Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Super Happy Fun Nuke Awesome Extraordinaire September 2013 Banlist Wishlist Deluxe

Yeah a lot of you probably aren't going to like this lol

Konami will NOT do this
they LOVE their big boss monster beatdown otk search search special summon special summon kind of ygo
it sells packs and selling packs means profits which means happy konami
but it also means sad LFN

so what would I do?


I am probably going incredibly overboard with this so be forewarned. Don't judge me, I just want an interactive and fun game instead of whatever this is ;(
I have also done 0 testing with this, it's all theory-oh, but I think I covered everything

I am expecting to get a lot of flak for this but I honestly feel that even if some of the choices below are questionable, a meta nuke is what's needed for the game to be where I would want it to be.

Encourage as much player interaction as possible
The lack of blowout cards here coupled with games that aren't decided in like 5 turns allows for the better player to win most of the time since he/she will generally make fewer misplays over the duration of the game.
Solitaire decks will be eliminated because you're just playing with yourself rather than with an opponent.

I am not hitting Mystical Space Typhoon to 1 because aside from maindecked spells and traps, there's still a ton of sideboard cards that basically say
"You can't play yugioh"
That's right I am looking at you Gozen Match / Messenger of Peace / Royal Decree / Rivalry of Warlords / Skill Drain / Vanity's Emptiness / DNA surgery / etc

I want people to be able to play Yugioh

The format should in theory be slowed down to the point where a lot of different cards and strategies become playable (but not necessarily good) again.

Eliminate easy OTK's and cheese cards/decks
Self explanatory.
This includes cards that mass special summon, decks that have 1 play and 1 play only aka vomit a ton of dudes and OTK, and cheese cards that are ridiculously hard to stop (mostly really strong damage step tricks like Honest, Kalut, that Bujin Crane thing, Limiter Removal, etc; cards like Kuriboh not so much)
I could be going overboard with Kalut and the Bujin guy IDK, like gaining 1400 and doubling your atk are pretty damn good yet aren't quite Honest level.

Greatly reduce the frequency of opening with a 1st turn oppressive monster and multiple backrow
Allow people to play yugioh. Laggia / Shien / Ophion coupled with multiple backrows for protection do not allow people to play yugioh.

Ensure that setting monsters is viable again
Setting monsters is a game mechanic that's been obsolete for quite some time now outside of cards like Mermail Abysslinde. Shield Crush and Nobleman of Crossout can see play again.

Reduce the amount of mindless and absurd plusses
Cards like gadgets or Madolche Magileine etc are fine, but cards like Spellbook of Judgment are not. Basically it's retarded when your 1 card easily nets you 2+ cards without you having to work for it at all

Hand traps are an option not a necessity
Having to hope to open with an Effect Veiler or a Maxx "C" going second or risk losing does not make for a fun format nor good yugioh.
Ideally you could be able to get away with not main-decking either 1 or both of these cards.

Tone down the focus on archetypes
Deckbuilding isn't much of a thing when archetypes run rampant. I mean you still can cram in staples and tech cards, but the basic layout of the deck has been predetermined already: 3 of this guy 3 of this guy 3 of this guy 2 of this guy 3 of this guy 3 of this guy, etc. Just choose the best cards from the archetype and play as many of them as you see fit (often 3 copies).
There isn't much incentive to mash together new deck brews or tinker with existing ones if they can't hold their own against the consistency and power granted to archetype-based decks.
Ideally, there would be a balance between player built decks and archetype ones.


Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning
Elemental Hero Stratos
Exodia the Forbidden One
Morphing Jar
All 4 dragon babies
Judgment Dragon
Dark Armed Dragon
Inzektor Hornet
Rescue Rabbit
Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Gladiator Beast Gyzarus
Evigishki Mind Augus
Shock Master
Big Eye
Constellar Pleiades
Evilswarm Ophion
One Day of Peace
Spellbook of Judgment
Super Rejuvenation
Monster Reborn
Card Destruction
Gateway of the Six
Limiter Removal
One for One
Infernity Launcher
Dragged Down to the Grave
Pot of Avarice
Royal Tribute
Machine Duplication
Mind Control
Final Countdown
Ultimate Offering


Atlantean Dragoons
Atlantean Marksman
Deep Sea Diva
Grapha Big Monster of Dark World
Sinister Serpent
Treeborn Frog
Gravekeeper's Recruiter
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
Magician of Faith
Legendary Six Samurai Kizan
Tour Guide from the Underworld
Snoww Unlight of Dark World
Machina Fortress
Blackwing Kalut
Summoner Monk
Harpie's Channeler
Blue Eyed Maiden?
XX saber Faultroll
Card Car D
Bujingi Crane
Herald of Perfection
Legendary Six Samurai ShiEn
Karakuri Burei
Karakuri Bureido
Evolzar Laggia
Hieratic Dragon of Atum
Gold Sarcophagus
Spellbook of Secrets
Fire Formation Tenki
Wind Up Factory
Madolche Ticket
Fire King Circle thing
Forbidden Lance
Six Samurai United
Chain Strike
Call of the Haunted
W Nebula Meteorite
Chain Material


Blackwing Gale
T.G. Striker
Chaos Sorcerer
Book of Moon
Mystical Space Typhoon
Reckless Greed


All the other Exodia pieces
Inzektor Dragonfly
Card Trooper
Gladiator Beast Bestiari
Formula Synchron
Primal Seed
Pot of Duality
E-Emergency Call
A Hero Lives
Bottomless Trap Hole


Yea that's right.
L O T.
Actually 100 which is a lot.

Gadget variants
Gladiator Beasts
Monarch variants
Lightsworn variants
Mecha Phantom Beasts
Chaos variants
Inzektor XYZ
X sabers
Spellbooks / Spellcaster Control
Fire Fist control
Plant Synchro variants
Chain beat
Miracle Gemini / Little City
Tsukuyomi flip flop thing
Guaiba / Hydrogeddon aggro thing

Monday, July 29, 2013

FNM #2

This past Friday, I entered in my 2nd ever FNM

I opened Chandra's Phoenix out of my 1st pack and Mindsparker out of my 2nd, so I built my deck around red cards. In the end though, I failed to accumulate enough red cards to build mono red so I opted to mix in some white cards since I was able to grab some white Instants and creatures

Creatures (14)
1x Chandra's Phoenix
1x Mindsparker
2x Academy Raider
1x Young Pyromancer
1x Striking Sliver
2x Marauding Maulhorn
1x Fleshpulper Giant
1x Capashen Knight
1x Angelic Wall
1x Griffin Sentinel
2x Sentinel Sliver

Instants / Sorceries (9)

2x Wild Guess
1x Thunder Strike
1x Chandra's Outrage
2x Molten Birth
1x Silence
2x Fortify

Lands (17)

12x Mountain
5x Plains

I ended up going 2-1 this time around, but 1 of the wins was a bye, and I was in a 7 man pod instead of a regular 8 man one, so I ended up getting the short end of the stick and missed out on the prize payout cutoff.

Fortify was definitely the MVP; I could (and did) spawn a bunch of tokens via Young Pyromancer and the Molten Births, and I had opened a bunch of creatures with first strike, haste, and flying abilities, so after a while my opponents couldn't block every one of my guys and I was able to boost all my guys' attacking stats and go for the cheese

For those that expected ygo content, sorry :c
I've joined the Duelisgroundz online goat format tournament though, which should be pretty fun

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

September Banlist speculation (Konami Edition)

Today I'm going to take a stab at what kind of a banlist Konami as a business entity (this part is important!!!) is potentially going to create or has already created for September.
This is NOT my own personal list, which would be a lot more severe :L

Let's be real here, if Dragon Rulers and Prophecy don't get nerfed, then Konami won't be able to sell their new product, which contains cards that are nowhere near as strong. That's just bad for business.

Super Rejuvenation

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
Spellbook of Secrets
Atlantean Dragoons
Atlantean Marksman
Evilswarm Ophion
Gold Sarcophagus

T.G. Striker
Fire Formation Tenki



Super Rejuvenation: This card hasn't seen a reprint in ages, and wasn't a part of the new dragon-themed Blue Eyes structure deck. You would think that a card like Super Rejuv, a natural fit for such a deck considering its interactions with Trade In, Cards of Consonance, etc, would be included, but it wasn't, hinting that this card is going to go.
Dragon Rulers aside, it only fits in self-touch solitaire decks like Dragon Draw Exodia, so it's only fitting that Rejuv gets the axe.

As an aside, I doubt they'll touch the big dragons in any way as they're the cover cards for the tins this year and were intended to support elemental decks.

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy and Spellbook of Secrets
Konami has shown time and time again that they like to hit search cards to decrease consistency. They did it with Rota, they did it with The Agent of Mystery Earth, they did it with Black Whirlwind, and they outright banned Sangan after 1421312443434 years.

Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy will still be in circulation in this year's tins, so it doesn't make financial sense to ban Spellbook of Judgment even though the card is ridic and absolutely should be banned (or never created to begin with but oh well). Even if Judgment was put to 1 instead, with 3 Blue Boys and 3 Secrets, accessing it would still be far too easy.
Keeping that in mind, as well as the fact that Secrets and Blue Boy were both released in last year's Return of the Duelist aka a set not widely in circulation anymore, makes these 2 cards the prime candidates for limitation.

Or you know, there could be a huge twist where Konami trolls everyone and guns down High Priestess

Regardless, since a variety of prophecy cards are prominently featured on that upcoming Judgment of the Light deluxe "monster box" or whatever it's officially called (equivalent to MTG's Fat Pack), not to mention how hard Konami has pushed this deck in their strategy articles and product pages, I fully expect this deck to still be viable to some extent.

Atlantean Dragoons
Again, Konami likes to hit the search cards.
It will be no different with Atlantean Dragoons, which can search out a variety of water monsters in the Mermail deck while also serving as an 1800 body that can be pulled out of the deck by Atlantean Marksman.

Atlantean Marksman
Honestly, this may seem like a weird hit, but the key thing to consider here is that Shadow Specters, the booster set after Judgment of the Light, is promoting an archetype that revolves around setting cards, the Ghostricks. Our friend Marksman basically says "you can't set", making it a natural enemy for this new archetype.

Given how Konami has a penchant for outright slaughtering Tier 1 decks that no longer push product, and the fact that the Mermail deck was tearing it up to some extent on the YCS circuit prior to the release of LTGY, I could see Konami hitting Marksman. It's secondary effect to pull an Atlantean from the deck is pretty good too; pulling Dragoons enables you to hit your opponent for almost half their life points in one go.

Evilswarm Ophion
Wait what? Evilswarms? But they're balanced right?
Wrong! Ophion is a 2550 beatstick that searches out protection for itself and prevents level 5 and higher monsters from being special summoned. That's an entire slew of big monsters that can't be played since Ophion exists.

Whoah! What does that new structure deck revolve around again? Special summoning Blue Eyes? Not happening with Ophion on board!
What's that? There are synchro monsters in Judgment of the Light? Not happening with Ophion on board!
In order for people to want to play Blue Eyes.dek and synchro monsters, Konami is going to have to axe the oppressive monster that prevents players from doing so aka Ophion.

Evilswarms will still be able to function as an XYZ-oriented stun deck thanks to Kerykeion and their monsters' high atk points.

Gold Sarcophagus
This card was fine before the Dragon Rulers were released, but once they came out, this became a delayed Rota. You get the card you banished in 2 turns, and since odds are that card was a Dragon Ruler, you immediately get to search for another card.

Sacred Sword of Seven Stars will still be a thing, so it's not like Dragon Rulers would be completely devoid of cards to speed the deck up. Who knows, maybe the deck can incorporate fun goodies like Cyber Valley and Return from the Different Dimension.

T.G. Striker
Yay synchro summons

Well, hey there are those vampire cards in Shadow Specters right? Of course, they are all zombie type, so I could see Konami wanting to give them a boost. Unlikely, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did this.

Fire Formation Tenki
While Tenki is a search card, making it a prime candidate to be hit in Konami's eyes, hitting Tenki to 1 would be counter productive, as the new Bujin cards and Fire Fist OCG import cards revolve around beast warriors. Konami needs to sell product, so product aka beast warriors must be desirable for play.
Leaving it at 3 until next March is also something I can see them doing, but my guess is that it goes to 2.

I mean ok

This kind of banlist enables decks that were rendered unplayable when LTGY was released to become playable again alongside the new archetypes, while reducing Dragon Rulers and Prophecy to manageable levels.

Expected Tier 1 and 2 decks in no particular order:
Fire Fists ( 3 or 4 axis )
Dragon Rulers
Gadget variants
Wind Ups

Wild Card decks:
Transturn Inzektors
Transturn Agents
Battling Boxers
Six Samurai cheese
Dark World cheese

I might be forgetting something but this "should" be close to everything.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Locals Report 07/19/2013: death is only the beginning

I showed up.

I looked around.

I failed to sell any cards.

I left ...


for the REAL Tournament aka Friday Night Magic time

After my friend gave me a super deluxe how-to-play TL;DR session FREE OF CHARGE (WOW GOOD DEAL!!!!!) literally an hour before the draft event started, I was seated in a "pod" with a bunch of other players and was given 3 packs to draft with. Unlike ygo packs, MTG packs have 15 cards, which was nice I guess.

Having had some experience cube drafting with ygo, my aim was to pick out the cards that would net the most utility or value for the lowest cost, while keeping colors to a minimum for consistency. Much like ygo's battle pack sealed, removal cards and atk modifiers would come in handy.

I ended up drafting a red/black deck, but it wasn't until I had finished my deck that I realized that my monster count was rather low, capping out at 10 monsters in a 40 card deck :L
My mana count was supposed to be at roughly 18 in total as well, but I ended up playing 15, as I had no idea what my monster / sorcery + instant / land ratios were supposed to consist of.
My opponent's were very understanding of the fact that it was my 1st MTG anything, so I was able to swap a couple cards out after the tournament had commenced. Basically, I had some black cards (Duress and Mind Rot) that were comparable to Confiscation and Delinquent Duo, which are obviously great in ygo, but in actuality are awful in MTG draft.

1x Nightmare
1x Sengir Vampire
1x Minotaur Abomination
1x Accursed Spirit
1x Blightcaster
1x Blood Bairn
1x Undead Minotaur
1x Canyon Minotaur
2x Regathan Firecat

2x Corrupt
1x Diabolic Tutor
2x Wild Guess
1x Molten Birth

1x Grim Return
2x Wring Flesh
2x Vile Rebirth
2x Volcanic Geyser
1x Thunder Strike

1x Accorder's Shield

1x Shimmering Grotto
9x Swamp
5x Mountain

I ended up going 1-2 because I had no idea what I was doing, really. My deck construction ended up screwing me over at times where I couldn't draw enough mana, or I had too many cards with high cost in hand in the early game. My mulligans (apparently this is a thing in MTG) weren't particularly fruitful either, sadly.
That said, the experience was good, and none of my opponent's were scumbags. From what I could tell, nobody was engaging in ygo trading practices either, where everyone would morph into a wannabe vendor trying to juice you for as much as they can.

Also, as it turns out, it's a good thing I bailed on the ygo tournament. Nobody wanted to play against the Dragon Rulers and Prophecy decks that had signed up, opting instead to play their casual games with their hero decks, utopia weapon thing decks, etc, so they were unable to reach the minimum # of duelers and doolists needed, eight, for the tournament to start... LOL fail etc

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

North American WCQ Discussion

A final total of 2012 intrepid doolers made the trip to the 2013 NAWCQ (it would have been nice to have 1 more person enter??), seeking fame and fortune, though the latter is rather meager given current levels of prize support.

There were to be no surprises at this event: it was very clear that the two decks to beat were Spellbooks and Dragon Rulers. Evilswarm and Constellars remained respectable, albeit non-ideal choices should SB and DR not be an option.
The Top Cut played out as expected, with numerous Dragon Rulers and Spellbook decks accompanied by a small number of Evilswarms, Constellars, and a couple rogue strategies in Dark World and Madolche.
I don't have too much to say about that Madolche guy. He's had success in the past where he topped 2 regionals, both with Madolche, but reading over his feature matches, my opinion is divided. I distinctly recall an instance where he made a questionable play concerning his Imperial Iron Wall, yet he also made a brilliant play to win a match where he shut off his own Vanity's Emptiness and flipped Madolchepalooza for game.
Oddly enough, the guy got 2 feature matches while the duelist that went undefeated in swiss and qualified for worlds didn't get a single one. O k

By the time the Top 16 began though, everything that wasn't dragons or spellbooks had been eliminated.

Eventually, it came down to a finals match between two Duelistgroundz members in Patrick Hoban and David Keener, where Hoban emerged victorious thanks to Eradicator Epidemic Virus.
The 6 North American representatives included 2 more Duelistgroundz members in Robbie Boyajian and Aaron Riker (aka famed online dooler "Rapture", the enigmatic being who went undefeated in swiss), as well as SJC / YCS veteran Stephen Silverman, making it a solid team.
Worth noting is that the TCG and OCG meta are pretty much unified at this point, with neither side having any exclusives that cause a significant difference between both metas save for Master Key Beetle, which boosts the power of Evilswarms in the OCG.

For many, a lull in competitive play is now in effect, since there isn't a YCS at Gen Con this year. There is a YCS over in Europe at the end of August, but it is a sealed event. This presents an opportunity to explore older formats, take a break, play other games, speculate and invest in cards for next format (dodge those tin reprints of course), etc
I personally am leaning towards playing in Friday Night Magic events every now and then, though whether or not I will fully commit to MTG is unclear.

In other news, a series of new "store championships" are to be held every 2 months at select locals in the near future, allowing more and more players to get their invites. Depending on how these select stores are picked, as well as how many, this may allow some people to get their invites who couldn't have done so through conventional means (regionals, ycs, etc), whether it be due to inadequate skill level, poor luck, distance, a lack of events in their area, or other factors. This will likely also alleviate capacity issues that have sprung up in the past while, where many aspiring duelists had to be turned away from their respective regionals given that there were caps on attendance. All in all, probably not a bad thing from a logistics viewpoint, but it seems like Konami's making it easier than ever for people to qualify for their WCQ / nationals.

Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 European WCQ discussion

From a field of 1142 doolers, doolists, and duelers alike, a Top 64 spread of Europe's finest (or luckiest) managed to survive the yugioh minefield rife with decks oozing speed, consistency, and power.
It is of no surprise that Dragon Rulers and Prophecy were the most dominant decks, for obvious reasons.

As good as Konami's European coverage is, complete information on the decks played in the Top 64 cut is unknown, but a spread for the Day 2 participants was provided, where, again, Dragon Rulers and Prophecy were by far the most numerous, taking up a combined 208 out of 283 spots (73%).

From there, the Top 8 cut was represented by:
3 Dragon Rulers
3 Prophecy
1 Mermails
1 Evilswarm

This led to a Top 4 split evenly between Dragon Rulers and Prophecy, with Prophecy eventually emerging victorious over Dragons in a 3 game finals.

Undoubtedly, the tournament scene for the North American WCQ will resemble that of Europe. There aren't any region exclusive cards that are of any significance to the top decks, after all, and to my knowledge, the upcoming Number Hunters set will not be legal for the event.


The biggest story, overshadowing the success of the 4 European representatives, is of course news of Simon He's disqualification from the tournament in the Top Cut on the basis of cheating. The rumors floating around were that He was marking his opponent's sleeves with his nail(s), allowing him to pinpoint and arrange specific cards as desired when pile-shuffling for the rest of the game(s) in the match.
The subsequent removal of He from his team, United Gosus', roster shows that the accusations laid against him were likely true.

So ends what was a tremendous and possibly unprecedented streak of consistent success on the premier event circuit. He managed to Top just about every event he attended, which is ridic considering the amount of variance and power creep in the game nowadays.
Looking at event results from the past little while, take a player like Claudio Kirchmair, He's teammate and widely regarded as being one of Europe's best, for example, or a former YCS champion like Jeff Jones, and so forth. They have all failed to consistently Top events in recent times, a testament to the difficulties of doing so in today's ygo.

There was a quote floating around a certain forum that could be nothing closer to the truth, stating something along the lines of: "There will be no rumors if you play legitimately". I don't have the exact quote on hand, but the gist of it is clear, with rumors of course alluding to allegations of cheating or other unsavory conduct. Though I am not privy to the inner circles consisting of "pro" players, because I am a random, etc, and don't pay particular attention to most of the gossip floating around, I have yet to actually hear something negative about say, Billy Brake, Joe Giorlando, and the aforementioned Claudio Kirchmair, among others, for example, which serves to corroborate with that quote. You can still be known as a good player without also being known or rumored to engage in shady behavior.
Rumors don't materialize on their own; as embellished as they may be, there has to be some basis from where they started.
Furthermore, the truth gets out most of the time. I am not convinced that cheating to acquire a shot at fame (which is just that, a shot; cheating does not guarantee success if you don't have the requisite base skills to back it up) is worth it when it leads to getting banned, with your name on Konami's list of suspended players for all to see. This is even more magnified should you be a player of prominent stature, like convicted cheaters like Adam Corn was.

It's certainly disappointing (though I personally am indifferent; I am merely commenting) that He, who was regarded as some sort of "golden boy" ygo role model judging by a number of reactions on various forums / facebook / youtube videos etc, was in fact not legitimate, but I suppose the basis for suspicions and speculation were staring us right in the face; we were either just apathetic, or didn't put 2 and 2 together. Again, it is almost inconceivable that a player could experience so much success in such a short time frame given how much of a clusterfuck the game is, when other reputable players, whose skill and level of thinking in this game make them no slouches themselves, couldn't do it.

As the saying goes, the higher you rise the further you fall.