Sunday, February 26, 2012

YCS Leipzig: Aftermath & Analysis

Just one week after YCS Atlanta, YCS Leipzig took place, over in Europe. According to Konami, there were 1137 participants, a healthy number, from all over Europe. With the timing of the event being so close to that of YCS Atlanta, it wasn't likely that there would be any real change to the structure of the meta. It was already made apparent from YCS Guadalajara and Atlanta just what the top tier decks of the end of this format were, and leading into the beginning of next format: Dino Rabbit, Wind Ups, and Inzektors.

The Top 32
19x Dino Rabbit
6x Inzektors
4x Wind Ups
1x Plant Synchro
1x Gravekeepers
1x Agents

As expected, there weren't any surprises here, as the 'big 3' decks continued their dominating streak from last week's YCS Atlanta. Dino Rabbit, in particular, was again the clear cut dominant deck. Seeing as neither of these 3 decks will be affected in any way by the banlist (which in fact more or less finished off 2 dying decks in the TCG in Plant Synchro and Agents), one can presume that they will continue their dominance up until the release of the next booster set Galactic Overlord, which boasts the powerful Hieroglyph / Holy Mark / Sacred archetype. Granted, it's unknown just how much of an impact that will have in the TCG, but they certainly have potential.

Going through the list of players who topped though, there are quite a few names that I recognized, including Michel Gruner (winner of YCS Bochum) and Stephan Sluis (winner of YCS Paris), as well as others that have topped YCS events before, like Schumacher, Weber, and Long. Having a good amount of decent (or better) players top the final YCS before the next banlist is a good way to finish off the format imo.

The Top 8
4x Inzektors
3x Dino Rabbit
1x Wind Up

The Top 4
3x Inzektors
1x Dino Rabbit

Gradually, every deck but the Inzektor decks were whittled down considerably as the Top Cut rounds progressed. By the time the Top 4 pairings were put up, there was but one Dino Rabbit deck remaining, out of the initial 19 that made the Top Cut.

The Finals
Stephan Sluis was able to pilot his Dino Rabbit deck, the last one remaining, to victory, cutting down his opponent's Bug deck to become the first player to win 2 European YCS events. Congratulations to him.
I wonder if the domination of this event by Dino Rabbit, including the eventual victory, will finally spur Konami to take a good look at the state of the TCG meta and do something about it?

Other Thoughts
Again, Europe's YCS coverage team pushed out yet another fine product, as there were tons of timely updates with working pictures, and the Top 16 decklists were already posted by the end of the event.

I'm really not expecting the meta to change at all until GAOV, as it's pretty clear that Dino Rabbit has the edge among the 'big 3', with Wind Ups and Inzektors jostling for 2nd and 3rd place. I believe that Wind Ups have the slight edge over their buggy rivals, due to greater flexibility of plays and subsequently a greater number of options. The numbers from this particular event seem to reflect that, as 4 of the 78 total Wind Up decks topped, yielding ~ 5.13%, while 6 of the 122 total Inzektor decks topped, yielding ~ 4.92%. In comparison, 19 of the 149 Dino Rabbit decks topped, yielding ~ 12.75%, a noticeable difference.

This all makes sense of course. Dino Rabbit is the least susceptible to hand traps amongst the 3 decks. Effect Veiler is pretty useless as it's only able to hit Tour Guide plays. Maxx "C" will indeed net you 2 draws, resulting in a +1, but you will have to give up that +1 in the attempt to get rid of Laggia / Dolkka, the Walking Solemn and Walking Divine Wrath respectively, both of which would ideally be created from 1 card anyway (Rabbit into 2 vanillas, or Jurrac Guaiba pulling out another copy of itself). As such, neither hand trap really stop the deck.
In comparison, Wind Ups are able to play around Effect Veiler to some extent, but are shut down by Maxx "C". There are exceptions, such as when the player is going for game, and can ignore the draws generated by an opponent's "C".
Inzektors, in contrast, aren't really hurt by "C", but don't like being hit by Effect Veiler.
Even after side decking, there are plenty of hate that can be sided against both Wind Ups and Inzektors (Gozen Match, Rivalry of Warlords, Macro CosmosCyber Dragon, etc for the Toys ; Shadow Imprisoning Mirrors, Prohibition, D.D. Crow, Macro Cosmos, etc for the Bugs), all of which can cripple the deck to some degree, while there aren't cards that can devastate the Dino Rabbit deck to that same extent. Snowman Eater is probably the best bet, but a few Dino Rabbit players are starting to side stuff like Shield Crush in anticipation of that. Either that, or they could just bring out a Dolkka to back up the Laggia, or vice versa.

Personally, I have a bit of a bias towards HEROes as a decent pick with which to counter the meta. The deck's biggest asset, arguably, is the versatility with which one can construct a side deck, as it can pretty much flawlessly integrate the aforementioned side deck cards that adversely affect both Inzektors and Wind Ups. Even against Dino Rabbit, which appears to be a somewhat unfavorable matchup due to the presence of big beatsticks with negation effects, neither Dolkka nor Laggia are able to stop Super Polymerization, and the HERO deck can also be tweaked to accommodate Skill Drains as well, which pretty much shits on the meta. The deck isn't affected a whole lot by Maxx "C" and Effect Veiler, much like Dino Rabbit, which is yet another plus in my books.
The biggest disadvantage is probably a lack of speed (hopefully Maxx "C" will enable it to keep up), and unlike more mainstream decks, how it is unable to rapidly generate advantage, which can be of concern at times. Still, I like the deck enough that I can safely say that at the moment, it's one of the decks that I'm considering to play at YCS Long Beach.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Locals Report: 02/23/2012

This was my last locals tournament before the March 2012 banlist kicks in next Thursday lol. I had considered playing Plant Synchro for the last time, but ultimately, to coincide with the release of the Ra Yellow Mega Pack, I opted to throw together a more heroic deck, to take advantage of the newly-foiled E-Emergency Call...

Round 1: LFN (E-HeEROes) vs Nick D. (Duplication Ninja)
I win the dice roll
G1: I opened with 3 Little Girls in a row and some spells/traps, so I summoned 1, pulled Sangan, made Zenmaines and hoped to camp on it and stall for a bit. He clearly had other ideas, as he immediately dropped a main-decked Cyber Dragon, which I was forced to Solemn Warning. He eventually gets rid of it with Karakuri Ninja Sazank though, and my only play was to Monster Reborn my Sangan in hopes of surviving and thinning out my deck. It was not meant to be, as he then tributed off a monster for his main-decked Caius to banish my Sangan for 1000 damage and swing for game. I was somewhat frustrated by the hand I opened with, but it was at least of some consolation that he remained oblivious as to what I was playing.
G2: I reveal my strategy as I bash in his LP with Neos Alius. The game ends when he derps me with his BLS, only for me to drop my own BLS and derp him in return
G3: I get hit by his Dustshoot a few turns in, but I'm playing HEROes so it's not as devastating as it would be against other decks. I'm able to grind through his traps and win
Result: XOO
This was actually quite the interesting deck. Tributing Hanzo / Upstart Golden Ninja for Ninjitsu Art of Duplication enabled him to bring out Sazank and Crimson Ninja, which would be used to get rid of problem monsters and snipe backrow, respectively, before being tributed off for a Caius. Given the minimalist nature of most trap lineups nowadays due to the presence of Inzektors, it's actually a pretty cool concept, as the odds are high that Crimson Ninja will be targeting something important.

Round 2: LFN (E-HEROes) vs Craig (Wind Ups)
I lose the dice roll
G1: I open with Solemn Warning and Solemn Judgment, but not much else, so I only prolonged my eventual defeat at the hands of his Rabbits (paws I guess?), Boats(do boats have hands? hmm... ) and such.
G2: After he vomits a bunch of monsters onto the field, he opted to push for damage instead of looping my hand. Relieved, I began my counterattack, dropping BLS, and banishing an Alius and Zenmaines for Nova MasterBLS banishes his Tiras, I believe, while Nova Master kills another one of his XYZ. I then Super Poly with his remaining XYZ for Absolute Zero to connect for 2500 damage, and he concedes after seeing his next draw.
G3: I open with double Gozen Match and a Fiendish Chain lol. I set all 3, knowing that while it would be incredibly game-breaking if he had Heavy Storm, the odds of him having Heavy weren't nearly as high as the odds of having 1 of 3 copies of MST. My gamble paid off, and he did in fact have a MST. It was only able to snipe off 1 of the Gozens, enabling the other to lock him down. This sets him back considerably, and his LP gets whittled down considerably as he waits to draw into more spell/trap removal. He eventually does draw into the Heavy, but his LP was pretty low by that time, and after I dropped Gorz on his lone Adreus, he conceded.
Result: XOO

Round 3: LFN (E-HEROes) vs James Z (Skill Drain Dark World)
I win the dice roll
G1: This was a bit of a grind, as neither of us could get anything going. Eventually though, he does, and he takes a narrow victory with only 800 LP left
G2: He whacks me with EEV, declaring spell cards for a massive plus, but I draw well enough to push with my monsters. He fails to draw into an out for The Shining and that was game
G3: Another long, drawn-out game, We went into time, where I was down to 1350 LP to his 7800 LP, after I had already burned a Solemn Warning and Solemn Judgment. Things were not looking good, and despite having BLS banish one of his Graphas, it was in actuality irrelevant, for he made a nifty play to equip Safe Zone on my BLS the next turn, and then play Heavy Storm to destroy the Safe Zone and subsequently my BLS.
Result: XOX

Final Round: LFN (E-HEROes) vs NEXUS-Jack (Dino Rabbit)
I lose the dice roll
G1: I cannot contend with his Walking Solemns and was soundly defeated. It would have been nice to have drawn into Super Poly, or at least something with which to bait out the negation, but it was not meant to be
At this point, he reveals that among the four x-1's remaining, his tie-breaks were by far the worst lol. Knowing that his role in the tournament had been reduced to crushing other people's dreams, despite being up a game, he offers a split lol, in the hopes that I would be able to top.
It didn't work out and I placed 3rd, while the prize payout, due to a lower attendance this week, was awarded only to the Top 2.
NEXUS-CQiao eventually obliterated James and his trap-heavy Dark World deck with the power of the Six Samurai and Naturia Barkion, and was awarded 5 Turbo Packs for finishing in 1st place.
Out of his 1st pack, he cracked a super rare Horn of the Phantom Beast. He then cracked an ultra rare Book of Moon. Everyone watching was like Whoahhh buddy. NEXUS- Jack then reached over and cracked open one of the last remaining prize packs, silently inspected the contents, and passed it back to NEXUS-CQiao. It was another Book of Moon! At this point everyone was like LOLLLLWHOAHHHHH. It was quite a hilarious spectacle; pack-sacking at it's finest, I must say.

Overall though, despite some rough patches, I had no regrets with my choice of deck for the tournament. My side-deck was actually pretty bad, and contributed to a couple of my losses, but seeing as everything was hastily built before the tournament, I suppose it couldn't be helped. The Gozen MatchesCyber DragonsSnowman Eaters, the 2nd Super Polymerization, and the single Dimensional Prison were good, but everything else was mediocre or simply useless.
Later that night, after board games at CQiao's place with Bidier and the NEXUS, I arrived home to find that my SJ magazine had arrived earlier in the day, bearing Number 30: Acid Golem. It was bent though, which wasn't so pleasant, but Acid Golem is Acid Golem, and it will fit quite nicely into my extra deck, replacing Trishula upon it's imminent banhammering.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The official TCG March 2012 banlist & YCS Atlanta decklists

Lol what a surprise, the official TCG banlist for the March 2012 season was posted up yesterday, with absolutely no deviance from the OCG banlist that was revealed a few days prior. Wonderful. That's great, really. /sarcasm
I obviously don't agree with a lot of the choices that they made, save for upping Torrential Tribute to 2 and banning Trap Dustshoot, but I can understand why they made most of them, at the very least...

Neither Spore nor Glow Up Bulb are really banworthy (Ok, Bulb makes Plaguespreader look like a joke, but still), but coupled with the limiting of T.G. Striker and The Agent of Mystery Earth, it almost seems like Konami is trying to push the XYZ mechanic even more, or rather, forcing players to abide by it, by hitting arguably the current 4 most popular tuner monsters (except for Effect Veiler). Trishula, one of the most powerful synchro monsters ever created, was hit as well, though I find it to be an unnecessary banning, as the banning of Spore and Bulb along with the semi-limiting of Reborn Tengu, already significantly increased the likelihood that it would be a 3-card investment, rather than 'almost free', due to the abuse of floaters and tokens.
I don't know what to say, it just seems like Konami's really pushing for a theme-oriented and XYZ-heavy meta, seeing as how they hit a bunch of tuners and essentially killed off Plant Synchro, the only non-themed Tier 1 deck with an aptitude for performing synchro summons that still existed in competitive play. RIP you will be missed.

In regards to the semi-limiting of Lumina and Smoke Signal, 2 very controversial decisions, it seems likely that it was done to sell product, given how the original Six Samurai monsters and a bunch of Lightsworn monsters were reprinted not too long ago in the Legendary Collection 2, and again just recently in the Ra Yellow mega pack.

On a side note, in contrast to past evidences, Konami was actually fairly timely with their release of the Top 32 decklists from YCS Atlanta. They can be found here. I'll award some points for timeliness, but their coverage as a whole is still atrocious and leaves a lot to be desired.
In terms of the decklists though, I'll be honest and say that I don't really agree with some of the card choices that certain players made. Seeing as they topped though, well, they must have done something right, despite playing what I personally perceive to be non-optimal builds.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Locals Report 02/19/2012

Surprisingly enough, I didn't have work this past Sunday, so I made my way over to the Sunday locals. My primary intention, of course, was to scoop up cards I needed for the upcoming format before their prices would inevitably rise due to March banlist hype, with actually playing in the tournament coming in as the 2nd priority.

I stuck with the deck I've been using for the past week and a half, though I did switch the Toy Kittehhh back for the Wind Up Soldier I was originally playing, and decided to experiment with a copy of Compulsory Evacuation Device in the sideboard.
In addition, I reverted back to my old Ano Hana mat, in the hopes that this superstitious behavior would enable me to stop drawing crap hands as frequently lol...  [SPOILER: It worked! ]

Round 1: LFN (Toy Story) vs Chai Guo Jia (CB)
Lol this was the exact same matchup from this past Thursday's locals
I lose the dice roll
G1: Despite losing the roll, I still managed to loop him, and OTK'ed a couple turns later.
G2: I loop him again, this time for 3 cards, since I opened with a Rat in hand. I beat him down with Leviathan Dragon the rest of the way.
Result: OO

Round 2: LFN (Toy Story) vs Benson (???)
I win the dice roll
G1: I open with a really mediocre hand so I set Solemn and passed. He special summons The Tricky and starts beating face. I eventually draw into enough monsters to make a push with, and flip my Solemn on his Solemn Warning. I subsequently loop his hand, discarding a 2nd The Tricky, among other things. I still have yet to figure out what he's playing lol
G2: He goes 1st, summons Bora, and sets 2. I'm really confused at this point, and just assume it to be a newb deck that could have anything in it. I kill Bora with Wind Up Soldier, and loop him on my next turn.
Result: OO
After the game, when I asked him what he sided in, his friend sitting beside him asked "what's a side deck?" lol.

Round 3: LFN (Toy Story) vs Andrew Y. (Bugs)
I win the dice roll
G1: I loop him, and after finally getting past the Zenmaines he was desperately camping on, I end up winning the game with an armada of Boats and Tiras
G2: He fails to access Inzektor Hornet on his first turn, seeing as all he did was Duality for a Solemn Warning and set it, so I drop Prohibition and declare Hornet lol, before summoning Tour Guide into Sangan to see if he would flip the Warning on the Guide. He doesn't of course, so my 2 monsters start to chip at his LP. The Prohibition locks him down all game, and aside from using up all 3 of his Solemns, his only options were to summon random Inzektors and attempt to beat over the monsters that I had successfully summoned.
Result: OO

Round 4: LFN (Toy Story) vs Mateo (Six Samurai)
I lose the dice roll
G1: I have an all monster hand, and cannot deal with his LSS Shien, LSS Enishi, and Book of Moon. It would have been a lot more manageable if he didn't have the Enishi.
G2: He doesn't see a monster the entire game lol.
G3: He drops GatewayDojo, and United, then vomits a bunch of monsters onto the field. I play bitch with Snowman Eaters and Dprisons, then engage in a Solemn war, where I Solemn his Solemn that was trying to negate my Warning. He eventually had the Gateway and Dojo still face up, as well as a Rivalry of Warlords a Necrovalley, and a mystery backrow (later revealed to be Mirror Force),but no monsters. I needed to top a MST or Heavy Storm to clear the Rivalry and start summoning monsters, as my spent Snowman Eater was just a meatshield. I topped Heavy Storm like a true sack would (I'm usually not much of a sack; true story), and everything went better than expected, as I was able to derp unobstructed and wipe out his remaining 3900 LP.
Result: XOO

At this point, NEXUS-Jack and myself were the only undefeated players, so he asks for a split, which the TO permits. We would still play it out with fun decks to decide on who would get the win. I agree, and he busts out Strike Ninja + D.D. Scout Plane.dek, while I, as part of the agreement, used a deck that I had prepared for the upcoming format. As such, I wasn't permitted to use Dustshoot and Trishula, but was allowed 2 copies of Emergency Teleport.
Round 5: LFN (Dark Synchro / TeleDAD 2012) vs NEXUS-Jack (Strike Ninja + D.D. Scout Plane .dek)
G1: I survived his push with Trishula and Dark Armed Dragon, and after he repeatedly abused his Scout Planes with Creeping Darkness and Strike Ninja, I was eventually able to clear his backrow, and punch a  Scout Plane (it's effect stipulates that it must return in atk position, after all) with my 3000 atk Leviathan Dragon for game.
G2: It was a pretty back and forth game up until I topped Dark Armed Dragon. At this point, his LP was in the mid-4000's, and his only card on the field was an atk position Card Trooper, with 1 card in hand, which he later confessed to be Gorz. I summoned the Dark Armed, went Tour Guide into Giga Brilliant, and used Brilliant's effect to pump both itself and the Dark ArmedDark Armed then popped my Brilliant, giving myself the light I needed to drop Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken and push through the Trooper for game.
Result: OO
Final Result: 5-0

E-teleport based decks probably won't be too viable due to the presence of Maxx "C", but seeing as Destiny Draw is my favorite spell card, it (the E-teleport) coming back to 2 was enough to motivate me to build this deck, even though I highly doubt the deck will be anywhere near Tier 1. In particular, I foresee it having an unfavorable Dino Rabbit matchup.
I ended up pulling another super rare Yellow Gadget out of my winnings, which is kewl. I sold some stuff, acquired the remaining cards I needed for a fun deck I had outlined for next format, and called it a day.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

YCS Atlanta: Aftermath & Analysis

YCS Atlanta took place this past weekend (February 18th/19th), and was the last North American YCS event to take place before the upcoming March banlist.
Capping off at 1325 participants, almost triple that of YCS Guadalajara, this would most certainly be a more accurate indicator of the meta shift due to a larger sample size. Would Six Samurai make yet another surprise appearance? Would Wind Ups continue to take up the bulk of the Top Cut spots? Could Billy Brake win his 3rd YCS of the format before it ends?

The Top 32
15x Dino Rabbit
9x Wind Up
2x Inzektors
2x Tech Genus
1x Agents
1x Empty Jar
1x Evolsaurs
1x Dark World

Clearly, in contrast to YCS Guadalajara, where Wind Ups were dominant, it was in fact the Dino Rabbit deck that managed to emerge as the 'best' deck, taking up 15 of the Top 32 spots. The power of the bunny!
In theory, it would make sense, since Dolkka / Laggia backed by Fiendish Chains and/or other protection cards is really strong against both Wind Ups and Inzektors, while Jurrac Guaiba is able to run over all the monsters in both decks, short of Wind Up Magicians and Inzektor Dragonflies that were set in defense, or a randomly teched Wind Up Soldier. In all honesty I hate the deck but it's whatever lol, if it's good it will win.

Interestingly enough, it appears that the reputable/established players were divided in opinion towards what the 'best' deck for the event was. Going by Konami's statistics, it appears that the majority of them (Albans, Giorlando, Lux, Aguero) opted for Dino Rabbit, though there were a couple Wind Ups (Tinsley, Vo), and 1 Agent (Keener, of course). Though they failed to make the Top Cut, it was stated that Billy Brake went with Wind Ups, while Jeff Jones played an interesting Inzektor + Jurrac hybrid.
Furthermore, I find it incredulous that Empty Jar managed to top, in an environment where an Empty Jar player could lose at least half his hand to Wind Ups before even getting a turn, or have his most important cards negated by Dolkka / Laggia.

The Top 16
7x Dino Rabbit
5x Wind Up
1x Agents
1x Empty Jar
1x Dark World
1x Tech Genus
The most significant thing to take away from this is that all of the Inzektor decks were knocked out lol. Other than that, it looks pretty similar to the Top 32 results.

The Top 8
3x Dino Rabbit
3x Wind Up
1x Agents
1x Tech Genus

By this time, the number of Dino Rabbit decks remaining in the tournament had dropped down to 3 of the 8 spots. Both the Dark World and Empty Jar decks failed to advance to this round.

The Top 4
2x Dino Rabbit
1x Wind Up
1x Tech Genus

Agents finally died.
At this point, the 2 Dino Rabbit decks were paired against each other, leaving Wind Ups to contend with Tech Genus in a battle of the minority decks.

The Finals
Marquis Henderson was able to eke out a win against Roman Rodriguez, stifling Rodriguez's Dino Rabbit deck with his Tech Genus Stun deck and its arsenal of traps. As the format draws to a close, I would think that this was a well-deserved win for this type of deck, given how T.G. Striker appears to be going to be limited come March, in addition to the semi-limiting of Reborn Tengu. One last hurrah, if you will. Granted, I would be equally, if not more, happy if Plant Synchro / Synchrocentric / Tour Guide Tengu Plants topped and won, but it is what it is.

His decklist, for those who care, is already up:

I can somewhat understand how he was able to get away with not playing Effect Veiler due to the maindecked Skill Drains, but how he was able to get away with not playing Maxx "C" is beyond me, as he would have no outs for Wind Ups should he be going 2nd.
I also didn't agree with not playing the 2nd Solemn Warning, despite his explanations for doing so.
Overall I feel that he was using a slightly subpar build, but congratulations to him for winning nonetheless.
[On a side note, I felt like the people interviewing this kid were subtly bashing him. Asshats.]

Other Thoughts
It is evident that Dino Rabbit and Wind Ups were the best decks at the event, just like people predicted they would be (though I honestly thought that Inzektors would do better than they did). I'm not sure if these results will push Konami to finally allow for divergence from the OCG and the subsequent creation of a separate TCG banlist, but it would certainly be welcome. Hopefully the results of YCS Atlanta will serve as a wake up call, if the complete absence of T.G. Agents in the TCG metagame wasn't enough already. Certainly, these results reiterate the power of TCG exclusives, which is obviously not a good thing, as TCG exclusives typically have enjoyed banlist immunity for long stretches of time.
Then again, Konami could very well be like "well, we were going to do something if Wind Ups, Dino Rabbit, or Inzektors won, but Tech Genus did, so too bad".

I suppose it's a further step down from YCS Guadalajara, but not a single Plant Synchro / Synchrocentric deck topped this event lol. Granted, it has an unfavorable Dino Rabbit matchup, but I believe that its versatility and consistency would have allowed it to squeak in a couple spots at the very least. Another factor could have been that most of the reputable players present had abandoned the deck in favor of Dino Rabbit / Inzektors / Wind Ups.

Assuming that the TCG won't be receiving a separate banlist (unfortunately), this event provides a very good  outlook on what to expect for YCS Long Beach in March, though, of course, one shouldn't expect Tech Genus to pull off another win lol.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Locals Report 02/16/2012

I wasn't too sure if I was going to post this up, but here it is anyway
I decided to try a Wind Up Kitten in place of the lone Wind Up Soldier, as in theory, it would be pretty good for bouncing stuff like synchro monsters, Tiras, and Zenmaines. Now how would that work out...? (SPOILER: It was horrific)


Round 1: LFN (Toy Story) vs Ken K (T.G. Stun)
G1: He flips Skill Drain on me, and I fail to draw into a MST or Heavy Storm
G2: Royal Decree!
G3: It soon becomes apparent that all his backrows are bluffs, so I make a bunch of boats and a Utopia and rush him. Utopia is 2500 so I could care less about Horn of the Phantom Beast lol.
Result: XOO

Round 2: LFN (Toy Story) vs NEXUS - Seb (Wind Ups)
I lose the dice roll
G1: We both open the combo, and while neither of us had an Effect Veiler or an Expensive Insect, the difference is that he had the privilege of going 1st, so I got looped. I attempted to make a comeback, needing to overcome his Leviathan Dragon, a couple boats, a Wind Up Rabbit, and a lone backrow. I read the backrow as being either Fiendish Chain, Dimensional Prison, or any of the Solemns, so I hoped it wasn't a Solemn and opted to go for Adreus instead of Tiras. It wasn't a Solemn thankfully, and after popping Leviathan, I attempted to attack his Boat. It was Mirror Force nooo...!
"Kill the boat! Adreus!"
"Holy Barria Mirra Fohsu!"
Adreus was defeated!
G2: We both go back and forth but I again didn't have the Expensive Insect , yet drew into Wind Up Kitten,(damn youuu kittehhhhhh!!) so I was eventually overwhelmed and lost
Result: XX
The NEXUS..!!  D:

Round 3: LFN (Toy Story) vs Jeff W (Bugs)
I win the dice roll
G1: I loop him, but he tops Dark Hole lol. At some point, he flips his main decked Royal Decree (!!!) to freeze my backrow, so I go lol k and swarm him for game
G2: I thought it would be ezpz after he failed to do anything with his first Gigamantis. It turns out he mains TRIPLE (3 !!) Gigamantis !!! Who would have seen THAT coming? He eventually swarms, made Exabeetle (!!!) to send my Tiras to the grave, popped my remaining monsters, and went for game. I was like What's going on??!!
G3: We go into time soon after the game started, and I had already used a Solemn Warning lol... I attempt to equalize by killing his monsters with Cyber Dragon, and on the following turn, he passed without making a play. I would lose if I attacked into Gorz, as my other cards were Shadow Imprisoning, a spent Fiendish Chain, Wind Up Magician, and an Effect Veiler, so I passed on attacking for the next 2 turns, hoping to draw an out to Gorz. I don't, drawing into an Expensive Insect and a Wind Up Factory, so go w/e and attack. No Gorz! I could have dealt an additional 4200 damage lol...The following turn, I attack again. It turns out he had just topped Gorz! Aghghgghghgh I lose.
Result: OXX
Honestly, I think he was playing a subpar build, but the power of the bugs was able to carry the deck despite its shortcomings.

Round 4: LFN (Toy Story) vs Chai Guo Jia (CB)
I lose the dice roll
G1: My only monsters for the majority of the game were 1 Wind Up Rat and Wind Up Kitten (Damn youuuuu kittehhhhhhhh!!!). It was quite sad. Before I was beaten to death by his sparkly monsters, I also drew an Effect Veiler. Helpful! I don't like Kitten anymore, it has failed me yet again :(
G2: I draw significantly better and do stuff and win easily
G3: The karma kicks in, as it becomes his turn to draw ass. I apply beatdown with Thunder King Raioh, and that was it.
Result: XOO

Round 5: LFN (Toy Story) vs NEXUS - CQiao (Six Samurai)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He goes 1st, drops Gateway of the Six, and vomits a bunch of monsters onto the field. I opened with a really passive hand, and scooped it up after he used Enishi's effect
G2: I go 1st, and the deck did what it was supposed to do. I finished him off with a Leviathan Dragon and Wind Up Rabbit
G3: My starting hand was 3!! Little Girls and 2!! Expensive Insects... LOL. He goes 1st, drops Elder and Asceticism, and I chain Expensive Insect. I pray that I don't draw Sangan LOL. I don't ! He makes ShiEn, sets backrow and ends. I draw for turn, and he flips Trap Dustshoot.... FFFFFFFuuuu
Result: XOX
The NEXUS... !! D: D:

Sighhhhhh lol. As a whole though, it was a pretty horrible tournament, even for the NEXUS, as only NEXUS - Seb was able to top.

Friday, February 17, 2012

OCG March 2012 banlist

Finally, something that appears to be a legitimate scan...
It's more or less the same shitty nonsensical list that's been floating around for the past couple of days.
Unless this is a marvelously well-done fake list of course.

Glow Up Bulb
Trap Dustshoot

The Agent of Mystery Earth
TG Striker

Lightlord Summoner Lumina
Emergency Teleport
Shien's Smoke Signal
Level Limit Area B
Torrential Tribute
Ultimate Offering
Reborn Tengu

Call of the Haunted

The final nail in the coffin in regards to the validity of this list would be the image of this list alongside the Giant Puppet thing promo card that's included with this very issue of VJump magazine. Should this be the case, that this is the official list, the best case scenario for the TCG would be the creation of a separate banlist. Here's hoping.

It just seems odd to me that even among the current Top Tier OCG decks, only Agents were hit, leaving Dino Rabbit and Inzektors untouched. I understand that there's the desire to push new product, but I don't feel that it's appropriate when it comes at the cost of the health of the game. Going by tournament results on Shriek, Inzektors are dominating, so it's quite worrisome how the theme/deck wasn't touched in any way. At least some of the fake lists tried lol, by hitting stuff like Armageddon Knight.

In regards to the TCG side of things, it looks to me like this list was finalized near the midpoint of the format, probably after Billy Brake won the 2nd of his back to back YCS victories. At that point, Plants / Synchrocentric were clearly the best deck, but their grip on the meta has slackened considerably as time went on. Currently, the decks to beat appear to be Inzektors, Dino Rabbit, and Wind Ups, the latter of which has escaped scrutiny in the OCG due to the absence of TCG exclusives like Tour Guide, Wind Up Shark, and Wind Up Rabbit. This could be (and most likely will be) problematic.

Banlist Breakdown

Trishula - Why ban this but not Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken? BLS is significantly easier to bring out, and has better stats
Glow Up Bulb - Sure, it's a tuner with free revival, but I've always perceived the problem card of the plant engine to be Dandylion
Spore - See Glow Up Bulb
Trap Dustshoot - The only ban I agree with. Good job.

The Agent of Mystery Earth - I feel that Venus or Hyperion should have been hit instead. It is essentially a Stratos, though it cannot search itself, much like Machina Gearframe, a card that remains at 3.
T.G. Striker - Why lol... T.G. Agents are doing really well in the OCG, but take away the Agent portion, and the T.G. components on their own aren't exactly Tier 1 material. The T.G. stun deck may as well be written off now.

Marshmallon - We have Spirit Reaper at 3, so sure, why not. In comparison, this card has a less devastating effect, but also lacks the destruction effect weakness. I'm indifferent towards this move.
Lumina - I would be entirely ok with this had they brought Judgment Dragon down to 1 (or banned it). This should greatly increase the consistency of Lightsworn, though whether or not it's enough for them to rise back to Tier 1 is unknown.
Emergency Teleport - This is fine. In all honesty, this could have went back to 2 right when Mind Master was banned. At this point in time, with Maxx "C" having become a necessity, I don't foresee this semi-limit making a huge impact
Shien's Smoke Signal - I'm ok with this. Similar to other themed search spells, it's only as good as the monsters it can fetch. Medallion of the Ice Barrier, for example, is at 3, but frankly speaking it's not like Ice Barriers are doing anything significant in the meta. I suppose I'll have to accommodate more side-deck slots for the inevitable influx of Samurai players now
Level Limit Area B - lol ok, MST is still at 3. Stall cards like level limit and Gravity Bind kind of lost a lot of their power upon the release of XYZ monsters
Torrential Tribute - I am ok with this. It punishes over-extensions, and should further promote skillful play, as you will now have TWO TT's to deal with.
Ultimate Offering - I surmise that this is a preemptive strike against Gadgets, just in case some silly overpowered Rank 4's get released in the near future
Reborn Tengu - The OCG doesn't even have this yet LOL. This was one of the primary reasons why, prior to this scan being released, I was certain that this list was fake. This was going to happen eventually, just sooner than expected.

Call of the Haunted - I would be ok with this had Monster Reborn been banned. I will now look to abuse the living shit out of Sangan, Card Trooper, Goblin Zombie, etc, thanks Konami.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lightrays lol

Hmm, this is an interesting concept... so after making 'dark' versions of multiple monsters, lets make 'light' versions!
From left to right: Lightray Gear Freed (Gearfried), Lightray Sorcerer, Lightray Daedalus

Their (unconfirmed) translated effects:

Lightray Gearfried
"Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand), when you have [5?] LIGHT monsters in your graveyard and cannot be Special Summoned in other ways. Once per turn, when an opponent's spell or trap card is activated, if you control only Warrior-Type monsters: Banish 1 LIGHT monster from your graveyard; negate the activation and destroy it"

Immediately, one can visualize playing this in some sort of aggressive Light Beat variant, due to the focus on Neos Alius, which is, of course, a LIGHT warrior type monster. It is a warrior type itself, which is neat.
Alternatively, it could possibly also be played in Photons, a deck that also plays a bunch of LIGHT monsters, some of which are warriors. Additionally, as it's a level 8 monster, it can be played alongside Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon to fuel copies of Trade-In!

Lightray Daedalus
"Cannot be Normal Summoned or set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by having 4 or more LIGHT in your Graveayrd, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways (??). Once per turn: You can target 3 cards on the field, 1 of the 3 being a Field spell card; destroy them."

Seems bad lol, not a lot of decks use Field spells

Lightray Sorcerer
"Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) when you have 3 or more banished LIGHT monsters. Once per turn: You can return 1 of your banished LIGHT monsters to your deck to target 1 face-up monster on the field; banish that target. This card cannot attack during the turn you activate this effect."

This card certainly has potential. Obviously, it can be played in Agents, as fairies will be banished to fuel Hyperion. I can also see it being used in some sort of LIGHT-based macro deck, using Cyber Valleys and Dimensional Alchemists and such.
The final idea, with all credit going to Saleh of DGz, is this . My mind was blown lol.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Decklist: Ninja Jurrac

Monsters: (16)
3x Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo
2x Upstart Golden Ninja
2x Thunder King Rai-Oh
1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken
3x Jurrac Guaiba
2x Maxx "C"
2x Effect Veiler
1x Vandalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord

Spells: (12)
3x Pot of Duality
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Book of Moon
1x Heavy Storm
1x Reinforcement of the Army
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Forbidden Lance

Traps: (12)
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Solemn Warning
1x Trap Dustshoot
1x Torrential Tribute
3x Ninjitsu Art of Super Transformation
2x Fiendish Chain
2x Magic Drain

Extra: (15)
1x Steelswarm Roach
1x Utopia
1x Utopia Ray
2x Evolzar Laggia
2x Evolzar Dolkka
1x Blade Armor Ninja
1x AOJ Catastor
1x Brionac
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Trishula
1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Full explanations are in the video. If you have any questions, or if you'd like further clarification, feel free to leave a comment

Friday, February 10, 2012

Locals Report 02/09/2012

I do apologize for not updating during the past few days, I have been quite busy with school :(

I've recently been experimenting online with various Ninja builds (Chaos, Mist Valley, Jurrac), with varying degrees of success. My friend Konata615 provided an intriguing twist on the Jurrac build, and I subsequently decided to play it at locals this week. Like most, if not all, Jurrac builds, the focus is on the early game, as the deck often runs out of steam by the time the game progresses to the late game.

Round 1: LFN (Ninja) vs Claude (Dragunity)
Loldragunity. I can't possibly lose to this deck right?
I win the dice roll
G1: He opens with Future Fusion :(. I control the game with my Super Transformations. After I make Laggia, I face little resistance, and a Solemn Warning followed up by the mysterious tech card seals his fate
G2: He opens with Future Fusion. Again :(. I was not pleased. He makes a 1st turn Stardust and passes. I summon Hanzo, search Super Transformation, and set it, before subsequently sending Stardust and Hanzo for the mysterious tech card lol. It dies somehow. Eventually, I am forced to Solemn a Dux play, and he Monster Reborn's his Leyvatein big level 8 guy to seal my fate
G3: We go into time soon after the game starts. I open with the mysterious tech card in hand :(. After he played Ravine and set a backrow, I felt safe and set multiple backrows of my own, including a MST for when he would activate Ravine again. He Heavy Storms, then activates a 2nd Ravine, pitching Leyvatein big level 8 guy to search either Dux or Legionnaire (I forget which). I chain D.D. Crow when he activates his Dux or Legionnaire's effect. He follows up with Monster Reborn, again, for Leyvatein big level 8 guy..... Sighhhhhh..... I Dark Hole on the following turn, but he searches out another Dux with Ravine, makes Scrap Dragon, and I die.
Result: OXX

Round 2: LFN (Ninja) vs Squiddy (Karakuri)
I win the dice roll
G1: He makes Naturia Beast, but his 1 Solemn cannot contend with my 2 Fiendish Chains. I end the game with the double attacking power of Blade Armor Ninja
G2: Dolkka does work and I win in time. I misplayed several times this game, which is disappointing. In all honesty I deserved to lose this game but it's w/e
Result: OO

Round 3: LFN (Ninja) vs NEXUS - TYu (Inzektor)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He trolls me by implying that he's running Empty Jar. I write down "TYu - Jar" on my notepad. He summons Card Trooper and mills a Hornet. I'm like LOL I SEE.
This was a bit of a grind but he eventually does derpy things with his bugs and takes the game
G2: After bringing myself down to 200 LP with Solemn Warning, I am able to commence beatdown mode and make a comeback
G3: I open with 2 Super Transformations and the mysterious tech card in hand :(. I Duality into Hanzo and search the last Super Transformation lol. The Hanzo dies somehow :(. He then conducts the Gigamantis combo and takes me down to 800 LP. I draw into something irrelevant and concede
Result: XOX

I drop at this point, and engage in trades instead :(

I finally managed to pick up the last few cards needed for Toy Story.dek, save for a Zenmaioh, and also picked up some Inzektor Hornets in preparation for the "Pre-Regionals" tournament on Saturday. It's essentially a glorified locals, but with an increased entrance fee and substantially greater prize support. The only reason such a thing was organized is because there won't be a regional in my area until April lol.

I suppose I'll post up the Ninja deck tomorrow or the day after, though aside from a few tech cards, it's a really standard build. Despite maxing out on Duality, I didn't feel too comfortable with the deck. I like the Mist Valley and Chaos builds more, but the former is a little inconsistent and slow (it's fun; but is at a disadvantage against conventional Ninja Jurrac decks), and the latter plays a lot of weak monsters =/ (but it's also fun).

Sunday, February 5, 2012

YCS Guadalajara: Aftermath & Analysis

This was the first YCS event of the year, and also the first premier level event where the cards from Order of Chaos were deemed to be legal for play. I don't know too much about the Mexican meta, in terms of the availability of cards, the caliber of players, etc, but I would think that the results of this event would be a foreshadowing of what we could expect at YCS Atlanta later this month.
Considering that the event didn't take place in the United States, where there's a greater population of players, the turnout was decent IMO at 517 players.

After 9 rounds of swiss, the Top 32 breakdown was as follows:
9x Wind Up
5x Inzectors
5x Dino Rabbit
3x Synchro Summon (Plants)
3x Six Samurai
1x Gravekeepers
1x Agent Fairies
1x Scrap Stun
1x Tech Genus
1x Dark World
1x Chaos
1x Wind Up / Inzector

Clearly, the most dominant decks were the ones that were just released in ORCS, with Wind Ups, Inzectors, and a Winzector hybrid deck taking up 15 of the Top 32 spots.
Interestingly enough, from the allegedly tiny number of American and Canadian duelists that were able to make the trip, 3 of them, Josh Graham (x-1), Wilson Tsang (x-1), and Barrett Keys (x-0), made the Top 32, all piloting Wind Up. Two time YCS Champion Angel Flores also made the cut with Dino Rabbit.
Due to my unfamiliarity with the meta in Mexico, I really can't pick out the other reputable players from the Top 32 lineup

Moving onto the Top 16, we have:
5x Wind Up
2x Dino Rabbit
2x Six Samurai
2x Inzector
1x Chaos
1x Tech Genus
1x Agent Fairies
1x Gravekeepers
1x Synchro Summon (Plants)

A bunch of the more popular decks were eliminated, while the majority of the rogue decks were able to cling on

Top 8
All the rogue decks were eliminated by this point, leaving only current (and former) Tier 1 decks to slug it out
Top 4
All the Wind Up decks were eliminated at this point, leaving  2 Inzector decks, 1 Six Samurai deck, and 1 Dino Rabbit deck.

The Champion
Oscar Zavala, piloting Six Samurai, was able to ignite the soul of a duelist and emerge as the champion of YCS Guadalajara.

This was quite the interesting event. As many have predicted, Wind Ups and Inzectors both lived up to their hype and performed decently, though neither of the decks were piloted by the eventual champion.
Six Sams aren't actually that bad of a meta call. LSS- Enishi allows one to bounce any face up threat or obstacle, such as Wind Up Zenmaines, Spirit Reaper, or Gachi Gachi Gantetsu. Backing up stuff like Fiendish Chain and/or Vanity's Emptiness with LSS ShiEn or Naturia Beast to create soft locks can also be game-winning, especially if this is achieved in the early game.
Furthermore, the deck is able to side a variety of cards to hurt the expected top decks, like Gozen Match and/or Rivalry of Warlords to hurt Wind Ups / Plants, and Macro Cosmos to hurt Inzectors.
The other interesting tech that the deck gained was Blade Armor Ninja, which is pretty awesome imo, though I won't know if the topping Samurai decks played it until decklists are released.
Of course, it's easy for me to say that after it just won a YCS, but the deck has been increasingly popular lately at my locals.
Hopefully this won't instigate an even greater influx of Six Sam bandwagoners at my locals  // QQ Moar, LFN

In terms of the rogue decks that achieved Top 32 or better, aside from the eventual winner, there were numerous additional surprises.It's interesting that Gravekeepers made it this far, after falling off the face of the YCS circuit for the past little while. Granted, it still possesses the broken card (Royal Tribute), but aside from that.... Theoretically, the Wind Up matchup shouldn't be too derpy, given how Necrovalley shuts down Wind Up Rat plays, and the amount of side-deck hate the deck can side in, such as Gozen Match. However, to counter that, I would have thought that the deck would have died to the Shadow Imprisoning Mirrors that people were surely siding for the Inzector and Dark World matchups, not to mention that field-spell dependent decks, with the exception of Dark World, haven't been seeing a whole lot of success this format.
I had also written off Scraps as a viable deck, ever since MST went to 3 and seeing as how both Maxx "C" and Effect Veiler, two cards that can wreck the deck, are so popular, so I'm a bit curious as to how exactly the deck was built, and how it was able to make it that far...

As far as how the results here will theoretically impact YCS Atlanta, the most important thing is that it confirmed the devastating power of both Wind Ups and Inzectors. Despite claiming 3 spots in the Top 32 and subsequently winning the event, I don't foresee Six Samurai doing quite as well at YCS Atlanta. I could be proven wrong of course, as identical results at Atlanta would prove that this wasn't a fluke.
Worthy of note is how poorly Synchro Summon / Plants did at this event. I don't know if it's that the deck was underrepresented or what, it seems a little odd to me that the most versatile deck of the format managed such a meager representation in the Top 32. The deck has been doing progressively worse at the YCS level as the format progressed from YCS Kansas City to YCS Brighton (though it may just be the difference between North America and Europe's meta), but I didn't think it was capable of taking only 3 spots.
Everything else seems fine, that is, Dino Rabbit did well, and Agents are still hanging in there (though I expected them to do a lot better than they did :S).

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Locals Report 02/02/2012

Generic pre-tournament stuff goes here:
crappy entry pack
buy cards
sell cards
borrow cards

Round 1: LFN (TCG Exclusives) vs Edward (Wind Ups)
Playing Edward is always a challenge lol; he's one of the other players that's capable of going toe to toe with the NEXUS
I win the dice roll
G1: I started off with Raioh, a solid opening. He was forced to Dark Hole it lol. I held on to my Expensive Insect when he brought out Tour Guide, and it wasn't until he Xyz summoned Zenmaity that I found out that he was using Wind Ups. He later needlessly swung right into my Gorz, and after I Monster Reborn'ed my Raioh, he was stuck with 2 dead Wind Up Factories and not much else
G2: This was a pretty even game up until I made Utopia with his Wind Up Soldier and my last Tengu. On his turn, he Mind Controlled the Utopia and Xyz summoned UTOPIA RAY !!! I was like wut I can't deal with this and I lost several turns later after my Spirit Reaper died to Wind Up Kitten
G3: He completely forgot that Zenmaity was a machine, so I contacted for Chimeratech Fortress Dragon lol. There wasn't anything particularly impressive about this game, his plays were stymied by my Expensive Insects, and after we entered time, his resources were gradually whittled down to the point where he couldn't do anything to mount a comeback, as he was only at 100 LP.
Result: OXO

Round 2: LFN (TCG Exclusives) vs NEXUS - Seb (Dino Rabbit)
I lose the dice roll
G1: I hit him with Dustshoot to put his Rai-Oh back, since I couldn't deal with it, while his in-hand Gorz was less of a threat, since I didn't have to attack directly. A turn later I did swing into his Gorz, and had the Warning to negate it. The following turn, he promptly summoned Rescue Rabbit and I was like "you had Raioh and Gorz! I thought you were using Plants!" and he was like "lolnope". I also ended up getting trashed by his surprise main-decked Doomcaliber Knights. I couldn't deal with the mass advantage he ended up gaining and lost
G2: The turning point of this game was when I chose not to overextend. He had Dolkka and a mystery backrow with 2 cards in hand, and I had the opportunity to make the play of dumping a Light monster with Foolish Burial, and banishing it for BLS. If his backrow was Solemn Judgment, Black Horn of Heaven, or Solemn Warning, I would have incurred a game breaking -1, which wasn't something that I was prepared for, so I set my own Solemn and an irrelevant monster instead. He flipped his backrow, Royal Decree, during my end phase, and I was like oh no. He summoned Doomcaliber Knight, and I knew it was over
Result: XX
Interestingly enough, after drawing my Expensive Insects frequently against Edward, I didn't draw into one even once against Seb.
The NEXUS strikes! It was super effective!

Round 3: LFN (TCG Exclusives) vs Aki (Machina Gadget)
I win the dice roll
G1: This wasn't a particularly eventful game, he minused himself heavily to bring out his Machina Fortresses, which were gg'ed by Compulsory Evacuation Device and Torrential Tribute
G2: This was an amusing game. He Pot of Duality's into Exchange, and plays it. He takes my Debris Dragon for whatever reason, leaving me Dark Hole lol. I take his Pot of Avarice. I use it and draw into my own LOL.
Result: OO

Round 4: LFN (TCG Exclusives) vs NEXUS - CQiao (Six Samurai)
I win the dice roll
G1: I open with Rai-Oh and no backrows, as I had failed to open with any. He Book of Moon's the Raioh and goes nuts. Thankfully he didn't have Gateway, but it's not like he needed it.
G2: I was locked under Rivalry for the longest time, and after I finally got rid of it, he promptly made Barkion and Brionac to end me
Result: XX
The NEXUS strikes again! It was super effective! Again!

Final Round: LFN (TCG Exclusives) vs Tommy N (X-Sabers)
I win the dice roll
G1: I hit him with Dustshoot and put back his only monster, leaving him with Solemn and an assortment of traps. He sets 3 of them. I Heavy Storm to force the Solemn, and didn't experience much resistance after that
G2: This was a harder game. He explodes on me with Hyunlei and double Faultroll, though I Veiler the Hyunlei to preserve my face down Dprisons. He is forced to Solemn one of them to protect his Stardust, while the other eats up one of his Faultrolls. I play Heavy Storm to force out Stardust's negation, then Monster Reborn it and beat down his monsters with it. Surprisingly enough none of his traps could stop Stardust lol, I didn't expect that it would keep tanking and win me the game
Result: OO
Final result: 3-2
This is quite the mediocre score by my personal standards; Obv you can't win them all, and I did learn from my losses, but I wasn't too pleased nonetheless.

As far as acquisitions go it was quite an expensive day :(, where I nabbed my 2nd Wind Up Rabbit, 2nd Xyz Reborn, 3rd Ninjitsu Art of Super Transformation, super rare Pashuul, ultimate rare German Emergency Teleport, 3rd ultimate rare Ninna Grandmaster Hanzo, and my own copy of Orient Dragon (so that I don't have to keep borrowing CQiao's lol). Additionally I picked up 2 Doomcaliber Knights for MQU88. Granted, not all of these cards were acquired for cash, but all the same lol.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Product News: Yugioh Battle Pack: Epic Dawn

Wow what the actual fuck. This is crazy.
The implications of this set are all over the place:

  • SEALED Yugioh will be viable with this set
  • A whopping 200+ card set means that it may end up being difficult to acquire certain cards. However, seeing as it's priced at only $1.99 per pack, there should be a relatively high influx of product, which could help to lower prices, barring short prints.
  • The Tour Guide reprint pretty much puts to rest any delusions that some people had that it would get hit by the March banlist. It's fair game as well, as it will have just barely eclipsed the 1 year mark since the release date of Extreme Victory. Given the size of the set though, it probably won't be really easy to pull.
  • The Wild Card rarity is apparently something completely new, based on DT patterns. What are they going to call it? It seems to me like they're taking ideas from the Pokemon TCG, where by in Pokemon packs, any given card from the set is randomly selected and inserted in each pack as a reverse-foil.
  • More OCG Imports are to be ported over in this set, like Gemknight Pearl
Personally I feel that the reprint of Tour Guide is a good thing (I do own a playset but yea). Allowing everyone access to a common cardpool theoretically promotes skill since everyone can use the same cards, though the usage of Tour Guide itself is well, not the greatest indicator of such. 

Miscellaneous Information:
Kevin Tewart has released some additional interesting information:
  • Overall Explanation
  • Wind Up Zenmaines will not be reprinted in this set.
  • The set will not contain any synchro monsters. I don't quite agree with the rationalization, as Gale, Glow Up Bulb, and Plaguespreader Zombie are perfect examples of good stand-alone tuner monsters.
This is shaping up to be an amazing set. If a set is created with the express intention of being used for Sealed Play, then one can infer that many of the cards in the set are capable of functioning individually (and thus aren't garbage). Good stuff.