Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are 3 Mystical Space Typhoons necessary?

I was watching a video by 3zinferno, and he brought up the debate revolving around maining 3 copies of Mystical Space Typhoon vs maining 2 copies and maining a copy of Forbidden Lance. While he made some good points, in that MST sucks big time against Chaos Dragons unless you're hoping to snipe that one-of Future Fusion, or any traps they may sideboard in, I feel that that argument as a whole is too narrow. (but who am I to argue with someone who has topped multiple YCS events :( I am but a common doolist )

It's not that his points of view are incorrect, that is, Forbidden Lance is indeed a very versatile and useful card; I'm just not entirely sure if using less than the maximum 3 copies of MST would be an optimal choice. This is entirely dependent on the deck one is using of course, HEROes for example, can get by with using 2 copies, since it's not a big deal if a summon is negated or obstructed given the presence of Gemini SparkHero Blast, and Miracle Fusion. Given the meta decks nowadays, with the exception of Chaos Dragons themselves, decks like Dino Rabbit, Inzektors, and I suppose Wind Ups, tend to main all 3 copies more often than not. This is obviously to help ensure that a summon or a play goes through (barring something like Evolzar Laggia, Evolzar Dolkka, or Effect Veiler), whereby MST would nuke a potential Solemn Warning or Torrential Tribute, or be chained to the activation of Skill Drain or Fiendish Chain.
The question here is not whether or not Forbidden Lance is an adequate substitute for the 3rd MST, it's whether or not to drop the 3rd MST for something else in the first place, given the current state of the format.

The notion of dropping MST down to 2 would be near 100% valid if you've scoped out your lolcal meta (or the premiere event's meta), and knew for a fact that Chaos Dragons would be heavily represented, maybe even to the point of domination. However, if one takes a general look at the multitude of decks that one could very well expect to encounter at any given tournament, whether it be at a lolcal, regional, or YCS, the odds that you'd face a particular deck many times over aren't particularly high . This is especially the case considering that Chaos Dragons isn't the clear cut best, must-run deck. Against most other decks, barring other notable trap-less exceptions like Frog Monarchs, you are going to want to access those MSTs, and running the maximum 3 copies simply enables you to see it more often. Again, it must be stressed that this is entirely dependent on one's deck: I am fully aware that decks like Final Countdown, for example, have no need for mained Mystical Space Typhoons at all!

As one can observe from the chart above, MST is really only bad against Chaos Dragons. Personally, I feel that it's worth putting oneself at a slight disadvantage against that one matchup via maining more copies of MST, as it's generally good against all the other decks one would expect to contend against in one's ongoing quest to become a master doolist.
I don't know if all this was stating the obvious or not, but I feel that it's worth bringing up, to some extent.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Locals Report 05/24/2012

Usual Pre-tournament blahblah, with one notable exception! With the arrival of the English release of  Booster set 6 of Cardfight!! Vanguard, the singles acquisition began, and I was able to complete my Gold Paladin deck with the assistance of some friends (the build is a bit unconventional though, while Ezels are present, it focuses more on rushing with Garmore). Prices were pretty good / fair, but it still summed up to some expensive amount.
However, this was ygo day after all, sooo...

Round 1: LFN (Toy Story) vs Lexibelleee (Racing Bugs)
I lose the dice roll
G1: A back and forth game. I summoned a Boat at one point, only for him to flip Torrential Tribute!  The Tribute of Torrents came splashing down! Boats are supposed to float but this one sank!!
Near the end game, he had no cards on the field nor in hand, while I was about to finish him off with another Boat and an Acid Golem, and he invoked the Heart of the Cards, topping into Pot of Duality, which netted him Inzektor Centipede to crush my dreams
G2: I opened with 3 hand traps lol... Despite eating some damage early on as a consequence, I was able to eke out the win somehow
G3: This game, it was his turn to open with multiple hand traps. However, Wind-Up Rabbits and Leviathan Dragon don't care, and proceeded to push for damage and beat him down
Result: XOO

Round 2: LFN (Toy Story) vs NEXUS - Seb (Wind-Ups)
He conceded the win!
Result: O

Round 3: LFN (Toy Story) vs Edward (Chaos Dragons)
I win the dice roll
G1: I opened with a 3 card loop, and looped for 2 more a couple turns later. Too skillful :/
G2: A back and forth game, his beaters vs mine. Unfortunately his monsters are typically bigger.
G3: The turning point probably came when I had an opportunity to loop his hand, but I didn't see the play and focused on getting rid of the monsters on his field instead. He then summoned and finished me off with Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken and a Card Trooper. The regret!
Result: OXX

Final Round: LFN (Toy Story) vs Frank (Six Samurai)
I lose the dice roll, but he lets me go 1st :S
He's a kid so that probably explains it
G1: I open with 6 spells/traps lol... I set 5 of them and passed. He has the Heavy Storm, which I flipped Solemn on. He then summoned Kageki and Kagemusha and walked right into a Torrential Tribute! However, I could only draw, summon, and attack with Wind-Up Hunter with no other plays lol... He went all-in with no fear and vomited a Zanji and 2 Kizans onto the field next turn, and while Zanji died later because it was brought out by Asceticism and he forgot to XYZ with it, I only had enough relevant backrow to stop one of the Kizans. The other one just kept tanking me until I drew into consecutive MSTs and died.
G2: Both sides whittled down cards, and after he was reduced to a Grandmaster and a Fiendish Chain'ed LSS - Enishi with no other cards, I decided to finally set a MST to go with that Fiendish Chain, and he ripped Heavy Storm right off the top. Thankfully I was able to survive and had good cards in hand, and eventually defeated him
G3: He lets me go 1st again lol.. He ripped into Heavy Storm off the top of his deck AGAIN, and was able to resolve the summon of LSS ShiEn, which I luckily had the Snowman Eater for! Eventually the Boats swarmed the field and he couldn't kill them all
Result: XOO
Final Result: 3-1

My tiebreaks were good enough to escape the adverse effects from other players' splitting, and I ended up squeaking in 4th. I made a mistake and zoned out, opening my 2 GAOV packs immediately. A minute later, I was like darn, for I could have traded those in for packs of equivalent value, which would of course have been CFV packs D:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Konami's "Forbidden / Limited List" decision-making process

Recently, a set of 3 articles was posted up on Konami's strategy site, explaining their thought processes and rationale behind the creation of the current March 2012 Forbidden / Limited list. To my knowledge, this is the 1st time that they've dished out such information to the general public, which is good; it's always a good thing to have communication between both parties.
Although the official terminology is the "Forbidden / Limited" list, for simplicity's sake, the term "banlist" , which the majority of the playerbase should be more used to hearing and/or using, will be used instead.

For your reference:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

First of all, I can understand that there are certain reasons as to why Konami couldn't be completely transparent with the playerbase, after all, it wouldn't look too good for them to come out and say something like "Remember that Reborn Tengu card? Yea we kind of dun goofed with that, so we're going to hit it to 2". Given some of the answers provided were of the blatantly weak or are-you-kidding-me variety however, it feels at times like we'd have been better off not getting an answer at all.

That being said, let's delve into the 3 articles:

From Part 1:

"Why We Have a List!
To avoid situations like that from happening again, here are some of the many reasons why we have an F&L list:
  • To prevent a situation where you feel “locked in” – where you HAVE to play with certain cards, or a certain Deck.
  • To keep it so there are choices for what Deck you play. Avoid having 1 dominant Deck.
  • To restrict “solitaire” play Decks. These are usually first-turn-combo Decks where one Duelist plays by themselves for 15 minutes, shuffling and summoning cards while their opponent twiddles his thumbs.
  • To eliminate cards that are confusing, cause games to stall out, create infinite loops, or can otherwise interfere with tournaments and make them unpleasant."

"Spore & Glow-Up Bulb (both now forbidden). Let’s break this down:

But these Level 1 Plant Tuners and their supporting cards (Spore, Glow-Up Bulb, Dandylion, Lonefire Blossom, and One-for-One) were causing a large number of decks to be played exactly the same. It was reaching a point where deck construction started with these 5 cards, then you added more cards on top of that base. (Sound familiar? It’s similar to what we described at the start of this article….) And that’s the point where we have to step in and take action."

Oh ok.

"T.G. Striker & The Agent of Mystery – Earth (both now limited).
These two decks were building up momentum in Asia, and threatening the tournament diversity there, so they needed to get reigned in a little bit. As an interesting note, AFTER the list was already decided, Marquis Henderson won YCS Atlanta with a T.G. Deck. A sign of what might have come? We may never know, but it lends credence to the idea that nipping this in the bud was the right call."

Building momentum in Asia? Yup. Threatening tournament diversity? Yup. Nipped in the bud? LOLNOPE

So, apparently the decision to limit T.G. Striker was somehow justified by the subsequent YCS win. Sounds like a cop-out excuse to me!
Thanks for talking about T.G. and ignoring the elephant in the room, so to speak.
If you're going to spoon-feed something like that to people, at least make it sound plausible lol

From Part 2:

"Wind-Up Hunter
With cards from Order of Chaos, it’s possible to build a powerful hand discard engine. And when the March 1 F&L list was under discussion, we considered taking some preemptive action against Wind-Ups. But the deciding factor was that, at the time, the deck had been available in Asia for a while already, and they just weren’t winning tournaments there.
We saw a lot of parallels between Wind-Ups and Lightsworn (see yesterday’s comments on Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner). A Wind-Up deck can be very nasty to face against in a tournament. But at the end of the day, when we were looking at the situation at the start of the year, they just didn’t seem to be winning in Asia. Tournament results in the Americas and Europe since the release of Order of Chaos have supported this: Wind-Ups are there, but not in heavy numbers, and they’re not performing that well. We’ll continue to keep an eye on them, though."

I wonder why!

From Part 3:

"Just because a card is powerful is not a reason to add it to the F&L list. Just because a card or deck is popular is not a reason to add it to the F&L list. The tipping point comes when a card or deck starts to have such a disproportionate influence that it forces you to make choices about your deck that you don’t want to make."

Oh ok lol. Let's (once again!) take a look at Inzektors! This deck forces players to play cards like Fiendish Chain, and/or main deck Effect Veiler in triplicate. Cards like Thunder King Rai-Oh and Dimensional Prison, which are solid picks against most other decks, are abysmal against Inzektors. Alternatively, if you consider how popular Wind-ups were a couple months ago, you pretty much HAD to main copies of Maxx "C" to account for that matchup. Maining cards to combat these skewed matchups means that there's less room for cards that would otherwise be used to actually contribute to the goals of your deck.
If that isn't "forcing you to make choices about your deck that you don't want to make", I don't know what is.
[ for argument's sake, we can ignore how Dino Rabbit and Chaos Dragons are better decks than Inzektors, at least over in TCG land ]

Other Thoughts

As mentioned previously, I do appreciate that Konami bothered to release articles relating to this topic to the general public. However, what bothers me is that it seemed like they focused on things that aren't of much importance or that players didn't have an issue with (such as Torrential Tribute going to 2), rather than focusing on the things that players did have an issue with.
eg Why are cards like Monster Reborn and Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken still legal, yet cards like Tsukuyomi (flip effects are too slow for the current meta, and are thus underused, barring Ryko) remain banned?
eg Inzektors fulfill their criteria pertaining to impacting tournament diversity, forcing players to make certain deck choices, but are allowed to roam free (more evident over in Asia than here, admittedly). It's implied that this is most probably related to boosting sales of ORCS seeing as Konami is first and foremost a business, but that shouldn't come at the expense of player's enjoyment. Tournament attendance results will beg to differ with this statement, but it could very well be that some people just don't know any better, and think they've suddenly become awesome players for being able to summon Dragonfly with Hornet in grave or summon Laggia and set 4 backrow. Your move, doolist!

When Konami stated in Part 2 that there are more complications than the public generally is aware of, to be honest, I was expecting more than an explanation of the 'bandwagon effect'. Rather, they could have very well touched upon the inner workings of the decision-making process, who has the final say, how much playerbase input is taken into consideration, how much of it is in relation to boosting sales (ok maybe not this one, as it would be toooo intimate), and so forth.

I think I've touched on pretty much everything I wanted to... but anyhow, seeing that Parts 1, 2, and 3 of 3 are out, perhaps I will have to wait for Part 4 of 3 for more answers :(

Sunday, May 20, 2012

YCS Philadelphia: Aftermath & Analysis

1489 brave doolists made the trek over to YCS Philadelphia this past weekend (May 19th/20th), in what would be the 1st YCS event where cards from Galactic Overlord were deemed legal for play, and also the last North American YCS event to take place before this year's North American World Championship Qualifier (Nationals). As such, this event would pretty much shape and/or define this year's NAWCQ meta.

The Top Cut
Top 32
Apparently the Top 32 was re-paired at some point, so there aren't actual statistics yet! Or maybe ever, knowing Konami.
*UPDATE* Sixxy to the rescue! Help fill in the blanks!

Top 16
8x Dino Rabbit
4x Dragons
1x Final Countdown
1x Inzektors
1x Dark World
1x Wind-Ups

The incumbent decks are too strong! It doesn't look like Galactic Overlord made much of an impact lol. The hyped theme from this set, Hieratics, certainly didn't, though to be fair, the TCG still lacks that certain long, thick, and black phallus-like XYZ monster.
On another note, I wish Konami would at least take the effort to elaborate upon the 'dragon' decks. That is to say, are they Chaos Dragon decks, or Hieratic decks?

Top 8
5x Dino Rabbit
3x Chaos Dragons

All the barely-represented decks in the Top Cut were knocked out, leaving only Dino Rabbits and Dragons! Inzektors would be denied a YCS win yet again!
Also worth noting is that one of the Dino Rabbit players is Oliver Tomajko, who according to his feature match, is only 11 years old! Wow.

Top 4
2x Dino Rabbit
2x Chaos Dragons

Dinosaurs overlaying to become Dragons faced off against the actual Dragons, but alas, the imposters were unable to beat the real thing! Both Dino Rabbit decks were eliminated, leading to a Dragons vs Dragons final!
One of these Dino Rabbit decks was piloted by Joe Giorlando, who has topped almost every single American YCS event (or maybe even all of them, I don't quite remember)  for the past 6+ months, which is quite the remarkable feat.

The Finals
Feng Chen was able to decisively defeat Andrew Martin 2-0 to become the winner of YCS Philadelphia, notably becoming the 1st person to win with Chaos Dragons on North American soil.
I have a couple issues with this match though...

  • In game 1, Martin opted not to use his Dark Armed Dragon's effect to nuke Chen's face-up Eclipse Wyvern, getting greedy in an attempt to draw out his Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken's double attack effect to push for damage, and was severely punished for that, as Chen had Honest in hand. Sure, Honest is at 1, but so is Gorz. Given that (most) people are already able to play around Gorz most of the time when given the option, there shouldn't be any reason not to play around Honest, especially when the option to do so is right there on the field.
  • In game 2, though this could be a typo on Konami's part, Chen apparently banished an Eclipse Wyvern and BLS to special summon his Chaos Sorcerer! The problem is, both Wyvern and BLS are light monsters! D:

Other Thoughts

I suppose the most obvious impact that Galactic Overlord brought upon the game was the undefeated streak by Tyler Tabman's Final Countdown deck, which with the aid of Card Car D, went 10-0-1 during swiss rounds to finish 1st after swiss. It was eventually eliminated in the Top 16, but man.. lol.  This rogue strategy, more or less considered to be a "suicide bomb" deck, crushed the dreams of 10+ unfortunate doolists. I'm not sure if this will be the start of a trend though, as these decks typically flop (or don't do as well, at the very least) once people become prepared for them.
On another note, I quite like that Photon Papilloperative XYZ from GAOV, it's pretty good for a rare card. Assuming it's possible and easy to make it in your deck, if you aren't using it yet, you should be!

Given another YCS win for Chaos Dragons to go with the win in Toulouse, Konami will hopefully finally address the problem that is Future Fusion on the September Forbidden / Limited list (banlist). Given their most recent explanations in regards to their banlist construction though (more on that in an upcoming post), I'm not too optimistic though lol... given the other wonderful and intelligent decisions they have made in the past. The next Forbidden / Limited list could very well destroy Chaos Dragons, Inzektors, and Dino Rabbit anyway, not necessarily because of their dominance, but instead in anticipation of selling the next booster set :S

Heading into the NAWCQ, I don't think the meta has changed much, if at all lol. That is, the best decks are still the best decks. I was hoping that info about Soul Taker would have remained on the down-low heading into this YCS, but unfortunately there was a leak somewhere, and prices had already shot up by Friday night before the event (I was hoping to snag a pair of unlimited secret rare copies off a fellow doolist in my area for $20 each, but alas, he messaged me a while later and wanted $40 each. Curses! Foiled again!).
So, heading into the WCQ, you should expect the following, which is more or less what you should already know and for the most part, already be playing against:

  • Chaos Dragons: Boss monster after boss monster after boss monster, and Future Fusion, which might as well also be a boss monster.
  • Dino Rabbit: I will Solemn your stuff and punch for 2400 too!
  • Inzektors: Prepare to be punished for playing ygo cards!
  • Other Strategies: Lose in 20 turns /  get burned to death / get hand-looped / get Super-Poly'ed / die horribly to Grapha and his Forces of Darkness / get OTK'ed by Hieratics / ygo

Friday, May 18, 2012

Locals Report 05/17/2012

Another week, another tournament!
Pre-tournament, I found out that the CFV Gold Paladin deck was out, so being the diligent doolist that I am, I picked one up in preparation for the upcoming Booster Pack 6. "Slash of the Silver Wolf" get!
Pairings went up, and it was time to dool!

Round 1: LFN (Toy Story) vs Andy (Chaos Dragons)
I lose the dice roll
G1: A back and forth game, he eventually overwhelms me with continuous recycling of his REDMD / Light Pulsar and I died a painful death
G2: I open with and show him a Little Girl, a Shahhhk, and Pot of Avarice, and we go straight to game 3! This game took all of 5 seconds!
G3: He goes all aggro on me, and when I finally kill and subsequently banish his in-grave dragons with Kycoo, he flips his lone backrow, which I expected to be Royal Decree. It was Escape from the Different Dimension!!! REDMD revival!! Ahhhhh!!! My mind was blown
Result: XOX
Afterwards, he told me that he was missing some important stuff for the deck, notably Five Headed Dragon... which means he can't even play Future Fusion ... D: !! He also told me that Little Girls aren't that good in his deck :S . All in all, it was a very..... unique..... experience, to say the least lol

Round 2: LFN (Toy Story) vs Douglas (Morphtronics?)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He starts the game off by going into Power Tool Dragon (what are these White Cards?) and equipping some theme-specific spell thing that buffs it up by 1000. Not a problem for Tiras! It ends up beating him down, as he couldn't draw any outs
G2: His board presence is really weak, and he dies to Adreus
Result: OO

Round 3: LFN (Toy Story) vs NEXUS - CQiao (Bugs)
Fight the NEXUS! For the sake of doolists everywhere!
I win the dice roll
G1: An extremely awkward game, neither of us could get anything going, and it basically became a massive slugfest. It got bad enough that in order to pick off my Wind Up Rabbits and/or go for game, he had to resort to summoning Effect Veiler to synch with his Inzektor Centipede for Armory Arm, enabling him to drop Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken, which fell prey to my Solemn. Armory Arm was dispatched soon after, and the bugs were vanquished
G2: He ends up getting looped for 3 cards, and couldn't get much going after that. I luckily also had a timely D.D. Crow for his lone Hornet, forcing him to equip an in-grave Dragonfly to his Ladybug instead. However, Dragonfly doesn't provide an atk boost! Die, Ladybug!
Result: OO

Round 4: LFN (Toy Story) vs Lexibelleee (Hieratic Chaos Dragons)
He wanted to redeem himself for his defeat last week! Come, brave doolist! Ignite your burning soul!
I lose the dice roll
G1: I opened with 5 spells/traps and a Wind-Up Rat lol... this was not looking good. To make matters worse, he opened with Future Fusion!! Thankfully, he didn't have any other follow up plays, and neither of us really did anything over the next 2 turns, meaning that Five Headed Dragon was successfully summoned lol. I had Fiendish Chain though, saving myself from getting smacked by a 5000 beatstick. He left the FHD in attack position, perhaps to intimidate the weak Toys, so I had to ram a Zenmaines into it to nuke it. Left without any cards in hand or on the field, he invoked the Heart of the Cards and ripped a live Black Luster Soldier off the top of his deck! The Yugioh Gods had answered his pleas! Had I not had an Effect Veiler in hand, the double attack effect would have been enough for game! Next turn, I flipped my set Smashing Ground, and BLS was smashed to the ground!
G2: He drew garbage this game, and eventually had to resort to setting Effect Veiler just to stay alive. Wind-Up Rabbits don't care! Finish him!
Result: OO

Final Round: LFN (Toy Story) vs Avi (Dark World)
Oh no! It's Grapha and the Forces of Darkness! I had observed one of Avi's games last round, and I saw him overlay 2 Graphas and a Malefic Stardust Dragon to summon Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon LOLOL..! It ended up winning the game!
G1: He didn't want to face Wind-Ups so he conceded the match.
Result: O
Grapha couldn't be bothered to exert any effort to smash some silly Toys, so he retreated back through the Gates of Dark World, to recuperate and bide his time. This would surely not be the last the world has seen of Grapha and his Forces of Darkness, but for now, peaceful times were here again.
Final result: 4-1

I ended up sneaking into the Top Cut in 4th place, netting myself 3 packs. These 3 packs yielded a Queen Dragun Djinn and an ultra Night Beam. Meanwhile, he who placed 1st ended up pulling Tardy Orc lol
Due to work, I will be unable to attend the Seattle regionals taking place this upcoming Saturday May 19th, though most of the NEXUS will be going :/

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

YCS Philadelphia predictions

As YCS Philadelphia approaches, now might be a good time to ruminate about the results of the tournament.
Obviously, the event's most significant aspect would be the legality of Galactic Overlord. While an overall mediocre (or bad) set IMO, it does boast a few competitive cards at least, as well as the Hieratic theme.

Notably, I don't foresee Hieratics doing as well here in the TCG as in the OCG, as we obviously lack Gustaph Max, but it's at least still able to drum out a mass of Xyz monsters in one turn. Coupled with the explosiveness of Chaos Dragon variants, dragon-based decks will surely be popular at the event.

Card Car D shouldn't make that much of an impact IMO, partially due to it's elusive secret rare status. That aside, it really isn't a fit for every deck, especially in those where the player's normal summon is crucial, whereby there are simply better things to consume one's normal summon on, especially since NS are limited to one per turn. Eg in Dino Rabbit, I'd much rather summon Rescue Rabbit or the Little Girl, in Gladiator Beasts, summon a Gladiator Beast monster, etc.
It's good in decks like Chain Burn though, and other similarly unconventional strategies. Again, due to its rarity, I think there will be an increase in Chain Burn / Final Countdown players at the YCS, but it won't be a massive one. It would be interesting though, if enough Burn decks top, to establish itself as a meta deck again.
[ This doesn't have anything to do with Card Car D, but I was observing a game 3 between Hieratics and Chain Burn at my local last week, and it was a pretty funny game. The Hieratic player was significantly up in card advantage and presence, but the Chain Burn player was able to draw into a Pot of Duality, which enabled him to flop into Metaion the Time Lord, which subsequently 'reset' the Hieratic player's field! At this point, the Hieratic player's deck had already run out of steam, and he eventually decked out lol...]

Evols got a few new toys, which are really good IMO, but as a whole, the deck feels just like Dino Rabbit. However, the problem is that you'd require more cards to achieve the same results, and there are more monsters (Vulcano, Diplo, Darwino if it's used) that you'd rather not draw into compared to the vanillas in Dino Rabbit (mainly Kabooozles), never mind that the Evol monsters are statistically weaker as well.

Overall though, I can't see Galactic Overlord making much of an impact on this YCS. No top-tier deck got significantly better (Inzektors did improve), nor did any deck get significantly worse. It's not like that's a bad thing, at least we weren't introduced to a game-breaking new deck (not that I'm aware of, anyway). I don't think the meta has really changed a whole lot; the top decks are still Dino Rabbit, Inzektors, and Chaos Dragons (not necessarily in that order), and should remain that way for the foreseeable future ( do prove me wrong!)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Housekeeping & Locals Report 05/10/2011: Temtempo the Champion

'Housekeeping' time!

Perpetually returning visitors of this blog will surely have noticed the decreased amount of posts relative to a few months ago, for a variety of reasons: Life happens, I don't like the format, Galactic Overlord sucks, etc (it's hard to pinpoint a central / key reason though). I suppose it's somewhat disappointing that the only enjoyment I derive nowadays from ygo is playing at lolcals (though it's more about hanging out with friends rather than playing the game itself ) and using non-Tier decks on DN (lol). How unfortunate.

On another note, the NEXUS has started up their own blog; I don't know what they're going to do with it exactly, as for the time being, all that's up there are various decklists, nor do I know who's going to contribute and how frequently.

And now, onto the lolcals report, which I suppose isn't terribly exciting. The only 'new' aspect is that the prize for the Top Cut this week was to be a full box of Galactic Overlord. I'm happy that there are increased stakes, but like I said, I think Galactic Overlord sucks, sooooo...

Round 1: LFN (Toy Story) vs Nicholas Y (Flamvell Gravekeepers)
Time for redemption! Could the Toys avenge the fall of the Pedo-HEROes last week? The trio of Little Girls would certainly assist in the attempt! Lend your sword loli-purses, comrades!
I lose the dice roll
G1: This game was fairly back and forth. I finally got some good mileage out of Temtempo, as it was used to detach one of his Utopia's materials ... lol! He eventually rips a Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken on me, which I'm forced to kill with Zenmaines since Acid Golem died already, and he was subsequently unable to deal with it.
G2: He gets swarmed by a a fleet of Boats, and an Acid Golem, but he survives and dropped a Cyber Dragon, sucking up all the boats to make Chimeratech Fortress Dragon. Coincidentally, this also provided a Light for his BLS, which I was forced to Veiler, thus forcing him to suicide the CFD into Acid Golem to kill them both. I nuke the BLS with Smashing Ground and Wind-Up Rabbit winds up (lol) attacking him for game
Result: OO
Redemption successful!

Round 2: LFN (Toy Story) vs Lexibelleee (Gravekeepers)
I win the dice roll
G1: I channel my inner sack and start with a 4-card loop. From the cards I dropped from his hand, I distinctly remember one of them being Royal Tribute. I'm sure glad I raeped his hand before he could raep mine! It was a very skillful game!
G2: This game ends up stalling because of his Gozen Match. Oddly, he also sided in Macro Cosmos, which probably hurts him more than it hurts me, to be honest, given that he plays fewer monsters than I do, never mind that some of his cards are really graveyard-dependent. Gozen Match wasn't game-breaking though, since Temtempo is of the Earth attribute!! It attacked his face-down monster... killing Gravekeeper's Recruiter! Remember that Macro Cosmos? It was up, so he didn't get to search lol. Nice! Temtempo attacked his other face down monster next turn, killing and banishing Gravekeeper's Commandant! Granted, it was circumstantial that he didn't have Gravekeeper's Spy face down, though I did have Solemn Warning set to negate it's effect if it was indeed a Spy, but wow... Temtempo. What a champion.
Result: OO

Round 3: LFN (Toy Story) vs NEXUS - Shark Hat (Wind-Ups / HEROes / Hydrogeddons / Birdman .dek)
Fight the NEXUS! Take them out!
I lose the dice roll
G1: I have no idea what I'm playing against lol! He had a bunch of Wind Up monsters but also dropped Hydrogeddon to beat over my monsters and overlay into a Laggia. A few turns later, he used Pot of Duality and revealed an E-Emergency Call. I was thoroughly confused, and for good reason.
I eventually miscalculated the damage I could have dealt, and that ended up costing me the game. I could have spammed monsters and repeatedly bashed his attack position Spirit Reaper for game, but for some reason my mental math was really off, and I didn't think that I could do it, so I ended up killing his Leviar instead. He dropped a bunch of Wind-Up monsters and Genex Ally Birdman next turn with Monster Reborn in hand, so I scooped it up
G2: I'm forced to burn a Solemn Judgment in the early game, but it was worth it, and I was able to beat him down and take the game. It was kind of a sloppy game though. I made a couple misplays, which I'm not happy about of course, but he made some as well. Yugiohhhhh
G3: Honestly I don't remember what happened this game, though my LP counts indicate that I lost 2000 LP from a Solemn Warning, while he burned 4000 LP on a Solemn Judgment, which I suspect cost him the game later on
Result: XOO

Round 4: LFN (Toy Story) vs NEXUS - Jack (Dino Rabbit)
Combat the NEXUS! A new challenger appears!
I lose the dice roll
G1: He blows through all 3 Effect Veilers this game, managing to drop me to 600 LP, but the game had been simplified significantly, to the point where he had only a lone Kabooozles on the field. I have relevant cards in hand and counterattack, tanking him with Maestroke (I no longer use Utopia Ray D: aghghghghgh) and Wind-Up Rabbit.
G2: He conducts his Dino Rabbit plays and I'm unable to break through
G3: He destroyed me with a Laggia, a Monster Reborn'ed Jerk Gooba, and Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken!! I had Veiler in hand, but even if I Veiler'd the BLS, the Jerk Gooba would still kill my monster and allow him to make a 2nd Laggia or a Dolkka, neither of which I could deal with.
Result: OXX

Final Round: LFN (Toy Story) vs NEXUS - TYu (Bugs)
Fight the NEXUS! They just keep on coming
I win the dice roll
G1: I unleash my mighty powers of sack and open with the loop + Pot of Avarice! Yet another skillful game!!
G2: This was a hilarious game. We both opened terrible, so I started beating him down with a Wind Up Shahhhhk (the only other monster I saw the whole game was a single Effect Veiler). He eventually gets fed up with his equally terrible draws, so he summoned an Inzektor Hornet, and equipped Inzektor Gigamantis with Gigamantis' effect. I say ok. He then equips TWO Inzektor sword Zektkalibers to the Hornet!! It attacked !!! It got bad enough that I had to Dark Hole the Hornet just to get rid of the swords. I failed to draw anything relevant though, and after he Heavy Storm'ed my 2 backrows, his beefed up Hornet ended up bludgeoning me to death
G3: I open with the loop again, and knocked 3 cards from his hand. More skillful plays ensued! I'm happy I had outs to his Dragonfly! Konami clearly knows what they're doing when they design archetypes! Everything is so fair!
Result: OXO
Final Result: 4-1

I ended up squeaking into the Top Cut in 4th place, and was awarded 3 packs (the prize breakdown from 1st through 4th was 12-6-3-3). I ended up packsacking a Noble Knight Artorigus lol. Aye, Artorigus...
A legend through and through. We sing of him,
Artorigus, the Noble and the brave.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Locals Reports 05/03/2012 & 05/06/2012 : Yugioh happens!

Thursday locals time!
Randomly, I opted to revert to Pedo HEROes, hoping that it would still serve me well. Revival! Go!

Round 1: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs NEXUS - TYu (Obelisk Lancer Frogs)
Combat the NEXUS! Defeat the enemy!
I win the dice roll
G1: I barely had any monsters, save for Honest and Gorz, so he was free to beat me down with a mere Swap Frog, backed by a Gachi Gachi
G2: I swiftly beat him down before he could get set up
G3: The turning point of the game came when he Creature Swap'd me his Treeborn, then tributed off my Neos Alius for his Sea Lancer, which was destroyed by one of my traps. I then banished Treeborn for Miracle Fusion to make an Absolute Zero, and summoned another Alius to swing with both for game
Result: XOO

Round 2: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Boid (Bugs)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He managed to get the Dragonfly / Hornet / Mantis loop off on me, and OTK'd me, wiping out all 8000 of my LP. Thanks for playing lol
G2: This game was a bit of a grind, but I was able to beat him down with Sangan / Little Girl / HEROes
G3: He was in a commanding position, having stymied my plays with a Warning and Solemn. I had an Alius and a Stratos in hand with nothing on the field and 4600 LP remaining, but I did have a dead Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken in the grave. Conversely, he had only 3000 LP, but had multiple Hornets in grave, another Inzektor on the field, and a Dragonfly in hand. I was pretty sure I would lose on his next turn, but wouldn't you know it, I drew for turn and ripped Monster Reborn right off the top of my deck!! What a sack!! BLS was revived and ended him!
Result: XOO

Round 3: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Kos.3vil (Unfairnities)
I win the dice roll
G1: I couldn't cope with his massive amounts of backrow, and as such, couldn't finish him off in time, before he drew into his combo pieces and conducted the dreaded Unfairnity loop, finishing off with an Archfiend and a Void Ogre Dragon, with an Unfairnity Barrier and an Unfairnity Break face down. Despite having 3 very good spell cards in hand to complement my Honest, I was unable to break through all his cards, and was defeated
G2: I ended up having to force through a play, but ran right into a Starlight Road, and couldn't get past his remaining backrows in order to combat the Stardust. Afterwards, he revealed to me that it really didn't matter, as he claimed to have opened with a God hand
Result: XX

Round 4: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Chen Zu (Ninja Burn)
I win the dice roll
G1: He pulled out the White Dragon Ninja / Safe Zone / Vanity's Emptiness lock and it was gg
G2: I was able to thwart his plans and claim victory
G3: We went into time shortly after this game began. I went for it and dropped Heavy Storm on his 3 backrows, destroying all of them! It went downhill for him after that
Result: XOO

Final Round: LFN (Pedo HEROes) vs Nicholas Y (Flamvell Gravekeepers)
I win the dice roll
G1: His Lylas tore through my limited backrows, enabling him to freely wreck me with his BLS
G2: He opened up with pretty much everything, but the real back-breaker was when he dropped a Caius out of nowhere to banish my Neos Alius, completely foiling my plans. Right after he directly attacked me with Caius for 2400 damage,dropping me to 2300 LP, I drew for turn.... and it was Gorz! AHHHHHHH
Result: XX
Final Result: 3-2 scrub a dub dub

Nooo the Pedo HEROes have failed!! I suppose it wasn't terribly smart to play such a deck in a meta swarming with Effect Veilers , as they were able to ward away the Little Girls, thus enforcing the Age of Consent. Damn lol.
Sunday lolcals time!
I was originally planning to bandwagon on the OCG and play Machina Gadgets, despite not having access to XYZ monsters like Black Corn, Geargianto X, and Lavaval Chain (Maestroke control!), but there were some other Extra Deck cards which I couldn't acquire in time for the right price (More Maestrokes), so I went back to the Toy Story deck. It turned out to be a wise decision!

Round 1: LFN (Toy Story) vs Aaron (Dark World)
I lose the dice roll
G1: We both open poorly, so the early game consisted of a lot of draw-pass-draw-pass. Eventually, I topped into a Shahhhk and started beating him down with it. At some point, after being whittled down to 1800 LP, he managed to get a Grapha in play, but I blew it up with Adreus the following turn and attacked for game
G2: He activated Prohibition and declared "Wind-Up Zenmaity". No Zenmaity? No problem! He evidently drew garbage again, and as soon as this became apparent, seeing as he discarded a Cyber Dragon for Dark World Dealings, the aggressive beatdown began. He ended up getting throttled by a Wind Up Shahhhk and a pair of Wind-Up Rabbits
Result: OO

Round 2: LFN (Toy Story) vs NEXUS - Jack (Racing Bugs)
Combat the NEXUS! Take them out!
I lose the dice roll
G1: I didn't see Effect Veiler all game, and after his Race Cahhhs zoom-zoomed to draw into his combo pieces 2 cards at a time, I was swiftly destroyed by the Dragonfly / Hornet / Gigamantis loop
G2: My opening hand had a Torrential Tribute, a Wind-Up Rat, an Expensive Insect, a D.D. Crow, and 2 Effect Veilers lol. On the following turn, I drew another Wind Up Rat. Fantastic. This game did not go well obviously, and I eventually made an incredibly awkward play, overlaying the 2 Rats in an attempt to make a Boat and get something going. It was promptly destroyed by one of his traps, and I was obliterated shortly after by successive attacks from his Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken
Result: XX
The bugs ended up punishing me for playing Ygo. You play Ygo? You die now!!

Round 3: LFN (Toy Story) vs Will (Blackwings)
I win the dice roll
My friend picked up my stack of tokens / Extra Deck cards to look at my Vanguard cards, and when I told him not to reveal my Extra Deck, he was like huh what and flipped it over, flashing a Wind Up Zenmaity, which obviously tipped my opponent off as to what I was using. I was not pleased, and unfortunately let my emotions get the better of me for the bulk of the match
G1: After he used his Solemn, his 4000 LP were no match for the swarm of Boats
G2: This game started off with one for one trade-offs, as I was able to destroy his monsters with Smashing Grounds, while the summon of my monsters were negated by his Solemn Warnings. Eventually I forced through a Tiras, which he could only set a monster against. I sacked hard and ripped a Dark Hole off the top of my deck! Tiras is obviously unaffected by destruction effects, and seeing as that was not the case for his face down monster, that was game
Result: OO

Final Round: LFN (Toy Story) vs Justin (Chaos Dragons)
I win the dice roll
G1: I open with a Wind Up Rabbit and a backrow, while he just passes. I "skillfully" derp and looped his hand for 3 cards, luckily hitting Gorz, among other things. He lost shortly after.
G2: This was an intense, down-to-the-wire game. His Decree would have ended up freezing all of my backrow, but luckily, Book of Moon is a spell! Eventually we were both taken down to 1600 LP, and after I ripped a Wind-Up Rabbit to swing over his Veiler-ed Little Girl, he topdecked a Darkflare Dragon! Wind Up Rabbit sacrificed itself in battle so that Darkflare couldn't game-shot me, but I topdecked a Spirit Reaper! It stalled him for a couple turns before he was able to top into 2 Lightpulsar Dragons one after the other, make an Exa Beetle to target and nuke the Reaper, and attack for game!! Wow lol. It was a reaallllyyy good game, I must say.
G3: My Wind Up RabbitSpirit Reaper attacked into Gorz, but I was able to Monster Reborn his Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and attack over it. Kycoo, Zenmaines, and REDMD swung for massive damage after that, and despite him killing Kycoo and REDMD with another REDMD and a Darkflare Dragon, I was able to attack over the Darkflare with Acid Golem, leaving Zenmaines to attack directly for exact game
Result: OXO
Final Result: 3-1

I ended up netting 3rd place, and banked $8 worth of store credit; can't complain, certainly. IDK, I still think Wind-Ups in general are pretty good, despite how they suffer from the loss of TCG ignition priority and wrecked by the Expensive Insect.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Decklist: Photon Sanctuary Control

As promised, here is my Photon Sanctuary Control deck.
This deck was heavily inspired by the build originally conceptualized by DGz's Carbon. It ran pretty smoothly, so I've made only a few modifications (dropping LADD to 2 to reduce clumping, etc)

Monsters (19)
1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken
1x Gorz the Emissary of Broken Cards
1x Tragoedia
2x Light and Darkness Dragon
1x Zaborg the Outdated Monarch
3x Cyber Valley
2x Card Trooper
3x Little Girls
1x Sangan
2x Spirit Reaper
2x Effect Veiler

Spells (15)
3x Photon Sanctuary
1x Heavy Storm
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Book of Moon
1x Mind Control
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Machine Duplication
2x Enemy Controller

Traps (6)
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Solemn Warning
2x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the Haunted

Extra (15)
1x Formula Synchron
1x Armory Arm
1x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Brionac
1x Gaia Knight
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Leviathan Dragon
2x Leviair the Sea Dragon
1x Wind-Up Zenmaines
1x Number 20 Giga Brilliant
1x Number 30 Acid Golem
1x Submersible Carrier Aero Shark
1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Card Explanations:

  • Photon Sanctuary is the heart of the deck. All the amazingness stems from that one card. Tribute the 2 tokens for Light and Darkness Dragon (or 1 for Zaborg), banish them for Cyber Valley's draw 2 effect, tribute them to steal an opponent's monster with Enemy Controller, etc
  • Zaborg the Outdated Monarch is here purely because it's a Light tribute monster. It gets the nod over Kuraz because it can still attack when summoned. There are a pair of side-decked Kaiser Gliders as well, to help combat the Dino Rabbit matchup.
  • Most of the Extra Deck isn't very important. The only real key extra deck cards are the 2 Leviair the Sea Dragons. You'll need them to recycle your Cyber Valleys. As such, Little Girls are also needed, as one Little Girl makes an instant Leviair by itself
  • Aside from serving as a Machine Duplication target alongside Cyber Valley, Card Trooper also serves as a floating beatstick that concurrently dumps targets to revive with Light and Darkness Dragon. Duping a Trooper also enables you to Xyz into a Rank 3, for what it's worth.
  • Tragoedia is surprisingly useful. Both it's stealing effect and level copying effect can come in handy, and it also serves as another beatstick
I'll be glad to answer any questions, should there be any.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Locals Report 04/29/2012

Because of circumstances somewhat beyond my control, I was late to the Sneak Peek for the upcoming booster set Galactic Overlord, and thus was unable to secure any packs. One of my friends bought a Card Car D, then later packsacked a 3rd copy out of his packs to go with the one he packsacked yesterday, which was pretty crazy. Too good.
That aside, I was able to play in the subsequent regular tournament ( possibly due to its unpopularity, the actual sneak peek tournament was cancelled ). It's time to duel!

Round 1: LFN (Toy Story) vs James (Dark World)
The Forces of Darkness rear their fiendish heads again!
I lose the dice roll
G1: The Toys were very afraid of Grapha and his devilish minions, so afraid, that the only monsters that I had access to the whole game were a lone, brave, Wind Up Rat, and an Effect Veiler. These were dark times indeed, as despite their courage, neither of the 2 had the power to defeat even a mere Little Girl
G2: Suck it up and restore peace to the land of Toys! After looping the enemy hand, unfortunately, the Toy Army's heroic advance was halted by an unexpected cute critter, who unbeknownst to all, had willingly allied itself with the Forces of Darkness! Yes, that cheerful, stalling critter, Marshmallon! That dastardly Marshmallon eventually perished to a Smashing Ground, but it's work was done. Indeed, it had wasted enough time for the Forces of Darkness to have recuperated and amassed enough resources to smash the silly Toy Army.
Result: XX

Round 2: LFN (Toy Story) vs Jason (Bugs)
This guy looks at my deck while shuffling it. I call him out on it, and he said he thought that it's his deck, so I ask why he thinks it would be ok to look at his own deck while shuffling it. He shuts up.
I win the dice roll
G1: I beat him down with my monsters, and he failed to get anything going.
G2: I eat some damage but midway through the game I loop him and it was gg soon after
Result: OO

Round 3: LFN (Toy Story) vs Kevin (Six Samurai)
Hmm he is playing Six Samurai, so he must be Honorable.
I win the dice roll
G1: I loop him on my 2nd turn, and his remaining cards were ineffective in dealing with the Toy Army
G2: Despite opening up really well, none of his cards were able to answer a Tiras, and that was that
Result: OO

Final Round: LFN (Toy Story) vs Jay (Chain Burn)
I win the dice roll
G1: I beat him down with my small monsters, none of which he really wanted to hit with Magic Cylinder, and after I eventually summoned enough monsters to loop him, he conceded
G2: I poke him several times with Spirit Reaper to drop the cards he didn't or couldn't set, enabling me to whittle down his resources.
Result: OO
Final Result: 3-1

I placed 4th, but the prize payout was only to the Top 3 lol. It's what I get for losing the 1st round I suppose. Yugiohhhhh