Wednesday, November 28, 2012

YCS SeaTac: Aftermath & Analysis

This is extremely late, tardy, life happens, suuuuuuper busy etc
like YCS Barcelona is this upcoming weekend :c
Late is an understatement.

The first YCS event to feature the new cards from Abyss Rising, YCS Seattle/Tacoma, took place on the weekend of November 16-18th, not even within a week after the booster sets release. Expectations were that the Mermails would make an immediate splash (hehehe), with Prophecy and Madolche having the chance at doing so as well after receiving a bunch of relevant support cards.

How well would these watery upstarts fare against the big-bad incumbent meta decks?
Would they Rise from the Abyss (tehehe) and meet expectations? Or would they flop (huehue) against the massive amount of hate that would be sure to be sided in anticipation of this matchup?

The Top Cut
Copy Pasta'd via Sixxy because extremely late, etc

1st Place - Michael Stibbins w/ INZEKTOR
2nd Place - Norberto Leon w/ MERMAIL
3rd Place - Adrian Shakir w/ WIND-UP
4th Place - Sorosh Saberian w/ MERMAIL
Top 8 - Julian Wong w/ AGENT
Top 8 - Dominique Eskridge w/ RABBIT
Top 8 - Michael Klasel w/ MERMAIL
Top 8 - Simon He w/ AGENT
Top 16 - Jerry Williams w/ MERMAIL
Top 16 - Adam Belohrahsky w/ AGENT
Top 16 - Jose Cornejo w/ RABBIT
Top 16 - Jonathan Gonzalez w/ GEARGIA
Top 16 - Cody Muniz w/ WIND-UP
Top 16 - Kevin Hubbard w/ DARK WORLD
Top 16 - Wilsong Tsang w/ WIND-UP
Top 16 - Chancy Wigglestove SQUIDDY w/ MERMAIL
Top 32 - Lukas Prinz w/ WIND-UP
Top 32 - Trenton Wright w/ MERMAIL
Top 32 - Timothy Williams w/ AGENT
Top 32 - Joesph Giorlando w/ RABBIT
Top 32 - Matthew Skewes w/ GEARGIA
Top 32 - Christopher Mastenbrook w/ CHAIN BURN
Top 32 - Gabriel Gonzalez w/ WIND-UP
Top 32 - Matt Bishop w/ WIND-UP
Top 32 - Justin Delhon w/ DRAGON
Top 32 - Robert Baca w/ AGENT
Top 32 - Desmond Boyd w/ RABBIT
Top 32 - Sergio Rodriguez w/ WIND-UP
Top 32 - Kyle Palsson w/ MERMAIL
Top 32 - Manav Dawar w/ RABBIT
Top 32 - Andrew Conklin w/ DARK WORLD
Top 32 - Robert Strohl w/ AGENT

7 MERMAIL (!!!)

Upon release, we can clearly see that Mermails have lived up to their hype, carrying over from the OCG as one of the better decks this format.
This was not their day!
As the event concluded, Michael Stibbins emerged victorious with Inzektors, finally giving this evil evil deck a YCS victory.
The dastardly bugs were able to demolish their quasi-successor, Mermails, with the water deck's boss monster, Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord, shown up by the big bad of the Inzektor deck, Dark Armed Dragon the Original Elemental Lord.

Other Thoughts

Continuing the trend, each YCS this format has been won by a different deck: Wind-Ups at Toronto, HEROes at Guadalajara, Six Samurai at Indianapolis, Karakuri Geargia at Providence, and Inzektors at Seattle. Assuming this pattern is to continue, I'd expect Mermails (or maybe Agents!) to win it all at the upcoming European YCS in Barcelona, Spain.
Side-decking is evidently harder than ever, given the X amount of meta decks that all do something different, never mind the possibility of encountering various degenerate strategies over the course of the tournament.
You can't be prepared for everything :c

Last format, with both Dragonfly and Hornet at 3: Deck does not win. (Granted, Dino Rabbit was very prevalent at the time.)
This format, with both Dragonfly and Hornet at 1: Deck wins!!
El Oh El how does that even work

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Decklist: Toy Story [YCS Seattle ver.]

This is the build I ran at YCS Seattle.
It's probably about 95% similar to the build I played at my regional way back in September
The deck itself seemed fine to me. Hence, I can attribute my mediocre performance at the YCS to unfortunate circumstances and the fact that I am a mere Ygo doolist rather than a Ygo master.
Sucks to suck, etc

Monstars (19)
3x Wind Up Rabbit
3x Wind Up Shark
3x Wind Up Rat
2x Wind Up Magician
2x Little Girl
1x Sangan
2x Effect Veiler
2x Thunder King Raioh
1x Spirit Reaper

Spells (11)
3x Wind Up Factory
1x Heavy Storm
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Pot of Avarice
2x Soul Taker
2x Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps (10)
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Solemn Warning
2x Torrential Tribute
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Dimensional Prison
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device

Extra (15)
1x Wind Up Zenmaity
1x Wind Up Zenmaines
1x Leviair the sea dragon
1x Leviathan Dragon
1x Gigabrilliant
1x Temtempo the Champion
1x Acid Golem
1x Soul of Awesomemountain
1x Abyss Dweller
1x Maestroke the stronk djinn
1x Photon Butterfly
1x Shock Locker
1x Tiras
1x Adreus
1x Zenmaioh

Side (15)
2x Maxx "C"
1x Tsukuyomi
2x D.D. Warrior Lady
1x Messenger of Peace
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Nobleman of Crossout
3x Dimensional Fissure
1x Dimensional Prison
1x Fiendish Chain
2x Dust Tornado


The 2 Soul Takers were main-decked in anticipation of encountering a good number of Agents / Dragons / Dino Rabbit / anything with multiple Raioh, and also go well with the lone Spirit Reaper.

D.D. Warrior Lady was used as an alternative to Snowman Eater. It's able to pretty much permanently deal with big threats like Grapha / The Shining / Lightpulsar / Machina Fortress / Archlord Kristya / High Priestess of Prophecy, or shut off the graveyard-dependent effects of cards like Card Trooper / Sangan / Mermail Abysslinde, and it isn't seeing much play nowadays so in theory it would catch a lot of people off guard.
Sure, unlike Snowman Eater, it isn't a level 3 nor can I choose which monster to hit, but I felt that the benefits outweighed the negatives. Wind Ups can make Leviair really easily for re-use as well.

Tsukuyomi was leaked a while back on a certain forum, and is intended to be used as a reuseable out to Venus / Raioh, and also combos well with Wind-Up Rat and in some situations, with Bottomless Trap Hole.

Everything else is fairly standard

Monday, November 19, 2012

YCS Report: YCS Seattle-Tacoma 2012


I woke up early Friday morning, showered for amazingly fresh hygiene, and headed out to pick up Doolist Friend nigleong. Blasting wondrous Jpop/ Kpop remixes at unhealthy volumes, we got down to the Canada / USA border ezpz and when questioned about our plans for the weekend by the customs officer, being Honest Doolist LFN, I told him that we wanted to go shopping before heading out to participate in a grandiose trading card game convention. He sensed the aura of yugioh-infused energy emanating from our vehicle and allowed us to pass. Great success!

Not long after, I was going slightly above the speed limit (but following the flow of traffic) and suddenly whizzed right past a cop car moving steadily along in the right lane. Knowing that American speeding tickets can be quite hefty, I immediately started shitting bricks, and reduced speed slightly. About a minute later, not wanting to have to drive with the pressure of having a cop car behind me the whole time, I glanced back and noticed that there were now about 2-3 cars situated between the cop car and my own. I became Douchebag Driver LFN and changed lanes hoping that the cars behind me would speed up, thus drawing the cop's attention. It worked better than expected, as one of the 2-3 cars was immediately pulled over. Wow! LOL!

A few stops were made on the drive down, where Doolist Friend Nigleong and I picked up clothes and such at an outlet and Alderwood Mall, various American-exclusive snacks at a Wal-Mart, and finally arriving at the glorious Pokemon Centre in Northgate Mall (I previously visited this shrine of all things good and beautiful back when I went to YCS Long Beach).

My intuition told me that the remainder of my journey would be long and dangerous, so I elected to bring along some companions to assist me in wading through the dangers of the dooling world: Flareon, Jolteon, and Obese-achu.

Obese-achu, Jolteon, Flareon

We finally arrived at the Hotel and parked in the convention centre parking lot, meeting up with Doolist Friends CQiao, Hikarusaii, JC, and TYu, before dropping off our clothes / snacks and heading to the venue. I wanted the YCS token that was being given out for submitting one's decklist during pre-registration, so I went all-in, wrote out my decklist, and handed it in. Doolist Friend TYu has quite the amazing packluck and pulled me a Mermail Abyssmegalo. Being the great friend that I am, I sold it to him for a sick price.
I also saw and chatted with other brave doolists from my area that had made the trek: Chris S, Kevin H, Brad the Gold Ranger, Julian W, Nich Y, Mike C, Boid H, Avi G, Russell Y, Keith W, Neil B the 13th Sayris, Sean H, etc etc

Heading over to the vending booths, one of the vendors had some foreign cards for decent prices, so I gladly snapped up a German CP Spirit Reaper, a German CP Threatening Roar, and a French CP Nimble Momonga. Apart from those and a few lower-end cards, I barely spent any money on Yugioh cards this weekend (the DT machine excluded because there are no DT machines where I live and they are awesome).

It was at this point that I encountered Duelistgroundz members CellarDoor and Gagaga Magician. I already was acquainted with Owen (CellarDoor), and ended up lending a helping hand. He was short some cards for Chaos Dragons, so being Helpful Doolist LFN, I promptly took him back to my hotel room and lent him 200% of what he needed.

Nothing really notable happened for the rest of the day, and we eventually ended up eating at some half-empty ghetto Swiss Pub because a lot of the other places had 1/2 hr waits. The food wasn't very good.

Back at the hotel, Seattle Doolist Kyle Palsson and his Doolist Friend Ray came over to play Marvel vs Capcom (one of us brought an XBox) and ygo, and he smashed me with his Mermail deck lol.

Minimal sleep? Yup. Lack of confidence? Yup. Time to play in a YCS


There was a total of 756 players in attendance
During the player meeting, the Head Judge repeatedly pronounced Mermail Abyssmegalo as Mermail Abyss-Meh-Gahh-Lo. Several of us have adapted and conformed to this pronunciation since then.

Round 1: Canadian Doolist LFN vs Zombie Doolist Cody Rivas
I lose the dice roll
G1: He's playing Zombies. ezpz
G2: He's playing Zombies. ezpz
Result: OO

Round 2: Canadian Doolist LFN vs Wind-Up Doolist Pedro Alvarado
I lose the dice roll
G1: We grind it out and he wins the damage game
G2: I started off with Factory, summoned Shark, and activated Shark's effect. He Veiler's, and looked kind of confused when I still searched off Factory. He later attempted to negate my Rat for Rabbit play with Thunder King. Oh...
G3: He started off with the dreaded Magician + Shark. He goes Magician, special Shark, Magician eff get another Magician. Activate Shark's effect to change levels, 2nd Magician gets a 2nd Shark. At this point I thought he was going to overlay for Tiras and Maestroke, which would be fine if he didn't have protection to back up a Shock Lock. But no! He decided to become an amazing doolist, overlaying Magician, Magician, and the 2nd Shark for Shock Master, leaving the 1st Shark in face up attack, and called spells. He set 2 backrows and ends turn.
I look at my hand and see Rabbit, Rabbit, Rat, Warning, Warning, and drew something irrelevant as my 6th card. He obviously has the Warning down and I get bodied.
Result: XOX

x-1 already. :c

Round 3: Canadian Doolist LFN vs Spellbook Doolist Han Pollard
I lose the dice roll
G1: He drew passive so I just OTK'd him
G2: He drew passive again I guess, I managed to get in with 4 consecutive shots with Spirit Reaper, the latter 3 backed by Thunder King with Warning set, before he finally conceded.
Result: OO

Round 4: Canadian Doolist LFN vs Evol Doolist Ross Rehnberg
I lose the dice roll
G1: He didn't draw any monsters except for shitty ones like Vulcano and Cerato that don't do anything, which were of no help against the mighty Leviathan Dragon. He ate up 5000 damage before he used Duality to grab Dark Hole to nuke Leviathan with no follow up. By then, I was so far ahead that it wasn't hard to finish him off
G2: He drew better this game and was able to resolve the summon of an Evolzar Dolkka, but it promptly died to Soul Taker. Later in the game, he got greedy and killed my Magician with a Veiler'd Westlo, before setting what I presumed to be a Najasho, and activated Prohibition declaring Wind Up Rat. I instead had Magician Shark and made Tiras + Butterfly, the latter of which flipped his set monster to reveal Najasho. His monsters were incredibly weak so I just bashed them for huge damage and plusses
Result: OO

Round 5: Canadian Doolist LFN vs Chaos Dragon Doolist Hector Gomez
I lose the dice roll
G1: I take a bunch of early hits to drop to 1450 LP, but wipe his field out and establish field presence with Tiras, Maestroke, and a Factory. I also had several cards in hand so I was feeling pretty safe. He drew to 2-3 cards in hand, summoned Wyvern, attacked, and dropped Honest for game
G2: I win ezpz
G3: He has enough MST's and Lyla's to deal with all my backrow, and milled well enough to drop Darkflare, REDMD, and Lightpulsar, dealing a ton of damage and ending with 1 card in hand. My only play was to summon Rat to retrieve the Rabbit that I let die (no other wind ups in grave), but that last card he had in hand was Veiler.
Result: XOX
He told me post-match that he hadn't played in a large tournament for a while, and he was still main-decking 3 copies of Eclipse Wyvern, when the norm nowadays, given REDMD's limitation, is 1 copy, if at all. He's a nice guy, but man, really.


Round 6: Canadian Doolist LFN vs Dino Rabbit Doolist Souvanthong Invathong Her
I FINALLY win the dice roll
G1: I bait out a couple of his backrows (Mirror Force and Compulsory), which he ends up replacing. I then freeze 2 more over the course of 2 turns with Soul of Silvermountain, and Heavy Storm for 5 (1 of the frozen s/t was indeed Starlight Road). I win ez. All I saw this game was his set Snowman and the infinite backrow so I sided as if I were facing Dino Rabbit
G2: He gets the Laggia + backrow set up and I lose a grind game
G3: I make a misplay at one point after he tops into a Rabbit and summons it to complement what I assume was a set Snowman (it was), where I then flipped Torrential right away since my set monster was Sangan (the correct play would be to flip TT after he Rabbits into 2 vanillas but I clearly wasn't thinking properly), and he did have the Forbidden Lance, but by that point I was up significantly in card advantage so Laggia was ez to deal with.
Result: OXO


Round 7: Canadian Doolist LFN vs Karakuri Geargia Doolist Tyler Sondhi
I win the dice roll
G1: I open with Reaper and a backrow. He sets a couple backrows. I force out 1 backrow, DPrison I think, with Reaper, and MST the other in main phase 2, where I commit to the Shock Lock, calling spells. He sets 1 monster (Armor) and a bunch of backrow. I sack into Heavy Storm off the top, Shock traps, and Storm for infinite plusses. I had no idea if he was using the Machina or the Karakuri variant though.
G2: He absolutely demolishes me with the Karakuri combo. No joke.
G3: I net a lot of advantage and damage, but he soon slows me down completely with Gozen Match. I rip MST after a bajillion turns and nuke it, but he flips up a 2nd copy of Gozen. We soon go into time, where I'm ahead 7000 to his 2800. I made Acid Golem (I later realized I misplayed by putting it in atk not defense, but it would have only saved me 600 LP) and set Solemn on my 2nd last turn, hoping to hold the fort. He read my set as being Solemn, but made a sequence of good plays, playing around it, to drop me down to 700 LP, then attempted to XYZ into Gagaga Cowboy for 800 burn damage for game. I was then forced to Solemn to drop to 350 LP, and needed something amazing to wipe his board and push to equalize but I drew a blank while still under Gozen and that was that.
No hard feelings though, he was easily the most decent player I faced the entire day.
Result: OXX
I dropped

I forget when exactly, but at some point Ygo Doolist Corey Dang asked for me to sign his mat and Ygo Doolist Sunny Truong asked me to sign a Zenmaines. Ask and ye shall receive!
I met Ygo Doolist Mike Mendoza of Team Overload blog too. He, like myself, also died :c

grilled sweet potato / 12oz steak / some lentil shit idk
I felt bad about scrubbing so I went whatever and ate a $40 steak for dinner. I could not have asked for a better consolation meal ;__;
The imaginary tears flowed down my face as I chewed on my expensive dinner.
Lots of them.

DAY 2: ._.
I thought I would be able to sleep in and just show up for side events (little did I know that the only side event I was interested in, Attack of the Giant Card, was to be cancelled since the Giant Cards didn't actually arrive), but sadly that wasn't the case. One of the Doolists I was rooming with slept over in another hotel with other doolists the previous night and wanted to check out early in the morning, so he of course ended up returning to get his stuff, waking the rest of us up. Aghghgghghghgh

I just ended up returning to the venue and meeting/talking with various kewl doolists, and ate another steak (this time $17) for lunch lol. The rest of the day/night was otherwise uneventful, played some ygo, munched on salty cup noodles while watching some Avengers cartoon on the TV at like midnight, etc.

Anddddd now I'm back.

[x] Acquired Pokemon to keep me company
[x] Acquired delicious ygo cards for decent prices
[x] Cracked decent pulls from my packs
[x] Played on the Duel Terminal machine
[  ] Pulled decently from the Duel Terminal machine
[x] Met CellarDoor
[x] Met Wumbologist the king of Duelistgroundz
[x] Met other quality DGz members (Gagaga Magician, Hymnortal, Itswhatever, williamstm1)
[x] Met Team Overload blog's Mike Mendoza
[x] Abyss-Meh-Gahh-Lo
[  ] Made Day 2
[  ] Made Top 32
[x] People from my area made Day 2
[x] People from my area made Top 32
[x] Made it home alive and breathing

Monday, November 12, 2012

Looking ahead to YCS Seattle

In less than a week, YCS Seattle will take place, with the notable distinction of being the first YCS event where the newest booster set Abyss Rising will be legal. The introduction of the Mermails, complementing the Atlanteans from the latest structure deck, will be sure to create a splash (lol) in the meta, given how easily the deck churns out advantage and power plays.
To combat this new threat, however, is the new TCG exclusive XYZ monster Abyss Dweller. Thankfully, it doesn't require any specific XYZ material monsters, but does provide a 500 atk boost to all water XYZ monsters you control should at least one of its xyz materials be a water type monster (notably: wind up shahhhk, kaboozles, E-Hero boobleman). Similar to Steelswarm Roach for the Chaos Dragon matchup last format, Abyss Dweller provides a potentially game-breaking presence for the Mermail matchup.

I don't care about Madolche, IMO they don't have a lot of decent monsters outside of Magileine.
I don't care about Prophecy, their Grand Tower field spell and High Priestess are good but the deck plays like no traps el oh el

inb4 I lose to Madolche and Prophecy @ Seattle

Another thing worth noting is that with the release of the Wave 2 Tins, everyone should in theory have easy access to copies of Maxx "C", with which to deter Wind-Up players from performing their most devastating combos.
I can see Agents being a really decent pick for this event. The deck is finally receiving more awareness/recognition after multiple stellar performances at the previous YCS, and it certainly helps that there aren't a whole lot of effective side deck options to counter it (Dfissure helps, etc)

As for the event coverage, this is also the first YCS event to take place after Kristopher Perovic's articles on the state of the game were released. It's unlikely that staff at Konami wouldn't have read it by now, so this will be a golden opportunity for the North American coverage team to either show improvement as acknowledgement of concerns from the playerbase, or ignore them and do as they have always done (not much).

On a closing note, feel free to come up and say hi
This is the bag I use
Happy hunting

EDIT: Also, I'm staying at the Courtyard Marriott beside the venue, if that helps

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hello again.

I don't really have an excuse for my absence.

It seems that following in the footsteps of so many other bloggers, I too have kind of hit a low point with Yugioh.
My interest is dwindling, which is weird, given how this format has turned out. Aside from dumb stuff like Magician Shark, etc, the format is quite balanced, allowing various decks and strategies the opportunities to shine. While diversity is a wonderful thing, it too has a downside, being that you can't possibly prepare for an infinite amount of matchups. Your main deck and side deck can only accommodate so many cards, after all.

I don't feel like innovating, I don't feel like building decks, I at times don't even feel like playing, and I can't even really pinpoint it on any specific factor.
Is it bad that upon the impending release of a potentially meta-changing set like Abyss Rising, the ONLY cards I'm even remotely interested in from the set are Abyss Dweller (so guud) and Gagaga Cowboy?