Tuesday, March 27, 2012

YCS Report: YCS #100 Long Beach

The Roster:
LFN // Pedo HEROes
NEXUS - Jack // Dino Rabbit
NEXUS - Seb // Dino Rabbit
NEXUS - CQiao // Inzektors
Bidier // Dino Rabbit

Thursday: We piled into Bidier's car and drove down to the Seattle-Tacoma airport. At the border, when questioned by the customs officer, all questions were answered 100% honestly, which probably ended up raising more questions lol, but we were allowed to pass.
Oddly enough, we were driving only a little over the speed limit, but despite there being cars whizzing by us, we were the ones that were pulled over and ticketed D: Supposedly there was some mystical aircraft flying overhead that was tracking us "for the last 2 miles". We clearly didn't buy that story/excuse, and displayed poker faces while inwardly expressing the "Look of Disgust".
After that, we stopped for some good sushi at Bluefin, and in the adjacent mall, came across a Pokemon vending machine lol.

Naturally, I bought the best one. 
The best

Upon arriving at the airport, Bidier met up with Austin Kulman and Jonathan Weigle. NEXUS - Jack, NEXUS - Seb, and himself ended up picking up a bunch of CP/TU cards lol, and we hadn't even hopped on the plane yet.
After some issues with the airport security screening involving one of our party (not me) allegedly losing his passport and troubling an employee to sift through a stack of trays for something that wasn't lost to begin with ;) ;), we then flew out to Long Beach, arriving at around 9pm.
There were some guys in the hotel lobby (the Westin hotel) who were apparently linked to Strike Zone, so we sat down with them and started accumulating more purchases lolz. We ended up getting 3 rooms, as ATJdragon (of United Gosus) and Nich were also staying with us, though they arrived separately. We also met up with this hilarious kid named Paul, who everyone but me knew lol. Funny guy. He borrowed some cards and chilled with us for a bit before we went to sleep. Regrettably, I developed a massive headache, so I actually turned in before everyone else did.

Friday: We got to the venue around 2pm, and saw the ridiculously long lineup for pre-registration, which extended out of the event hall, up the stairs, and out into the venue lobby. I'm pretty sure that had we lined up and waited, we would have been in the queue for a good several hours. Instead, we browsed through people's binders in the lobby and picked up even more stuff, some of which was priced ridiculously low. 4 Deep Sea Divas for $10 each, a 1st ed ulti Pot of Avarice for $20, etc

Heading down, there were a ton of people swarming the vendor booths, but we were still able to pick up a few cards here and there. As expected, the turnout was huge, so all we did was check out the vendor booths. Afterwards, we grabbed some decklists to fill out, as we would only get the participation mat if we submitted our decklist in addition to registering.

At this point, I was contemplating submitting Wind Ups instead of my HERO list, as I had put together a Factory-less build that I liked a lot, but the other guys unanimously voted against that idea lol. They then told me to roll a die: 1-4 = HEROes, 5 = Wind Ups, and 6 = Re-roll. I rolled a 1, soooo.....

Around 6pm, we saw that the queue was dwindling, so we walked in and waited about 10 minutes before we could register lol. This was so much simpler than lining up during peak hours like most people did.
As we were leaving for dinner, I ran into Devin Djuricin (DrakoDMD), Dan Connell (Underworld6667), and Justin Delhon, which was pretty interesting. Devin isn't as tall as I thought he would be. Conversely, Dan is exactly how I thought he would be.

Acquisitions at the end of Day 1 lol
3 ulti Alius / ghost Honest / ultra Dark Hole
CP wave motion cannon / ulti 1e Pot of Avarice
CP Smashing Ground / 3 ulti Bubbleman
2 TU Beckoning Light / ulti Utopia Ray
Dinner @ The Grill in the hotel

Sick mat

Saturday: Saturday morning was ridiculous, as they processed at least another 1000-1500 people, leading to a significant delay between the stated starting time and the actual starting time. Konami's announcement stated that there were 4300+ people in attendance, which is crazy lol.

Participants were sorted into lines alphabetically by surname, in order to check the pairings for each round. While I was standing in my line (N), the girl sitting in front of me randomly started hitting on me LOL... asking me all sorts of questions, though I declined to tell her what I was playing. Regardless, I'm pretty sure she's too young for me lol, though it was amusing nonetheless.
Round 1 finally started at around 1pm :(

Round 1: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Kristen Wood (???) @ Table 1306
I win the dice roll
G1: Honestly I didn't even know what she was playing, as I won fairly quickly.
G2: I opened with a pretty passive hand, opting to set a couple backrows and a Snowman Eater. She ended up setting 3 monsters before I was able to draw into an Alius, which killed off her 3 monsters in sequence. They turned out to be Green Gadget, Red Gadget, and Yellow Gadget
Result: OO
Afterwards, she told me that she had only been playing for a couple months, and that she didn't expect to win, so we just chatted about the experience of playing in this event and such. Honestly I'm not that into white chicks but she's pretty cute IMO


Round 2: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Daniel Leon (Chaos) @ Table 809
I win the dice roll
G1: He went super aggressive, and was clearly dictating the tempo of the game. I eventually had a dead Fiendish Chain clogging my field with Gorz, amongst other things, in hand, and was forced to drop Dark Hole on his Thunder King and a Caius revived by Call of the Haunted, hoping to bait out Solemn Judgment, should he have it. He chained Starlight Road and I was like oh god I lose. I then played Heavy Storm anyway to try to force the Stardust's negation, but to my surprise, he let it go, so he lost 4 backrows (including the CoTH, so Caius died too), one of which was indeed the Solemn LOL. I summoned Raioh and crashed with his Raioh, leaving him with Stardust. On his turn, he swung with Stardust, enabling me to drop the Gorz!!! He eventually was left topdecking, and ripped a Chaos Sorcerer to banish my HERO. I ended up killing the Sorc, but he then ripped Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken, which I was forced to Torrential. I then ended up winning
G2: He has a Kinetic Soldier on the field to my Alius with Book of Moon set and Dark Hole in hand. He MST's the Book, which I chain to flip my Alius face down to prevent myself from taking damage as I was down to 2400 LP. He then drops BLS for the ggz
G3: I establish control, but he drops BLS on me yet again, which I'm forced to Solemn. He couldn't do anything productive after that and I won
Result: OXO


Round 3: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Emmanuel Smith (Chain Burn) @ Table 121
I win the dice roll
G1: I don't draw into a whole lot of backrow hate, and get destroyed
G2: I don't draw into any backrow hate or any of my sideboard cards, save for 1 MST, and resort to weenie beatdown with the Little Girls and Sangan, but he drew well enough to win again
Result: XX
At this point I'm not mad or anything, I just really wished that I had sideboarded Royal Decree instead of the lone Bottomless Trap Hole. He also seemed like a nice guy and all, so it was fine I guess


Round 4: LFN (Pedo HERoes) vs Carlos Mira (Dino Rabbit) @ Table 315
Finally a meta deck lol
I win the dice roll
G1: I beat him down with Elemental HERO The Shining, and he wasn't able to do a whole lot
G2: I again force him to play to my tempo, but he eventually started to mount a comeback, and ends up poking with Spirit Reaper to drop a card, while taking me down to 7700 LP while he's at 2400 LP. I Little Girl for Leviair to retrieve Stratos to search Alius, then Super Polymerization the Leviair + Stratos for Great Tornado to punch his Reaper for game.
Result: OO


Round 5: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Johnathan Arzola (Bugs) @ Table 546
I lose the dice roll
G1: This was a drawn out game, but he was eventually able to combo off and take it
G2: I take this one easily after I play Prohibition on his Hornet
G3: I didn't draw into D.D. Crow or Prohibition, but he couldn't access Hornet either, so once I ran over a set Centipede, I sensed blood, went really aggressive, and killed him as fast as I could
Result: XOO


Round 6: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Adam Vargas (Chain Burn) @ Table 359
I lose the dice roll
G1: As soon as I swung into his set Marshmallon and he flipped over his draw cards, I'm like not this again! He takes this one decisively
G2: Unlike my last match vs Chain Burn, I draw into some backrow hate, and used the Lava Golem he gave me as Miracle Fusion fodder lol
G3: I beat him down with the Little Girls and Sangan, and he didn't draw into enough burn cards to kill me. It also helped that he misplayed a combo, dealing 1000 instead of 2500, and didn't have the reverse-burn cards needed for the instances when he used his Upstart Goblins, so my LP was never in danger
Result: XOO


Round 7: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Nicky Rojanasapondist (Dino Rabbit) @ Table 187
I lose the dice roll
G1: This was a bit of a grind, but I eventually bring out Great Tornado to halve the stats of his spent Laggia / Dolkka, forcing him to play on the defensive, and I win it with a Leviair play
G2: I guess he thought that I was going to side into Skill Drains and stuff, because he flipped Royal Decree on me while we both had 4 backrows. After I forced his Laggia's negation, I flipped my set Heavy Storm lol. He was soon reduced to topdecking with a dead Rescue Rabbit in hand, but ripped Pot of Avarice to put back his normal monsters. I was greatly displeased, but again baited out Laggia's negation, and ended up sacking back to back Miracle Fusions for overkill
Result: OO

At this point, Day 1 concluded, and I was 6-1 heading into Day 2. It really sucked how Day 2 was to start at 8am, and it was already past 1am. IIRC, NEXUS - Jack, NEXUS - Seb, and Paul were also x-1, while NEXUS - CQiao and Bidier were x-2. 

Round 8: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Omar Verpuzco (Chaos Dragons) @ Table 105
I lose the dice roll
G1: This was a really dangerous game, as I was at 100 LP to his 150 LP, but he had exhausted his resources, so I summoned my in-hand Alius for game
G2: Another back and forth game, his LP was reduced low enough that I was able to Miracle Fusion for The Shining, attack his dragon, and drop Honest for the win.
Result: OO


Round 9: LFN (Pedo HERoes) vs Matthew Perez (Dark World) @ Table 14
I lose the dice roll
G1: As soon as he started playing his Dark World cards, I was not too happy, as I knew it would be a tough match. He hit me with Deck Devastation Virus to nuke my in-hand Little Girl, but I topped into Miracle Fusion, and a 3200 atk The Shining was just too big
G2: Over the course of the game, he drew into triple MST, Dust Tornado, triple Reckless Greed, and Card Destruction
G3: Over the course of the game, he drew into triple MST, Dust Tornado, triple Reckless Greed, and Card Destruction. Unlike Game 2 though, I actually drew into some of my sideboard hate (albeit too late), after he had expended his backrow removal, but I was down significantly in cards, and was unable to mount a comeback
Result: OXX
Can't lose any more!


Round 10: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Cristian Gonzalez (standard Miracle HEROes) @ Table 110
I lose the dice roll
G1: I drew better than he did and I won
G2: He drew better than I did and he won, despite walking right into my set Super Polymerization when he summoned a 2nd HERO monster.
G3: I'm able to establish control, and dropped Miracle Fusion for game while he was at 400 LP to my 2800 LP
Result: OO


Round 11: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Evan Jones (Dino Rabbit) @ Table 57
I win the dice roll
G1: This was a really hard game, as it was pretty clear that he's a cut above the previous Dino Rabbit players I faced, and I was able to push for a comeback with Super Polymerization after being taken down to 50 LP
G2: I don't open with any monsters, and eat damage from Little Girl / Sangan. I'm able to punch in a little bit of damage with an Alius, but he eventually takes the game. At one point, I attempted to bluff an in-hand Honest, but he didn't bite, and attacked with Laggia anyway. I paused for a sec, looked him in the eye, and put Alius in grave lol. Unsuccessful attempt is unsuccessful!
G3: We went into time right as we drew our hands. I opened with Stratos into Alius, and set Torrential. I contemplated setting Super Polymerization as well, fully aware that the odds of him having MST was significantly greater than having Heavy Storm, but if he indeed had the Heavy, I would lose outright, as the rest of my hand was mediocre. He had the MST, and went super aggressive. As we reached my last turn in time, I was at a mere 2400 LP to his 7500 LP, but had reduced him to no cards on the field and 1 in hand. I don't believe I could have even pushed for enough damage to equalize the LP count, but it was irrelevant, for his one card in hand was Gorz!!
Result: OXX
He's a pretty friendly guy, so despite being 8-3 now, which is probably gg, I wasn't feeling bad or anything
After signing the match slip, I asked a judge if I had any chance of topping, however slim it may be, and he told me to just play it out rather than dropping. In hindsight, I shouldn't have listened to him, as it became apparent later on that a bunch of X-2's, nevermind X-3's, failed to make the Top 64 cut.


Final Round: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Leo Cheng Hong Liu (Standard Miracle HEROes) @ Table 140
I win the dice roll
G1: He fails to get anything going and I win quickly with double Elemental HERO The Shining
G2: A back and forth game, I eventually lose when he draws into Super Polymerization
G3: I opened with 2 Little Girls, Sangan, Snowman Eater, and 2 HERO support cards, so I set Snowman and passed, hoping he would summon an Alius or something and ram into it. He unfortunately had Cyber Dragon, so that plan failed, as the Cyber Dragon was destroyed instead (this will be relevant later on). This was probably my fault, but it was guaranteed that he was playing a standard build of Miracle HEROes, so I just aggressively pressed for damage over several turns, only for him to unexpectedly drop Gorz on me after the 3rd turn of drawing and attacking. I struggled to deal with it, and had to camp on Zenmaines to stall, also setting Solemn and a bluff for insurance. He blind MST's the Solemn, then Monster Reborn'ed the Cyber Dragon I killed earlier and it was quite GG, as he was able to fuse it with the Zenmaines for Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.
Result: OXX


At this point, I was pretty dejected, and didn't even bother checking my final placing.
NEXUS - CQiao, and Bidier scrubbed out a while ago, and Paul went x-3 after Round 10, but NEXUS - Jack and NEXUS - Seb both made it into the Top 64. 1 other friend of ours from our area, who randomly made the trip with the intention to troll people with Malefic Skill Drain.dek with mained Prohibitions, ended up topping, and we were all like "wtf lol wow you have got to be kidding me"

NEXUS - Seb ended up losing in his Top 64 match.
NEXUS - Jack ended up losing to Simon He in a Dino Rabbit mirror match in the Top 16 (feature match)
The other friend ended up losing to Wilson Tsang in the Top 64, who was using Wind Up beasts (feature match)

Miscellaneous Things:
  • My friends did not take me seriously when I told them I wanted to side Gellenduo. I got a lot of flak for that. Look how that turned out ~
  • My friends did not take me seriously when I told them about the Inzektor vs Effect Veiler / Fiendish Chain ruling, where if I veiler/chain an inzektor after it equips hornet, the hornet falls off and nothing happens. Look how that turned out ~
  • My friends (NEXUS - Jack specifically) gave me a lot of shit for siding a copy of Electric Virus for the Rabbit matchup. He proceeded to lose a game in the Top 32 because of it
  • Maybe it's because we were Asian from an area rife with Asian food / culture, but my stomach (not the only one!) were regularly upset, as I (we) was, for the most part, consuming nothing but grease, fat, oil, and salt lol. Clearly, I (we) was not used to the American diet.
  • Some people here and there randomly recognized me from my mat, and told me they read this blog lol... it was kind of amusing.
  • List of people I ended up meeting (either newly met or after previously only talking to them online)
    • Paul
    • PJ Tierney
    • Devin Djuricin
    • Dan Connell
    • Justin Delhon
    • Randall Muramoto
    • Glen Bellon
    • Dougie Nguyen
    • Kandy Nguyen
    • Jonathan Guerrero
    • Others whose names I forgot to take down (specifically, I distinctly remember one being in my pairings lineup who spoke of the Pedo HEROes after I told his friend I was using HEROes with Little Girls, and another wishing me luck and telling me he found my site off of DuelingDays)
  • Squiddy got a game loss after someone randomly wrote T.G. Striker on his decklist, but he told me he was using Dino Rabbit. He later got a match loss after he took too long coming back from a meal, and Konami took the initiative to drop him
  • NEXUS - CQiao played a really random deck in swiss: Jerry Beans Man / Sonic Duck / Genex Controller / Mad Lobster + Enchanted Fitting Room.dek LOLOL
  • I heard from Devin that LightGrunty found him, and could potentially find me. He didn't. Boo you :(
Blurry pic lol
Me / Dan Connell / Justin Delhon / ?? / Devin Djuricin / Randall Muramoto
Me / PJ Tierney (The Irish Duelist and a writer for Konami's strategy site
PJ asked to sign one of my cards, but I didn't have my scr Dark Armed on me

All in all, it was a really fun event, and a great experience. It's pretty expensive for me to fly out to different events (I'm not wealthy or anything either), and most of them coincide with school, but I'll see if I can make it to YCS Toronto later this year, rumored to be taking place September 1st / 2nd.


  1. I'm so mad at myself for not getting my passport in time. I really wanted to go to this event and troll people with ninja heroes. I felt it was the best deck suited to push with the hero side and outwit players who played dark world and such with the ninja side. Argh. I definitely have to go to one of these events eventually; though it would probably help if I went to a regional event first just to ge the feel of things. All in all I was awaiting your coverage as I always am for these events and I enjoyed reading it. :3 Getting hit on by yugioh girls, nice!

    1. Yeah, why didn't you at least take a picture or trade contacts with these Yugioh girls? It's okay to be friends right? If you weren't interested, at least hook up your travel buddies! You won't go to jail as long as you return to Canada!
      I can't find the feature match detailing Hung Lee and Simon He.
      Do you get any bonuses for being in Top 64, 32, or 16?
      That's an amazing mat just for entering! What was the entry fee and did you get any packs with it? Did you need an invitation to be at this event?

    2. @ Domonic: Yea it was pretty funny
      @ Anon: I never saw them again after that :/ i got the fb of one of them but lost the sheet that I wrote it on lol

      The feature match is on the European coverage site, alternatively, you can click on the bracketed link to view it directly

      Top 64 got the Blood Mefist mat, NEXUS - Jack was also awarded a collection of a complete set of ORCS in one of Konami's shitty binders lol

      The entry fee was $20, and you get 5 packs. No invitation was necessary

    3. Wow, a complete set of ORCS. Now he can just go and sell it all back. Too bad it wasn't an uncut sheet of cards.

      I forgot to mention, it sounds like none of you participated in side events? I didn't see any win-a-mat coverage or anything else exciting.

      $20 for packs and a mat. That's a great deal! Who wouldn't participate even if you don't know how to play! Was the mat known to be given out prior to the event?

      As for those girls, you are forgetting the bigger picture! They may have older sisters. They may have a place for you to stay if you ever visit again. And they may also want to help you extend the family name! =)

    4. IDK if he's going to sell it or keep it that way tbh

      No, NEXUS - Jack, NEXUS - Seb, and myself were still in the main event. Bidier and NEXUS - CQiao cbf to participate and enjoyed a good night's sleep

      Yes. Until they ran out of mats, they were awarded upon registering and submitting your decklist

      Oh well, lol. A one night stand would have been incredibly awkward for CQiao who was my roommate though, lol

    5. Yes, the mat does look nice. $50 from the vendors doesn't seem fair considering people paid $20 to get it in the first place. The mat doesn't have any indicated card zones right?
      I still believe the 2009-2010 mats of the 5D's characters are by far the best looking ones; aside from the Crow Hogan one. I'm curious why a Leo/Luna ; Rua/Ruka mat was not made. I'm sure those would have been popular.

      One night stand? Such a vulgar Yugioh player! Then again, girls I've watched are supposed to be able to handle more than one guy at once.

    6. no, it doesn't. well yes, you pay $20 to enter, but i don't think anyone would be willing to sell for $20 tbh

      lol. one night stands aren't my thing to begin with, but yea.

  2. Nice. I was on front of the M line at the start of the ycs was that girl u were talking to blonde??
    Also Balan is a local player and i played him a few times before i knew he top one or twice before but seeonh hi win with a deck that is not pary of the big 3 is good

    1. No she was Vietnamese lol

      The funny thing is that we'll never hear the end of it from "Grapha" :(

    2. God i forgot about grapha!!!!
      I walk for a while trying to find ur playmay but
      i didnt see it. Next time perhaps

    3. in-between rounds, i was either chatting with people in the venue, or sitting with my friends in the lobby. Either way, my mat wasn't out of my bag so yea lol

  3. Hey LFN Cool Report.The Decklist is still a mistery :o

    Getting hit on by yugioh girls, nice!²

    Well,we don't have YCS on Brazil,so i don't go to any lol

    @Domonic Morabito ninja heroes?

    1. It is basically a light hero deck with alius, voltic, and I threw in ice edge for Lols. Then it has hanzo super trans and white dragon. Basically an excuse to main deck 6 super polys. Both the decks really balance each other out. For instance I can't super poly inzektor or dark world, but I can super transformation them. Plus white dragon ninja plus safe zone equals gg.

    2. @ Carl: yea i felt that it would be too long if I also included the list. I also have yet to film it etc

    3. @Domonic Morabito cool i will test it later.I ever mained 3 Super Polys,and now with 3 Transformations the opp will never have a monster on field '-'

      @LFN oh yeah alright.I want to see this HERO list *--*

  4. It was an EXTREMELY good event

    1. yea it was really fun, and I met a lot of kewl ppl

  5. Glad to see your report its very refrehing to see lol @ yugioh girls hitting on you. I did buy the Six sam united if you still need it it's shipping lol you know how to get in touch lol.

    1. yes i do actually, I didn't pick one up at the event

  6. I have to agree with Mike, this was a great event. Even if you didn't have the best record I think it was worth making the trip.

    1. For sure, yea.
      I still feel really bad about losing on the bubble, but as a whole the trip was great

  7. Excellent report. Sounded like you had a really good time. I lol'd at the squiddy part.

    1. Yep lol, he shows up at my locals from time to time so I was already aware of who he is IRL

  8. I love your funny reports, funny cardnames for broken cards and overall love ur blog, please keep up the good work, my way to school would just be shit without ur advice and reports, i really appreciate. Congrats on your still very good performance, i know what u mean by not being wealthy or whatever and travelling to such events, you really wanna get the max out of it. Im from switzerland and actually studying so i dont get to go to many ycs's too. Hope to read a lot from you in the near future.


    Ps: do you maybe know someone who would trade/sell their tourbus mat?

    1. Lol thank you

      Yea, it was really fun, met great people, though the food for the most part was questionable lol

      I do not actually, the people I traveled with have either already allocated their participation mats to other friends, or like me, intend to keep them as a memento of this trip
      That being said, there will eventually be a little over 4000 of these mats in circulation (1 for each participant), so the supply shouldn't be too low.
      There were a lot of people trying to offload their mats at the event. A lot of people offered to sell theirs for $55-60 but I was like LOLNOPE the vendors have it for $50 each

  9. Nice report. Wasn't it too crowded, with more than 4000 people attending?

    I didn't know that ruling about the equipped hornet going to the grave when veiler'd/chain'd. That's one to remember :-O
    Also, Gellenduo? Why Gellenduo?

    1. It wasn't too bad actually

      Dino Rabbit (and sometimes Dark World) have a hard time getting over it, as it cannot be negated by Laggia nor Dolkka. They pretty much have to either Mind Control it, Dark Hole it, or have sideboard cards like Shield Crush / Forbidden Chalice

      I never attacked with it, but it's cool that it can crash with Kabazauls / Jurrac Guaiba and survive lol. It's also a light so it's Honest-able, which I obv play coz I'm using HEROes

  10. I don't know how I could've potentially found you; I didn't even know what you looked like and such... The only reason I found Devin is because Dan was screaming constantly, LOL. I mean, I could barely even find my own friends from locals; I only saw a couple of them more than once, but that was mostly by coincidence.

    I'm kind of interested about that Gellenduo side tech, though. I mean, it has decent ATK, but if they can drop a Sabersaurus on it after you've been attacking them, it might as well be a vanilla. What exactly was your reasoning for wanting to use it?

    1. Yea lol, Devin mentioned that you had no clue as to what I look like, and vice versa, though pics are up so now you know! lolz

      I rarely attack with it lol. most of the time it just sits in defense, and they have a hard time getting over it, as it cannot be negated by Laggia nor Dolkka. Their outs are mainly Dark Hole and Mind Control, and sideboard cards like Forbidden Chalice / Shield Crush. It just sits there until I can press for the attack with my HEROes
      it's also light, so honest-able, if that matters lol

      over the course of the the tournament, whenever I got it out against Dino Rabbit, they had to minus themselves just to get rid of it

    2. Yes, perhaps we will meet at the 150th YCS, LOL.

      Hmm, well, all of the Dino Rabbit players I played against mained Smashing Ground. I guess it is better than Spirit Reaper, though, since Reaper dies to Forbidden Lance.

    3. I'm sure Fiendish chain can set up to kill Gellenduo as well. I use chain to set up a kill for things like spirit reaper and wind-up zenmaines at times. It used to be set up to kill Gachi Gachi Gantetsu. Whatever happened to that rank 2 shield I wonder.

    4. @ LightGrunty: Perhaps, it will depend where it is and when it is

      None of the Dino Rabbit players I faced main-decked Smashing.
      Yes, and also better than Arcana Force The Fool.

      @ Anon: Yea that too, but in most instances my opponents were desperate enough to -1 themselves or worse by using Dark Hole to nuke the Gellenduo and their own monster(s)

      It's kind of hard to bring out Gachi nowadays with Agents dead, and Frogs have an incredibly tough matchup vs Inzektors IMO that it's not worth playing either, though LADD is amazing right now

  11. Excellent report as always.

  12. Sell ur mat or get me one ! :(

    1. Online ebay, there are tons of Tour Bus mats for auction. Early prices are already indicating an average price of $65 with free shipping.

      By the way, did you guys consider the token generator or the Duel Terminal machines? Any cosplayers, voice actors, or celebrities at the event?

    2. none of us lined up for the token generator. The DT machine lineups were always really long, and it certainly didn't help that people were spamming money and opting to play the games (which take FOREVERRRRRRR) instead of just taking the card and letting other people have a turn

  13. Wow. It turns out my friend was the Dino Rabbit player you lost to on the bubble. He made top 64. He's also a judge, so he knows a lot about the game but yeah, he's a really nice guy.

    1. Yea he got 46th place apparently
      Yup i agree

  14. some of the NEXUS are way over their head. they think they know too much about this game. they're not the only players who can play. they're getting too cocky in my honest opinion. they need to be taught a lesson. a very good lesson. good job on getting 8-2 on ycs long beach.

    1. I'm friends with them so there is some bias, and I'm pretty chill with most people, but yes I do recognize the presence of an inflated ego among 1-2 of their members.
      I generally only show up to 1 of the locals in my area though, so I really wouldn't know how they act or if they act differently or whatnot at the locals that I don't attend

    2. I agree with Anonymous above. They may be very powerful duelists but they are not very good people aside from 1-2 of them. Some of the things they say can be snobby, especially when they declare it out loud. I dislike how some of them coach their buddies during a duel at times "unintentionally".

      Sometimes, I don't like how they play to force out people's mistakes.
      I was spectating this one play where it went like this:
      1. nexus member would summon a zombie master with targets in the grave(goblin zombie, plaguespreader).
      2. the opponent would say summon is fine quickly; doesn't flip backrow; has big monster on the field.
      3. nexus member would pause 5 seconds and say activate effect.
      4. opponent says okay but tells them to discard as cost.
      5. nexus member discards a goblin zombie.
      6. opponent waits 5 seconds and discards maxx c; then suddenly realize that nexus member didn't declare a target.
      7. nexus member waits 5 seconds and declares target as goblin zombie.

      The worst thing is that this nexus member is a judge. Totally didn't like watching how this nexus member intentionally played slow to make the opponent make a mistake. If these nexus members would be good people, they should play the game fairly. Summon that Zombie Master, if the summon is fine, discard and declare the target at the same time. Play it fair and don't stretch it out trying to shark someone.

      There used to be this one guy at the Metrotown tournament who could consistently beat them weekly while piloting a non top tier deck. This guy was very inspiring and friendly. Made me want to play the game smarter and more competitively.
      I don't see them at all anymore. Don't know if they quit. Last I heard was that they didn't like the prize support and his passion to play there was weak. Funny thing about this guy was that he tends to spend his credit on meaningful things(toys/comics) with value rather than packs.

    3. To be fair, while I am not an advocate of it, rule-sharking isn't something that's exclusive to that NEXUS member alone (not too sure which one you're referring to, but yea)

      lol ya there is the ego problem for a couple members

      out of curiousity, who was that? i seldom go to the metrotown locals so i really can't figure that out lol