Wednesday, September 5, 2012

YCS Toronto 2012: Aftermath & Analysis


Hi, I'm Canadian Duelist LFN

WHILE I WAS AWAY, a YCS took place over in Toronto, Canada, on the very first day of the new September 2012 Forbidden & Limited List's legality. Unsurprisingly, the better deckbuilders and doolists were sure to have the advantage at the event, making good use of their talents to define the meta and run circles around the sheep that would be sure to follow.

Online discussions and articles posted prior to the event had already reached a consensus as to what the better decks to play at the event would be, though it would be up to a competent player to use it / them effectively.
There were a total of 799 doolists in attendance, but there could only be one champion! Who would get their game on and become a Yugioh Master?

The Top 32 Cut
Courtesy of Konami's official coverage (however lacking it may be), online forums, and youtube (Underworld 6667), listed below is the STILL INCOMPLETE breakdown of the Top 32 players and their decks.

Please help fill in the blanks!

.... and from there....

Well-deserved congratulations go out to both Josh Graham for winning with the best deck and Jeff Jones for making it so far with a rogue pick from out of nowhere yet again. While Jones has already accumulated a couple wins on his Yugioh Resume (probably of no help when it comes to employment), this was Graham's first ever SJC / YCS win, and it was in his home country of Canada no less.

Other Thoughts
Wind Ups were heralded to be the best deck for the event despite losing 2 Zenmaity (no big deal), as it transitioned from an XYZ-focused deck that could conduct an unfair hand loop to an all-out XYZ-focused deck that could churn out control aspects.
Despite the prevalance of Maxx "C"s, Thunder Kings, and other various hate cards (Gozen Match, Rivalry of Warlords, etc), the deck still managed to conduct an impressive showing. Best deck.

As for Geargias, the deck made its presence known upon its first event after its release, taking up (at least) 4 spots in the Top 32. They are still missing some support cards though, due for release in the next set. Still, it was not a bad showing, as the other new themes in Return of the Duelist, being Madolche and Prophecy, did absolutely nothing.
Other talented doolists who represented the deck but failed to Top were Billy Brake, Lazaro Bellido, and Samuel Pedigo.

I'm a bit surprised that Plants managed to make it in. I certainly like Plant Synchro, but I didn't think that it was powerful enough to carry through 8 rounds of play to head into the Top Cut. Other rogue picks like Chaos Dragons and Frog Monarchs bubbled out, which is somewhat disappointing, but does happen.

Overall, the meta remained relatively constant carrying over from last format, with the notable absences of Inzektors and Chaos Dragons. Given that Chaos Dragons bubbled out though, it can still be perceived as a threat, and shouldn't be ridiculed and written off as garbage after it lost Future Fusion (a win more card anyway), 2 Chaos Sorcerers, and 1 REDMD.
As such, I'm not so sure if this format will be as great as some people are making it out to be. The game is still pretty fast paced, but at the very least, unfair hand discard loops have more or less been eliminated, and one will no longer be punished by Inzektors just because he or she committed a card to the field and didn't have Effect Veiler.

Next up is YCS Sheffield (I think), but it has long been confirmed to be a Sealed Event with Battle Packs, so while it will certainly test and reward the deckbuilding abilities of those present, it will obviously have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the development of the format.


  1. There's a "real" (ie not Sealed) YCS in Guatemala this weekend as well.

  2. Wow, not only Jeff Jones' psychic build, but also a Karakuri Psychic deck topped? That's cool. Psychics are finally being revived! :-D

  3. Shock Master alone makes TCG Wind Ups too different. I certainly think Shock Master is a fucking Beast in WU as tehy can get it out nearly every effin time they explode, its the only deck that can do this consistently I think.

    Here WU are missing Shock Master, which imo is their Card into Tops. Especially in an 11 round swiss, where you can have so many different matchups, Shock Master is a go to guy to break some match ups in your favor.

    I dislike the toys, that is why I hope it won't get reprinted here this format ... which is likely. So it is rather likely too that you won't see as much WU topping here as in US, Escuraido too so Heroes also less likely :D

    So this format I predict a kinda big difference in Metas

    1. I don't think so, I think Europeans will be able to adapt
      for what it's worth you guys are missing Acid Golem too but it isn't as game-breaking obv

      IDK about reprinting them, all the 'money' cards in TGU and Wind Up Rabbit were already reprinted, so the deck is pretty cheap as is

    2. But nothing is like Shock Master ... You're playing Dark World, Call Spells, You're playing whatever trap heavy deck, call traps, youre playing a monster heavy deck call monster ... Shockmaster with Backrow is game winning ... especially with only 2 cards made and you even get advantage ... He is good in first turn, as he is good in mid-late game ... You play chain burn, you don't need a side board when you got easy to make Shock Master ... all in all Shock Master is just a whole Side Board in itself ... You play HEroes call Spell ... he will probably get mad ... especially first turn ... and now imagine Shock Master wouldnt be playable ... Wind Ups would need to be more dependant on their board in match ups ... tehy wouldnt be so versatile and dangerous in other match ups as they would rely on their side board cards, which arent as great as shock master is. There is no replacement for shockmaster ... so EU WU are in my opinion a lot weaker than their US counterpart.

      Acid Golem and Hyper Librarian are finally printed in EU as variant cards in REDU SE ... so I guess we can wait a year or so for Shockmaster?

    3. it is very stronk but even without it, Wind Ups are still a very powerful deck

      I don't have Shockmaster lol... noobed out and didn't sign up for SJ Alpha :S there's no way i'm paying whatever it goes for nowadays ($50+ for sure) so I WILL HAVE TO WAIT TOO

  4. Hi, James Kim used Dino Rabbits, I saw him using it at the YCS.

    1. Cool, that is super duper awesome, thx

  5. Why the Hieractics doesn't make it at least to top 32?
    Do TCG players don't care about the archetype?

  6. Vexacus4666 has a bunch of decklists on his youtube channel too, and he posted some of them on the Altereality Games Facebook Page

    1. im not subbed to either of those pages/sites but i will check them out :o

  7. hi my friend stanley liu used hero beat