Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Looking ahead to YCS Toronto

Hi, I am Hong Kong Duelist LFN

As this format draws to a close, duelists everywhere turn their eyes to the beginning of a new one, and with that, a YCS event to kick it off.
As it IS the first YCS event of the format, given that it falls on the first day of the new list's legality, there is a lot of room for innovation and interesting tech choices, though the better decks have already been established just by looking at the list, more or less.

I'm fully expecting Wind-Ups to be the 'best' deck for the event, given it's myriad of plays and immense flexibility. Losing 2 copies of Zenmaity isn't much of a blow at all, given that the deck can still OTK for over 9000 damage with 1 Boat alone. The people who wrote the deck off once they realized that they couldn't unfairly loop away half (or more) of their opponent's hand with ease anymore are missing out.
There's not much else to say I suppose. If I were to enter the event, I would definitely say that this would be my deck of choice.

Dino Rabbit is also a decent pick. It lost a bit of power in a copy of Tour Guide and a copy of Rescue Rabbit, but it's setups can still be stifling. Jerk Gooba isn't as relevant anymore, but that can easily be remedied by instead including a full playset of Thunder King Raioh to compensate.

I really don't see HEROes as being the best deck. The deck gained Heroic Champion Excaliber and Escuridao, while at the same time losing nothing of significance (relatively speaking) apart from one of the (previously) less favorable matchups in Inzektors. If the HERO deck can't access enough monsters, especially Neos Alius, the deck just implodes, which other decks can take advantage of.
Overall the deck is just about the same as before.
I am expecting the deck to do well though, partly due to strength in numbers.

Plants have been seeing a lot of discussion, but I think that part of the reason why is due to nostalgia. The deck is nowhere near as powerful as before, now that Tengu is at 2, and Glow Up Bulb, Brionac, and Trishula are all banned. The deck still has a lot of flexibility and plays, but requires more set up now, with (comparably) less potent yields. A decent pick, but I'd much rather play Wind Ups instead, which similarly offers a lot of flexibility, but is more powerful.

This deck hasn't been seeing a lot of discussion, but I think Frog Monarchs stand a good chance. Beefy meatshields like Ronintoadin are hard for monsters like Raioh, Neos Alius, and Sabersaurus to get over, for one. Furthermore, one of the decks least favorable matchups, Inzektors, is no more, which indirectly boosts the frognarch deck.
A lot of decklists I've been seeing online have reduced their Veiler count to 1 copy, or none at all, which certainly works in the favor for frognarch users.

Agents are probably back with Earth at 2, but Hyperion isn't as game-breaking as it was before, partly because we have BLS now as a bigger and stronger boss monster, partly due to the loss of ignition effect priority, and partly due to the prevalence of destruction-resistant cards like Zenmaines / Maestroke. That's not to say the deck is bad, of course. Archlord Kristya gained a lot of power upon the destruction of Inzektors.
3 copies of Hyperion is probably too much unless you're using the pure Agent build; I can see a chaos variant doing relatively well, but my gut feeling is that Agents will be underrepresented at YCS Toronto.

Dark World is the same as it has always been; it will struggle in the mirror match, and can draw completely unplayable hands. Card Destruction is still the nuts and Grapha is still horrific card design, but overall I don't see Dark World doing anything significant (the Forces of Darkness are more than welcome to prove me wrong!)

Gravekeepers are another decent pick IMO. Necrovalley completely shuts down plays involving Wind-Up Rat, and the huge assortment of traps in the deck can pick apart XYZ plays in the Wind Up matchup.
Against HEROes, Necrovalley makes your Gravekeepers bigger than their beatsticks, whilst at the same time cutting off access to Miracle Fusion and Hero Blast.

I'm on the fence about Chaos Dragons, personally. The deck is still good even though Future Fusion is banned (a win more card anyway), and Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon went to 1. While I'm not overly familiar with playing the deck (I hate playing decks that mill a lot), I can imagine that bringing Chaos Sorcerer down to 1 hurt the most (chaos monster, level 6, decent effect), though that can be slightly compensated for by including another copy of Darkflare Dragon I guess.

There's some other decks out there like Lavals (needs SUPER FOOLISH BURIAL), Gladiator Beasts (lol), and Destiny HERO variants (WHY CAN'T YOU BE GOOD </3), but I really can't see them doing much at this time.


I'll probably post again upon returning from Hong Kong, where YCS Toronto will have already taken place, and the new format well underway. I've visited several Hong Kong locals thus far (get that Yugioh fix!), and I may make a post regarding those as well.

Until next time.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

All good things must come to an end (unless they don't)

Hi, I'm Ygo doolist LFN.

I have come to terms with how things will be fairly different come the near future. We, as mere humans (and duelists) are powerless against the flow of time, after all.
As I have noted in a previous post, I will indeed be going on vacation near the end of August, and will be returning several days into September.
As such, I would like to preemtively announce that barring unusual circumstances, effective next week, I will no longer be...


... posting up locals reports.
My locals, the Connection Games and Comics, will be closing its doors at the end of August, though its sister store (which is some distance away, unfortunately) will remain open.
For people who disliked reading such things, cool, we will (mostly) be rid of them. Forever!
For people who somehow enjoyed reading them, it is quite unfortunate.

That is all

(I do wonder how many people read the title of the post and thought that I was going to close down this blog  huehuehue )

Friday, August 17, 2012

Official September 2012 OCG Forbidden & Limited List

Apparently the list that was floating around for the past couple days is legit lol.
I suppose this is old news to many by now.


Brionac dragon of the Ice Barrier
Future Fusion

Inzektor Hornet
Inzektor Dragonfly
Chaos Sorcerer
Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Evigishki Gustkraken
Wind Up carrier Zenmaity
Ultimate Offering

The Agent of Mystery Earth
Debris Dragon
BF- Kalut the Moon Shadow
Rescue Rabbit
Tour Guide from the Underworld
E-Emergency Call
Pot of Duality
A Hero Lives
Hieratic Seal of Convocation
Mirror Force

Necro Gardna
Destiny Draw
Emergency Teleport
Swords of Revealing Light
Level Limit Area B
Magic Cylinder

At a Glance

One of the biggest things to note is that Monster Reborn and Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Broken are still legal (!). Additionally, we still have access to Heavy Storm and 3 copies of Mystical Space Typhoon (!), meaning that that paradox is very much alive (play the odds and set 2 to dodge up to 3 copies of MST, but get blown out if your opponent has the 1-of Heavy, or fear Heavy and set 1 but open yourself up to MST? Setting 2 would be the correct play given the odds, but you can be punished for it)

Dino Rabbit lost 1 Little Girl and 1 Rescue Rabbit, but that isn't a significant nerf at all. There will still be games where one can open with Rabbit, Little Girl, and some power spells/traps and just win. The 2 slots that have been opened can be filled with monsters like Thunder King, or cards to accelerate through the deck to reach Rabbit.

I have a feeling that Chaos Dragons can work around the limitation of Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. Losing Future Fusion isn't a big deal at all, the deck just lost a 1-card win condition.

Wind-Ups are still good even with only 1 Zenmaity (would you believe that there's an OTK capable of dealing over 9000 damage that uses only 1 Zenmaity?). I would drop Hunter entirely as there's no reason to play it anymore. The discard loop is dead, focus on accumulating advantage and pumping out XYZ monsters instead.

While Dark World wasn't hit in the slightest (Card Destruction :( ), the deck's worst enemy is itself, in that it can split between drawing amazing and drawing awful, as well as having an atrocious mirror matchup.

I don't think HEROes were really nerfed at all. I fully expect this deck to be extremely popular, and for good reason. Having your opponent AHL into Excaliber and swing into your Magic Cylinder would be hilarious though.

The return of Spore, coupled with Debris Dragon at 2, may end up reviving Plant Synchro to some extent, which is fine by me. Still, not having access to the 3rd Reborn Tengu and Glow Up Bulb will keep the deck from being as dominant as it was before.

Agents may also make a return. Master Hyperion is still very good, and gaining an Earth back will help with consistency.

I don't think Destiny Draw and Emergency Teleport to 3 will change much, Maxx "C" is a card, you really can only crank out 1 synchro with Malicious, and both good level 6 synchros (Brionac, Goyo) are banned. Destiny Draw at 3 may revive Absolute Zero variants, though I don't think they're Tier 1 material.
There's also that variant that uses Hieratics that's been slightly gaining some degree of popularity, which is probably a streamlined version of that rough Diva Destiny HERO Hieratic deck I posted up a while back (shameless advertising).

Similarly, I don't expect that Kalut to 2 will suddenly make Blackwings amazing either. Kalut aside, your monsters aren't as physically imposing as they once were, and losing Brionac means that the Blizzard into a level 6 synchro play is less potent.

Mirror Force to 2 probably won't do a whole lot since it's expected that HEROes will be popular, which Dimensional Prison (at 3!) is significantly better against anyway.

Tsukuyomi coming back is neat. It's an easy out to Raioh, and makes a 1st turn Leviathan Dragon significantly easier to get over (lol 0 defense). It will also help in breaking down soft locks made by monsters like Legendary Six Samurai ShiEn and Naturia Beast. In regards to more combo-focused aspects, it's certainly cool to be able to flip and reuse monsters like Gravekeeper's Spy, Evoltile Westlo, and Snowman Eater.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Worlds 2012: Aftermath & Analysis

The Yugioh World Championship took place this past weekend (August 11/12), and is notable for being the first ever World Championship where there weren't any discrepancies between the respective rules for the TCG and the OCG (note that ignition effect priority still existed for the TCG at this time last year). As such, aside from cards that remained exclusive to each region, it was pretty much a unified game for all participants.

While both the OCG and TCG suffered significant restrictions in the legal cardpool for this event, whereby the OCG participants were barred from using currently OCG exclusive XYZ monsters like Black Corn, Volcasaurus, Heroic Champion Excaliber, and so forth (as well as upcoming themes like the Atlanteans / Mermails), one could argue that the TCG participants suffered even greater losses. This is due to how, as per common knowledge, TCG exclusives have warped the TCG meta, where a consistent Wind Up loop exists thanks to Tour Guide and Shark, Tour Guide and Dolkka allow Dino Rabbit to consistently smother other decks, etc. Basically, Tour Guide makes a lot of decks better, and has pretty much become a staple. As such, the act of losing the option of using such a powerful and versatile card shouldn't be underestimated.

From the perspective of a North American ygo player, describing the deck choices / results of the North American representatives as 'disappointing' would be an understatement.
Based on various sources, including article(s) on Alter Reality Games, as well as an entire THREAD on DGZ, it was pretty much established by both the North American representatives and the public that Gravekeepers would NOT be an optimal choice for the event, yet 2 representatives went ahead and played the deck anyway. I don't know if it's because they were expecting a meta filled with Chaos Dragons, but Inzektors are obviously able to equip Hornet from the hand as well, which gets around Necrovalley entirely.
Though he finished 2-3, Adrian Shakir's choice of Chaos Dragons was much better imo
Oddly enough, it was the representative running a suicide bomb deck, that is, Jarel Winston with Exodia, that made it the furthest, losing in the Top 8, though I think that that particular build isn't very good. Basically, it was an Exodia variant that plays a ton of traps and such like Final Countdown would, before taking advantage of life point differences to draw a bunch of cards with Hope For Escape. That strategy gets weakened considerably by an opponent having Royal Decree / Solemn Judgment (and similar cards that drag your life points down), and is slower compared to the dragon draw variant.
The last North American representative went with Final Countdown apparently, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering matches at worlds have an extended time limit (60 minutes per match instead of 40, if I recall correctly), which kind of invalidates the "go into time and side in burn cards" side-decking strategy.
Regardless of their skill level, I feel that most of the representatives could have chosen to use something better (LIKE INZEKTORS).

There were also some instances of alleged cheating / shady plays (eg Zephyros the Elite, stalling, summoning dudes off 2 separate Gigamantis in the same turn), though whether they were intentional or not is unknown. Accidents do happen, I'm just surprised that neither player involved, nor any of the judges present, managed to catch these error(s) as they occurred. :S

The Top Cut

The Top 8
Arimura Yohei (JP)
Jarel Winston (US)
Joshua Schmidt (DE)
Norihama Takeru (JP)
Saito Akikazu (JP)
Stefano Memoli (IT)
Wesley Seek (SG)
Yumoto Kota (JP)

Half of the players were from Japan, and 6 of the 8 were Inzektors apparently.
Heading into the Top 4, all but 1 of the Japanese players were eliminated, as was the last North American representative.

The Finals
In an Inzektor mirror match, Saito Akikazu of Japan was able to best Stefano Memoli of Italy in game 3, to become the newest King of Games / Yugioh Master. Also, Japan has won the World Championship yet again lol.

Insector Haga is pleased (take that, Muto Yugi!)


Other Thoughts
Though I was busy for much of the day, I did manage to catch some of the Day 2 livestream:

I'm still not quite sure what the exact issue with Jarel Winston's Top 8 match was, like there are conflicting viewpoints and such. From what everyone could see from the stream, Jarel misplayed by incorrectly building the chain links, whereby he could have gone to chain link 4 (Decree > Twister > Legacy of yata > Accumulated) and activated Accumulated Fortune to draw into yet another Exodia piece as well as Sangan. This could very well have enabled him to win.
However, as a contradictory source, Winston stated that while he was well aware of that play, the judges present did NOT allow him to activate Accumulated, even though it would STILL be before the resolution of the activation of Royal Decree, and as such, a legal play :S

The Dragon Duel final was quite awful. Every game was a one-sided blowout. For those who missed it:
G1 The Taiwanese player opened with Rescue Rabbit into Laggia and 4 set lol, 1 of which was Macro Cosmos. The Inzektor player blind MST'ed twice, hitting 2 random cards, then played Heavy Storm, and it turns out the last remaining face down backrow was Starlight Road. Laggia + Macro Cosmos + Stardust Dragon AHHHH...!!
G2 The Japanese player derped all over the Taiwanese player's field once he got Decree up, seeing as the Taiwanese player had used Prohibition on Dragonfly instead of Hornet. A fast victory!
G3 The Taiwanese player opened with Rabbit into Laggia and 3 set, one of which was Macro AGAIN. That set up was soon joined by Sabersaurus and 2 more backrows. The Japanese player didn't (or couldn't) even play a single card before he ended up scooping.
He then cried :'(
He cried.
Given how fast these games ended, and the ease with which they were decided, I hope that even Konami can realize how shitty their game has become when it's being flopped around right in their face. It was ridiculous.

Finally, I managed to catch the Finals match, where Stefano Memoli was eventually bested 1-2 by Saito Akikazu, the latter becoming the 2012 World Champion. Not much to say I guess, there was a bit of an issue with Gigamantis and whether it would miss the timing or not (it won't), as well as how Memoli was unfortunate enough to have opened with, or drawn into shortly after, all 3 copies of Mystical Space Typhoon.

Overall, I'm somewhat perplexed with this event. It seemed at times, some of the players hadn't even the slightest idea of what the fuck they were doing lol. I get that there's immense pressure from having to perform well at worlds, but there were misplays all over the place @___@

On a more humorous note, the best part of the entire event was



I suppose I shouldn't be mocking the erroneous spelling, but it was too funny.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stale Bread

Hello again.

As the title of this post implies, on a personal level, Yugioh as it stands now has reached the point where I find it to be incredibly mundane. Just as well, I suppose, given how close we are to knowing the contents of the upcoming September 2012 banlist.
My creative juices, figuratively speaking, have decreased significantly over the course of the format, given how hard it can be to put together decks that can match the levels of unfairness that current meta decks produce consistently and with minimal input. I fully expect things to pick back up upon the release / leak of the banlist, provided that it's not a further continuation of the March 2012 one, which was in turn a continuation of the Sept 2011 list sans fading decks in Plants and Agents.

It has recently come to my attention that Konami will be livestreaming some matches at the Worlds 2012 tournament happening this weekend (August 11/12). While that's cool and all, hopefully they can extend that to the YCS event coverage level as well. To my knowledge, the folks over at Europe, if given permission by Konami, are able to film matches there and subsequently upload them onto sites such as Youtube, unlike our North American counterparts.
Alternatively that funding could be distributed to either recruit more writers for timely updates, or step up the amount of prize support, for example. I'm not complaining about the livestreams per se, like it IS something that they took the initiative to provide (I think), but yea just throwing that out there.
For those interested (I am!), the links are below:
Japanese version
English version
Event Page (Jp)
Event Page (En)

Regrettably, after not posting for like a week, this seems like a filler post (and it probably is), I just wish there were more interesting things to talk about. I have no interest in dissecting all these photoshopped fake banlists floating around, after all. I'm also entering the exam period for the summer term, which is yet another contributing factor to my lack of posts.

Lastly, as a heads up, I will be on vacation in Hong Kong starting from the last week or so of August, until about midway through the first week of September. As such, it would not surprise me in the slightest if I won't be able to get any posts up during that time, though I will try. I'm certainly looking forward to picking up some Japanese deckboxes / sleeves / other card supplies, to say the least.
If any reader happens to know which card shop(s) there are the most popular / the best, please let me know with a comment, and I will try to check it / them out. Obviously my cards won't be legal for use in the tournaments there, but I should be able to get some casual games in.

[EDIT] one last thing, I forgot to mention that I've recently started doing admin work on Dueling Network, so if you see me on feel free to say hi. It will be busy during peak hours of course, but I will try to reply as soon as I can.
Keep in mind that as per DN policy, messaging me will not enable me to let you jump the queue and have me help you first, I must abide by their rules after all.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Locals Reports 08/01 & 08/02: Applying the Will of Konami

Hi, I'm Yugioh Duelist LFN

As you all may know, the aim of this format is to survive each and every tournament one plays in, with the fear that at any given moment, Randy Savage can open the nuts or rip Black Luster Soldier to crush your dreams. Decks that don't do anything unfair for minimal resource input are certainly at a disadvantage, leading to feelings of relief, not elation, upon topping.
As such, I don't know if I could fault myself for getting cold feet about 15 min before the tournament started,  as I was using my Absolute Zero deck, which certainly doesn't do anything unfair. Even the most optimal opening of Stratos + Destiny Draw pales in comparison to the successful summon of a Laggia, an Inzektor Dragonfly with an accessible Inzektor Hornet, a Wind-Up Zenmaity, and so forth.
I certainly didn't feel like drawing double Malicious again, and having caved, reverted back to playing Wind-Ups, to take out unfair decks with my own, as Konami would desire of its player base.
About 2 min before the tournament started, I got cold feet yet again, and took out the pair of Wind-Up Factories in the main in favor of 2 Dimensional Prisons, sacrificing the mirror match and plusses in general for more defense against Dino Rabbit and other rogue decks (of which there were plenty)

Round 1: LFN (not Absolute Zero) vs Liam (Gishki Hieratics)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He brought out 2 Gustkrakens on the opening turn, putting back relevant power spells while allowing me to keep monsters in hand, which became invalidated once he overlaid for Photon Strike Bounzer. I play bitch for a bit, hoping to draw outs, but it was not to be. In a battle between opposing hand-destroying unfair entities, the fish defeated the toys! This deck will be scarier than it already is once that Messier 7 thing comes out :( Cheap win.
G2: I win this one after looping his hand. In another battle between opposing hand-destroying unfair entities, the toys returned the favor! The Hunter loop really shouldn't be legal. Cheap win.
G3: I open with a weak hand but had Gorz! He made a 1st turn Gustkraken, and revealed 2 Solemn Warnings LOL. He put one back and ran right into Gorz. This made my task a lot easier, to say the least
Result: XOO

Round 2: LFN (not Absolute Zero) vs NEXUS-TYu (Chaos Zombies)
I win the dice roll
G1: I got tanked by an early BLS, and after I killed it, it was brought back with Call of the Haunted to attack me again, dropping me to 2000 LP. After I bottomless'ed his Leviair, he dropped an unexpected Dark Armed Dragon to kill me
G2: I did some unfair things and won.
G3: I opened with a passive hand, as did he. After he clogged up his own monster zones with a set monster and a chained Scapegoat, I played bitch, wasting all his Maxx "C"s and passing after each one, before finally committing to the loop. I topped Avarice a while later as well, like a true sack would, before finally topping Reborn to knock the Gorz he retrieved off Alchemist (which wasn't even a problem) from his hand, like only the greatest of sacks can.
Result: XOO

Round 3: LFN (not Absolute Zero) vs NEXUS-Jack (Dino Rabbit)
I lose the dice roll
G1: A grind game, I eventually fell victim to a massive push, and didn't have enough resources left to deal with his field
G2: We traded cards and were eventually brought down to a couple cards each. I read his backrow as being Bottomless, so overlaid for Zenmaines to ram and take out his spent Laggia. He ended up topping into Compulsory to bounce my Zenmaines and go for game. Nooooo
Result: XX

Round 4: LFN (not Absolute Zero) vs Joey (Wind-Ups)
I lose the dice roll
G1: I didn't open with any hand traps but he didn't have the loop, despite playing stuff like Instant Fusions and Kagemucha Knight in addition to the standard wind-up monster lineup. He started off with 2 set backrows, and was swiftly punished by Heavy Storm and Spirit Reaper. I was not happy (to say the least) about losing to Dino Rabbit last round, so I went into "no mercy" mode.
He was eventually ground down to 700 LP, where I summoned Wind-Up Magician with a previously set Book of Moon, to punch for another 600 damage to drop him to 100 LP! He summoned Wind-Up Hunter and attacked my Magician. I flipped Magician face down with Book. 200 damage for game!
G2: Nothing special happened this game, we both played the passive game, before he felt the urge to commit. He slowly lost cards in our tradeoffs, and when he resorted to wasting a power card (Book of Moon? Solemn Warning?) to stop my Leviathan Dragon from killing his face-down monster, I sensed weakness and Solemn'ed it. He died shortly after
Result: OO

Final Round: LFN (not Absolute Zero) vs Brad (Unfairnities)
I lose the dice roll
G1: This was a grind game, as neither of us started out with anything substantial. I had to grind through his 4 backrows before finally committing to a Tiras play.
G2: I lucked out and opened with Heavy Storm against his 4 backrow, which he was forced to Solemn. As it turns out, he had Gozen Match, which screwed over both of us. I couldn't XYZ into anything relevant, nor could he synchro or XYZ with his 2 Necromancers and 1 Avenger. Eventually I topped MST, hit the Gozen, and started attacking him with a bunch of dudes, which he was unable to deal with
Result: OO
Final Result: 4-1

I lucked out and somehow managed to accumulate extraordinary tiebreaks, leapfrogging into 2nd place, which yielded 7 Turbo Packs, which in turn yielded a super rare Gadget and yet another ultra Skill Drain
Thanks Konami! I have done thy bidding, using an unfair Konami-made deck, and was rewarded


The next day, I set forth to continue to spread the good word of Konami. Who would even dare to criticize Dino Rabbit, Inzektors, Wind Ups, etc etc, as bad for the game? This is clearly a healthy meta! /sarcasm
Regardless, I went with the exact same deck, with a slightly modified sidedeck. Call me crazy, but I cut Soul Takers entirely from the main/side in favor of a pair of sided Smashing Grounds. The Chaos Dragon matchup is already somewhat favorable, so I would rather play something else that would better address less favorable matchups (like it feels awful to Soul Taker a Kaboozles because 1700 is apparently too big for Wind-Up monsters to handle).

Round 1: LFN (Toy Story) vs Kris (X-Sabers)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He made some questionable plays IMO, and was punished for it
G2: I blanked out and failed to see the obviously better play. I deserved to lose the game and did.
G3: Wind-Ups are unfair so I did some dumb things and won. The Hunter loop really shouldn't be legal. Cheap win.
Result: OXO

Round 2: LFN (Toy Story) vs Kos.3vil (Dark Synchro)
I lose the dice roll
G1: I'm able to establish both advantage and field presence, but he topdecked into a live Dark Armed Dragon , and it ended up winning the game for him
G2: He dropped Dark Armed again, but I thankfully had Bottomless Trap Hole to deal with it. I made some dudes and whittled down his LP by repeatedly forcing out Krebons' negate effect
G3: He started off with a problematic King Tiger Wanghu, but Wanghu is no match for Gorz! I established control and conducted some unfair looping plays soon after. The hunter loop really shouldn't be legal. Cheap win.
Result: XOO

Round 3: LFN (Toy Story) vs Keith (Bugs)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He has a relentless onslaught of bugs, but I had only 1 Solemn Warning. His deck did unfair things and I died
G2: He was unable to access Inzektor Hornet after I D.D. Crow'ed his only copy thus far, and was subjected to the Hunter loop. My deck did unfair things and he died.
G3: My unfair things were able to out-unfair his unfair things, as I topped into 2 successive Wind-Up Rats after resolving Pot of Avarice to put immense pressure on him. I am a huge sack.
Result: XOO

Round 4: LFN (Toy Story) vs NEXUS-Jack (Dino Rabbit)
I win the dice roll
G1: I opened with the most unfair hand, and conducted the 3-card FTK (Little Girl, Shark, Avarice)
He was unable to topdeck into outs and died just because I was fortuitous enough to open with those 3 cards
G2: He put immense pressure on me and I was unable to deal with the Laggia + Levair plays
G3: My opening hand had 2 Wind-Up Rats and a Wind-Up Shark, and I drew into the 3rd Rat soon after. I had no choice but to let my Shark die, and then drop Rat after Rat after Rat, among other things, drawing out all his hand traps (and subsequently eating damage) as well as his Solemn somehow, before going all in with Sangan and Acid Golem to kill him before he could kill me ( I was at 400 LP)
Result: OXO

Final Round: LFN (Toy Story) vs NEXUS-Seb (Bugs)
I win the dice roll
G1: I didn't open with a hand that could adequately deal with his, and I died to the bugs' unfair plays
G2: He didn't open with a hand that could deal with the Wind-Up beatdown, and he died
G3: An intense game, the game simplified rapidly. I was eventually presented the opportunity to Mind Control his Hornet and XYZ with my Shark, but completely forgot that the equipped Ladybug boosted Hornet's level to 5! I noobed out and erroneously made Shark level 3, and was reminded that Hornet was now Level 5 (he had Veiler in hand to stop Shark in the even that I attempted to make it level 5, which would be relevant later). I was very ashamed and mad at myself. Even then, Shark was able to attack directly to drop him down to 1500 LP. Shark died somehow, and I was forced to Smashing the Hornet. He topped into Centipede and then Dragonfly, but they died to Torrential Tribute and Solemn Judgment respectively. I eventually topped into Tour Guide, which was hit by that Veiler saved from earlier, but it was able to beat him down over 2 turns to wipe out that last 1500 LP.
Result: XOO
Final Result: 5-0

I was immensely relieved to have survived through another tournament in this bad format, and my spoils were $30 worth of store credit, which I elected to bank. Sick life.
Even then, I made some pretty dumb misplays that I normally wouldn't have. Disgusting.
Unlike some random people out there on certain less-competitive minded forums, or on Dueling Network, I firmly believe that winning does not cancel out any bad plays that one conducted and make everything ok (the "who cares if I misplayed since I still won" mindset is poisonous imo)