Thursday, November 21, 2013


Why do Meliae, Black Dragon Collapserpent, and White Dragon Wyverburster get released AFTER I'm done with ygo?

then I look at the upcoming Chronomaly and Gravekeeper support (a Stratos for Chronomaly, and a guy that can tutor GK Spy and a themed Solemn Judgment for GK; all cards that you can play 3 of) and I remember why I quit


Monday, September 16, 2013

The End

I suppose this could have been seen a mile away, but nonetheless, this is it.

This format is significantly better than the previous one, that much is certain, but my interest in the game as it stands today is still dwindling day by day, and due to other commitments in life, I no longer have as much free time to invest in ygo as I have had in the past.
Subsequently, with no time to play, investing in cards for Dragon Rulers isn't exactly feasible, as I would barely be able to get any mileage out of them before WHOOOOSH!!! Before you know it, the format's over.

I mean ok I did brew together what I believe to be a solid Zombie deck (as solid as a Tier 2 / 3 deck can get anyway. It's certainly not a Dragon Ruler deck),  yet I still don't feel that drive to play.
Even when nothing is on the line aka store credit and packs whoop dee doo, more often then not, I decline to play.
"Hey do you want to play for fun"
The spark just isn't there.

1-2 years back (or more), I could spend hours on end playing on The Network of Dueling or at a friends house, building decks and mock decklists, reading ygo articles and forums, watching ygo-related strategy videos, etc.
Now, not so much.

Time goes on
Ygo now is fairly different from the ygo of years past
The game changes
I change
And it's probably time to move on, or take an indefinite hiatus at the very least

Ok I lied.

I don't think that I'll be completely cut off from the game.
I intend to sell the bulk of my cards, yes.
However, I expect that I'll still play some Goat Control games every so often, and I do still visit a certain competitive ygo forum on the daily, if only to keep up with various threads that more or less don't have anything to do with ygo.
It also goes without saying that I'm still going to keep in touch w/ the friends I've made through this game. Whether it be meeting people at locals, regionals, the two YCS events I've been to, etc (so long as you aren't a complete douchebag with no apparent redeemable qualities), it's been fun.
That aside, ygo is pretty much dead to me.

In all honesty, my initial expectations for this blog were pretty low.
I started it up to serve as a medium through which I could write and have fun, with no interest towards gaining any financial returns from doing so (I have never enabled advertisements, asked for donations, or held gimmicky contests, etc)
I'm pretty sure that my initial estimate was that this would last for about a year at most (my first 10? 20? year's worth? of posts are actually literally horrendous), before I would treat it with apathy and fade back into obscurity.
I mean it's a one-duelist project, and I don't have the reach and influence that a pro player would have, nor do I have the credentials to fill an informing / teaching sort of niche.

I'm no PJ Tierney (the Irish Duelist)
I'm no bahamut or DSummon (DuelingDays)
I'm no Michael Bonacini (Death Aspect)
I'm no Ting Tingy (Dueling Legacy)
I'm no Neuxcharge (Neuxcharge)
I'm just me.
Basically, it would be just another blog.
I also happen to suck with graphic design, photoshop, essentially anything computer related, so the appearance of the site leaves a lot to be desired.
I'm a genius with MS Paint though
Kind of

Obviously, things don't always turn out as expected though, as this blog is nearing it's 3rd anniversary, and has already eclipsed 500,000 pageviews.
That's 2 years and 490,000 more views in surplus of my initial guess. Along the way, I learned that it can actually be quite the struggle to pump out content on the regular, and am 200% guilty of using shit like locals reports as filler, though I do try to make them at least mildly entertaining so that they won't have been a waste of a couple minutes of your life. No refunds, sorry.

I have both dedicated readers and casual passerby's to thank for all this, like this blog would not be what it is and where it is today without the support of others, and I do apologize for having things tail off like this.
So thank you, and sorry, respectively.

I don't think I ever got around to explaining where "LFN" came from
Well I guess that's too bad

Monday, September 2, 2013

YCS Toronto 2013: Aftermath & Analysis

Well. YCS Toronto. The 1st YCS of a new format.
Though the new TCG banlist brought about a great number of radical changes in an effort to shake up the metagame, things don't always work out in practice as they do in theory.

756 aspiring doolers entered the event, piloting anything from the incumbent meta decks (still very strong of course) of the previous format, to their pet decks from formats past.
Given the results from testing after the list leaked, as well as the results from YCS Toronto itself, it is pretty clear that Dragon Ruler variants (Plants, Dragunities, etc), and Water, were the most numerous decks in the Top 32 Cut aka the best decks. Prophecy did not perform up to my expectations though, I feel that it is still a very strong deck that should have secured more spots than it did.
Obv a bunch of decent rogue decks made the Cut as well, as per usual, like Constellars, Geargia, and Madolche for instance, but I digress.

Source: A certain competitive forum, Youtube, etc

12 dragons/dragunity
4 mermail
3 4 prophecy
3 evilswarm
1 geargia
1 madolche
2 fire fist
1 infernity
1 herald agent
1 blackwing
2 constellar
1 ???

1 Shehabi Kheireddine (Blackwings)
2 Loukas Peterson (prophecy)
3 James Guerrero (mermail)
4 Yuhang Li (evilswarm)
5 John Valade (dragon rulers)
6 Patrick Hoban (Dragunity dragons)
7 Harrison Perinpanayagam(fire fist)
8 Galo Orbea ( dragon ruler plants)
9 Dale Bellido (dragunity)
10 Sorosh Saberian (mermail)
11 Frazier Smith (Prophecy)
12 Jordan Winters (dragon ruler plants)
13 Thomas Mak (dragon ruler plants)
14 David Wu (Madolche)
15 Jack Ran (mermail)
16 Evan Waxman (herald agents)
17 Roger Simpson (infernity)
18 Bobby Barrone (mermail)
19 James Frazier (dragon ruler plants)
20 sean McCabe (constellar)
21 Chris LeBlanc (geargia)
22 Michael Chung-Salamone (evilswarm)
23 Bo Tang (skill drain dragons)
24 Umar Haq (dragunity)
25 james Kim (dragon ruler)
26 Jeffrey Cho (skill drain dragons)
27. Leo Chan (constellar)
28 peter Martino (??? prophecy)
29 edward kuang (dragon ruler)
30 Sean Coovert (evilswarm)
31 Kareem O'Brein (prophecy)
32 Igor Bijelic (fire fist)

A ton of support for older decks were bumped up on the list from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3, like Mezuki, Plaguespreader, D Hero Malicious, Agent of Mystery Earth, TG Striker, and so forth, but this is 2013 and they are, for the most part, deemed irrelevant by virtue of power creep. Hence, they were nowhere to be found in the Top 32 Cut, and basically accomplished nothing.

(personally I really want zombies to be good again but the days where going "set Goblin Zombie, pass" was considered an acceptable turn are long past. Additionally, Brionac was a key part of the deck and there's no way that's getting unbanned lol. Oh wellll)

I am going to write off the Blackwing deck that died in the Top 4 after having went x-0-1 in swiss as an anomaly, like it secured only 1 spot in the entire Top 32, and it seems more indicative of a guy having an incredibly fantastic run more than Blackwings actually being a great deck right now. Yes, the deck can certainly win games with timely Icarus Attacks, Kalut drops for extra damage, and so forth, but I can't lump it together with the aforementioned decks (Books / Water / Dragon variants).
From the games I've played with/against Blackwings, if you don't access Black Whirlwind early, you likely lose, as Shura / Kalut / Gale aside, I don't think your monsters are all that great. Sirocco is a pseudo Cyber Dragon, while Bora is basically a Kizan / Enraged Battle Ox hybrid, certainly nothing game-breaking with its paltry 1700 atk.

What really caught me by surprise though (I am not really in the know and have not encountered this deck on DN thus far) was the breakout performance of the Dragunity variant of Dragon Rulers. There were a couple instances in the feature match posted by Konami with the Real Dale Bellido vs Blackwing Guy where the deck bricked some draws, but overall it just seems to me like a very fast deck, able to outpace the Plant version of the deck.

A lot of people were also hyping Infernity for the event, given that it lost absolutely nothing to the list, while gaining new toys like Transmodify and a couple of the new Archfiend support cards. That said, with such a heavy Dragon Ruler infested meta, hand traps were bound to be everywhere. Infernities can certainly play around Effect Veiler, but they would be hard pressed to do the same against a Maxx "C". Complete information on the Top 32 deck spread isn't available at this time, but thus far, it appears that only 1 Infernity deck managed to make it in.

Off the top of my head, everything else, I think, performed as expected. Bujins are slow and didn't do anything, Evilswarm is still Evilswarm, etc

Moving forward though, with the meta clearly defined as revolving around water / dragons, though not so much the former as opposed to the latter, I'm not really expecting the results from the next YCS at San Diego to vary a whole lot.
Side deck cards like D.D. Crow, Debunk, Chain Whirlwind, etc have been leaked now, and Maxx "C"s will likely transition from the side to the main for a number of the players who haven't done so already.

On an entirely different topic, across the pond, YCS Brussels, a sealed YCS, also took place the same weekend. I'm not sure if a 3/4 United Gosus Top 4 Cut (Gruner, Gross, and Gungor) is supposed to be indicative of anything, like absurdly good card pools or whatnot, given how statistically unlikely it would be for several of their members to all make the top cut, but I guess that there's a lot of people that just aren't really good with sealed play?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Official TCG September 2013 Banlist

The rumors held true, and we have a September 2013 Forbidden and Limited list that's different from the OCG one (!!!!)
Oddly enough, this list will be effective only up until December 31st, so it's likely that we'll be getting more than 2 lists per year.

*only the changes are listed below





 Heavy Rain gone was definitely a surprise. Consequently, a plethora of "you can't play ygo" cards and traps, like Dfissure, Macro Cosmos,  Bottomless Trap Hole, TT, etc, were all put to 1 to balance things out. 3 Mystical Space Typhoons can't solve everything.

This truly is a format balancing list and a housecleaning list all rolled into one, with Dragons, Mermails, and Spellbooks nerfed, as well as older problem cards like Gateway, Ultimate Offering, and Pot of Avarice biting the bullet.

D hero Malicious is my nigga; it's pretty funny how aside from Crush Card which is still banned, the newly banned Stratos, and Dark Armed, which is still at 1 (and I guess Royal Oppression for later variants), Tele-DAD has the bulk of it's pieces again.

Mezuki and Plague to 2 is obviously to sell shadow specters, and it "shouldn't" be that bad anyway, given how Brionac remains forbidden and Burial from the Different Dimension is still at 1.

Again, just wow.
Kudos to Konami's TCG division.

I believe Hieratics have a lot of promise
A ton of traps were hit
Heavy Rain is gone, but you still have the Hieratic dragon that pops cards and 3 MST, as well as 3 copies of A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon which is basically Heavy Rain anyway
You also gain new toys with 3 Malicious, and Hieratic Seal of Convocation is back at 3 as well

Friday, August 16, 2013

Official OCG September 2013 Banlist

So about that "leaked" banlist that has been floating around the internet for the past little while?
Apparently it is legit, as several scans have surfaced that seem to be legit.



Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks
Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets
Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles
Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts

Spellbook of Judgment


Genex Ally Birdman
Wind-Up Shark
Mermail Abyssteus
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rooster

Number 11: Big Eye
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Divine Wind of Mist Valley
Super Rejuvenation


Chaos Sorcerer
Gladiator Beast Bestiari
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Fire Formation - Tenki
Black Whirlwind

Newly Unlimited:
Wind-Up Magician

E- Emergency Call
Pot of Duality
Advanced Ritual Art
Mirror Force

Maybe it's just me, but I would much rather that Konami hit all these OTK-enablers rather than keep them as is and concurrently give us more OTK stoppers.
I mean Gorz, in a vacuum, is worthy of a ban considering how much stronger than Tragoedia / Battle Fader / etc it is, like you get a 2700 body AND a token. Yet, it's at 2, and nobody cares since Ophion is still at 3 (in my most humble and honest opinion, Ophion needs to die in a fire), not to mention the Key Beetle locks and Vanity's Emptiness that are likely to be flying around everywhere come September.

The swap between Wind Up Shark and Wind Up Magician is interesting though. At a glance (and with 0 testing), it looks like the deck lost a lot of explosiveness (for rank 5 plays anyway), but can now focus even more on the Rabbit Magician grind.

Scapegoat to 3 also pleases me.


The moonrunes also indicate that the OCG will apparently be getting 4 banlists per year, meaning 1 every 3 months, which is kind of odd to me, considering booster sets are also released every 3 months.

Additionally, they will be getting 3 WCQ's a year, which is neat, I guess.


Wait! But what about the TCG??

We may end up getting the same list this year, as would be the norm, but for what it's worth, Jeff Jones made a post on a certain competitive ygo forum that the TCG may end up getting a separate list this time around.
No word on how credible that is, but if that's the case, I'm all for it.

Monday, August 12, 2013


This past weekend (August 10/11) was yugioh worlds over in Las Vegas USA.


POKEMON WORLDS was the same weekend and in my HOMETOWN (ok technically a bridge away, close enough no big deal)

How could one pass up such an opportunity? I sure didn't.

Note: I haven't actually played pokemon in well over a year, just because, so I had almost no idea as to what all the cards played now do, and I obviously didn't meet the minimum league points requirement to play in Friday August 9th's LCQ. I also had work on Saturday which was a bummer since I really wanted to go and buy stuff, but apparently people were lining up as early as 3am or some other ungodly hour to buy the exclusive Worlds merchandise and I am in no way shape or form dedicated enough to do that.

The exclusive merchandise was all sold out well before the retail store closed on Saturday. Floor prices were subsequently ridiculously inflated, like we're talking 4-5x original retail price. Tears.

So I decided to go on Sunday anyway to check things out (I would be a moron not to unless I had prior commitments) and tried to get some SICK HOOK UPS for exclusive merchandise. Would the struggle be real????

Find out on the next episode of --------------------- ????????????????????????????


(he also doesn't have a dick but I guess pokemon anatomy is different and they just use cellular diffusion to excrete waste into the atmosphere???)



I walked into the main hall and saw that there's video game and TCG feature matches displayed on these TV screens with live commentary. There weren't any technical difficulties and although I think 1-2 of the commentators sucked, it was generally very well run. This would go on throughout the day. Awesome!
I wish ygo events would do this

At some point, some staff told me that there's a free scavenger hunt type of activity (all it costs you is time) going on, where you circulate the venue, do specific things, and collect the corresponding stamps as proof of completion.
Filling out the card partially nets you free stuff!!
Filling out the card in its entirety nets you a lot more free stuff!!

As it turns out, I had already completed some of the requirements. Go me!!
Concurrently, I end up losing the partially completed card I was holding onto for Aspiring Pokemon Trainer Nigleong. I suck.

After you turn in the completed card (contrary to the schedule for the day, there were no side events EXCEPT for the pre-release tournament which I had indeed already signed up for), you receive the following for participating:

  • 1 pack of foil energy cards
  • 3 booster packs of the current set
  • A few random cards from the current booster set
An incomplete submission would yield 1 booster pack of the current set.

My booster packs didn't yield any good cards I think (the cards did not look strong or awesome or shiny enough) but they were free so I cannot complain.

My pre-release tournament packs weren't very good. The guy sitting across from me packed 3 powerful (and decently valuable) cards.
He probably punched the kid next to him and swapped cardpools with him without anyone noticing.
He was super nice though and sold me some other cards I needed without trying to juice me like a yugioh player would probably do.

This is the deck I ended up playing (see below). I packed like 3 Octillery but 0 Remoraid (the guy that evolves into Octillery; one is useless without the other) and a bunch of other useless cards. No Machoke and no Wartortle meant that I was going to have to "cheat" my Blastoise or Machamp into play by skipping stages via the trainer card Rare Candy.
As the saying goes, Luck beats Skill.

I was kind of rusty and ended up going 2-2
I also never drew Rare Candy so I never did get Blastoise or Machamp out; I was mostly playing "Chatot and Suicune Beatdown".dek
So I guess my Luck did not beat my Skill or vice versa; I drew too many water energies all the time despite playing a lower energy card count than all of my individual opponents and tasted the tears of defeat and that was it

Regardless of how well you did, you still got a free promo and 2 more packs from the upcoming set just for playing. Nice!
You also got to keep the energy cards that were supplied to you. Unnecessary but appreciated!

One of the most important aspects of the day was of course the WORLDS EXCLUSIVE MERCHANDISE
My friend Pokemon Professor Bidier, who attended the event on all 3 days, posted all over facebook that worlds stuff was sold out at the retail store and was being sold by players / attendees for super inflated prices. I sucked it up and bought a Worlds Edition 2013 Pikachu for $TOO MUCH

It's really adorable, you can't get this anywhere else save maybe eBay in a few days time, and I can always make money back via work etc, but it's really not worth $TOO MUCH

I lucked out and was later able to find a SEALED !!! Worlds Edition 2013 Pikachu (given out only to worlds participants in a welcome kit thing; the retail store ones are all sold without the sealed plastic bag) for $NOT TOO MUCH, and successfully flipped the first one I got for the $TOO MUCH I originally bought it for.

Satisfactory economical transaction.

Coincidentally, I was able to briefly meet this pokemon blogger guy who is apparently really good and is a two SIX time Finnish National Champion (or equivalent).
He didn't seem like a very happy guy.
Or maybe he's just shy / quiet / reserved
I am sure he's nice though.
His blog is cool too (

Neutral non-economic transaction.

Aspiring Pokemon Trainer nigleong was also able to make profit through buying complete sets of 7 exclusive cards awarded to World Championship competitors (the same card in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Japanese), then flipping the Japanese language versions contained inside to various Japanese players for almost half the cost of each respective set.

Excellent economical transaction.

(excluding my prerelease packs and free goodies because they obviously don't count. They really wish they could count but they really shouldn't and don't)

  • Worlds Edition 2013 Pikachu
  • Worlds Edition 2013 Playmat
  • Pokemon 15th Anniversary Deckbox
  • Pokemon 15th Anniversary damage counters and carrying case



Yea I'm pretty short (5" 6'?)
Don't hate


I am actually really tempted to play the game again despite its glaring flaws. The community is awesome.
I was so amazed, like after being exposed to so many scumbags from ygo (though I in all honesty can kind of be a troll, or sometimes a douchebag doolist too if it's warranted, like I won't cheat or rule shark etc but I'll call you out on misplays in a not so nice manner lol), I had no idea that card game players and their folks could be such genuinely nice people.
I should play Pokemon.
I am serious.
goodbye Ygo doolist LFN and hello Aspiring Pokemon Trainer LFN?

(also it was good seeing ppl like Pokemon Trainer Brad et al
do not fret, I did not forget about you and your compatriots)

Monday, August 5, 2013

The return of "Occupy Yugioh" and the resignation of Alter Reality Games

Originally a parody of the Occupy Movement, which fought for economic and social equality, Occupy Yugioh's very real intentions, despite the satirical naming, were to protest against Konami and their various tyrannical business decisions which more often than not, went against the beliefs, values, or what have you, of the competitive ygo playerbase aka doolists.
Vicious reprint cycles, awful card design, mediocre banlists, mediocre tournament prizes relative to other card games, and so forth. Such are the grievances and woes of the competitive doolist.

In light of the horrendous mismanagement of the upcoming YCS Toronto, where it was posted up on Konami's page MONTHS after it had already been confirmed by the venue, Occupy Yugioh has returned!
Also worth noting is that even though we are less than a month away from the start of the event, it STILL remains to be seen whether the event will follow the current March banlist or the upcoming September banlist, or maybe neither and will instead consist of Battle Pack sealed???

For more information on how you can be a part of this blessed movement called Occupy Yugioh, click on the links below!
[Spam free guaranteed for your browsing safety]

Occupy Yugioh website
Facebook Group

Please support Occupy Yugioh and spread the word
By doing so, you will:

  • gain +10 to your hip hop culture mojo
  • stand up for doolist rights
  • rebel against an oppressive tyrant corporation. Deprive them of revenue! Show them that enough is enough!
  • accumulate ygo karma for good pack luck and drawing Heavy Storm
You could say that this could be the beginning of a..... DUELIST REVOLUTION 


Though unrelated to YCS Toronto, ubiquitous American ygo vendor and card store Alter Reality Games (ARG) has resigned its vendor partnership with Konami after a failure to reconcile differences with Konami of Japan (but not Konami of America, apparently). Konami did not give ARG its blessing to pursue an ambitious new tournament circuit (thus far American only :c) seeking to mimic the success of Magic The Gathering's "Star City Games" tournaments, where players receive actual prize support and decent event coverage.
By actual prize support, I mean that I'm sure that most of you would prefer to win cash or electronics instead of packs and a playmat as a reward for your efforts, travel / food expenditures, and lucksacking at any given large tournament.

This is a big financial gamble for ARG, as they are giving up vending privileges at Konami sanctioned events, as well as the rights to host sneak peeks, regionals, etc, which are all very profitable ventures, so that they may start up this playerbase-oriented tournament circuit without any restraint or interference from Konami.

If you are a true American doolist please support this tournament circuit, and prove Konami wrong
It would also be great if this venture could somehow expand to Canada / Mexico / Europe / Oceania

For reference, Konami / Kazuki Takahashi the ygo god / other relevant  Ygo decision makers in Japan apparently do not believe in handing out cash prizes or prizes of substantial value, and believe that ygo should primarily be a casual game for kids even though it is so complicated and convoluted that no 6 year old (the intended audience as per booster wrappers) can hope to master it in its entirety.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Super Happy Fun Nuke Awesome Extraordinaire September 2013 Banlist Wishlist Deluxe

Yeah a lot of you probably aren't going to like this lol

Konami will NOT do this
they LOVE their big boss monster beatdown otk search search special summon special summon kind of ygo
it sells packs and selling packs means profits which means happy konami
but it also means sad LFN

so what would I do?


I am probably going incredibly overboard with this so be forewarned. Don't judge me, I just want an interactive and fun game instead of whatever this is ;(
I have also done 0 testing with this, it's all theory-oh, but I think I covered everything

I am expecting to get a lot of flak for this but I honestly feel that even if some of the choices below are questionable, a meta nuke is what's needed for the game to be where I would want it to be.

Encourage as much player interaction as possible
The lack of blowout cards here coupled with games that aren't decided in like 5 turns allows for the better player to win most of the time since he/she will generally make fewer misplays over the duration of the game.
Solitaire decks will be eliminated because you're just playing with yourself rather than with an opponent.

I am not hitting Mystical Space Typhoon to 1 because aside from maindecked spells and traps, there's still a ton of sideboard cards that basically say
"You can't play yugioh"
That's right I am looking at you Gozen Match / Messenger of Peace / Royal Decree / Rivalry of Warlords / Skill Drain / Vanity's Emptiness / DNA surgery / etc

I want people to be able to play Yugioh

The format should in theory be slowed down to the point where a lot of different cards and strategies become playable (but not necessarily good) again.

Eliminate easy OTK's and cheese cards/decks
Self explanatory.
This includes cards that mass special summon, decks that have 1 play and 1 play only aka vomit a ton of dudes and OTK, and cheese cards that are ridiculously hard to stop (mostly really strong damage step tricks like Honest, Kalut, that Bujin Crane thing, Limiter Removal, etc; cards like Kuriboh not so much)
I could be going overboard with Kalut and the Bujin guy IDK, like gaining 1400 and doubling your atk are pretty damn good yet aren't quite Honest level.

Greatly reduce the frequency of opening with a 1st turn oppressive monster and multiple backrow
Allow people to play yugioh. Laggia / Shien / Ophion coupled with multiple backrows for protection do not allow people to play yugioh.

Ensure that setting monsters is viable again
Setting monsters is a game mechanic that's been obsolete for quite some time now outside of cards like Mermail Abysslinde. Shield Crush and Nobleman of Crossout can see play again.

Reduce the amount of mindless and absurd plusses
Cards like gadgets or Madolche Magileine etc are fine, but cards like Spellbook of Judgment are not. Basically it's retarded when your 1 card easily nets you 2+ cards without you having to work for it at all

Hand traps are an option not a necessity
Having to hope to open with an Effect Veiler or a Maxx "C" going second or risk losing does not make for a fun format nor good yugioh.
Ideally you could be able to get away with not main-decking either 1 or both of these cards.

Tone down the focus on archetypes
Deckbuilding isn't much of a thing when archetypes run rampant. I mean you still can cram in staples and tech cards, but the basic layout of the deck has been predetermined already: 3 of this guy 3 of this guy 3 of this guy 2 of this guy 3 of this guy 3 of this guy, etc. Just choose the best cards from the archetype and play as many of them as you see fit (often 3 copies).
There isn't much incentive to mash together new deck brews or tinker with existing ones if they can't hold their own against the consistency and power granted to archetype-based decks.
Ideally, there would be a balance between player built decks and archetype ones.


Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning
Elemental Hero Stratos
Exodia the Forbidden One
Morphing Jar
All 4 dragon babies
Judgment Dragon
Dark Armed Dragon
Inzektor Hornet
Rescue Rabbit
Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus
Evigishki Mind Augus
Shock Master
Big Eye
Constellar Pleiades
Evilswarm Ophion
One Day of Peace
Spellbook of Judgment
Super Rejuvenation
Monster Reborn
Card Destruction
Gateway of the Six
Limiter Removal
One for One
Infernity Launcher
Dragged Down to the Grave
Pot of Avarice
Royal Tribute
Machine Duplication
Mind Control
Final Countdown
Ultimate Offering


Atlantean Dragoons
Atlantean Marksman
Deep Sea Diva
Grapha Big Monster of Dark World
Sinister Serpent
Treeborn Frog
Gravekeeper's Recruiter
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
Magician of Faith
Legendary Six Samurai Kizan
Tour Guide from the Underworld
Snoww Unlight of Dark World
Machina Fortress
Blackwing Kalut
Summoner Monk
Harpie's Channeler
Blue Eyed Maiden?
XX saber Faultroll
Card Car D
Bujingi Crane
Herald of Perfection
Legendary Six Samurai ShiEn
Karakuri Burei
Karakuri Bureido
Evolzar Laggia
Hieratic Dragon of Atum
Gold Sarcophagus
Spellbook of Secrets
Fire Formation Tenki
Wind Up Factory
Madolche Ticket
Fire King Circle thing
Forbidden Lance
Six Samurai United
Chain Strike
Call of the Haunted
W Nebula Meteorite
Chain Material


Blackwing Gale
T.G. Striker
Chaos Sorcerer
Book of Moon
Mystical Space Typhoon
Reckless Greed


All the other Exodia pieces
Inzektor Dragonfly
Card Trooper
Gladiator Beast Bestiari
Formula Synchron
Primal Seed
Pot of Duality
E-Emergency Call
A Hero Lives
Bottomless Trap Hole


Yea that's right.
L O T.
Actually 100 which is a lot.

Gadget variants
Gladiator Beasts
Monarch variants
Lightsworn variants
Mecha Phantom Beasts
Chaos variants
Inzektor XYZ
X sabers
Spellbooks / Spellcaster Control
Fire Fist control
Plant Synchro variants
Chain beat
Miracle Gemini / Little City
Tsukuyomi flip flop thing
Guaiba / Hydrogeddon aggro thing

Monday, July 29, 2013

FNM #2

This past Friday, I entered in my 2nd ever FNM

I opened Chandra's Phoenix out of my 1st pack and Mindsparker out of my 2nd, so I built my deck around red cards. In the end though, I failed to accumulate enough red cards to build mono red so I opted to mix in some white cards since I was able to grab some white Instants and creatures

Creatures (14)
1x Chandra's Phoenix
1x Mindsparker
2x Academy Raider
1x Young Pyromancer
1x Striking Sliver
2x Marauding Maulhorn
1x Fleshpulper Giant
1x Capashen Knight
1x Angelic Wall
1x Griffin Sentinel
2x Sentinel Sliver

Instants / Sorceries (9)

2x Wild Guess
1x Thunder Strike
1x Chandra's Outrage
2x Molten Birth
1x Silence
2x Fortify

Lands (17)

12x Mountain
5x Plains

I ended up going 2-1 this time around, but 1 of the wins was a bye, and I was in a 7 man pod instead of a regular 8 man one, so I ended up getting the short end of the stick and missed out on the prize payout cutoff.

Fortify was definitely the MVP; I could (and did) spawn a bunch of tokens via Young Pyromancer and the Molten Births, and I had opened a bunch of creatures with first strike, haste, and flying abilities, so after a while my opponents couldn't block every one of my guys and I was able to boost all my guys' attacking stats and go for the cheese

For those that expected ygo content, sorry :c
I've joined the Duelisgroundz online goat format tournament though, which should be pretty fun

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

September Banlist speculation (Konami Edition)

Today I'm going to take a stab at what kind of a banlist Konami as a business entity (this part is important!!!) is potentially going to create or has already created for September.
This is NOT my own personal list, which would be a lot more severe :L

Let's be real here, if Dragon Rulers and Prophecy don't get nerfed, then Konami won't be able to sell their new product, which contains cards that are nowhere near as strong. That's just bad for business.

Super Rejuvenation

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
Spellbook of Secrets
Atlantean Dragoons
Atlantean Marksman
Evilswarm Ophion
Gold Sarcophagus

T.G. Striker
Fire Formation Tenki



Super Rejuvenation: This card hasn't seen a reprint in ages, and wasn't a part of the new dragon-themed Blue Eyes structure deck. You would think that a card like Super Rejuv, a natural fit for such a deck considering its interactions with Trade In, Cards of Consonance, etc, would be included, but it wasn't, hinting that this card is going to go.
Dragon Rulers aside, it only fits in self-touch solitaire decks like Dragon Draw Exodia, so it's only fitting that Rejuv gets the axe.

As an aside, I doubt they'll touch the big dragons in any way as they're the cover cards for the tins this year and were intended to support elemental decks.

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy and Spellbook of Secrets
Konami has shown time and time again that they like to hit search cards to decrease consistency. They did it with Rota, they did it with The Agent of Mystery Earth, they did it with Black Whirlwind, and they outright banned Sangan after 1421312443434 years.

Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy will still be in circulation in this year's tins, so it doesn't make financial sense to ban Spellbook of Judgment even though the card is ridic and absolutely should be banned (or never created to begin with but oh well). Even if Judgment was put to 1 instead, with 3 Blue Boys and 3 Secrets, accessing it would still be far too easy.
Keeping that in mind, as well as the fact that Secrets and Blue Boy were both released in last year's Return of the Duelist aka a set not widely in circulation anymore, makes these 2 cards the prime candidates for limitation.

Or you know, there could be a huge twist where Konami trolls everyone and guns down High Priestess

Regardless, since a variety of prophecy cards are prominently featured on that upcoming Judgment of the Light deluxe "monster box" or whatever it's officially called (equivalent to MTG's Fat Pack), not to mention how hard Konami has pushed this deck in their strategy articles and product pages, I fully expect this deck to still be viable to some extent.

Atlantean Dragoons
Again, Konami likes to hit the search cards.
It will be no different with Atlantean Dragoons, which can search out a variety of water monsters in the Mermail deck while also serving as an 1800 body that can be pulled out of the deck by Atlantean Marksman.

Atlantean Marksman
Honestly, this may seem like a weird hit, but the key thing to consider here is that Shadow Specters, the booster set after Judgment of the Light, is promoting an archetype that revolves around setting cards, the Ghostricks. Our friend Marksman basically says "you can't set", making it a natural enemy for this new archetype.

Given how Konami has a penchant for outright slaughtering Tier 1 decks that no longer push product, and the fact that the Mermail deck was tearing it up to some extent on the YCS circuit prior to the release of LTGY, I could see Konami hitting Marksman. It's secondary effect to pull an Atlantean from the deck is pretty good too; pulling Dragoons enables you to hit your opponent for almost half their life points in one go.

Evilswarm Ophion
Wait what? Evilswarms? But they're balanced right?
Wrong! Ophion is a 2550 beatstick that searches out protection for itself and prevents level 5 and higher monsters from being special summoned. That's an entire slew of big monsters that can't be played since Ophion exists.

Whoah! What does that new structure deck revolve around again? Special summoning Blue Eyes? Not happening with Ophion on board!
What's that? There are synchro monsters in Judgment of the Light? Not happening with Ophion on board!
In order for people to want to play Blue Eyes.dek and synchro monsters, Konami is going to have to axe the oppressive monster that prevents players from doing so aka Ophion.

Evilswarms will still be able to function as an XYZ-oriented stun deck thanks to Kerykeion and their monsters' high atk points.

Gold Sarcophagus
This card was fine before the Dragon Rulers were released, but once they came out, this became a delayed Rota. You get the card you banished in 2 turns, and since odds are that card was a Dragon Ruler, you immediately get to search for another card.

Sacred Sword of Seven Stars will still be a thing, so it's not like Dragon Rulers would be completely devoid of cards to speed the deck up. Who knows, maybe the deck can incorporate fun goodies like Cyber Valley and Return from the Different Dimension.

T.G. Striker
Yay synchro summons

Well, hey there are those vampire cards in Shadow Specters right? Of course, they are all zombie type, so I could see Konami wanting to give them a boost. Unlikely, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did this.

Fire Formation Tenki
While Tenki is a search card, making it a prime candidate to be hit in Konami's eyes, hitting Tenki to 1 would be counter productive, as the new Bujin cards and Fire Fist OCG import cards revolve around beast warriors. Konami needs to sell product, so product aka beast warriors must be desirable for play.
Leaving it at 3 until next March is also something I can see them doing, but my guess is that it goes to 2.

I mean ok

This kind of banlist enables decks that were rendered unplayable when LTGY was released to become playable again alongside the new archetypes, while reducing Dragon Rulers and Prophecy to manageable levels.

Expected Tier 1 and 2 decks in no particular order:
Fire Fists ( 3 or 4 axis )
Dragon Rulers
Gadget variants
Wind Ups

Wild Card decks:
Transturn Inzektors
Transturn Agents
Battling Boxers
Six Samurai cheese
Dark World cheese

I might be forgetting something but this "should" be close to everything.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Locals Report 07/19/2013: death is only the beginning

I showed up.

I looked around.

I failed to sell any cards.

I left ...


for the REAL Tournament aka Friday Night Magic time

After my friend gave me a super deluxe how-to-play TL;DR session FREE OF CHARGE (WOW GOOD DEAL!!!!!) literally an hour before the draft event started, I was seated in a "pod" with a bunch of other players and was given 3 packs to draft with. Unlike ygo packs, MTG packs have 15 cards, which was nice I guess.

Having had some experience cube drafting with ygo, my aim was to pick out the cards that would net the most utility or value for the lowest cost, while keeping colors to a minimum for consistency. Much like ygo's battle pack sealed, removal cards and atk modifiers would come in handy.

I ended up drafting a red/black deck, but it wasn't until I had finished my deck that I realized that my monster count was rather low, capping out at 10 monsters in a 40 card deck :L
My mana count was supposed to be at roughly 18 in total as well, but I ended up playing 15, as I had no idea what my monster / sorcery + instant / land ratios were supposed to consist of.
My opponent's were very understanding of the fact that it was my 1st MTG anything, so I was able to swap a couple cards out after the tournament had commenced. Basically, I had some black cards (Duress and Mind Rot) that were comparable to Confiscation and Delinquent Duo, which are obviously great in ygo, but in actuality are awful in MTG draft.

1x Nightmare
1x Sengir Vampire
1x Minotaur Abomination
1x Accursed Spirit
1x Blightcaster
1x Blood Bairn
1x Undead Minotaur
1x Canyon Minotaur
2x Regathan Firecat

2x Corrupt
1x Diabolic Tutor
2x Wild Guess
1x Molten Birth

1x Grim Return
2x Wring Flesh
2x Vile Rebirth
2x Volcanic Geyser
1x Thunder Strike

1x Accorder's Shield

1x Shimmering Grotto
9x Swamp
5x Mountain

I ended up going 1-2 because I had no idea what I was doing, really. My deck construction ended up screwing me over at times where I couldn't draw enough mana, or I had too many cards with high cost in hand in the early game. My mulligans (apparently this is a thing in MTG) weren't particularly fruitful either, sadly.
That said, the experience was good, and none of my opponent's were scumbags. From what I could tell, nobody was engaging in ygo trading practices either, where everyone would morph into a wannabe vendor trying to juice you for as much as they can.

Also, as it turns out, it's a good thing I bailed on the ygo tournament. Nobody wanted to play against the Dragon Rulers and Prophecy decks that had signed up, opting instead to play their casual games with their hero decks, utopia weapon thing decks, etc, so they were unable to reach the minimum # of duelers and doolists needed, eight, for the tournament to start... LOL fail etc

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

North American WCQ Discussion

A final total of 2012 intrepid doolers made the trip to the 2013 NAWCQ (it would have been nice to have 1 more person enter??), seeking fame and fortune, though the latter is rather meager given current levels of prize support.

There were to be no surprises at this event: it was very clear that the two decks to beat were Spellbooks and Dragon Rulers. Evilswarm and Constellars remained respectable, albeit non-ideal choices should SB and DR not be an option.
The Top Cut played out as expected, with numerous Dragon Rulers and Spellbook decks accompanied by a small number of Evilswarms, Constellars, and a couple rogue strategies in Dark World and Madolche.
I don't have too much to say about that Madolche guy. He's had success in the past where he topped 2 regionals, both with Madolche, but reading over his feature matches, my opinion is divided. I distinctly recall an instance where he made a questionable play concerning his Imperial Iron Wall, yet he also made a brilliant play to win a match where he shut off his own Vanity's Emptiness and flipped Madolchepalooza for game.
Oddly enough, the guy got 2 feature matches while the duelist that went undefeated in swiss and qualified for worlds didn't get a single one. O k

By the time the Top 16 began though, everything that wasn't dragons or spellbooks had been eliminated.

Eventually, it came down to a finals match between two Duelistgroundz members in Patrick Hoban and David Keener, where Hoban emerged victorious thanks to Eradicator Epidemic Virus.
The 6 North American representatives included 2 more Duelistgroundz members in Robbie Boyajian and Aaron Riker (aka famed online dooler "Rapture", the enigmatic being who went undefeated in swiss), as well as SJC / YCS veteran Stephen Silverman, making it a solid team.
Worth noting is that the TCG and OCG meta are pretty much unified at this point, with neither side having any exclusives that cause a significant difference between both metas save for Master Key Beetle, which boosts the power of Evilswarms in the OCG.

For many, a lull in competitive play is now in effect, since there isn't a YCS at Gen Con this year. There is a YCS over in Europe at the end of August, but it is a sealed event. This presents an opportunity to explore older formats, take a break, play other games, speculate and invest in cards for next format (dodge those tin reprints of course), etc
I personally am leaning towards playing in Friday Night Magic events every now and then, though whether or not I will fully commit to MTG is unclear.

In other news, a series of new "store championships" are to be held every 2 months at select locals in the near future, allowing more and more players to get their invites. Depending on how these select stores are picked, as well as how many, this may allow some people to get their invites who couldn't have done so through conventional means (regionals, ycs, etc), whether it be due to inadequate skill level, poor luck, distance, a lack of events in their area, or other factors. This will likely also alleviate capacity issues that have sprung up in the past while, where many aspiring duelists had to be turned away from their respective regionals given that there were caps on attendance. All in all, probably not a bad thing from a logistics viewpoint, but it seems like Konami's making it easier than ever for people to qualify for their WCQ / nationals.

Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 European WCQ discussion

From a field of 1142 doolers, doolists, and duelers alike, a Top 64 spread of Europe's finest (or luckiest) managed to survive the yugioh minefield rife with decks oozing speed, consistency, and power.
It is of no surprise that Dragon Rulers and Prophecy were the most dominant decks, for obvious reasons.

As good as Konami's European coverage is, complete information on the decks played in the Top 64 cut is unknown, but a spread for the Day 2 participants was provided, where, again, Dragon Rulers and Prophecy were by far the most numerous, taking up a combined 208 out of 283 spots (73%).

From there, the Top 8 cut was represented by:
3 Dragon Rulers
3 Prophecy
1 Mermails
1 Evilswarm

This led to a Top 4 split evenly between Dragon Rulers and Prophecy, with Prophecy eventually emerging victorious over Dragons in a 3 game finals.

Undoubtedly, the tournament scene for the North American WCQ will resemble that of Europe. There aren't any region exclusive cards that are of any significance to the top decks, after all, and to my knowledge, the upcoming Number Hunters set will not be legal for the event.


The biggest story, overshadowing the success of the 4 European representatives, is of course news of Simon He's disqualification from the tournament in the Top Cut on the basis of cheating. The rumors floating around were that He was marking his opponent's sleeves with his nail(s), allowing him to pinpoint and arrange specific cards as desired when pile-shuffling for the rest of the game(s) in the match.
The subsequent removal of He from his team, United Gosus', roster shows that the accusations laid against him were likely true.

So ends what was a tremendous and possibly unprecedented streak of consistent success on the premier event circuit. He managed to Top just about every event he attended, which is ridic considering the amount of variance and power creep in the game nowadays.
Looking at event results from the past little while, take a player like Claudio Kirchmair, He's teammate and widely regarded as being one of Europe's best, for example, or a former YCS champion like Jeff Jones, and so forth. They have all failed to consistently Top events in recent times, a testament to the difficulties of doing so in today's ygo.

There was a quote floating around a certain forum that could be nothing closer to the truth, stating something along the lines of: "There will be no rumors if you play legitimately". I don't have the exact quote on hand, but the gist of it is clear, with rumors of course alluding to allegations of cheating or other unsavory conduct. Though I am not privy to the inner circles consisting of "pro" players, because I am a random, etc, and don't pay particular attention to most of the gossip floating around, I have yet to actually hear something negative about say, Billy Brake, Joe Giorlando, and the aforementioned Claudio Kirchmair, among others, for example, which serves to corroborate with that quote. You can still be known as a good player without also being known or rumored to engage in shady behavior.
Rumors don't materialize on their own; as embellished as they may be, there has to be some basis from where they started.
Furthermore, the truth gets out most of the time. I am not convinced that cheating to acquire a shot at fame (which is just that, a shot; cheating does not guarantee success if you don't have the requisite base skills to back it up) is worth it when it leads to getting banned, with your name on Konami's list of suspended players for all to see. This is even more magnified should you be a player of prominent stature, like convicted cheaters like Adam Corn was.

It's certainly disappointing (though I personally am indifferent; I am merely commenting) that He, who was regarded as some sort of "golden boy" ygo role model judging by a number of reactions on various forums / facebook / youtube videos etc, was in fact not legitimate, but I suppose the basis for suspicions and speculation were staring us right in the face; we were either just apathetic, or didn't put 2 and 2 together. Again, it is almost inconceivable that a player could experience so much success in such a short time frame given how much of a clusterfuck the game is, when other reputable players, whose skill and level of thinking in this game make them no slouches themselves, couldn't do it.

As the saying goes, the higher you rise the further you fall.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Decklist: Crane Crane Plants

~ Crane Crane Plants ~ (An LFN brew, etc)

Monsters (20)
3x Crane Crane
2x Card Trooper
3x Cyber Valley
1x Token Generator
1x Lonefire Blossom
1x Spore
2x Debris Dragon
2x Little Girl
2x Caius
2x Effect Veiler
1x Genex Ally Birdman

Spells (13)
1x Heavy Rain
1x Monster Reborn
1x Foolish Burial
1x One for One
1x Mind Control
1x Scapegoat
1x Pot of Avarice
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Machine Duplication
2x Enemy Controller

Traps (7)
2x Call of the Haunted
2x Breakthrough Skill
2x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1x Return from the Different Dimension

Extra (15)
2x Leviair the Sea Dragon
2x Wind Up Zenmaines
1x Soul of Silvermountain
1x Acid Golem
1x Leviathan Dragon
1x Formula Synchron
1x Armory Arm
1x Ally of Justice Catastor
1x Gaia Knight
1x Ancient Fairy Dragon
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Crimson Blader

The premise of the deck is to loop your level 3 floaters with Crane Crane, creating a variety of XYZ and synchro monsters.
You can do cool stuff like:
1) Crane Crane revive Token Generator
2) XYZ for Leviair, detach Token Generator to grab a banished Cyber Valley and spawn 2 tokens
3a) Banish Valley + Token to draw 2!
3b) Machine Dupe the Cyber Valley! Draw a bunch of cards!

Mind Control and the Enemy Controllers help you steal Dracossack to generate MORE tokens, e-con specifically can help dodge Veiler, etc


I feel like I want to include Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger, and maybe a 2nd copy of Black Rose Dragon.
Gaia Knight sucks but it's the strongest legal level 6 synchro there is

This deck lacks the upcoming Plant XYZ right now (the one that can Foolish Burial a plant or revive a plant), but it's still playable as is. It likely isn't able to consistently go toe to toe with the incumbent tier 1 decks, but it's still really fun to play.
Crane Crane will probably get it's chance to shine once the format slows down come September, like it's such a ridic card

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Big Bang theory (not the show sorry)

A.k.a. Pleiades Abuse .dek

*** Rough Draft Only! Good builds probably don't look anything like this ;(

Then again, if you're not playing Dragon Rulers or Prophecy, you're probably not winning much anyway (barring some obscure insane meta-call I am not aware of), as tournament results seem to imply.
That said, Constellars have some nice things going for them, mainly thanks to our fine friend Pleiades

so "ours" is an illusion

So about them Dragon Rulers? A board of Dracossack + tokens staring you down? Well guess what?

You don't CARE if they make some measly tokens
You can do the optimal play and simply just bounce the Dracossack, but they need to feel the PAIN
You can get fancy and equip that Big Bang Shot to Dracossack and bounce it back to your hand with Pleiades to banish Dracossack! Effect Veiler does NOT exist until your opponent drops it, then it does exist and it is very real. (But for real don't do this play)
Equip Big Bang Shot again to Pleiades (or overlay for Gaia Charger for some odd reason, maybe because you can, not because it's a play that's in any way good) and punish them for making those PUSSY ASS TOKENS

Need something bigger? Constellar Praesepe is your best friend! He can pump himself up to a whopping 3400 atk!
With that Big Bang Shot, that's up to 3800 RAW DAMAGE  (*results may vary) to your opponent's life points! hurrrrrr

But wait! what about other matchups?

You don't CARE if they set Abysslinde
Make an Abyss Dweller, equip Big Bang Shot, and PUNISH THEM
No Atlantean Dragoons can hope to challenge your beastly 2100 atk!

Darn! Prophecies! (aka "dig through 1/3 of your deck in 1 turn" bullshit.dek)
Punish them for summoning Blue Boy!
Run him over for HUGE DAMAGE
They'll be calling him Red Boy after you gut him and drench him in his own blood!
but then they replenish their hand for free anyway slurp

Critics will say it's BAD
They're probably right
They won't be laughing when you pierce their monsters for REAL DAMAGE
Then you can throw their cards over the side of a moving cruise ship (Kaiba Corp certified of course) and tell them yea it's BAD ASS

For further punishment, side in those UNITED WE STANDS
Boost your guys with the power to inflict MORE DAMAGE!






*** pls take this post with a grain of salt, I am not being serious
like at all

my side is probably shit lol
yes I am unwilling to shell out for The Best Deck so I'm being bad and stuck here testing and/or playing underperforming rogue decks ok
Prophecy is cancer
kill me now

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Going rogue in the Post-LTGY Meta

This is more of a brainstorming post rather than anything conclusive.

It is fairly obvious judging from the OCG meta, as well as regional results subsequent to the release of LTGY, that Elemental Rulers / Elemental Dragons / Incarnate Dragons are the deck to beat, and stand far above most other decks.
Nobody can really dispute their power, though what I presume is stopping most people from playing the deck (or at least for me it is), is the huge financial cost for 3x Number 11 Big Eye ( henceforth referred to simply as "Big Eye", but not to be confused with the common from Metal Raiders (!!!) ) and 3x Huge Robotic Plane Dracossack.

Ygo doesn't have much to offer for prize support, so it would likely be difficult to make your money back on this investment (upwards of $600) before the deck gets neutered come the September F&L list.
Furthermore, the likelihood that Big Eye sees a reprint in the near future is fairly high, given how in demand it is at the moment, as well as the fact that the 1-year reprint rule, which isn't even really valid anymore, has already been eclipsed, making it risky to pick up. Unless you plan on attending an upcoming WCQ, or other similarly large tournament where it would make the most sense to play the best deck, I would not recommend picking these up unless it's at a bargain price.
Dracossack though, will retain value for quite some time, though it'd be more financially feasible to pick them up after the WCQ season is over, when the price of the card would likely drop correspondingly.

So where am I going with this? blah blah blah

I recently engaged in a conversation with fellow ygo dueler nigleong (the REAL nigleong) about the post-LTGY meta. His chief concern, of course, was finding a deck to deal with the elemental dragons while still being able to hold its own against prophecy, mermails, and evilswarm. With the exception of evilswarm, which employs a balance of monsters, spells, and traps, this is a monster effect (dragons, water) and spell (prophecy) heavy meta. While finding a deck that can universally handle all 4 of the aforementioned decks is likely impossible, there "may" yet be the possibility of at least handling the big 2 in dragons and prophecy.

Below are some random thoughts that I have had (but you probably have too):
  • A lot of commonly played cards (MST, Torrential Tribute, Solemn Judgment, Mirror Force, Dimensional Prison, etc) are no longer main deck worthy in this new meta outside of Evilswarms, which have to protect the Ophion or lose.
  • Trap lineups are now fairly minimal, consisting of stuff like Breakthrough Skills, Return from the Different Dimension, Eradicator Epidemic Virus, and so forth. Hand traps have returned after some duration of absence, in contrast to early on in this March 2013 format where they were mostly absent from most main decks.
  • Card advantage isn't as important as it was before. I am severely concerned for my dwindling life points as opposed to minor variances in card advantage.
  • It's clear that for more backrow-intensive decks, Evilswarm aside, adjustments have to be made. Chainable traps, such as the suddenly expensive Breakthrough Skill, are likely to be the norm.
    • I think something like Compulsory Evacuation Device seems "ok" in theory, as it can out any XYZ at any time. That being said though, it'll likely be dead in the Prophecy matchup outside of attempting to bounce something like Jowgen so that you can proceed to special summon.
    • Threatening Roar seems worth mentioning, but it's probably not "good". I mean yea I am certainly concerned for my life points, but at the same time, Prophecy and Elemental Dragons can't really OTK very consistently. Additionally, the dragons are essentially floaters, while High Priestess can be easily revived, so even if you were to Roar to protect your monster, and successfully punish them for committing to the board on your following turn, it's not like they've really lost much, if at all.
    • I'm not sure what to make of Fiendish Chain. Unlike Breakthrough Skill, you obviously only get 1 negation, but at the same time, MST should be seeing a huge decrease in main deck play, making it unlikely that your Fiendish Chain will get outed.
  • I have yet to test this notion, but I theorize that decks that can sustain advantage in the long run while being able to hold their own vs the continuous stream of resources that prophecy / e dragons can amass, could end up being playable. Perhaps something like Tin Gadgets or Hunders, though unfortunately, neither can consistently, if at all, take advantage of Eradicator Epidemic Virus. Certainly, every game will be a grind, but if the wallet does not agree with acquiring 6 expensive XYZ monsters, it could be a possibility should you still desire to play this game that is pretty much "yugioh" in name only at this point.
  • An alternative to the above would be to play the damage game and pick up a fast OTK or 1st turn set up deck like Bubble Beat or Unfairnities respectively, where you would try to kill your opponent as fast as you can before they can get set up, or build an unbreakable board. I'm probably not going to advocate this route given that hand traps are everywhere, like if you get tased during a crucial step of your combo, you probably lose. Or, you might get lucky and catch your opponent with a weak hand slurp.
  • I've tried Monarchs for a bit, but haven't really felt confident in the results. LADD, Vanity's Fiend, and Obelisk can all be disposed of with varying degrees of ease by the top decks (Obelisk for one is more difficult to out barring Dark Hole), and you can draw some slow hands sometimes that lead you to stall with Slacker Magician / Gachi Gachi while your opponent continues to build resources in preparation for a push. Veiler on a crucial monarch drop can also be devastating.
  • The general rule seems to be that anti meta never beats meta, excluding situations where anti-meta becomes meta that is (such as with Dino Rabbit, which is essentially anti meta by nature). It's entirely possible that the big 2 decks in Dragons and Prophecy will end up outlasting any of the decks that attempt to counter it, much like how a few years back, Tele-DAD was indisputably the best deck and made sure it stayed that way. Granted, this isn't exactly a 1 deck meta, but the point remains.
  • A couple people have entertained the thought of playing something like a gravekeeper variant to cheese dragon and mermail players with Necrovalley + Royal Tribute, but RT shouldn't be very effective vs prophecy unless you get lucky and catch your opponent with 2 priestess and 2 of the blue guy or something in hand, and should you fail to access Necrovalley, things may end up looking bleak
It's entirely likely that nothing substantial will amount from this collective of thoughts, and I may elect to "hibernate" from the advanced format until the September list drops, instead allotting my time towards goat control and other older formats.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Decklist: Destiny Dandy

Hi again

Now that LTGY is upon us, I have no idea what to do

  • I do not own Number 11: Big Eye's. I do however own multiple Big Eye from MRD
  • I do not own Dracossacks, Karakuri MDL 1353524464564 Bureis, Dragunity knight Vajrayana, Mermails, etc, basically anything that can take advantage of the Elemental Rulers
  • I do not own nor have any intention of playing Evilswarms. I legitimately hate this deck and how it was designed
What I HAVE been doing instead is checking up on Shriek OCG once in a while, and happened across a certain "Destiny HERO Plasma" deck, utilizing Summoner Monk, Photon Thrasher, and Dandylion, to bring out Plasma

I think Monk is super risky in a format populated by hand traps, like not only do you get Veiler'd or Breakthrough Skill'd, or something, but you also lose the spell you ditched as a cost, and it seems incredibly mediocre once you've already had access to Stratos.
Hence I reworked the deck into something that I feel is better (but still not 'good' compared to the meta), but it's glaring weakness is that it absolutely gets blown out by backrow heavy decks more often than not. On the other hand, I've been experiencing some degree of success vs backrow light decks, so... lol

I suppose I'm done with this deck, like my local meta is still infested with pre-LTGY decks since barely anyone has access to Dracossacks, Big Eyes, Spellbook of Judgment, etc, which makes it incredibly difficult to succeed if I'm playing a meta deck one round and a non-meta deck the next.

The side deck does need some work, I'm flip flopping between malcat's and decrees for the evilswarm matchup, etc. Dropping Cyber Dragon to contact with Dracossack is pretty neat.

I present to you:

Destiny Dandy

Monsters: (20)

3x Cyber Valley

1x Stratos
2x Destiny HERO Skill Drain
2x Destiny HERO Diabolic Guy
1x Destiny HERO Meatshield

1x Lonefire Blossom
1x Spore
1x Token Generator
2x Debris Dragon

2x Little Girl
2x Caius the shadow monarch
2x Effect Veiler

Spells: (14)

3x Destiny Draw
1x Heavy Rain
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Mind Control
1x Scapegoat
1x Foolish Burial
1x One for One
1x Search Stratos
1x Pot of Avarice
1x Book of Moon
1x Machine Duplication

Traps: (6)

2x Breakthrough Skill
2x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Return from the Different Dimension

Combos, notes, etc
  • Debris Dragon + Defender = instant rank 4, and Debris + Lonefire or Dandylion gets you Black Rose
  • Destiny Draw / Foolish / One for One ditches Defender. Debris revives Defender, xyz into Lavalval Chain. Chain dumps Dandylion, and that's a Plasma drop right there
  • Cyber Valley + tokens or Malicious (and Machine Duplication, if possible) is delicious. It seems reminiscent of the Valley DAD / DAD Return days except I am not playing Allure / Dark Armed, Return is at 1, and Dimension Fusion is banned
  • Return from the Different Dimension wins games
Onto the next project I suppose. I can 'probably' pick this up again once my local meta streamlines itself into a backrow-light format (save for Evilswarms) like it's supposed to be.

Regardless, it's loads of fun. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

04/27/2013 Vancouver Regionals Report: JADGE

Hi I'm ygo dooler LFN

I have just returned from the latest regionals in my area (for the record, we get like 2 a year :c )
Being the unmotivated dueler that I am, I had fully intended to play a troll deck and not take things as seriously as I normally would have.

At first, I was going to play this:

But then I went "oh, maybe I should try to accumulate more Tops."
So I was going to play this:

But then I got a message the day prior from our new Head Jadge Jack asking me to JADGE the event.
I am a considerate dooler, so how could I refuse?
Hence, it was JADGMENT TIME and I became a JADGE MAN, which is not to be confused with the ygo card Judge Man. Just so we're clear.


During setup, it was determined from the tables and size of the venue that we would be capping attendance off at roughly 126 players, but wave upon wave of eager doolists and duelers still had yet to come in. Regrettably, even after squeezing in a total of 150 players, a sizable number of them (some from out of town) still had to be turned away. Angrily, they ground their teeth and cursed the ygo gods for all eternity

While registration was going on, I ended up helping a certain Head Judge sell some of his pervy anime sleeves and deckboxes (hehehe), but alas, my divine salesman performance was cut short, as the table I was using was needed for player use ;c
I also ended up lending my Blackship of Corn to Austin Kulman of Nationals 2006 fame but he has yet to give it back zzzzz

Finally, after registration ended, the decision to break for lunch was made, before Round 1 would commence. Smart!


This was actually my first time ever judging a regional. I could only hope that I would not botch something major. Sadly, I did once, and likely ended up screwing one guy over with a side-decking issue. Sorry :c


A few nights ago, I was testing Wind-Ups vs CQiao's Goldfish Gadgets. I was obviously winning a lot more because I am a dooler while he is but a mere dueler.
I was all like "nah man, it's fine, you got this, like seriously, how many Wind Ups are there actually going to be at this tournament? the odds of playing one are so slim, you should be fine!"
He ends up entering with Water, and promptly died in Round 1 to one of the few Wind-Ups present



A few rounds in, as I rushed down the short flight of stairs from the upper deck to the floor, I savagely yanked out one of the fucking railings by accident. Wow so strong. An accurate depiction is provided below:
It was incredibly loud. You would have to be deaf or absent from the venue to not have heard it.
Everyone in the room started clapping at this absurd fail

I had no idea what to do with my new-found piece of equipment, so I tried to reattach it. That did not work.


It is quite likely that 148/150 of the doolists and duelers in attendance (or at least a significant chunk of them) had an issue, or had friends with issues, concerning a certain legendary American duelist (not Bandit Keith by the way).
I was too busy to bear witness, but apparently one of his opponents, an aspiring female doolette, was moved to tears (not in the good way) upon the conclusion of her fierce struggle against her significantly more experienced opponent. Thankfully, kind and empathetic Jadge JC was there to share the endless compassion within his noble heart, as he comforted her and led her to cease her soft tears. Unfortunately, that act of self-sacrifice drained him of his spirit, and he could no longer continue to act as Jadge for the rest of the day.

Though I was not within earshot, ygo dueler Will apparently went ballistic and launched a heartfelt tirade.
His wondrous monologue could likely have passed for a motivational speech, had it not been about ygo. Alas, though I am certain that the vast majority of the players in attendance inwardly expressed similar sentiments, verbal backlash of such magnitude was not considered appropriate, and ygo dueler Will was escorted from the room a martyr.

Hence it was up to I, Jadge LFN, to handle the "feature matches", as they were subsequently referred to as.
And by feature match I mean he was, perhaps unfairly, isolated from the rest of the tables, so that his technical mannerisms, while completely legal, could not serve as distractions to those playing around him, and so that he could play his matches in the presence of a Jadge aka me to ensure that everything went smoothly.
Apparently I did a good job because I handled 3 consecutive "feature matches", comprising the last 3 rounds.

I told the first 2 opponents to be very precise with their actions, and to announce everything they do.
Via a Gateway of the Six + Naturia Beast drop in game 3, and a bunch of BATTERYMAN (!!) / Hunder hybrid stuff, respectively, they won.

I forgot to tell the final opponent (Evilswarm mirror match) the same thing.
He lost.

How does that even work
Like I tell them, they win.
I don't tell the guy, he loses
Is this my fault


Due to my excellent jadging prowess, I automatically made Top 8 and Top 4
wow that was easier than playing all 8 rounds

Also for the record, this was our hardworking Head Jadge after Round TWO. TWO!!!! (see below for accurate image)
In comparison, equally hardworking Jadge Bidier (who took and uploaded the aforementioned award-winning picture) was on Facebook like 300% of the time. Noob.


Sadly I was only able to acquire 3 (three!) cards over the course of the event, though they were all picked up at decent prices [ ulti breakthrough skill / ulti mobius / DT Ptolemy M7 ]