Thursday, September 25, 2014

October 1 - December 31st Banlist: well ok


Glow-Up Bulb
Infernity Archfiend

Soul Charge
Super Polymerization

Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind
Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

The Transmigration Prophecy

Coach Soldier Wolfbark
Magician of Faith

Formula Synchron
Reinforcement of the Army

Interesting list.

Too bad nothing is going to change?

Bulb will be neat for Sylvan and Dragon Ruler decks I guess. But wait! Soul Charge went to 1

Infernity Archfiend makes sense since Infernity basically took a dump on everyone else at worlds.

Raigeki is a giant trap. It will do.... nothing. Nobody plays Dark Hole, and barely anyone still plays Torrential Tribute. This format revolves around floaters, and that simply isn't favorable for destruction based removal.

Soul Charge to 1 is a blow to Sylvans, Mermail, and Dragon Rulers. That's it. Shaddolls, the only deck from the top 3 that could/would max out on this, shouldn't be affected a whole lot.
"If you draw it you're a sack."

Super Polymerization is the only exclusive hit to Shaddolls, and that's only likely because it's in it's own "you can't chain to me" world. Makes the matchup vs Burning Abyss shakier I guess?

Gale will continue to do nothing

Gorz does nothing at 1 and will do nothing at 2.

Ceasefire to 2 is funny only because it's "kind of" an obstruction to Shaddolls (not really). I'm not a fan of these strategies, but more power to burn decks I guess?

If someone can pull off a consistent Transmigration Prophecy loop without dying first, all the more power to them.

Wolfbark to 3 matches Altair at 3 I suppose. Whatever. Fire Fists aren't in a great position right now anyway because destruction vs floaters is not very good

Magician of Faith did nothing at 1. Was it at 2 last format? I don't remember, because that's how relevant it was. It should do nothing at 3, I think, unless there's something I am missing out on. There are very few spells worth bringing back with it's effect.

Formula Synchron to 3 is neat with Glow Up to 1. That's about it.

Reinforcement of the Army to 3 is actually a big deal considering Satellars are still a top tier deck, and some apparently really good Noble Knight support is on the horizon.

All in all the meta shouldn't change at all for now. The top 3 decks retain all their cards sans Super Poly, Vanity's Emptiness is still at 3, etc.


  1. Yeah, I'm kind of missing a hit on hate-cards like Skill Drain and Vanity's Emptiness.
    And Moralltach should've been hit as well.
    Strange list, but it indeed doesn't change the current meta at all.

    1. yea although there's a bit of a power shift with the limit of super poly and the loss of soul charge, the top 3 decks are still the top 3 decks are still the top 3 decks
      there's been talk online of rogue strategies like gears / fire fist with 3 mained shadow mirror though
      i also think that dragon rulers w/ 3 mained KKM drago should still be a decent pick, though that's now a giant raigeki magnet lol