Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yugioh day @ The Connection Games and Comics: LUCK BEATS SKILL


itschaboi noob LFN

1/25/2014 was the pokemon tcg xy booster set pre-release
I bricked all 8 packs I received, getting a smashing ZERO holo rares out of 8 packs


(I was actually dying inside. So depressing)

(at least my commons weren't completely awful, and I ended up going 2-1 through 3 rounds of play)

(ftr I have actually been doing ok in my first year of pokemon tcg. Died at a regionals, but made Top 8, Top 4, and Top 8 again at 3 City Championships  /blatant brag hehehe)

The same day, the store was also holding this Yugioh Day tournament thing instead of their regular YGO tourney, where in addition to increased prize payouts, the winner would also get some Cyber Dragon mat.
Unfortunately, the store failed to receive the mat on time, and would get it in like a week or two. Oops!
Well well, my competitive spirit was raised, like I might as well piece together a deck and stay to play!

I managed to put together a Wind-Up deck (lol is this 2012), except I was missing Volcasaurus the Flaming Dinosaur, and a bunch of side deck cards (only had 1 Maxx "C", 1 Overworked, basically I sided whatever was left unsold; it was a real mishmash of a sideboard)
Not having Volcasaurus was really annoying. I could have ended some games so much faster than I actually did, because I couldn't pop a guy and burn for 13534324 damage and had to clear his guys and attack for game instead

Expectations: None, BUT, it's ygo, so LUCK beats SKILL

Round 1: LFN (Wind-Ups) vs some guy (3/4 axis Fire Fist)
G1: My deck sucks but I win because I'm better
G2: My deck sucks, I brick infi draws, and he luckily and skillfully Tenki'd for Bear to kill me
G3: My deck sucks but I win because I'm better


Round 2: LFN (Wind-Ups) vs some guy (Hieratics)
G1: My deck sucks, but his hand sucks + I am better so I win ez
G2: He failed to combo 1st turn, so I Duality'd into Fossil Dyna and set infi backrows. GG LUCK BEATS SKILL, NIGGA


Round 3: LFN (Wind-Ups) vs CQiao (Bujin)
G1: My deck sucks, but I managed to pull ahead until he came back with this Bujin Monster Reborn thing (it's at 3 LOLOLOL KONAMI) to make the Bujin Asura Priest XYZ, dropped the Bujin Honest, and attacked my dudes for game
G2: My secret side deck carts are good, thankfully, and they got in there and ruined him
G3: My deck sucks, but I started with 1-2 Wind Up Factories and out-advantaged him, culminating in a 8400 damage turn for game. LUCK BEATS SKILL!


Round 4: LFN (Wind-Ups) vs Little Erik (Water)
This nigga lied and said he was playing Fire. I actually believed him at first
G1: My deck sucks, but I feel Water sucks too. I do things and kill him.
Oh yea, he also flipped up Trap Stun when I Book of Moon'ed his Abyssleed.
Like what.
He tried to take it back.
I said no.
(sorry lol)
G2: My deck sucks, but I feel Water sucks too. I run out of traps and he kills me
G3: My deck sucks, but I feel Water sucks too. HOWEVER! I open Wind Up Rabbit, Card Car D, double MST, and double Factory LUCK BEATS SKILLL!! I gain too much advantage on him and he dies


That was the end of the tournament, but there was one other undefeated player.
We decided to split the prizes and roll for the glory of getting the win
My dice rolling was pretty hot, getting me a 10 (12 sided dice), but he was up to the challenge and matched my 10! Wow such skill. Intense!
I one-upped and rolled an 11 (SKILLLLL) but his dice skills were not on point, and he bricked and rolled a 6 (WEAKKKKK)

AND TO THE VICTOR GOES THE SPOILS (My name isn't Victor though)

The mat, as aforementioned, wasn't here yet, so I got an IOU
I opened my packs, and got moreeee rares

l o l

Oh yea, even though I haven't touched the game in basically 6-7 months, yugioh's playerbase is still shit and full of scumbags
Some guy had his binder stolen (or at least a sizable amount of decent cards from within his binder) and the cops were called ~~~('~')~~~

then I went and played darts w/ my friend and got destroyed 1-5
damn I suck ahhh


o yea decklist
basically Brandon Wigley's ARG Nashville list except I wanted actual traps / carts instead of triple Reckless Greed

3 Shahhhhk
3 Rabbit
3 Rat
1 Magician
1 Warrior
2 Effect Veiler

3 Pot of Duality
3 Factory
3 Upstart Goblin
1 Le Livre De La Lune
1 Black Hole
1 Tenki
2 Forbidden Lance

1 Solemn Warning
1 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Compulsory
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
3 Fiendish Chain

Standard stuff, no Volcasaurus (:( ) or that Ghostrick guy that blows up set cards

Mishmash of secret tech carts and bad carts that I never used