Tuesday, November 18, 2014

LFN goes to ARG Seattle

So, ARG Seattle.

I had just returned from Hong Kong on Tuesday the 11th, and the event was a few days later, so I had no time to pick up the cards for Shaddolls or Qliphorts and learn how to pilot them, so I was going to have to stick with Burning Abyss. I mean I didn't mind, like I think the deck is really good, but I felt I prob had a better chance of doing well with either of the aforementioned two decks.

On a side note, finding English cards in Hong Kong is pretty difficult, but you can get some pretty broken deals. I bought a Denko Sekka for the equivalent of about $4 Canadian, and a 1st edition Arcanite Magician for about $5 Canadian. Sick life.
I had to pay pretty much fair market value (at the time) for a Dante and 2 Virgil's though, so about $50 each, but they are European English and look hella nice so in my mind it could be justified, if only a bit.

My list for the ARG wasn't optimal not going to lie, it was the greediest thing ever, with triple Kuribandit and double Beginning of the End. If I go first I plus and win, etc
Unfortunately, I think I ended up going second every time I played the mirror match and just got demolished because I can't slug through double Dante + Fire Lake and x amount of other backrow etc, so Kuribandit was just awful
Beginning of the End was amazing, however.

My first misplay of the weekend was failing to pack a jacket that was warm enough, so I get wrecked by the winter chill and come down with a cold. It got bad enough to the point where when my friends went to one of our American friend's place to chill and test, I stayed behind at the hotel to rest, and ate really mediocre delivery food for dinner lol.

During the drive down, I should also mention that some shady business occurred, but karma kicked in and apart from 2 Sinister Shadow Games, an ulti Construct, and a couple Denebs, everyone in the car kept pulling nothing but Mega Raizas, Mega Zaborg, Hypnosisters, Foucault Cannons, sneak preview promos, Saffiras ... like basically every foil that any competitive player wouldn't ever want to pull.
It was just awful.

The next morning, it was still freezing of course, and we made our way to the venue. I come to the realization that I have played 0 games of ygo in about a month or so, and feel that my first and possibly last ARG event is going to go terribly wrong. I also did not know that players who preregistered got a free mat, so I missed out on that as well.

The turnout for the event was a really low 150 or so players, which I didn't really understand. ARG events have a way better prize structure compared to Konami-hosted ygo regionals, so why players would go to one but not the other makes no sense to me.
I mean ok you miss out on entry packs, but they are just packs??? If you top EIGHT a regional you get a mat that you can sell for $50 or something, but if you top SIXTEEN an ARG event that's a guaranteed $100 credit at the very least.
Seems worth.

Round 1 I play vs Shaddoll
Game 1 takes about 25 min, and he eventually drops me from 8k to 0 and takes it
Game 2 we go into time, and I am able to kill him before the end of turns


Round 2 I play vs Anti Meta Satellars
Game 1 was a total blowout, I open Tour Guide + Fire Lake combo, and wipe out 2 freshly set Shadow Imprisoning Mirrors in his end phase. Not even fair.
Game 2 I did not know he was using Satellars until this game, but still, he is playing Satellars, and I am playing Burning Abyss


Round 3 I play against Liam, a player from my area, in a mirror match
Game 1 he wins the roll, and opens Tour Guide , Scarm, and 3 Fire Lakes. I pretty much can't even play.
Game 2 I do not open very well, and slowly get beaten down


Round 4 I play against Shaddolls
Game 1 I open awful aka just Calcab, and get beaten down
Game 2 He randomly drops El-Shaddoll Fusion for more damage and OTK's me


This is just awful so I drop ( I should have played it out instead since Top 32 got credit and stuff), and they announce that there is a Win A Box tourney, so I go whatever, might as well play in that and try to win something so that I don't neg as much this road trip.
Game 1 I lose the dice roll and get wrecked by Tour Guide + Fire Lake.
Dam u Fier Lake
Game 2 I don't remember what happened, I think I opened set 2 pass while he got a Dante to stick and it was downhill from there



We go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner with American friends etc, which was alright, the chicken part of the dish combo thing was great but the steak medallion portion was subpar, so it evened out.

There was also a Pokemon Center vending machine in the mall so I obv had to go in on that, and walked away with Derpy Cannon Turtle and Flat Plant Toad to be there for me as I ripped every Fire Lake I saw into shreds, thanked Obama, and passed out

LFN we r her for u pls no cri

For Day 2, I reworked the list a little bit to make it less greedy, and opted to enter the $1k in 1 day event thing while 2 of the people I made the trip with played each other in the Top 16 of the main event.
I played this, super standard by now, etc

3 Tour Guide
3 Cir
3 Graff
3 Scarm
3 Rubic
2 Calcab
1 Alich
3 Upstart Goblin
1 Allure
1 Foolish
1 Beginning of the End
1 Soul Charge
3 Fire Lake
3 Wind Blast
3 Vanity's Emptiness
2 Karma Cut

3 Dante
2 Virgil
2 Acid Golem
Everything else did not matter

2 Vanity's Fiend
2 Majesty's Fiend
2 Caius
2 Stormforth
2 Maxx "C"
2 Puppet Plant
3 Fairy Wind

Caius seemed neat in theory, like you can banish the Qliphort equip spell, Shaddoll guys, BA guys, etc, and when your opponent drops Flying C on you, you can tribute it for Caius and have it immediately do something whereas Majesty's Fiend and Vanity's Fiend do not offer immediate returns.

Round 1 This was the first time I have ever played against Qliphort lol
Game 1 I do what the other BA players have been doing to me, and win the dice roll, opening with the Tour Guide + Fire Lake combo for the blowout since he's playing Qliphort
Game 2 A Solemn Scolding from him at some point drops his LP enough that I'm able to consider rushing for damage as a viable win con rather than waiting and grinding out his Scouts etc. I end up killing him with Acid Golem, but I had the game either way as I had topped Fairy Wind for turn, which would burn him for lethal anyway.


Round 2 I go up against Shaddoll
I don't remember much, I just did things, grinded it out, and won 2-0
Majesty's Fiend probably got me there at some point idk


Round 3 I finally vs the dreaded mirror match again.
I lose the dice roll, and ofc my opponent opens with "Scout" aka Tour Guide into Graff into Dante set 3 pass feat. Fire Lake GG blowout I lose
Game 2 I open Tour Guide into Graff into Dante, detach Graff, and mill the other two Graff damnnnnnn. I eventually bring back Graff off a Cir because I can't bring back another Cir, and I already had a Scarm on board so there wasn't a point in bringing back another Scarm, and Graff died to Karma Cut, which banished the 2 Graffs I milled earlier. I can't play the grind game without access to Graff so I lose


Round 4 It's shaddoll time again
Game 1 He misplayed at one point, making a Construct using the Winda that's on his field thinking that he had a way to get El-Shaddoll Fusion back, but his Core was already in grave, so given that I was no longer locked by Winda, that was gg for him
Game 2 I go second and opened with Stormforth + Vanity's Fiend sorry


Round 5 The guy asks me if I want to draw, I see that the other players are playing it out so that's what we were going to do too.
Game 1 I get taken down to 800 LP due to his aggression with his Qliphort guys, but I keep looping Fire Lake and BA guys and eventually kill him
Game 2 My only s/t hate is a single MST, and that can't deal with Shadow Imprisoning Mirror, Scout, etc so I get bodied and die in time, and we draw anyway.


Round 6 I have to play Liam again, but I am x-1-1 while he is x-2. I did not want to get sacked, so we cut a deal, and he gives me the win in exchange for some of my credit, like regardless of whether I finish in 5th to 8th place and get $50 credit, or if I can squeak into 4th place due to tiebreaks and get $100 credit, he still gets that same $ value, but if he wins, he is guaranteed to be 7th or 8th for sure, so I felt it was worth idk


I finish 4-1-1 and end up getting 5th anyway, and with most of my cut of the $50 credit I end up getting an ulti Italian Cyber Dragon from the vendors since there wasn't anything they had that I really really wanted, so I may as well spend it on something that looks nice and is probably decently hard to pick up.

We go for buffet food with the American friends, and I finish early and apparently pass out at the table, whereby it took the others a solid 2 minutes or however long it took to manage to wake me up so that we could leave lol

Shoutouts to ppl for lending me carts u da bess
Shoutouts to the Pokemon Center
Shoutouts to American friends for being American
Fire Lake can go fuck off

Saturday, October 11, 2014

How I Almost Won A Paid Trip to the Cardfight Vanguard Continental Qualifier (but I didn't)

I don’t actually play Cardfight Vanguard at all and haven’t touched the game in approx 2-3 years, like basically I played for a bit when the cards first came out in English, but quit and sold my deck after 2-3 months…


There was no good reason for me NOT to show up considering this Regionals event was taking place literally a five minute driving distance from where I live, entry is free, and everyone gets a goodie bag just for participating (contains promo cards, a playmat, a foldable deckbox, a pen, etc).
Furthermore, I was “sponsored” by my friend who does actively play, meaning I had access to a Tier 1 deck, albeit not the one from the most recent booster set.

The rule at the event was that in the event a game went to time, which probably isn't hard considering it’s Double Elimination 20-minute best of one during swiss rounds, both players would receive a game loss, so my thought process was that in the worst case, if I knew I was going to lose for sure, I may as well try to stall and try to take my opponent down with me lol. Considering that I had no idea what any of my opponent’s cards did barring the mirror match, meaning I would repeatedly have to read my opponent’s cards and get them to explain what each of them did, this could be feasibly achieved.
Crush dreams etc

1st and 2nd place overall would win paid flight and hotel to the Vanguard Continental Qualifier aka Nationals taking place in December, later revealed to be in Chicago. The rest of the prizes, playmats, promo cards, and so forth, sounded pretty mediocre, not going to lie.

Deck: “Autopilot” aka “The Cheese” aka “I want to leave already” 
(Revenger Raging Form Dragon thing)

legitimate sponsored deck

4 Raging Form Dragon thing (“Attack one more time given specific conditions”)
4 Mordred Phantom thing (“Get a guy from my deck”)
4 Blaster Dark Revenger (“Kill a guy”)
4 Big Masquerade thing (“I'm a beatstick”)
3 Tartu girl (“Get a guy from my deck”)
4 Dorint guy (“Unflip one damage”)
4 Small Masquerade (“I'm a beatstick”)
4 Mac Lir guy (“Discard with someone else to take no damage)
1 Dark Bond Trumpeter (“Who?” I never used this thing so it was just a beater)
4 Revenger heal trigger (“Heal 1 damage”)
4 Revenger draw trigger (“Draw a card”)
4 Revenger critical trigger A (“Deal one more damage”)
4 Revenger critical trigger B (“Deal one more damage”)
2 Revenger Starter Guy (“Start with this guy”)


Round 1: Mirror Match kind of
He plays a slight variation of my deck, but I am better at card games than he is so I win
From what I've heard from my friend, a lot of Vanguard players, unlike Yugioh players, haven't grasped relatively basic IMO card game concepts like tempo, card advantage, getting value out of the resources available to you, etc


Round 2: Mirror Match kind of
I discuss with my opponent about how if I somehow won one of the two paid trips, I likely wouldn't go if it was going to be in a sketchy city where I could be shot or something.
The guy promptly asks me to scoop to him since he really really really wants to go.
Obviously that wasn't going to happen, like if he isn't good or lucky enough to get past me, then he absolutely doesn't deserve to go lol. Nice try though!

I destroy him lol


Round 3: This deck that tries to lock your cards (Xing Zhen Hu.dek)
I savage him with a double critical trigger to bump him from 2 damage to 5 damage for absolutely no reason, and finish him off shortly after


Round 4: This mermaid deck that bounces their own cards to do things
Honestly I think his deck sucks and I stomp him.


Round 5: This super duper Dragon deck
I get grade stuck, and he kills me with this super Grade 4 dragon thing
It was like only having access to Baby Dragon and getting savaged by Blue-Eyes White Dragon


Round 6: Some demonic deck that wants to put a stack of cards under the Vanguard card
This was the final round, so if I win, I’m in, and if I lose, I’m out.
He gets grade stuck so I rush him for damage and win.


I have good tiebreaks so I make it into the Top 8 cut. Top 4 gets the invite to Nationals, and Top 2 gets the paid trips to Nationals, so I just had to sack 2 more people aka the dream is real

Top 8 Single Elimination: The mermaid deck again
I was apparently this guy’s only loss in swiss, and I end up facing him again.
He misplayed at one point, I think his deck still sucks, and I stomp him again.


Invite get lol

Top 4 Single Elimination: This angel deck
He reaches the required damage threshold and drops these huge beaters. He flips trigger cards, I don’t, and I can’t deal and die.
The dream is over RIP


3rd / 4th playoff: The super duper Dragon deck again
The only reason this game actually matters is because in the event 1st / 2nd can’t make it to Chicago, the paid trip would pass down sequentially. I don't think anyone would pass up a free trip to Chicago unless they absolutely had no choice, but whatever it could happen.
It was time to get revenge on my only loss during swiss, and that’s exactly what I did.
The sad part was, I still had no idea what most of his cards did.
It’s too bad, like from among the players left in the Top 4, my opponent was probably the most dedicated, having flown in from Calgary, and thus probably deserved the paid trip the most, but luck was on my side.


All in all, I’m just hoping I didn't use up all my card game luck, given that the Pokemon TCG Regionals happening next week in my area is what matters.

Anyway I collected my Top 4/8 merchandise, filled out paperwork, got my photo taken by the staff, and went to eat with my friends and the Seattle VG players who made the drive up.

Participation and Top 8 prizes zzzz

I later hear from one of my judge friends that the 2nd place guy might not opt to cash in his paid trip and go to Chicago depending on how his school schedule for December turns out, so I may end up getting that paid flight and hotel after all???

The worst part about this whole thing is that by placing 3rd at this Vanguard event, a game which I don’t even care about, I've already placed higher than I've ever finished at any Pokemon or Yugioh regional lol (die in Top 8, scrub, etc)
What is life

I also got this sick certificate which is the only physical piece of evidence that validates my absurd luck and minimal skill today zzzz
yes is me

Thursday, September 25, 2014

October 1 - December 31st Banlist: well ok



Glow-Up Bulb
Infernity Archfiend

Soul Charge
Super Polymerization

Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

The Transmigration Prophecy

Coach Soldier Wolfbark
Magician of Faith

Formula Synchron
Reinforcement of the Army

Interesting list.

Too bad nothing is going to change?

Bulb will be neat for Sylvan and Dragon Ruler decks I guess. But wait! Soul Charge went to 1

Infernity Archfiend makes sense since Infernity basically took a dump on everyone else at worlds.

Raigeki is a giant trap. It will do.... nothing. Nobody plays Dark Hole, and barely anyone still plays Torrential Tribute. This format revolves around floaters, and that simply isn't favorable for destruction based removal.

Soul Charge to 1 is a blow to Sylvans, Mermail, and Dragon Rulers. That's it. Shaddolls, the only deck from the top 3 that could/would max out on this, shouldn't be affected a whole lot.
"If you draw it you're a sack."

Super Polymerization is the only exclusive hit to Shaddolls, and that's only likely because it's in it's own "you can't chain to me" world. Makes the matchup vs Burning Abyss shakier I guess?

Gale will continue to do nothing

Gorz does nothing at 1 and will do nothing at 2.

Ceasefire to 2 is funny only because it's "kind of" an obstruction to Shaddolls (not really). I'm not a fan of these strategies, but more power to burn decks I guess?

If someone can pull off a consistent Transmigration Prophecy loop without dying first, all the more power to them.

Wolfbark to 3 matches Altair at 3 I suppose. Whatever. Fire Fists aren't in a great position right now anyway because destruction vs floaters is not very good

Magician of Faith did nothing at 1. Was it at 2 last format? I don't remember, because that's how relevant it was. It should do nothing at 3, I think, unless there's something I am missing out on. There are very few spells worth bringing back with it's effect.

Formula Synchron to 3 is neat with Glow Up to 1. That's about it.

Reinforcement of the Army to 3 is actually a big deal considering Satellars are still a top tier deck, and some apparently really good Noble Knight support is on the horizon.

All in all the meta shouldn't change at all for now. The top 3 decks retain all their cards sans Super Poly, Vanity's Emptiness is still at 3, etc.

Monday, September 22, 2014

LFN goes to a Regional

Pre regionals

I've been playing the Pokemon TCG for the past year, but began playing Yugioh casually again near the end of summer. I didn't feel like picking up any of the new cards and learning those decks, so I picked up the few cards I was missing for Dragon Rulers instead.

Somehow I decided that going down to the Yugioh regional in Seattle (09/20) was a good idea. It didn't go nearly as well as I had hoped, but the trip ended up being essentially free and then some so I can't complain.

In any case, it was decided between myself and the four friends that I would be driving that it would in theory be best to drive down on the Friday, so that we would be able to get ample rest before the regional on Saturday, rather than getting up at 4 or 5 am or some other ungodly hour and going from there.
Unfortunately, due to a demanding work schedule (life, etc), one of our group wasn't able to get off work until late afternoon, so we didn't actually leave Canada until around 6:30 pm, which put us on a clock if we were to arrive at a mall with a Pokemon Center kiosk (for me) before closing time.
No regrets.

We made it with 5 minutes to go before the mall's closing time, and I snapped up a new friend.
It is very soft.

Unfortunately, this detour ended up costing us dearly, as upon reaching the establishment where we had originally planned on eating dinner (the buffet at the casino) at around 945 pm, we were told that they close at 10 and we were refused entry. 

So much regret.
Apparently, nowhere else was open at this time of night, so dinner was going to have to be McDonalds, another fast food establishment, or nothing. I normally very rarely eat fast food, but the others were keen on getting 20 "chicken" McNuggets for $5, which admittedly is a really good deal compared what they go for here in Canada, so McDonalds it was.
Everyone else was perfectly content with their food, but I was already feeling sick by the time I was halfway through the first box of 10, and gave up after consuming 11 total. 
The remaining 9 were left in the hotel room. Big surprise.

Next stop was Wal-Mart, where we picked up some snacks and beer.
I ended up getting 2 of the friends I was going down with to pick out 1 pack of Duelist Alliance each for me to buy, and they both went 1 for 1, netting me two terrible Yang Zing holos.

The hotel was largely unimpressive. We did not go to bed until 5am, and due to someone's snoring (not me this time), we all pretty much didn't get any sleep at all, meaning that our stay was essentially a waste of money.

In any case, we get to the venue the next morning, grab our entry packs, and sit at a table feeling terrible.
Remember those Yang Zing holos I pulled the night before? I pulled from my 5 entry packs 3 more Yang Zing holos, including the secret spell card!
I mean I got the hint; I clearly should be playing Yang Zing, but I don't actually want to play this deck like ever, and so I ended up selling the Yang Zing Path for $20 at some point, meaning that my regionals entry was essentially free. 
That's nice and all, but I already felt like leaving and passing out in my car before round 1 even started.

Obv I was playing Dragon Rulers, and it wasn't the standard Mythic Ruler variant either. More on that later.

Round 1: LFN (Dragon Rulers) vs Benjamin (Karakuri)
I lose the dice roll
G1: I flip Skill Drain and he concedes. He also doesn't have a side deck.
G2: He bricks and concedes after I start doing stuff.


Round 2: LFN (Dragon Rulers) vs Griffon (Lightsworn Ruler)
I lose the dice roll again
G1: He opens Charge into Lumina + Raiden, mills a bunch of stuff, and OTK's me turn 2 or 3.
G2: KKM Drago shits on his deck. I eventually kill him with REDMD and friends
G3: KKM Drago + Light Mirror shits on his deck


Round 3: LFN (Dragon Rulers) vs Ryan (Geargia Traptrix)
I lose the dice roll again
This guy was easily one of the chillest opponents all day
G1: He T-sets. I Upstart Goblin, summon KKM Drago, and attack into Geargiarmor. Damn.


A judge comes up and attacks him from behind with a game loss for having a partially illegible decklist! 
It was super effective!

G2: I stick Stardust + Skill Drain and that's game.


Round 4: LFN (Dragon Rulers) vs Norman (Batteryman OTK)
I lose the dice roll again
G1: He opens with a set monster and 2 backrows. I set PWWB and pass. He draws for turn and flips Trap Stun. I chain PWWB on his monster and he passes. Soul Charge gets me places and he dies.
G2: He OTK's me
G3: He flips an early Soul Drain, I don't have or draw into MST or Malevolent Catastrophe, and I am unable to play Yugioh and got curbstomped


This was the first time that I've lost a match to Batterymen. Unfortunate.
At this point I was pretty much hospitalized. One more loss and it's over for me.

Round 5: LFN (Dragon Rulers) vs Tyler (Blue-Eyes Shaddolls)
It was inevitable that I would have to play a friend at some point I guess
I lose the dice roll again
G1: This was a long game, but I felt like I was a step behind the whole time, just struggling to keep up. He eventually overwhelms me with a Soul Charge for double El Shaddoll Construct and double Blue Eyes vs my Stardust and Skill Drain. Damn.
Things happen (and monsters die), and I eventually cannot out both Alsei and Winda in one turn and concede.
G2: This game took a very long time (we went to time in the round etc) because I was stalling with Redox and Skill Drain for the longest time against his Felgrand and 4 set backrow, though he only had 400 LP remaining. He eventually draws the MST for the Drain, drops BLS to banish Redox, and punches me with Felgrand for 2800. I need to make a push or I lose, so I go all in and pray he does not have the Vanity's Emptiness set. He doesn't, and I make Star Eater and swing over Felgrand for exactly 400 damage to kill him.


At this point I was put on life support. An IV drip was inserted into my arm. One more loss or draw and it's over for me.

Round 6: LFN (Dragon Rulers) vs Joshua (Fire Kings)
I lose the dice roll again
G1: He drew incredibly well (ripped Circle, Tenki, etc), and was able to get his Fire King / Circle loop thing going and I died
G2: I Malevolent Catastrophe him for 3 and he can't recover
G3: My hand is ass. We both fail to catch an error that ends up putting me in a bad spot and I die to Barong and double Fencing Fire Ferret beatdown. Yes that happened.

K I'm dead. Dropppppp

This kid drew incredibly well and proceeded to savage Tyler with a topdecked Rekindling for game the following round. Yugioh!

It was rather unfortunate that with my deck being tailored to compete against the current meta of Burning Abyss, Shaddolls, and Satellarknights, all of which revolve around light and dark monsters, I faced only 1 meta deck through 6 rounds. I guess it happens.

With everyone in my car out of Top 8 contention by the time Round 7 or so ended, we decided to pack things up and grab dinner.
Before leaving though, I sold off a slew of junk or otherwise difficult to sell foils (including those Yang Zing cards I pulled earlier) from my binder to the vendor booth, walking away with $174 USD and a half empty binder. I got a lot of $1 bills from that transaction though, and put them towards a DUEA box, which turned out pretty solid. 
Yang Zing Path (again!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzz), ultimate rare Deltaros, Deneb, Winda, and 5 junk supers
The remaining balance easily covered the gas / hotel / food money for the trip and then some. Free trip wheeee

We ended up going to the buffet and got there a solid hour or so before their closing time this time. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Everything aside from the roast beef, the onion rings, and the ovaltine-like coffee and chocolate concoction that the server got for me, was pretty subpar.

We go for another Wal-Mart run and get back to the Vancouver area at like 130 am ok the end

Decklist and Explanations

1 Blaster
1 Tidal
1 Tempest
1 Redox
1 Debris Dragon
1 Delta Flyer
1 Mythic Tree Dragon
1 Mythic Water Dragon
2 Flamvell Guard
2 Masked Dragon
3 KKM Drago
1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

3 Upstart Goblin
3 Dragon Shrine
2 Diamond Core of Koaki Meiru
2 Soul Charge
1 Gold Sarcophagus
1 Burial from the Different Dimension aka I win
1 Mind Control
1 Book of Moon

1 Compulsory Evacuation Device
2 Skill Drain
2 Dimensional Prison

1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Stardust Dragon
1 Stardust Spark Dragon
1 Scrap Dragon
1 Colossal Fighter
1 Thought Ruler
1 Leo
1 Star Eater
1 Dracossack
1 Big Eye
1 Master of Blades
1 Felgrand
1 Heliopolis
1 Exciton
1 Number 101 Ark

2 Maxx "C"
2 Fire Hand
2 Ice Hand
1 Grand Mole
3 Shadow Mirror
3 Light Mirror
2 Malevolent Catastrophe

The entire premise behind this deck was that I wanted it to be more grindy, focusing around getting out and protecting multiple KKM Drago with Diamond Core and actual trap cards. Turbo'ing with draw cards and using Soul Charge to make a board with a traditional Mythic Ruler deck isn't as strong as it was before, given that I would be opening up opportunities for free Shaddoll Fusion drops, and the introduction of the new "You don't draw if you go first" rule a while back hurts the consistency with which I could develop these boards, nevermind that I would potentially have to go up against backrow heavy decks in Satellars and Burning Abyss. Main decked Vanity's Emptiness being everywhere also forced the inclusion of mained MST's just so that I can play the game, and every MST I open with or draw into is one less combo card in my hand, which would further increase the odds of bricking had I stuck with a conventional Mythic Ruler build.

Masked Dragon, while being a bad and severely outdated card in general given its weak stats and reliance on battle destruction, allows me to fuel my graveyard without needing to piece together draw cards with the appropriate monsters to discard, while tutoring out a tuner or something without eating up my normal summon for my following turn.

Delta Flyer allowed for access to both Leo and Star Eater compared to Influence Dragon only opening up access to Leo, and was good with Mind Control because I could steal a level 3 like Mathematician or something, pump it up a level and Black Rose, or steal a level 4, pump it up a level, and make a level 8 synchro (or steal Winda and make a level 8 anyway, provided that I have a way to deal with the incoming Shaddoll Fusion drop)

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon caught people off guard due to it being an inherent special summon (like it is far more likely that someone will wait to chain a Vanity's Emptiness rather than shotgun it), and being able to revive guys like Scrap Dragon, KKM Drago, etc for free, was really good.

With the focus no longer being on going ham into Soul Charge, and the exclusion of the draw cards meaning that the boards I could make were far less impressive, it seemed natural to cut a copy of Soul Charge. I also found that I didn't want to see Foolish Burial most of the time, and it was sided out almost every match, so I dropped it like a week or so before the event.

Mind Control was really good and is a card that should be banned. I never was able to do it, but it'd be really cool if I were able to Mind Control a Construct, access Mythic Water through Masked Dragon or by having an earth monster on board, and overlay for Felgrand. I did do this with a Garunix vs the Fire King kid though.

I still opted to maindeck the Skill Drains despite it conflicting with KKM Drago, as I felt that it's something I can reliably fall back on when I don't have access to a KKM Drago, or when Drago did not matter (such as when I'm facing an established board, where sticking a Ruler would be far more effective).

Master of Blades and Thought Ruler were included for the Burning Abyss and Satellar matchups since their removal cards pretty much all target. I didn't play against either deck so they just chilled the whole time.

The sided Fire and Ice Hands were great, but were not mained because they are pretty bad vs Shaddolls. They were especially effective after my opponents saw the Masked Dragons in game 1's, as that would make it more appealing for them to attack into my set monsters in game 2's.

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole was mediocre in that it uses up my normal summon, relies on the battle phase, and isn't searchable, but I wanted another non-destruction removal card to out Winda and random problem monsters like Ophion, Garunix, ShiEn, a pumped up Noble Knight guy, etc

I debated siding Malevolent Catastrophe vs Royal Decree the night before as they both have their pros and cons, and eventually decided on Malevolent. While in bed, I also thought about just maining the Royal Decrees over the Skill Drains, but with no testing and it being 5am, I was not entirely confident that that would be better.

From my limited testing, the shakiest matchup from the top 3 decks was likely to be Burning Abyss since they can PWWB or Karma Cut the Drago, both of which play around Diamond Core's protection effect, or wall up with Scarm if I am unable to summon a Ruler and beat over it.

Overall the deck and build probably isn't optimal, but Rulers is something I enjoy playing so it's whatever.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yugioh day @ The Connection Games and Comics: LUCK BEATS SKILL


itschaboi noob LFN

1/25/2014 was the pokemon tcg xy booster set pre-release
I bricked all 8 packs I received, getting a smashing ZERO holo rares out of 8 packs


(I was actually dying inside. So depressing)

(at least my commons weren't completely awful, and I ended up going 2-1 through 3 rounds of play)

(ftr I have actually been doing ok in my first year of pokemon tcg. Died at a regionals, but made Top 8, Top 4, and Top 8 again at 3 City Championships  /blatant brag hehehe)

The same day, the store was also holding this Yugioh Day tournament thing instead of their regular YGO tourney, where in addition to increased prize payouts, the winner would also get some Cyber Dragon mat.
Unfortunately, the store failed to receive the mat on time, and would get it in like a week or two. Oops!
Well well, my competitive spirit was raised, like I might as well piece together a deck and stay to play!

I managed to put together a Wind-Up deck (lol is this 2012), except I was missing Volcasaurus the Flaming Dinosaur, and a bunch of side deck cards (only had 1 Maxx "C", 1 Overworked, basically I sided whatever was left unsold; it was a real mishmash of a sideboard)
Not having Volcasaurus was really annoying. I could have ended some games so much faster than I actually did, because I couldn't pop a guy and burn for 13534324 damage and had to clear his guys and attack for game instead

Expectations: None, BUT, it's ygo, so LUCK beats SKILL

Round 1: LFN (Wind-Ups) vs some guy (3/4 axis Fire Fist)
G1: My deck sucks but I win because I'm better
G2: My deck sucks, I brick infi draws, and he luckily and skillfully Tenki'd for Bear to kill me
G3: My deck sucks but I win because I'm better


Round 2: LFN (Wind-Ups) vs some guy (Hieratics)
G1: My deck sucks, but his hand sucks + I am better so I win ez
G2: He failed to combo 1st turn, so I Duality'd into Fossil Dyna and set infi backrows. GG LUCK BEATS SKILL, NIGGA


Round 3: LFN (Wind-Ups) vs CQiao (Bujin)
G1: My deck sucks, but I managed to pull ahead until he came back with this Bujin Monster Reborn thing (it's at 3 LOLOLOL KONAMI) to make the Bujin Asura Priest XYZ, dropped the Bujin Honest, and attacked my dudes for game
G2: My secret side deck carts are good, thankfully, and they got in there and ruined him
G3: My deck sucks, but I started with 1-2 Wind Up Factories and out-advantaged him, culminating in a 8400 damage turn for game. LUCK BEATS SKILL!


Round 4: LFN (Wind-Ups) vs Little Erik (Water)
This nigga lied and said he was playing Fire. I actually believed him at first
G1: My deck sucks, but I feel Water sucks too. I do things and kill him.
Oh yea, he also flipped up Trap Stun when I Book of Moon'ed his Abyssleed.
Like what.
He tried to take it back.
I said no.
(sorry lol)
G2: My deck sucks, but I feel Water sucks too. I run out of traps and he kills me
G3: My deck sucks, but I feel Water sucks too. HOWEVER! I open Wind Up Rabbit, Card Car D, double MST, and double Factory LUCK BEATS SKILLL!! I gain too much advantage on him and he dies


That was the end of the tournament, but there was one other undefeated player.
We decided to split the prizes and roll for the glory of getting the win
My dice rolling was pretty hot, getting me a 10 (12 sided dice), but he was up to the challenge and matched my 10! Wow such skill. Intense!
I one-upped and rolled an 11 (SKILLLLL) but his dice skills were not on point, and he bricked and rolled a 6 (WEAKKKKK)

AND TO THE VICTOR GOES THE SPOILS (My name isn't Victor though)

The mat, as aforementioned, wasn't here yet, so I got an IOU
I opened my packs, and got moreeee rares

l o l

Oh yea, even though I haven't touched the game in basically 6-7 months, yugioh's playerbase is still shit and full of scumbags
Some guy had his binder stolen (or at least a sizable amount of decent cards from within his binder) and the cops were called ~~~('~')~~~

then I went and played darts w/ my friend and got destroyed 1-5
damn I suck ahhh


o yea decklist
basically Brandon Wigley's ARG Nashville list except I wanted actual traps / carts instead of triple Reckless Greed

3 Shahhhhk
3 Rabbit
3 Rat
1 Magician
1 Warrior
2 Effect Veiler

3 Pot of Duality
3 Factory
3 Upstart Goblin
1 Le Livre De La Lune
1 Black Hole
1 Tenki
2 Forbidden Lance

1 Solemn Warning
1 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Compulsory
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
3 Fiendish Chain

Standard stuff, no Volcasaurus (:( ) or that Ghostrick guy that blows up set cards

Mishmash of secret tech carts and bad carts that I never used