Saturday, October 11, 2014

How I Almost Won A Paid Trip to the Cardfight Vanguard Continental Qualifier (but I didn't)

I don’t actually play Cardfight Vanguard at all and haven’t touched the game in approx 2-3 years, like basically I played for a bit when the cards first came out in English, but quit and sold my deck after 2-3 months…


There was no good reason for me NOT to show up considering this Regionals event was taking place literally a five minute driving distance from where I live, entry is free, and everyone gets a goodie bag just for participating (contains promo cards, a playmat, a foldable deckbox, a pen, etc).
Furthermore, I was “sponsored” by my friend who does actively play, meaning I had access to a Tier 1 deck, albeit not the one from the most recent booster set.

The rule at the event was that in the event a game went to time, which probably isn't hard considering it’s Double Elimination 20-minute best of one during swiss rounds, both players would receive a game loss, so my thought process was that in the worst case, if I knew I was going to lose for sure, I may as well try to stall and try to take my opponent down with me lol. Considering that I had no idea what any of my opponent’s cards did barring the mirror match, meaning I would repeatedly have to read my opponent’s cards and get them to explain what each of them did, this could be feasibly achieved.
Crush dreams etc

1st and 2nd place overall would win paid flight and hotel to the Vanguard Continental Qualifier aka Nationals taking place in December, later revealed to be in Chicago. The rest of the prizes, playmats, promo cards, and so forth, sounded pretty mediocre, not going to lie.

Deck: “Autopilot” aka “The Cheese” aka “I want to leave already” 
(Revenger Raging Form Dragon thing)

legitimate sponsored deck

4 Raging Form Dragon thing (“Attack one more time given specific conditions”)
4 Mordred Phantom thing (“Get a guy from my deck”)
4 Blaster Dark Revenger (“Kill a guy”)
4 Big Masquerade thing (“I'm a beatstick”)
3 Tartu girl (“Get a guy from my deck”)
4 Dorint guy (“Unflip one damage”)
4 Small Masquerade (“I'm a beatstick”)
4 Mac Lir guy (“Discard with someone else to take no damage)
1 Dark Bond Trumpeter (“Who?” I never used this thing so it was just a beater)
4 Revenger heal trigger (“Heal 1 damage”)
4 Revenger draw trigger (“Draw a card”)
4 Revenger critical trigger A (“Deal one more damage”)
4 Revenger critical trigger B (“Deal one more damage”)
2 Revenger Starter Guy (“Start with this guy”)


Round 1: Mirror Match kind of
He plays a slight variation of my deck, but I am better at card games than he is so I win
From what I've heard from my friend, a lot of Vanguard players, unlike Yugioh players, haven't grasped relatively basic IMO card game concepts like tempo, card advantage, getting value out of the resources available to you, etc


Round 2: Mirror Match kind of
I discuss with my opponent about how if I somehow won one of the two paid trips, I likely wouldn't go if it was going to be in a sketchy city where I could be shot or something.
The guy promptly asks me to scoop to him since he really really really wants to go.
Obviously that wasn't going to happen, like if he isn't good or lucky enough to get past me, then he absolutely doesn't deserve to go lol. Nice try though!

I destroy him lol


Round 3: This deck that tries to lock your cards (Xing Zhen Hu.dek)
I savage him with a double critical trigger to bump him from 2 damage to 5 damage for absolutely no reason, and finish him off shortly after


Round 4: This mermaid deck that bounces their own cards to do things
Honestly I think his deck sucks and I stomp him.


Round 5: This super duper Dragon deck
I get grade stuck, and he kills me with this super Grade 4 dragon thing
It was like only having access to Baby Dragon and getting savaged by Blue-Eyes White Dragon


Round 6: Some demonic deck that wants to put a stack of cards under the Vanguard card
This was the final round, so if I win, I’m in, and if I lose, I’m out.
He gets grade stuck so I rush him for damage and win.


I have good tiebreaks so I make it into the Top 8 cut. Top 4 gets the invite to Nationals, and Top 2 gets the paid trips to Nationals, so I just had to sack 2 more people aka the dream is real

Top 8 Single Elimination: The mermaid deck again
I was apparently this guy’s only loss in swiss, and I end up facing him again.
He misplayed at one point, I think his deck still sucks, and I stomp him again.


Invite get lol

Top 4 Single Elimination: This angel deck
He reaches the required damage threshold and drops these huge beaters. He flips trigger cards, I don’t, and I can’t deal and die.
The dream is over RIP


3rd / 4th playoff: The super duper Dragon deck again
The only reason this game actually matters is because in the event 1st / 2nd can’t make it to Chicago, the paid trip would pass down sequentially. I don't think anyone would pass up a free trip to Chicago unless they absolutely had no choice, but whatever it could happen.
It was time to get revenge on my only loss during swiss, and that’s exactly what I did.
The sad part was, I still had no idea what most of his cards did.
It’s too bad, like from among the players left in the Top 4, my opponent was probably the most dedicated, having flown in from Calgary, and thus probably deserved the paid trip the most, but luck was on my side.


All in all, I’m just hoping I didn't use up all my card game luck, given that the Pokemon TCG Regionals happening next week in my area is what matters.

Anyway I collected my Top 4/8 merchandise, filled out paperwork, got my photo taken by the staff, and went to eat with my friends and the Seattle VG players who made the drive up.

Participation and Top 8 prizes zzzz

I later hear from one of my judge friends that the 2nd place guy might not opt to cash in his paid trip and go to Chicago depending on how his school schedule for December turns out, so I may end up getting that paid flight and hotel after all???

The worst part about this whole thing is that by placing 3rd at this Vanguard event, a game which I don’t even care about, I've already placed higher than I've ever finished at any Pokemon or Yugioh regional lol (die in Top 8, scrub, etc)
What is life

I also got this sick certificate which is the only physical piece of evidence that validates my absurd luck and minimal skill today zzzz
yes is me