Tuesday, January 29, 2013

March 2013 Banlist Wishlist

Well it's that time of the year again, as March creeps closer and closer

DISCLAIMER: The following post reflects the sole opinion of dooler LFN, a common doolist, and is in no way representative of the intentions of Konami as a corporation, nor its professional and competent banlist-creating team of intelligent executives.

Black Luster Soldier EotB
Shock Master
Monster Reborn
Mind Control
Pot of Avarice
Gateway of the Six
Limiter Removal
One Day of Peace
Card Destruction

Atlantean Dragoons
Genex Undine
Rescue Rabbit
Evolzar Laggia
Wind-Up Magician
Wind-Up Factory
Fire Formation Tenki

Deep Sea Diva
T.G. Striker
Book of Moon

Summoner Monk
Primal Seed
Pot of Duality
Bottomless Trap Hole


Black Luster Soldier EotB
It is true that this card doesn't see all that much play right now since most of the top decks don't revolve around lights and darks, there's no denying just how overpowered this monster is. In a vacuum, this fact is glaringly magnified, it's just that it doesn't seem like a priority right now because there are greater problems that overshadow it.

Shock Master
While one would think that this could go either way, in that it certainly has a broken effect, but wouldn't be nearly as devastating if it wasn't so easy to slap 3 level 4's onto the field, what tips the scales is just that. It's most prominently featured as part of the dreaded Shock Lock in the Wind Up deck, but even then, it can be easily made outside of Wind-Ups: Harpies, upon receiving support in the next set, can easily make it, AHL Heroes can do it with Stratos and Booblemen, heck, even Machine Duplicating Orbital 7 (aka the reason why I like Orbital 7, apart from its synergy with Debris Dragon hint hint) can churn out a Shock Master, never mind more generic methods like adding any other level 4 monster to a successful Gravekeeper's Spy flip effect. Basically, it really doesn't make sense to hit a huge number of cards just to let 1 card evade a hit.

Monster Reborn
This should be obvious
We still have 3 Call of the Haunted and 3 Limit Reverse, in addition to various theme-specific revival cards, so it's not like monster recursion won't be a thing anymore if Reborn gets the banhammer.

Mind Control
It's restrictions have long since been considered a joke given the focus on XYZ monsters, with one of the biggest problems being the existence of Gaia Dragoon the Thunder Charger. I don't think Gaia Charger itself is deserving of a ban even though it makes inherent restrictions on Atum and Volcasaurus mean nothing aka poor card design.

Pot of Avarice
I still stand by this card being a crutch, where you're free to throw caution to the wind and expend your monsters just because this card will be there to help you put them back. From the point of view of the opponent, it can also be aggravating for him or her to see you escape punishment for overextending, or worse yet, have to deal with problem cards again after working hard to clear them in the first place.

Gateway of the Six / Limiter Removal / One Day of Peace / Card Destruction
I'm going to lump these cards together as the cards that Konami should, but probably won't, hit, since the decks that they are featured in aren't very widespread ( though that doesn't make them any less poorly designed). It's dumb how Gateway enables you to vomit half your deck onto the field, while Limiter enables you to steal a cheap and quick win. One Day and Card Destruction are primarily featured in degenerate strategies that feature little to no player interaction, with examples being "Gishkill" (Gishki deck out FTK), Dark World (Card D with multiple Dark World monsters in hand is pretty much a free win), Exodia, Final Countdown, and so forth.

Atlantean Dragoons
This card searches just about everything in the Water deck, and is way too abusable.

Genex Undine
There's pretty much no way to stop Undine's effect barring Raioh or straight up negating the summon, since it dumps the water monster as cost, meaning that for merely performing a normal summon, which as we all know is incredibly difficult to do, you'd get an instant +2 when it dumps Dragoons (also the case if you dump Marksman and successfully hit a set card).

Rescue Rabbit
An adorable piece of vanilla monster support that went wrong with the creation of Evolzar Laggia and Verz Ophion, allowing you to bring out stifling XYZ monsters that attempt to deter the opponent from playing ygo at the cost of one card.

A searchable 2700 atk boss monster that blows up a card and comes back for free. Balanced!
I'm kind of tempted to hit Garunix too since its almost the same thing but with more destructive power, but Grapha is marginally easier to revive (summon and bounce any Dark World vs draw and play Fire King Fire Ring), and additionally works well with cards like Deck Devastation Virus.

Evolzar Laggia
I am of the belief that this thing shouldn't have been made in the first place, or at the very least, designed in such a way that you can only use it with its intended deck, Evols. A Walking Solemn Judgment is no joke after all, especially when its protected by an additional 3-4 backrows.

Wind Up Magician / Wind Up Factory
These 2 can be discussed together. Some people have talked about hitting Wind-Up Shark since it's the card that most infamously enables Magician to farm for more dudes, but I disagree with that idea, as it is in fact Magician and Factory that enable mass farming of resources. Shark cannot generate a plus (outside of killing something in battle, which almost all monsters can do), nor can it tutor or search anything out, and I am completely fine with people committing two Sharks onto the field to make one Rank 3, 4, or 5, given that they didn't come free off of Magician or Factory to begin with.
As for Zenmaity, its mediocre stats and immense vulnerability to basically anything lead me to tentatively conclude that it's fine where it is, given limitations to Magician and Factory.

A themed Monster Reborn that allows you to revive up to 5 monsters at once at absolutely no cost. Balanced!

Fire Formation Tenki
A Reinforcement of the Army for Beast-warriors. ROTA is already at 1, and in today's ygo, Beast Warriors are pretty much superior to Warriors, so I see no reason for Tenki to exist at 3

Deep Sea Diva
This card can be either better or worse than Tour Guide, and if Tour Guide is at 2, then this card deserves the same treatment, though I would honestly be fine with both going to 1. It's also worth noting that this would probably see use at the full 3 copies in the Water deck should Undine get the axe and free up space

T.G. Striker
I don't think this card seriously deserved a hit in the first place

Book of Moon
A generic card that's inherently a -1, it has since been outclassed by cards like Compulsory Evacuation Device

Spore came back and Plant Synchro did.... absolutely nothing. Plant Synchro as a deck is currently unable to match the consistency and power levels displayed by the top meta decks at this time, and without a reliable source of synchro fodder like Reborn Tengu provided in the past, having more Spores available won't exactly be game-breaking.

Summoner Monk
This card is easily disrupted, and hasn't been relevant for a long time. Barring some crazy new piece of support, Monk will continue to do nothing whether it be at 2 or 3.

Primal Seed
Is this a joke?

Pot of Duality
A balanced card IMO, it shouldn't have been hit in the first place

Bottomless Trap Hole
This is a relatively fair piece of monster removal that can be played around, and with Leviair being a thing, having your monster get banished isn't really that big of a deal.

Honestly the only issue I have with Geargiarmor is its ability to reset itself (something that similar cards like Evoltile Westlo and Gravekeeper's Spy cannot do) combined with its 1900 defense, but it isn't exactly worthy of a banlist hit.

Next to Shock Master and possibly Gaia Charger, I think Leviair is easily one of the most overpowered XYZ monsters in existence. Most decks use only 1 copy if at all, so anything short of a ban wouldn't have any impact, and I am not 100% in support of a ban. I mean I'd be completely OK with it getting banned, but I don't feel hard-pressed to vehemently argue for this to be the case.

Heavy Storm
While having 3 MST's in addition to Heavy Storm creates that annoying paradox where you can make the right play and set 2 because the odds of your opponent having Storm are lower, yet get punished for doing so should they have it, a format without Heavy Storm would yield another format where everyone just turtles behind a decent monster and 4-5 backrows. There's also so many continuous sideboard cards that when drawn, can just completely outright win the game (Skill Drain, Gozen Match, Rivalry of Warlords, Soul Drain, Macro Cosmos, Dimensional Fissure, etc), that make me feel that Heavy Storm is a necessary evil.
Giant Trunade can't come back because of Fire Fists being a thing, so it's not like swapping Heavy for Trunade is an option either.

I think this pretty much covered everything.
In the grand scheme of things, my opinion doesn't matter
Feel free to agree or disagree, but if you're going to do the latter, put together a solid argument to justify your opinion please

Monday, January 28, 2013

Locals Report 01/27/2013: Flooded

Perhaps this is an ominous sign, but I have found that I have absolutely no interest in Cosmo Blazer outside of 3 cards (Tenki, Dire Wolf, and Orbital 7). Many of my dooler friends are all over the new Fire Fist Bro Bros, but for reasons beyond my comprehension, I don't care for them at all :|

I opted to make my way to my Sunday locals this time around. I had yet to pick up a Tenki at this point in time, so I ended up entering with the Douchebag Deck rather than the Unfair Toy deck.

Go go douchebag deck
We blow cards up for free
We search our friends and
They blow cards up for free
They search their friends and
They too blow cards up for free
Go go douchebag deck

Round 1: LFN (Douchebag Deck) vs Luke (Six Spamurai)
I lose the dice roll
G1: ShiEn and Grandmaster are no match for the power of Dark Armed Dragon the Original Elemental Lord and Douchebag Dragonfly
G2: He started off with Six Spamurai Zanji and a set backrow, which quickly fell to the might of Thunder King Raioh, Ally of the Douchebags. Soon thereafter, Douchebag Dragonfly collaborated with Douchebag Ladybug to access Douchebag Centipede, and from there they combined into Tiras, and the game was won
Result: OO

Round 2: LFN (Douchebag Deck) vs NEXUS-Jack (Water)
I win the dice roll
G1: The douchebags were met by wave upon wave of the Water crew from Plus City, and I eventually fail to draw outs to Mermail Abyssgaios
G2: A Night Beam drew out 2 of his Abysspheres, and I promptly flopped Dfissure onto the field for great justice. However, I ended up not drawing any monsters outside of 2 Maxx "C"'s afterwards (I ended up having to combine them to make Gachi Gachi), and eventually died when he finally drew an out to Dfissure like infinite turns later.
Result: XX

Round 3: LFN (Douchebag Deck) vs Little Erik (Geargia)
I win the dice roll
G1: Douchebag Centipede, Douchebag Dragonfly, and Douchebag Ladybug all had their way with Douchebag Whorenet (seriously Whorenet gets with EVERYONE), rewarding Little Erik for playing yugioh and committing cards to the field.
G2:  His Shadow Imprisoning Mirror gave me a bit of trouble, but I sacked Heavy Storm off the top, and Douchebag Dragonfly went to town.
Result: OO

Round 4: LFN (Douchebag Deck) vs Sean (Water)
I win the dice roll
G1: I started off with Thunder King, Ally of the Douchebags and a set MST, with the rest of my hand being irrelevant. He summoned Marksman, Mind Controlled Thunder King so that it was no longer an ally, and OTK'd me on his next turn. The game probably took like 2 minutes.
G2: This was a grind game that I eventually won through the efforts of Tiras. What a champ
G3: I was able to pressure him early on, but his onslaught of water cards via infinite Dragoons, also aided by stuff like Salvage and Pot of Avarice, were able to get him the win. It really felt like I lost to the deck and not to the player :|
Result: XOX

Hurrah x-2
That's what I get for being Douchebag Duelist LFN, wielder of the Douchebag Deck

Round 5: LFN (Douchebag Deck) vs ??? (Stall Exodia)
I win the dice roll
G1: I snuck in infinite attacks with Thunder King, Ally of the Douchebags and Reaper, also Ally of the Douchebags once I exhausted his supply of Swift Scarecrows, and he kept drawing unusable cards like Duality / Where Arf Thou off his Piper plays. The Douchebags were noticeably absent during this game
G2: Unlike the previous game, the Douchebags, much like they've done in the past, combined their efforts and had their way with Douchebag Ladybug, eventually melding into a Shock Master while searching out 134343 cards off multiple Douchebag Centipedes. Ladybug was equipped with Niggamantis (he makes EVERYONE 2400, a true team player) and 2 Inzektor Swords, and at that point, it was sufficient damage for game.
Result: OO

A meaningless victory, for x-2's are unable to make the Top Cut.


A beacon of light shone down from the heavens, illuminating the twitching mandibles of the worn down and defeated members of the Douchebag Deck.
The blood, sweat, and tears of the numerous Defeated Dooler's present had not gone unnoticed by the ygo gods.
Randomly, a random draw was conducted, with a random pack of Cosmo Blazer randomly awarded to a Defeated Dooler at random.

Yes, it was I, Defeated Dooler LFN, that 'earned' the Pity Pack
It yielded a Tenki, which pleased me greatly.
Yes indeed.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lolcals Report 01/17/2013: Dragon Bacon

Welcome back
I'm a ygo dooler, just like you (except if you aren't)
Consequently, I go to ygo locals, just like you (except if you don't)

Round 1: LFN (Chaos Dragons) vs Richard (Dino Rabbit)
I got blown out by his Rescue Rabbit Laggia Tour Guide extravaganza a while back and it was a very disenheartening experience. Is that even a game??
I lose the dice roll
G1: I was unable to draw an out to Dolkka, and it was over once it was joined by a Laggia
G2: The big dragons with their big dragon uhh 'organs' got in there and crushed those puny dinosaurs
G3: A clutch and unexpected Mirror Force wiped out his monsters, and the Boss Monster Parade went to town
Result: XOO

Round 2: LFN (Chaos Dragons) vs NEXUS-Seb (Wind-Up)
I win the dice roll
G1: I summoned BLS vs his Sangan and 3 backrows, and it lived, to my surprise. I won shortly after
G2: I was subjected to the Shock Lock and couldn't muster an out to his board given my all monster hand and a near empty grave
G3: I was shut down by Macro Cosmos for what seemed to be an eternity, and eventually resorted to setting hand traps to bluff Rykos. That ploy worked for a bit, enabling me to eventually resolve a Black Rose nuke to wipe the board, but I had exhausted my supply of lights in grave, and was unable to replenish it before he killed me
Result: OXX

Round 3: LFN (Chaos Dragons) vs NEXUS-CQiao (Chaos Dragons)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He went first, set up first, and killed me first. I was also unfortunate enough to open with 2 dead cards in Heavy Storm and MST. He eventually won by burning me twice with Gustaph Max. I had an opportunity to attempt to kill Gustaph before it could burn me the 2nd time, but had to play through Maxx "C". My Dark Armed was Veiler'ed, and I punted right after, blanking out and thinking that Lyla wasn't a Lightsworn for some reason while I held Solar Recharge, which could have been used to dig for a potential out. Granted, by this time, Maxx "C" had enabled him to draw to like 7 in hand so I probably would still have lost, but still, that was just awful. I felt like shooting myself afterwards.
G2: I went first, set up first, and killed him first, ending the game with Acid Golem's 3000 atk fist
G3: He went first, set up first, and killed me first, sniping 2 crucial cards with Spirit Reaper along the way, 1 being BLS, and 1 being the crucial dark I needed in hand to pitch for Pulsar. Tears.
Result: XOX

Scrub a dub dub! Can I at least finish with a break-even record? I mean this is ygo but what are the odds I can't, right? Right?

Round 4: LFN (Chaos Dragons) vs Zelos (Six Spamurai)
I lose the dice roll
G1: Outplayed by Gateway !!
G2: Gorz and Tragoedia do not exist, apparently. Not in my hand, nor in his mind, as he just went for broke, and it paid off for him, luckily enough. He also kept in backrow hate against me, even though he had never played against me and as such shouldn't know that, depending on the matchup (this was not one of them for sure), I side in 2 copies of Mirror Force.
Result: XX

Me: No thanks! :c


Friday, January 11, 2013

Lolcals Report 01/10/2013

welcome to the 1st installment of the return of the critically acclaimed series of Locals Reports, back due to 'popular demand'.
I am your host, News Anchor LFN, and tonight we will be giving the lowdown on the showdown that took place at Magic Stronghold on the 9th of January
Disclaimer: This will sound more grandiose than it actually was
I mean it's ygo

Round 1: LFN (Chaos Dragons) vs Dino Rabbit Doolist Aaron (Dino Rabbit)
LFN loses the dice roll
G1: Aaron opened Killer Rabbit into Laggia and 3 sets. A strong opening! Thankfully, Night Assailant is a card, and it stealthily took down Laggia, but at the expense of its own life. A noble sacrifice!
Doolist Aaron's multiple backrows were gradually whittled down, as numerous Ryko's, Lyla's, and MST's gave up their lives to assail his defenses and pave the way for the Boss Monster Parade
G2: Doolist Aaron got off to an impressive start, quickly diminishing Doolist LFN's LP, before going for the surefire kill with Gagaga Cowboy in a one-sided shootout
G3: A down to the wire game, we eventually reached a point where Doolist LFN was down to 1500 LP, to Doolist Aaron's 600 LP. Doolist LFN controlled a freshly dropped Gorz and a token with multiple cards in hand, while Doolist Aaron had just topped into Killer Rabbit into 2 Kaboozles and swung for 1700, hence the Gorz. He opted to make Blackship of Corn after attacking into Gorz, intending to burn LFN for 1000 with Corn's eff via sending the token. However, Corn does not work this way, so he asked for permission to go into Utopia instead. LFN obliged, and it ended up being his undoing after he forgot that Utopia Ray was a card and forced a negation off Utopia by moving Gorz into attack position and swinging.
Dino Rabbit Doolist Aaron decided to become Benevolent Doolist Aaron, and gave LFN the win in return for letting him take back his move earlier. A surprising turn of events!
Result: OXO

Round 2: LFN (Chaos Dragons) vs NEXUS-JC (Modern Cornarchs)
LFN loses the dice roll
G1: LFN opened/drew into all 3 Ryko's in addition to the lone Night Assailant, and was able to hold his own against JC's Mask of Darkness / GK Spy / trap lineup. A lucky MST and a successful Ryko flip enabled LFN to pinpoint a crucial Starlight Road, and down came Heavy Storm. LFN eventually won via Giant Phallus Gustaph Max
G2: JC's deck did what it was supposed to do, accumulating infinite advantage through Reckless Greed and Mask of Darkness, and despite him punting and failing to close out the game, LFN drew a blank the following turn and could not capitalize on the extra turn
G3: After game 1, LFN had in fact already sided into 20 Soul Exchange's and 20 Caius's, but inexplicably failed to draw into any in game 2. This was not the case this time, and JC was drowned by the might of Caius der Schattenmonarch.
Result: OXO

Round 3: LFN (Chaos Dragons) vs Mermail Doolist Boid (Water)
LFN wins the dice roll
G1: LFN did not open particularly strong, and Boid ends up plusses without even trying, before vomiting his hand onto the field for the OTK
Boid: 0 effort, 1% input, 500% output.
LFN: 100% dead
Result: XX

Round 4: LFN (Chaos Dragons) vs Doolist Sean (Worms)
LFN loses the dice roll
G1: LFN expended his hand to power through Sean's Xex, Rai-Oh and backrows, but took too long and too much damage to do so, and subsequently died to an Honest drop
G2: LFN sided into 20 Soul Exchanges and 20 Caius's
G3: Sean opened with a set monster ( one can safely assume it to be Cartaros or Yagan) and 5 backrows. Dark Hole flushed out Sean's Solemn, the Little Girl ran into a Warning, and the remaining 38 cards in LFN's deck, being 19 Soul Exchanges and 19 Caius's, easily burned through Sean's remaining 2000 LP
Result: XOO

Final Result: 3-1
Due to stellar work by Boid, he wins the whole thing, and as a result, Doolist LFN was provided with good enough tiebreaks to Salvage 3rd Place and $5 credit.
We now return to the studio, with News Anchor LFN
Thanks for tuning in, and be sure check back next week for more up to date news

Monday, January 7, 2013

The start of a new year

how are you
welcome to 2013

At this point in time, we near the end of this September 2012 format. There's only a couple more YCS events before the upcoming banlist, with the Fire Fists, among other things, set to be released later this month.
Having skimmed over some of the cards that we are soon to receive from the OCG, I dread the release of Verz Ophion (and other powerful cards like Enthusiastic Beast Wolfberk, etc)  in the TCG. Merely by existing, Ophion completely invalidates the notion of playing boss monsters, crippling currently viable decks like Agents and Chaos Dragons, among others. Not only does it have 2 powerful effects, it also has 2550 atk. Wow. It isn't unbeatable, like Snowman Eater is a thing, but following in the footsteps of Legendary Six Samurai Shi-En, Evolzar Laggia, and Evolzar Dolkka, it really doesn't seem like Konnumi is learning from their errors (or maybe they don't view them as being errors?). Konnumi y
The Verz deck is already showing that it's a top-level competitor in OCG tournaments, and should they go untouched on the upcoming 2 banlists like I expect them to be, I'd expect that level of success to translate over to the TCG as well.

On an unrelated note, I have been receiving requests to start doing tournament reports again. In order to gather a larger sample size in regards to the popularity of such a thing, I have set up a poll at the top right of the page. Everyone is welcome to contribute a vote, should they wish to.
Personally, I view them as being filler content, in that they generally don't teach readers anything, and revolve around players of various skill levels that most readers have not, and will not, ever meet in their dueling career (aka people you don't care about). These were the primary reasons why I stopped doing them in the 1st place, but people seemed to have found them entertaining, if anything, so if that is the justification for their continued existence, then I guess that would be fine.