in Photon Shockwave in Dark Smog (Latinum? What's a Latinum?), it will be interesting to see if they break through this time.
Like any other deck, it will have to be a good build piloted by a good player (one who won't get DQ'ed this time around). Hopefully they'll draw well enough over the course of the event, avoiding hands full of discard outlets but nothing worth discarding, and vice versa. The strength of Dragged Down to the Grave along with 2x Mind Crush and Trap Dustshoot cannot be underestimated. So long as they're piloted by good players, I expect to see 3-4 Dark World decks making it into the Top 32 Cut.

Slowly fading into the background:
I expect to see fewer and fewer Agent decks in the Top Cut, now that most players are maining Thunder King Raioh in twos or threes, and siding hate like Leeching the Light / Bottomless Trap Hole / Dimensional Prison. I personally feel that the deck has to focus more on abusing Archlord Kristya rather than cute tricks with T.G.'s, but that's just me. I expect to see 2-3 Agent decks make it into the Top 32 Cut.

The New Guy:
Much like the Dark World deck, the Rabbit Laggia deck is also receiving a lot of hype. Laggia and Dolkka are 2 very overpowered monsters, but a drawback is that the deck must play at least 6 normal monsters in order to function. Opening with or drawing into Sabersaurus isn't terrible, seeing as its still a 1900 beatstick, but it's Kabazauls that's the problem. It's paltry 1700 ATK and lack of an effect makes it extremely subpar when used alone, as an opponent can ram into it with a Reborn Tengu for the +1.

The one other flaw with the deck is that it focuses a lot on achieving the lock provided by Laggia and Dolkka. While that can be game-breaking, that setup is a lot less threatening if the opponent has already established decent field presence. That is to say, the deck excels at preventing things from happening, but has trouble dealing with things that are already there, especially stronger monsters. Indestructible monsters like Spirit Reaper are also pretty good against the deck, as the deck typically doesn't play very many outs.

Personally I think that no more than 2 Rabbit Laggia decks will make it into the Top 32 cut; it will be a really new deck, and people may not necessarily have had the time to acquire everything given the price tag of some of the cards required, never mind getting solid testing done. Given the extremely random deck spread on Dueling Network, and how a fair portion of the userbase don't even know basic rulings, to use it as a primary source of testing for an event such as this one would probably be a huge mistake (unless you're playing with friends who are competent).

Back For More:
After achieving Top 16 at both YCS Toronto and YCS Columbus, it's hard to ignore Karakuris. A legitimate contender due to the deck's explosiveness and ability to bring out Naturia Beast, I expect this deck to keep its status quo, taking up 1-2 spots in the Top 32.

Dark Horse picks: 
Though this may sound weird, I actually think Gravekeepers might stand a chance at this event. Obviously, they won't be maining Royal Tribute anymore since Dark Worlds are around, but their 3 field spells matches up well with Dark Worlds 3 field spells. The high trap count that the deck plays can also be invaluable across multiple matchups (I assume that the player will have already taken into account the dangers of playing this deck in a format with Heavy Storm and 3 MST's available, and taken adequate measures.)
One of the more important reasons I brought this deck up though, is the release of Darklight, a super rare trap card in PHSW, which allows you to tribute a Dark monster with 1500+ ATK to destroy all monsters that were special summoned during that turn. It's obviously no Royal Oppression, but with Necrovalley up, you'll be able to tribute off your GK Recruiter to pop monster(s) and net a search.

Another deck that I can see having an upswing in play at YCS Kansas City is HEROes, due to the power of Super Polymerization, which provides a convenient out to most monsters. HERO decks are also fairly versatile in the way they can be built, as well as the room to accommodate tech cards, which is a plus.

I suppose I can amalgamate them into one big category, but I can see exodia / final countdown decks doing a lot better than they have before, now that One Day of Peace / Momentary Truce is legal for play, allowing the user to play bitch and draw a card. I don't know if this is the final piece that one or more of these decks needed to break into the Top cut, but it makes them a lot more consistent. I personally intensely dislike these strategies, but if one decides to use them, I will respect their choice.

Finally, I think Frog Monarchs will remain a solid, budget, pick for this event, despite the release of Dark Smog for Dark Worlds. Vanity's Fiend is really underrated, and the fact that the deck mains multiple cards to bait out Laggia's negation (Enemy ControllersSoul Exchanges), as well as a good amount of "hand trap" cards, is a plus.
However, the deck isn't really all that popular; the only player with multiple event tops I can think of off the top of my head that still plays this is Scott Page, so it's kind of hard to say how well this deck will do, since in terms of numbers, it is most likely at a disadvantage.

This blog has finally reached it's 1 year anniversary!
When I first started up this blog, inspired by the likes of Rauzes, Mike Bonacini (DeathAspect), Neuxcharge, Mike Ting (Dueling Legacy), and LightGrunty, I didn't think that I would have kept this running for this long.
At the time, there really weren't all that many TCG bloggers, especially ones who updated their content on a frequent basis, so I decided to put myself out there to help the blogging community grow a little. This blog was designed to be a conduit through which I would express my thoughts, concepts, ideas, and at times silliness, in relation to the game through text. I am quite aware though, that my output has gradually decreased over the past little while; school & work have unfortunately been eating up a lot of my time.
Hopefully that will change in the near future, though with Final Exams approaching, I'm not terribly optimistic that I'll be able to pump out the usual quantity of posts per month, but I will try.

With Photon Shockwave out today (Tuesday the 15th), I decided to buy 10 packs, and my foolish gamble was rewarded:
Lightserpent / Fenghuang / Galaxy Queen / Evolzar Laggia (ulti) / Evolzar Laggia (ultra)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Decklist: HEROes Ver. 1.0

Sorry for the lack of updates, school is getting pretty hectic nowadays, as I'm in the midst of the 2nd wave of midterms. Le sigh.

Monsters: (15)
1x Elemental HERO Stratos
3x Elemental HERO Neos Alius
1x Elemental HERO Ice Edge
1x Evocator Chevalier
1x Honest
1x Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness
3x Thunder King Rai-Oh
2x Maxx "C"
2x Effect Veiler

Spells: (15)
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
1x Book of Moon
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x E-Emergency Call
2x Miracle Fusion
1x Super Polymerization
3x Gemini Spark
3x Pot of Duality

Traps: (10)
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Solemn Warning
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Trap Dustshoot
1x Mirror Force
1x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Dimensional Prison
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device

Extra: (15)
1x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Brionac
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Trishula
3x Elemental HERO The Shining
2x Elemental HERO Absolute Zero
1x Elemental HERO Nova Master
1x Elemental HERO Gaia
1x Elemental HERO Great Tornado
1x Leviair
1x Utopia

Sunday, November 6, 2011

PHSW sneak peak results (short post)

I entered twice in total:
Entry 1: Darklight
Entry 2: Photon Sabre Tiger (hurrah!) and Sergeant Electro

I didn't see any Rabbits being pulled, though there were a couple Laggia's here and there, and one Dolkka.

After skimming through the commons, the best way to win is probably using Wattcobra and protecting it with the myriad of attack negating or attack boosting spells and traps. Considering the sneak sets LP at 4000, a 1000 atk direct attacker with a searching effect is certainly a valuable asset. If one was lucky enough to pull Laggia, provided they had the means to get it out, it's pretty much unstoppable lol, given the amount of cards one would have to use to get rid of it.
Some of the commons/rares are kind of interesting, I'll have to see what I can do with them.

I didn't end up playing in either of the sealed tournaments, as I had work, which would overlap with the tournament times.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Locals Report 11/03/2011

Not dealing with YGO over the last few days did me wonders. I was rejuvenated, and my Soul of a Duelist was cleansed. After getting a haircut to sharpen my Yugi-senses, it was clearly time to get my game on, so I headed over to locals. It's time to duel!

Of the 4 "Nexus" collaborators, CQiao was absent due to other commitments (Pokemon), so only JC, Hikarusaii, and TYu were here today. Would I be able to survive their onslaught again?
I honestly couldn't decide between which of the 2 decks I brought, so I let TYu pick. He hit a random deckbox , so it was going to be T.G. Gadget time!

Round 1: LFN (T.G. Gadgets) vs Samson (Plants / Synchro Summon)
I lose the dice roll
G1: Nothing really spectacular happens, Gadgets do what Gadgets do best. Maxx "C" was also MVP.
G2: He hits me with double Mind Crush off my T.G. searches, but I still win lol. Duality certainly helped out.
Result: OO

Round 2: LFN (T.G. Gadgets) vs Nick D (Gadget Stun)
I win the dice roll
G1: I open with a Gadget, search, and set backrows. He's like OH I SEE. I'm like lol. He summons a Gadget. I'm like OH I SEE. He's like lol.
This was a bit of a grind but I'm able to sustain advantage, despite his use of his Pot of Avarice, to take this game.
G2: I have difficulties dealing with Reborn Tengu and 2 Solemn Warnings, and he takes it.
G3: My Solemn Warning slows him down, and I'm able to net enough advantage to eke out the win.
Result: OXO

Round 3: LFN (T.G. Gadgets) vs "Nexus" - Hikarusaii (Plants / Synchro Summon)
I win the dice roll
G1: I make Naturia Beast, but he's able to kill it. Sadface. I'm able to push through his BLS, and win this game.
G2: He drops BLS and King Tiger Wanghu on me, kills my  monster, and drops me to 700 LP. I look at my hand. I have Pot of Avarice, and 4 weak monsters, all which would certainly die to Wanghu if summoned, or banished by BLS if set. I attempt to invoke my Duelist's luck, which usually isn't very powerful nor effective, and Avarice 5 monsters back. Destiny Draw time! I draw into a Gadget and Glow up Bulb. It's time to scoop!
G3: I again have difficulties dealing with the cycle of  Tengus, and he drops Mind Control to seal my fate. The soul-infusing powers he gained from entering the Nexus Collusion were apparently too much for me to handle.
Result: OXX

Round 4: LFN (T.G. Gadgets) vs Edward (Tour Guide / Zombie / Plant / Diva "Good Stuff" deck)
I win the dice roll
G1: I open with a really mediocre hand, which he takes advantage of. Despite knowing that I had Duality'd into Heavy Storm, he still boldly set a backrow. I dismiss it as a bluff, and run my Gorz into Mirror Force. Mind Games! I later on realized that I had yet to use my Glow Up Bulb's effect, which could have prolonged the game. Ugh misplay. If there was a Yugioh God somewhere out there, he would probably be shaking his head.
G2: I open better, and begin netting advantage. My mechanical little buggers extinguish his LP swiftly.
G3: I eat a Solemn Warning, and fail to draw outs for his Brionac, and I lose.
Result: XOX
Final Result: 2-2

[fiction] I collapse and cry out as my body dissolves and I get banished to the Shadow Realm! [/fiction]

Well damn. After going X-0 and X-1 at my locals for the past while, accumulating a very mediocre 2-2 record is certainly disappointing.
However, I pull in some good sales/trades, making bank and trading in $60 cash and some cards needed for Malefic Drain.dek for a Tour Guide. Nice!

That's all for today, thanks for reading ~

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A little burnt out?

I apologize for the lack of updates over the course of these past few days, I'm not dead or anything, Yugioh just hasn't been particularly interesting as of late.
I wonder if it's bad that the card I want the most from Photon Shockwave is Photon Sabre Tiger =/ . Zenmaines is nice too I guess but I'm not really pumped for it, seeing as I don't own Tour Guides lol.

I've purchased some cards online (including ultra Formelsynchrons and super Kaluts from the German exclusive AdventKalender), and already received my issue of Shonen Jump in the mail (though Endless Decay is meh), but other than that, it's been pretty stale for me.
I suppose it's interesting enough that Maxx C has usurped Effect Veiler as the current go-to "hand trap" card, with its price increasing several times over to accommodate the increase in demand, though they're both ineffective against the Rabbit Laggia decks that main Dimensional Fissure.

On a closing note, due to school, I will be unable to travel to the United States to participate in the Seattle Regionals taking place on November 12th, which is a shame, seeing as my area won't be getting another regional event until some time early next year.
IDK, I suppose I'll build some rogue/troll decks in the meantime, and see how that works out.