Saturday, February 23, 2013

Locals Report 02/21/2013: How to raise your sodium level in 5 turns

I had just finished pulling an (almost) all-nighter the night before so I was feelin pretty tired
I didn't think I would be able to make it to locals due to commitments with school but it ended up working out. However, I had already modified my deck to comply with the upcoming March banlist, and thus had to borrow a 2nd Wind Up Magician off ygo dueler Ian since I don't carry commons/rares with me
Due to my fatigue, I would not be surprised if I misplayed badly at some point (I would still be upset about it though)

Round 1: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs Ian (Water)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He starts off with Undine + Water Art, and on his next turn or two resolves his other 53423424 Dragoons, drops Megalo, drops Moulinglacia.
G2: I open with Wind Up Rabbit and a couple backrows. He again resolves 1534324343 Dragoons and OTK's me.
Result: XX

You know something's wrong with the game when you hear "I'm Sorry" a lot more than "Good Game"
All of this will still be legal in the upcoming format too lol

Round 2: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs Bidier (Chaos Dragons)
I lose the dice roll
G1: I Starlight Road his Black Rose Dragon's eff and eventually bring out Shock Master
G2: I fail to draw outs to Decree and can't draw monsters either so I chill behind Dfissure and Level Limit for a while until he drew Heavy Storm and killed me
G3: I Starlight Road his Black Rose again and piece together an OTK board with all the guys I had farmed off of Factory
Result: OXO

Round 3: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs Little Erik (Wind Ups)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He misplays and I'm able to capitalize and play around his defense position Wind-Up Magicians to kill him
G2: I was happy to open with Maxx "C" but didn't draw any monsters, so I was taken down to 1000 LP by Tour Guide + Sangan before I was able to resolve Starlight Road, but Stardust eventually ran into a Compulsory after I MST'd his Dprison and I died
G3: Time is called because this guy plays really fucking slow, and he decides to enforce turns even though the TO and everybody else doesn't care (for what it's worth he was ahead by about 1000 LP). I mean I guess that's fine
Howeverrr... I miscount turns and didn't push for damage when I needed to and could have, and thus punt the game because I thought I had an extra turn. Oh ok I killed myself wow nice
He then attempted to extend his hand for the handshake
Result: OXX


Thursday, February 21, 2013

YCS Miami 2013: Aftermath & Analysis

LATE because I was banished to the shadow realm but Yugi is a real G and he brought me back

This was it, the final North American YCS event before the eventual banlist rollover on March 1st (but not the absolute last YCS of the format, since YCS Bochum is a thing).

Given how badly Wind Ups are going to be neutered on the upcoming (leaked and confirmed 300%) March Bane List, I was really hoping that it would win it all for great justice. Outside of degenerate Magician-Shark and Shock Master plays, it was one of the more skilled decks of the past format given the myriad of plays and options that could exist at any point in the game.

Also notable is that this is the first YCS event where the new cards and themes from Cosmo Blazer and that Big Bird structure deck would be legal for use. Given that they are all FIRE oriented, they would certainly add to the intensity of the Heat in Miami /cwutididthar

1076 duelists willingly (or not!) made the trek to this event, though they were possibly also enticed by the beaches, attractions, and seksee wimminz that Miami has to offer (even though it's February).

The Top Cut

The Top 32 [source]
11x Wind Ups
9x Water
5x Dino Rabbit
2x Dark World
1x Fire Fists
1x Hieratics
1x Inzektors
1x HEROes
1x Karakuri

Wind Ups, Water, and Dino Rabbit again comprised the majority of the Top 32. Nothing new here I suppose, given how powerful and popular these decks are. Notable players to top this event were Brake, Hoban, Gersten, Shakir, Yassine, Nolen, and Ralambomiadana, among others.

Though his online persona is sporadically subject to criticism due to bad manner and such (apparently he is super nice in person though), it was perhaps only right that Patrick Hoban topped this event, given that he was chiefly responsible for making Wind-Ups what they were this past format. If he hadn't explained back in August of last year the neat trick you could do with Photon Papilloperative on Wind-Up Rat, as well as the OTK combos that that move was an integral component of, Wind-Ups may not have experienced as much success as they did. His post on a certain competitive ygo forum spread like wildfire over youtube and other channels of information distribution.

Absent from the cut were Agents and Chaos Dragons, 2 decks that were mildly represented in previous events, their spots taken by rogue decks like Karakuri and Hieratics.
From what I saw of the Karakuri deck, it sought to aggressively set up a first turn lock as quickly as possible (or just kill you), hence the inclusion of cards like Emergency Teleport and Solar Wind Jammer. The pilot of the deck referred to his deck as being a Karakuri OTK Stun deck, which makes no sense to me at all, like OTK and Stun are on polar ends of the spectrum lol, but I guess it worked?

Additionally missing was the new Fire King strategy. Given the limited experience I have vs the deck so far, it relies heavily on Garunix, and while the Hazy Flame monsters can be quite annoying to deal with given that they can't be targeted by card effects, they can still be dealt with, just in possibly unconventional ways. It's a bit like the Dark World deck in that it's heavily graveyard-oriented and has a boss monster that just keeps coming back for free.

Finally, Fire Fists, the most brotherly of decks, failed to make much of an impact, only securing 1 slot in the Top 32. While hyped, it's a rather fair deck at the moment (still missing Chicken and Wolfberk, for starters), making it not as popular of a choice for many duelists when compared to decks that do exponentially more unfair things, like Wind Ups / Rabbit / Water. It will certainly have the opportunity to bring more to the table once the new format kicks in.

The Top 16
The Top 8

Nothing really to see here. A bunch of the rogue decks were weeded out, though Karakuris somehow managed to stay in it before finally being eliminated in the Top 4, along with the last Water deck (an Undine-less build ran by 2-time YCS champion Billy Brake)

The Finals was comprised of a Wind-Up mirror match between Travis Smith and Elijah Gersten, the latter fairly well known among the online community as being the best around and having a maximum amount of swag. Smith would end up taking a swift 2-0 to become a YCS champion, concurrently cementing Wind Ups as the winning deck of both the first, and last, North American YCS events of the format.

Other Thoughts

One last YCS event remains before the format draws to a close, that is, YCS Bochum. I don't expect the meta at that particular event to vary too much from that of YCS Miami; Wind Ups, Water, and Dino Rabbit will remain the most popular and powerful decks, while I also remain skeptical of Fire Fists being able to secure a significant amount of slots in the Top Cut. It's not a bad deck by any means, it just isn't particularly unfair.

It's hard to say whether or not Billy Brake and Jeff Jones' Undine-less Water deck will be able to catch enough popularity to become the build of choice over in Europe, given the lack of time available to test, as well as the fact that the Undine build has it's merits too, making it hard without adequate testing to say definitively which is the superior version.

Synchros haven't exactly been relevant for a while now, beyond Stardust Dragon if only because of Starlight Road being a thing, so I was quite surprised to see Karakuris make it so far. I'm not quite sure if this level of success can be duplicated in the near future, but it may be a good pick once the Prophecy deck reaches its full potential since Karakuris can drop Naturia Beast ezpz.

That's about all I have for now, regrettably I haven't really had the time to look too deeply into things :<


Monday, February 18, 2013

Lolcals Report 02/17/2013 : The last march of the Toys

In anticipation of the upcoming March Banlist, the toys were wound up for perhaps one of the last times in their storied existence. Their gears clicked and spun as they sadly marched in unison towards the place they called home, a lonely-looking Zenmaity, which was tethered at port. This would be one of the last voyages for Zenmaity as well, as it would soon be scrapped down in some awful place by the order of some corporate scumbags at Konnumi headquarters.

Wistfully, they boarded the vessel, their mechanical footsteps echoing through the hallways of the once majestic Zenmaity. Resigned to their eventual fate, the toys mentally prepared themselves for what was to come: 2 of their magical brethren would be dealt the death sentence, while their home, the Zenmaity, would soon be stripped down and turned into spare parts for some new project.

Then I shoved them into my deck box and left for locals

[ actually I've already been testing a post-March 1st Wind Up list and while it certainly isn't the best deck anymore, it's not really "dead" by any means]

Round 1: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs Nigleong (Wind Ups)
Ah! Upon setting sail, we have encountered another squad of toys, from another faction. We're all toys here but we must do battle, for glory, and for great justice
To the death!

I lose the dice roll
G1: Shock Locked. I attempt to make Zenmaines to ram his Shark and then pop his Zenmaity but his 1 set was Solemn aka relevant
G2: He farms for infinite advantage off his Factory to sustain the war efforts after getting rid of mine and I can't keep up
Result: XX

This was clearly not going to be a pleasure cruise, as the aging Zenmaity had already sprung a leak as a result of this early battle. Repairs were made at a nearby Wind-Up Factory before re-embarking on this tumultuous journey.

Round 2: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs Jari (Hazy Beasts)
He's playing these new fire guys but we're on a Boat in the middle of an ocean

I lose the dice roll
G1: I don't know if he plays Garunix because that card gives me problems since it's big and it can fly, but I didn't see it the whole game so all I ended up doing was making a bunch of dudes and gradually killing him. Abyss Dweller put in work since he had some guys that search out Hazy cards when they die and are sent to the graveyard.
G2: A couple turns in, I drew Shark and went off
Result: OO

Round 3: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs Harley (Fire Bros)
He's playing these new fire guys but we're on a Boat in the middle of an ocean

I lose the dice roll
G1: I resolve a 3 for 1 Heavy Storm and mercilessly gut him. His vanilla monsters are big and burly but they don't actually do anything
G2: I expend removal on his guys to leave him with dead Fire Bro support cards and establish field presence for myself. I eventually attempt to make a sick play and Monster Reborn his Bear to swing directly and search my own Tenki but he had the MST set so I couldn't grab a Rabbit... mannnnnnn. Eventually he has 4 sets, and attempts to Heavy Storm to trigger his Starlight Road but I have a response and flip my own Starlight Road first. It felt so good to windmill slam that Stardust Dragon onto the field mmmmmm
Result: OO

Round 4: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs Ian (Agents)
The messengers of heaven descended in an attempt to halt the swath of destruction, blood, and tears that this derelict Zenmaity and its haphazard crew of Toys were wracking upon the ygo world

I lose the dice roll
G1: He can't get anything going and gets out-advantaged by the farming activities conducted by Magician while backed by Starlight Road
G2: I drew a kewl hand with Wind-Up Rabbit, Bottomless Trap Hole, and 3 Dimensional Prisons, while he drew poop with 2 Threatening Roars (why he plays this is beyond me, like what exactly do you want to protect??) 2 Call of the Haunted, a Hyperion, and a Krystia
Result: OO


Round 5: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs Matthew (Douchebag Deck)
As we encroached upon shore, a hostile swarm of Inzektors appeared!

I lose the dice roll
G1: The game simplifies to literally a top deck war, and he comes out on top after drawing Tour Guide for Leviair for a banished Centipede
G2: I open with the Shock Lock for the first time all day, but he flipped Gozen Match during my next turn to slow me down considerably. He eventually Heavy Storm's his own Gozen and other goodies in order to attempt to get somewhere with some random Inzektor and Dark Armed Dragon the Original Elemental Lord. He can't deal enough damage to kill me though so I Dark Hole his board the next turn and summon Rat for Rabbit for an XYZ for game
G3: His flip-summoned Ryko popped my backrow and milled Hornet, and a turn or 2 later, down came both Douchebag Dragonfly and Dark Armed Dragon the Original Elemental Lord. Well oh ok, I mean I guess.
Result: XOX

After being shot full of holes by those Douchebag Inzektors and their Hornet, the Zenmaity sank with its crew...

...back into my deck box
All hands were lost in the struggle


Friday, February 15, 2013

OCG Bane'd List 2013

"I am here to fulfill Konnumi's destiny"


Wind-Up Magician
One Day of Peace
Solemn Warning

Thunder King Rai-Oh
Advanced Ritual Art

Shien's Smoke Signal
Mind Crush

Ummmm.... There's some cards here that I can agree with Konnumi on here (Sangan, Magician, One Day of Peace, Spore, Tsukuyomi) but other than that I am severely disappointed.
There's so much more they could have done. Genex Undine / Atlantean Dragoons / Wind-Up Factory / Rescue Rabbit / Limiter Removal / Card Destruction / Shock Master / Grapha / Gateway of the Six / Mind Control / BLS / Monster Reborn are all worthy of being hit, for starters.

It feels like last year all over again where the incumbent Tier 1 deck from back in September (Plants back in Sept 2011, Wind Ups in Sept 2012) get the nuke, while more recent problem cards and combos escape unscathed, in order to push product.

Wind Ups are "probably" dead, though I say this hesitantly because we were proven wrong last September.
Losing Zenmaity really hurt; I was an advocate for limiting Factory instead :|
Zenmaity also has the dubious honor of being the first XYZ monster ever to get Bane'd lol

Dino Rabbit also took a hit with Sangan gone, as they'd have to rely completely on drawing their Rescue Rabbit now. The same could be said of Inzektors, as they no longer can rely on Sangan to expedite them to Dragonfly or Hornet.

Six Samurai, Blackwings, and Lightsworn getting even more support makes no sense to me. Blackwings I could probably live with given that they don't actually possess anything retardedly broken like Samurais do with Gateway / ShiEn, and Lightsworns do with Judgment Dragon.
Furthermore, boosting Spamurai and LS doesn't appear to boost the sales of any currently available product, though perhaps there's some stuff in Light of the Tachyon Galaxy that will change things? Like last year Smoke Signal went back up to 2 in anticipation of the release of the Six Spamurai structure deck, after all.

The only reason I can think of for hitting Rai-Oh is because it can cripple Prophecy / Water / Firefists, the flavors of the month (or format, rather) that just so happen to loveeeeeee to search and search and search and search and search, though the upcoming release of the Evilswarms would already knock down Raioh's playability a notch anyway?

I don't know, like there's no understanding Konnumi (other than their desire to push product) so I'm probably not even going to bother to try to understand where they're coming from with some of these changes.

I think I might be done.
haha its ygo who am I kidding
It's so awful but I still play anyway

dear list
pls b fake


Mind Crush is also at 3

Source sauce courtesy of dgz

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Locals Report 01/31/2013: All wound up

Ok so the format is almost over, and I would Wind Up being very surprised if Wind Ups aren't completely demolished on the upcoming banlist, so I Wound Up opting to play Wind Ups in order to get as much mileage out of the deck as I can

Round 1: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs Jimmy (Six Spamurai)
I win the dice roll
G1: He was unable to stop me from farming for resources, and he was finally overwhelmed when he ran into my Starlight Road
G2: It felt pretty good dropping Maxx "C" on his Asceticism play, but I failed to draw outs to ShiEn after he dealt with my Tsukuyomi. From there, ShiEn and his Spamurai friends gradually beat me down.
G3: This was a grind game that was decided when the time hit Shock O'Clock
Result: OXO

Round 2: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs NEXUS-Jack (Water)
I lose the dice roll
G1: He starts off with Undine dumping Dragoons for the ezpz +2, but I eventually claw my way back and "skillfully" win it off a Magician-Shark play
G2: He applied pressure right from the start, and I eventually lose when his Marksman teamed up with a surprise Prideful Roar to kill my guy and then trigger Marksman's effect (!!!) It was quite hilarious
G3: A mid-game Skill Drain drained the gas out of my tank, reducing us to playing the beatdown game. Unfortunately, the only monster I could draw into was a Rat while I was at 500 to his 1500 LP, where his board was also extremely vulnerable, so I had to set the Rat to stay alive. He finished me off a couple turns later by overlaying Diva onto a flip summoned Heavy Infantry, and attacking with Gachi for exact game through my Dfissure and 3 irrelevant backrows (Factory / Bottomless / Warning)
Result: OXX

Round 3: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs Little Erik (Water)
I win the dice roll
G1: He resolves 1234541 Dragoon searches and I lose
G2: This was not even a game, as all that happened was Leviathan + Rabbit beatdown backed by Dfissure
G3: I blow the game open with the dreaded Little Girl + Shahhhhk play backed by 2 Dfissures, and he couldn't make a comeback.
Result: XOO

Round 4: LFN (Tenki Toy Story) vs Ian (Dark World)
I lose the dice roll
G1: His deck must have had 20 draw cards, 19 Graphas, and 1 generic Dark World guy to revive Grapha, given how fast I died
G2: I opened with an all-monster hand, but luckily, he opened subpar and after I plowed through 3 Doomcaliber Knights, he couldn't do a thing while a lone Shahhhk kept beating him down.
G3: He opened really passive with 2 sets. My hand had Tenki, Dfissure, Starlight Road, and Solemn.
Final Result: 3-1
Ok I suck I didn't win
My tiebreaks Wound Up netting me 3rd place somehow